Patch 3.2 SWTOR

SWTOR Swashbucklers Weapons from Season 4 PvP

A gallery of the SWTOR Swashbuckler weapons from Season 4 ranked PvP. Special thanks to Spliffy of Harbinger for the modeling.

Swashbuckler’s Saberstaff

  • This weapon uses the Black-Silver Striated Color Crystal which is a reward from this for Bronze ranking or above (1000-1349)



Swashbuckler’s Lightsaber

  • This weapon uses the Black-Blue Striated Color Crystal which is a reward from this for Silver ranking or above (1350-1624)



Swashbuckler’s Assault Cannon



Swashbucker’s Blaster Rifle



Swashbucker’s Blaster Pistol



Swashbucker’s Sniper Rifle



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25 replies on “SWTOR Swashbucklers Weapons from Season 4 PvP”

Still don’t get why some weapons change color with the crystals put in them, and others don’t. Especially when most of those weapons that don’t are only available from the Cartel Market or reputation vendors.

Middle finger much, Bioware?

I dunno XD Iwas like, it will run for months, I dont wanna sub now and do the 10 ranked pvp, and then I was curious, when isn’t it gonna end soon? and then i realized it wil end once 3.2 came out yesterday -.-” and I be like FACK!!!!!!!! Same shit happened to me last year! -.-“

my rating was more than 1000 and i didnt get the silver-black crystal, whats up with that? unless it was based on current rating and not highest..

About a 4th of the way through the season, they said that if you were doing YOLO ranked, you had to be a 1350 rating or higher. They only way to get the crystals without that was doing team ranked. It was their way of making sure people didn’t do stupid shit in ranked. Sadly, they waited till the season was almost over to announce that. I finished at 1256 (6-4) and got left out in the dust.

After hearing all the weapons in action, no regrets on not subjecting my sniper to the ranked method of focus fire on the MM in 5 seconds this season.

Lol. What crap rewards. Bet that really makes all worth it, don’t it? I actually feel sorry for people that get those ugly freaking weapons.

That’s not nice to say. The lead artist’s seeing eye dog died last week. Show some compassion.

The sniper actually shoots (from cover) one in the air and two downrange. Did anyone else see that? And that armor!?!?

Earned a full kit of pvp gear, learned how to kite players, how to survive, when to add dps to push someone over the edge, when to interrupt, how to move, cooldown useage, everything I could, read forum posts, poured over anything I could find. Outhealed every healer in every match I was in, solo queue, but every match, there was that one guy who had no gear, or the one guy who was clueless. 3 wins, 7 losses by my 10th match. 1064 rating, not bad, tried a few more matches to see how the points went from there. Win. +20 rating, lose-14 rating….um…lose -14 rating….crap…lose….still outhealing/damaging opposing healers, team still losing too often, realize a lost cause when I see it.
1 ugly wall square and a title I wont use for my efforts. Not sure if I like pvp, survey says no.

Yes it seems like trying to gate solo queues in ranked avoiding badly geared people BW actually made it worse

First picture of stats show decline for group queue also. What they should have done, is seprate better rewards for group and solo still able to get something even with lots of losses.
Currently they discourage people to participate.

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