SWTOR Ziost Missions and Achievements Guide

SWTOR Ziost Missions Guide with a list of reward and achievements for completing the story missions on Ziost.


Daily Bosses

Getting all 5 Aegis squadron achievements will grant you the Aegis of Ziost legacy title. They have a 4.5-5 mins respawn and path in the red line shown on the maps.

Boss Sub-zone Map
Aegis Squadron ZX-1 Landing Zone Link to pathing map
Aegis Squadron ZX-2 Military Outpost (SE) Link to pathing map
Aegis Squadron ZX-3 Military Outpost (SW) Link to pathing map
Aegis Squadron ZX-4 Military Outpost (Mid) Link to pathing map
Aegis Squadron ZX-5 Central District Link to pathing map

There is a hidden achievement for defeating Grundorsen Maelo in the top section of People’s Tower Plaza. You can get to that area during the On the House mission by using the custom speeder. He is a champion with 160k HP with a respawn timer of ~4.5-5 minutes.



There is a speeder and decoration reward for completing various achievements associated with Ziost missions. Some of these achievements are only obtainable while you are inside a specific story mission instance so that is why I want to emphasize the achievements first so you don’t have to repeat the missions on another character for the achievements.

There are instructions on how to complete some of the achievements under the specific mission guides at bottom of the page.

  Pts Achievement How to Obtain
achievementicon2 25 Evacuation Expert Complete all evacuation protocols below
prioritytransport2 10 Evacuation Protocols: Landing Zone Complete Evacuation Protocols: Landing Zone
achievementicon1 10 Evacuation Protocols: Invasion Defense Complete Evacuation Protocols: Invasion Defense
craftingdroidimperial 10 Evacuation Protocols: Escape Route Complete Evacuation Protocols: Escape Route
archievementicon4 25 New Adasta Veteran Complete all the New Adasta achievements below.
archievementicon3 10 Not-So-Hidden Stash Complete Hidden Lockbox in New Adasta
archievementicon3 5 Megalomania Only during Monolithic story mission
archievementicon3 5 Free the Minds Only during Monolithic story mission
archievementicon3 10 They will Survive Complete Searching for Survivors in New Adasta
archievementicon4 25 Dead On Complete all the People’s Tower achievement below.
achievementicon4 5 Shut Them Down Only during Dead Center story mission
achievementicon5 5 Time to Move Only during Dead Center story mission
achievementicon4 10 I want to Fly Fast Complete On the House in People’s Tower
archievementicon4 100 Ziost Completist Complete all above achievements.

Story Cutscenes



Story Missions

A Presence on Ziost

Spoiler Inside Show

Implements of Disaster

Spoiler Inside Show


Spoiler Inside Show


Spoiler Inside Show

Dead Center

Spoiler Inside Show

For Ziost

Spoiler Inside Show

Side Missions

Evacuation Protocols: Landing Zone

Spoiler Inside Show

Evacuation Protocols: Escape Route

Spoiler Inside Show

Evacuation Protocols: Invasion Defense

Spoiler Inside Show

Hidden Lockbox

Spoiler Inside Show

Searching for Survivors

Spoiler Inside Show

On the House

Spoiler Inside Show
  • Chyron HR

    So are all the cutscenes and instanced missions solo-only again?

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  • SPECTR-Lights

    Tell me, what is the “Ziost Memory Holograph” from all missions? Is this an Reputation Item, or some sort of mini-token, that can be exchanged along with Basic Comms for pieces of blue 190 gear?

    • Yes you need that and basic comms to exchange for blue 190 gear. However, you also get blue 190 gear from quest rewards so it is only used for companion gear I guess.

      • Ben Fuller

        Blue 190 gear unfortunately not worthwhile on companions with weekly companion hear quest on ya in 4. Unless you have companions not in thay gear ofc

        • RaphaeldiSanto

          Oh, I don’t know. If it’s specced at all decently, it could replace 192 gear for anything you need companions for, which would mean we can give our companions their gear back. I hate the way my current companions look, and if the 190 gear is good enough, I’ll gladly drop 2 rating to make them look right again.

          • Unoshi

            Pretty much this, but tanking healing companions ill stick them to their 192 gear.

            • Arby

              better to use modable gear and get more shield/absorb for your tanks and more power/surge for your healers, tbh.

              • Unoshi

                If the blue 190 give more then yes ill rip it for them, If not ill leave them in 192 until i have better gear to give

        • Arby

          Depends on what you want out of your companion’s gear, tbh. I find the tank gear significantly lacking. Most of that gear is high on endurance and low on tertiary stats. For example, the droid assault gear for HK sucks compared to the actual yavin vendor gear if you replace the mods in the yavin gear, and even if your tank has high endurance their, fair-ish defense and shield, they have almost no absorbtion with the weekly reward gear. I’ll be using citadel gear to tweek out my companions for sure.

  • Slick

    Can’t wait to play it this afternoon!

    • Shadowofdeath

      lucky you, it goes live at 2am for me on a weekday, won’t be home until 6:30pm and I gotta finish an assignment for the next day….fml

      • Slick

        I still have two toons that have to finish SoR (I’m so over Rishi at this point). I’m looking forward to the 190 rated gear. And I hope it’s a slicer’s paradise like the temple entrance at Yavin 4.

  • Noomi

    So from what I read nothing more then what we had already done on PTS?

    • p4v7

      How is she supposed to know what’s the new stuff when she can’t play on the live servers just like us.

      • Noomi

        We all know Dulfy usually knows more then we do 😉

        • p4v7

          If she did, Bioware would have stopped this site from leaking the inside info from their dev team. Dulfy gets her stuff from PTS and datamined game files. It’s just she is one of few who has the passion and love to write articles and guides about it :]

          • Bryan

            They give her permission/information because they know what she does supports what they do.

            • p4v7

              When you notice the info on dulfy that is not either from PTS, cantina event or game files, let me know! 😉

            • Unoshi

              Not speaking on her behalf but its likely
              She gets her information as anybody else, Official site, Cantina events and PTS. No permission or information is given a sole person alone and certainty no information when its not public eye

              PTS have limited information and Dulfy among others who access it have the same information as Dulfy, The only difference is, Dulfy is on top on that information and post it as soon as possible.

              Information thats mainly in forum post are forwarded by her “Community” meaning us so she can share it with the rest of us. Information from forum which is likely to be missed by others since we dont go around scouring forum post to see new information, most rely on the official site announcement on the front page even though a lot happens on forums.

              Cantina information is forward to Dulfy, so she can share it with the rest who did not attend or watch live streams.

              no special information is been given out really

        • I don’t know much beyond what was on pts. There was a way to break out the map and access the locked area but I didn’t try it.

  • Arby

    Any word on which missions are going to be repeatable as dailies, or if there is a weekly? Or will we have to wait for to go live to find out?

    • Gotta wait for live. PTS only goes up to what I have written.

      • Noomi

        Thank god 😀

      • Arby

        Thought as much, thanks 🙂

      • Guest

        What is PTS? I keep seeing everyone talk about it

        • Arby

          Public Test Server

          • Guest

            are only certain people allowed to try out things early on a PTS?

            • Arby

              Anyone can create a character on PTS, I believe you can still copy one or more of your live toons over as well. Dulfy or the others will be able to explain how better than me because I’ve never bothered with it in this game.

            • Anyone can access it and you can copy your live toons there. However PTS is only update during certain timeframes and you gotta redownload like 30gb of files.

            • Unoshi

              you have to be a subscriber to access it, if i remember correctly

  • Arby

    Also for anyone that’s curious and missed this earlier, here’s a link to the gallery for the Ziost Citadel armor sets. According to Exiled Messenger they are blue 190 mods, which is nice because they are cheaper to rip if you want to and the armorings shouldn’t be bound to the type of armor piece it’s ripped from.


    • Bryan

      Wow that’s lazy… Those are all pieces from old sets put together in new combinations. Oh well, they know everyone’s going to overwrite the default appearance anyway so i guess it doesn’t matter.

      • Unoshi

        well, when did gear after launch has not been lazy, post outfit designer and moddable gear

        • Bryan

          This is a whole new level. Usually the pieces are unique, or at least mostly unique. I recognize all of these as just recycled and matched into new combos.

          • Unoshi

            true, for me its all the same, remember the dread tier gear for DP/DF that was just ugh. imo..

  • Xorras

    It will be hell on live. Laggy hell. I hope they will use thing from yavin on ziost about instances.

    • Arby

      I plan to stay away for about a week and then play at very off-peak time for the next week, I remember Rishi and Yavin. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

      • Secundum

        Hehe. I remember Makeb….Server resets and 70 or so instances.

    • Noomi

      I rather fear PvPers are gonna have fun in a massive gankfest. I am all for PvP, but

  • Johny

    GJ on that Dulf !
    While the game is patching I read the guide so to have an idea on where to start.

    Thanks Girlo !

  • Nate

    Does the level cap increase with this… I didn’t think I read that on the patch notes… but it was on the dev map

    • Rexaal

      The level cap just increased like 5 months ago…. So, no. The level cap does not increase.

      • Nate

        I realize we just got one, I just remember reading it on the dev road map. I also read somewhere they wanted the level cap to 70 by the release of the movie when they expect an influx.

        I’ll go dig out where I read that though so I can link it…

        • Arby
          • Unoshi

            also this same link can be used for people trying to stick false promise into Dev of BW mouths, 3.2 part and Beyond

        • Guest

          You must of been reading the Dev Road Map from like 9 months ago or something then because that’s the last time they mentioned increasing the level cap and in that instance they were talking about increasing it to 60.

    • Arby

      Yeah, that sounds like something they’d just throw in and forget to mention :/

    • Unoshi

      lol, might have miss read. Level caps only increase with an Xpac, and we had our latest Xpac 5 months ago

      • Xorras

        5 months ago 3.0 launched? Damn time is fast.

        • Unoshi

          haha yes, time flies my friend:P

    • No level cap stays 60

    • Xorras

      Where they said it? It was increased only with 3.0

    • p4v7

      Dude, don’t expect the level cap increase until 4.0 hits which means the Fall 2016.

  • Zam

    Is there any reputation associated with Ziost? I don’t see it mentioned so I’m guessing not, which would be just fine with me, tbh.

    • Not that I know of

      • Zam

        Awesome, thanks for the reply

      • Estranged

        Oh, thank the force!

      • Holyfrog

        That sucks I like the rep gives you something to work for. Plus when you max out it gives you a little extra cash. It’s kinda odd we’ve had rep for every new planet/ faction since The Black Hole and section X.

        • Well, since Section X at any rate

        • Arby

          I agree, gringing reputation sucks


  • at work

    Are daily bosses solo-able?

    • darkfather

      Yes, I soloed all of Ziost on PTS without a single problem.

    • Yes they have like 60-160k HP, dies easily and very short aggro range.

    • Unoshi

      would be surprising to see it otherwise, besides one or Heroics

  • Muratov

    when we will be able to download patch ?? ..

    • darkfather

      you can patch right now…

      • Pedram

        For me it says “The login service is currently unavailable”, you can login?

      • muratov

        but it says login service is anavailable?

        • Unoshi

          it use to be you could patch one, two hours after servers were offline, now im getting the same message.

          edit: I can log in now and patching as we speak

          • muratov

            ah okay thank you =).. do u know anyidea about when we will be able to patch?

            • Unoshi

              now, just logged in

              • Xorras

                Can confrim.

  • Daniel

    Dulfy: What do you use for screenrecording?

    Hello Dulfy, am amazed of the quality your screencaptures have. Can you share what software you are using to get this accomplished?

    • AriesCZ

      I would guess Fraps, DxTory or nVidia Shadowplay.
      I personally record my story videos with DxTory, and it works pretty well. But, if you have nVidia card, Shadowplay is IMO better (I have yet to try that with SWTOR), depends on what you want to do with the recorded video.

      • Daniel

        Thanks for your input,

    • I use fraps and then compress it with a video editor. Shadowplay only works in fullscreen mode and I always play in windowed so it doesn’t work for me

      • AriesCZ

        It work in windowed mode as well, it just needs to be enabled (Preferences > ShadowPlay > Allow desktop capture under the monitor picture). However, this allows for capturing even regular desktop stuff, so it may not be ideal if you Alt-Tab frequently…

      • Bamboo

        I can confirm that Shadowplay works in Windowed mode, however my first recording of the day often ends up having corrupted video. So, I usually just make sure I record a throw away video ha

      • Daniel

        Thank you Dulfy & all for your feedback!


  • Xorras

    “For Ziost” is the best quest in the game.
    11/10 would play again

    • Unoshi

      multiple toons, replay, replay!

  • Kyrri

    Sorry if this has been answered already. What are those Ziost memory holographs used for? I thought it was rep items when I first saw them, but then a post below says there is no reputation on Ziost

    • They are used to buy 190 blue mod gear from the vendor on the orbital station. Same as the stuff you get as quest rewards but if you need another set for w/e reason.

      • Kyrri

        Ahh ok. Most of the comps that I use primarily is already in 192/198 gear lol. Thanks for the info.

    • Xorras

      Read much lower:
      You need that and basic comms to exchange for blue 190 gear. However, you also get blue 190 gear from quest rewards so it is only used for companion gear.

  • zenight

    Thanks Dulfy!
    I’m on a PvP server, wild guess here but it’ll be Hell to try and play for about a week…
    Small planet = big ganking.

    • Theho

      At least the Landing Zone is a sanctuary, you cannot PvP there even if you flag yourself; haven’t tested the other zones though.

    • Ladez

      no pvp on it

  • Michał James Białacki

    Has the cost of gear decreased? I’ve heard that BW want to lower the prices of gear…

    • Kyrri

      As far as I know, it’s just the prices of mods from planet vendors, not any endgame gear. I could be wrong but I think that is all that is getting reduced.

    • Bobuster

      The costs were only lowered for gear level 1-50 for leveling and the costs for switching gear looks. Endgame gear still costs the same.


    So… another Oricon?

  • Theho

    There’s also a hiden achievement for the 160k Sith elite in the area you can only get to with the speeder. I killed him on the PTS but don’t remember the name.

    • WTFsandwich

      Gunderson Maelo or something like that.

  • Mach3te

    Servers up!

    • Theho

      Still offline for me. 🙁

    • Quar

      Nice try

  • Arby

    Just thought of this, are the Ziost Memory Holographs bind on pickup or legacy?

    • Akikara

      Bind on Legacy

      • Unoshi


      • michael furious

        Well, that’s something, anyway.

  • Mach3te

    Servers REALLY UP this time! 🙂

  • Unoshi

    The last 4% of installing is such a pain, and to think i have to do it on my GF laptop again since she has better specs (>.<")

    • danielo

      Get rid of bitraider, you have to download the game again, but after that you will never have those idiotic problems. After that you can copy the game files from one to another.

      • Unoshi

        Don’t have bitraider. But it already patched through, but thanks for the help anyway. Cheers

      • Jimbo

        You can convert between the two launchers without needing to reinstall, it just requires a slight effort.

  • p4v7

    Can anyone can confirm that Hide Head Slot is broken? I’m a preffered player at this moment and I had purchased the unlock for it, but now I have it locked again… if so, can anyone report it on the forum or through a ticket to make them fix that? I greatly appreciate it.

    • Bryan

      I’m a subscribe and attempt to hide head slot on appearance tab 1 did not work for me either. I didn’t get much chance to try multiple things, only had a few minutes by the time the patch was done downloading.

      • Ravarah

        Yeah It was a little wonky on the pts too, dyes liked to mess up as well.

      • p4v7

        I can’t even hide my head slot in gear tab and naturally this doesn’t work in outfit tabs either.

    • Arby

      I’m a sub and other that not being able to preview/draw weapons in the preview window while appearance tab is applied I’ve not had any problems.

      Correction… I did discover that if you have a helmet actually equipped and then apply a costume without a helmet you cannot hide the equipped helmet. You have to add helmet to your costume and then hide that one.

  • åzråløth

    Hey guys, I have a problem with the French version, ther are no voices in cinematics, no names displayed for Ziost Quests, Achievement and some “objects” :/
    Does anyone have this problem?

    • alceleniel

      They forgot to patch french and german texts and vo. So it’s not just you but everyone with these languages. Bioware is aware of this problem.

      • alceleniel

        It’s fixed now.

  • Anon

    There’s a hidden achievement under Daily Bosses called “Gunned Down Grundorsen” with description “Defeated Grundorsen Maelo in the People’s Tower on Ziost” (worth 10 points). The champion mob that you need to kill for this is at People’s Tower Plaza around (-2072, -324), and you have to get up to the location with the speeder from the On the House quest.

    • Bryan

      Any idea on respawn timer?

      • Rompe Himself

        Appears to be approx 4-5 mins. I saw someone just kill him. Stood around for approx 5 mins and he respawned.

        • Can you get back there after finishing the mission?

          • NN

            Yes, just click the speeder again

  • Bobfish

    Is the story best played as Imp first or Pub?

    • I like it better as republic but they are pretty much the same.

      • Bobfish

        Thanks, it was pretty good and definitely seemed to make sense.

      • Drool Bear

        I think I too liked the Pub side better. Not sure why. Their pretty much the same.

        • zenight

          I think it’s the Chancelor interactions (I liked how it’s the republic that screwed up the situation further), also the speeches to lure the main possesses forces are funnier as pubs.

          • BrianDavion

            or, on the JK, just friken EPIC

          • Bobfish

            The Chancellor is so irritating, she’s really not a nice person.

    • BrianDavion

      I reccomend doing it on a Jedi Knight if you have one. this really IS a continuation of the JK class story

      • Bobfish

        I did it on my Shadow, and it seemed to work quite nicely. I will eventually get around to playing it on a JK, but as my least favourite class it probably won’t be for awhile. I can see how that would be the most logical class for it though.

  • Esva

    So, probably a silly question. Any idea what’s happening with the last mission “The End of it All” ? Just something to check back later or content they are adding later ?

    • Tjust

      Looks like they will add more content later on, this was just the start.

    • Godpunk

      According to the guildy that’s exactly what happened to her on PTS….so..i am not sure.

    • dinodoc

      There was a Yellow post saying that the finale will come on May 4th.

  • Saks

    Anyone know what the point of The Landing Zone is? there is nothing there to do? Or am I missing something

    • Meramir

      I think it’s just a Taxi point so you can get to the three other areas after completing the story line.

    • Jimbo

      Wait till the 4th

  • Paul

    This Turbo boost speeder is Amazing, hope they will do this to our speeder too in a future update.
    So we can do some nice Fast n Furious races while we cruise to our daily quests.

    • ???

      agreed it was fun

    • And if you’re not careful you will zoom off the edge of a cliff 😛

    • BrianDavion

      the mechanics are VERY similer to the swoop bike race mechanics from KOTOR, I can’t imagine it’s a coincidance

  • Bryan

    How do you use the manifest code in on the house??

  • Havik79

    OMG seriously basic comms, why.
    What stuff do you get from the reputation?.

    • No reputation for ziost

      • Havik79

        Then what is this?.
        Ziost Memory Holograph

        • A shop token, like rakghoul DNA containers and Gree grey helixes

          • deathslover

            so will there be a reputation vendor for the new planet?

            • Haven’t heared anything about Ziost rep, and no tokens or anything, so I don’t expect there will be. There is a planetary vendor where you can spend the tokens, no rep required.

              • deathslover

                ok thanks for that

  • Darth-Robin

    well after being ingame, bioware kinda bugged out the cooldown of my QT and fleet pass, i as a prefered player should have a 2 minute cooldown on QT since i bought 2 of the 3 legacy unlocks yet my tooltip says its on a 22 minute cooldown

    and my fleet pass is on a 3-4 hour cooldown when it should be 2 can any subscriber mention this fo rme in the bug report section? i would love to do it myself but yeah cant post there 🙂

    • Drool Bear

      I don’t think that goes into effect until the 4th.

      • Jimbo

        The reason it’s lowered to 22min in the first place is because it went into effect today.

      • According to official patch notes it’s 6 mins base cooldown for subs and preferred

      • Bryal

        No, that should be in effect now, as I have a…4 min cool down I think (already forget). I dunno, it’s something stupid short, so it IS working for some people at least

    • Unoshi

      Yeah same stuff here 20 min cd

  • Miriah

    I cannot complete the On the House mission– the last thing I have is use the manifest code, which I did, but then what?

    • Did you click on the crate back at where the custom speeder was parked at the start of the zone?

      • Miriah

        oh that must be it. Thanks, Dulfy 🙂

      • Arby

        Yeah I do not like how they stopped making half the nodes you need to use glow so you can find them easier.

  • Rompe Himself

    I’m guessing next week there might be either additions to the Ziost vendor or a new vendor to spend the Ziost Memory Holograph’s on. Looking in the Stronghold list, there is a plant obtainable from Ziost called Lifeless Bud (On top of the blooming bud stronghold plant you get for finishing all Ziost achivements nevermind the fact I already have 50 of these before I even got to Ziost). Although perhaps the lifeless bud plant might be part 2’s completion reward.

    • Arby

      My bet is it’s a mission or achievement reward. Unless they open up a daily area with a whole lot elite and ultimate comms available, I won’t be spending much time on Ziost. I need nothing off that vendor, completed the entire map, all missions and achievements on my IO this morning and I don’t see any reason to bring any of my other toons there.

  • mari

    got to the statue and the inner circle of dead center, blew the hatch of the maintenance tunnel …. tried to cross using the ropes to get to the ledge and fall off when i jump. is this bugged or is there another way to get to the maintenance shaft to meet up with theron?

    • Drool Bear

      look for something above the maintenance hatch that you can click.

    • Arby

      After you blow the hatch a new node appears, click and it will jet pack or zipcord you to the top of the door you just blew open

  • Jimbo

    Does Lord Khandrex have any chance to drop something cool? It’s odd to see a champ hidden at the end of an area that doesn’t give an achieve since apparently EVERYTHING gives an achieve on Ziost, and when I soloed him he didn’t drop anything :/

    • Arby

      I killed him 3 times and either got trash or nothing at all. Maybe he’s part of the as yet missing achievements

    • BrianDavion

      I’ve heard he ahs a rare chance to drop 204s but my gut is the person I heard it from was being trolled by an exploiter

      • Sciclex

        I’ve gotten a Citadel Pummeler’s MK-2 Package from him.
        234 Strength
        245 Endurance
        108 Accuracy
        118 Critical

  • Tellect

    Awesome guide and great work. Thanks very much as always. Checked this after the fact, as I missed a mission and went back for it. (Landing Zone). Rewards appeared in their prescribed locations without any notice. Almost opening a ticket, but checked my vehicle list on a whim and then the deco list. Don’t know what I’ll do with 50 of those blooms, but, hey. Great little story chapter.

  • Paul

    So I’m assuming 85/130 is the highest you can get on “Daily Bosses” at the moment? More to come after the 4th?

    • VoV

      I hope so – I looked like everywhere for the Orbital Recon Probes but found nothing. Wanted to check if there is something going on with the binoculars but have not yet been able t do it.

    • Arby

      I found one more there by where you get the boosted speeder that was champion and I was sure would give an achievement, but he didn’t. Other that that I’d have to say the rest are on the part they’re unlocking on May 4th because there’s not a square cm of ground that I haven’t been over at least 3 time looking for others.

      • Neg Sani

        Grunderson Maelo counts towards a hidden achievement “Gunned Down Grunderson” in the People’s Tower area during the “On The House” mission.

        • BrianDavion

          I suspect on may 4th we’ll see some new acheivements pop up. including one for killing champions on Ziost. the secrect one is proably because grunderson is only accessable on a specific quest

          • Craig

            I killed grunderson twice and didnt get the achievement. so its either wait till May 4th or it maybe worth a try to change instance and try again.

      • Holyfrog

        The is another champ in New Adasta. You go around him on Monolithic. He is down a ramp on a circular platform with a broken ramp on the other side. Don’t kno if he counts as a daily boss but he kicked my ass.

        • Neg Sani

          I killed him but he didn’t grant an achievement, just two basic comms.

          • !

            Can confirm

        • Arby

          actually that’s the one I was thinking of, at least the area sounds right.

  • The RED Spy

    Ultimate comm. gear is 192 rating if I’m correct. (Which I’m probably not) S I see this as an easy way to get 190 gear so ppl stop kicking me for having all elite gear in hard Flashpoints. Yey!

    • Arby

      Elite is 192

      • The RED Spy

        I knew I would get something wrong. I need to play my 60 sorc more >.>

    • Seph

      Ultimate comms get 198 gear. Elite comms get 192. Basic comms can get 186.

  • Neg Sani

    Temporary Residence bonus mission seems buggy. Can’t figure out what causes you to get credit for saving civilians and most times, not.

    • zenight

      You get it if you’re close to the civilians as the mobs around them are killed, no matter who klled them.
      So you can get it by walking by a group of possessed soldiers getting killed by someone else.

      • Ian

        I saw this last night. I killed the entire group surrounding the civilian, but the civilian didn’t run away. Instead she just kept laboring. I do think there is some kind of bug here.

        • Craig

          It is slightly bugged as i had the same problem. trick is change instance and it works then.

    • Holyfrog

      For me it seems that only certain civilians are set free. It’s the same three on every alt I do it on.

    • sentientomega

      6 months later and the achievement is STILL bugged…!!!

  • Disqus this

    Where is the “landing Area”? I’m not too far into the story and have killed walkers 2-5 IS the landing area later in the story? Past the central district area and military outpost?

    • Use the speeder to get there. Not sure if it is accessible normally.

      • Val.s

        Once you reach ‘The End of it All’ the console that previously took you on a shuttle flight to each separate area delivers you to The Landing Zone.

  • Ardath

    it is such a disappointment, that the Time to Move is only available during a story mission. why? i just skipped it now a cant do it. its not even instanced ffs. and now thats the only achievement missing… so furious right now…

    • macewindy

      Just remind yourself to not forget it when yo do it with your 2nd char?
      No reason what so ever to be mad / furious lol

      • snakedoctor

        Free players/Preferred are VERY limited on #of toons. I didn’t even notice this achievement till around my 8th time through.

      • AJ Mote

        anger at stupidity on the part of the devs to have secret or hidden achievements in a freaking story mission is justified.

  • BC7T

    Has anyone had the Aegis of Ziost bug on them? I have the achievements for each walker but the overall acheivement shows as walker 2 missing.

  • zappito

    in the mission Dead Center there are some electrified cylinder that one can blow up. They do however respawn rather quickly.. anyone know if these even have a use?

    • Gankstalicious

      Deal elemental damage to nearby mobs.

      • zappito

        Aha so they have no use whatsoever.. I see 🙂

      • zappito

        Silly me for thinking it might be part of secret mission or something 🙂

        • Vodorlo

          Probably a reference to the fact that you can shock people out of the mid control.

  • SeventyTwo

    Has anybody encountered a rare spawn of Lord Khandrex (i.e. in the location of him or with more HP)? Considering that there are still a number of hidden achievements missing in both the daily bosses and general achievement categories of Ziost, it could be a similar spawn mechanic as the speeder boss on CZ or the head piece boss on Oricon. Additional achievements could of course also be in the daily area coming up on Monday. Cheers for any reporting on this.

    • Vodorlo

      Found him at the back of the Central District. Killed him twice without any achievements popping up

    • SeventyTwo

      So far, only Grundorsen Maelo (155kHP) in the People’s Tower area seems to drop a hidden achievement.

      Lord Khandrex (164k HP) does not drop any achievements. No other, rare version seems to spawn (at least not in a few dozen kills or so).

      There are also two other champions of comparable HP that do not drop achievements either as of now (not including the still locked daily area), i,e.
      – the Aegis Squadron ZX-1 (164k HP) in the landing zone area, and
      – the Reprogrammed Oppressor Droid (166k HP) that is a rare spawn (perhaps around 5% spawn chance) of the Reprogrammed Incarceration Droid (64k HP, roughly 10min respawn timer) at X:2010, Y-470 in the Military Outpost area .

      Presumably the other hidden achievements are in the daily area that unlocks 4th May. What I have heard is that 3 champion level monoliths (160ish k HP) in the daily area can spawn a rare version with ca. 600k HP. Whether those drop anything of note (other than just Ziost memory holographs) and grant a hidden achievement remains to be confirmed when access is opened.
      Cheers for reporting other hidden achievements.

      • Aegis Squadron ZX-1, as we all now know, is indeed a part of a bigger achievement – Aegis of Ziost. I wonder if all those rare/champion mobs combined produce another achievement. I’ve killed them all except for the droid.

  • How do I summon the Rark K-133T on my other toons? I’ve unlocked it on one toon but for others it hasn’t appeared in my Vehicle list, and I can’t find it in Collections either…

    • Br’acht

      Right click the mount in Achievement rewards in your Legacy window

  • Noomi

    How do you do the Dead On achievement? Where do you get it from?

    • AJ Mote

      8 months later and we still don’t know

      • Noomi

        Found out myself now … the final two necessary for the Dead On achievement are in the final phased part of the final Ziost mission.

  • kazzerith4200

    Am doing Powerless, and the scanner won’t light up on the quest tracker. I manually use it from mission tab of the inventory, and it scans, says connection established, yada yada, but doesn’t give me quest credit. anyone else running into this?

    • kazzerith4200

      have tried relogging, no go.

      • Sciclex

        Are you using your Macrobinoculars by accident? Has happened to me on a few quests before, good thing to double-check.

        • kazzerith4200

          No. Basicly I had to move around on that platform to the left of the door you come out of, and move around till I found a spot where I could tag all of them without shutting down the scanner thing.

  • kazzerith4200

    after reseting it three times and logging out and back in right after a reset, but before picking the scanner back up, it started working

  • kazzerith4200

    correction, it worked once, then blacked out again, and wil not give credit. /sigh this quest worked perfect on monday

  • SeventyTwo

    Datacron on Ziost? Checking the codex entries, I noticed 73/74 on the datacron codex entries on a char which should have all datacrons. Is there a new datacron on Ziost? Cheers for any sightings.

    • Secundum

      There isn’t one.

    • Holyfrog

      Are you missing the fleet one? Does that count? It has no galactic record file.

    • Dru Ilhares

      Did you go into the assembly chamber to get that entry as well?

    • Sciclex

      There’s a holocron achievement that is labelled similarly to the datacron codex entries, which has it showing up as the 74th codex, but no additional datacron is available. “It’s a feature” and “working as intended”.

  • MickeyDees

    I got everything here for daily bosses, the aegis and the hidden guy. Showing 85/130. Do I get the others when I go to the new area?

  • Kirby

    As of now, the only civilian who will count towards “Time to Move” is the one just south of the entrance to the People’s Tower phase. He’s getting choked, and when you attack the guy choking him you get the notification of helping someone. I just waited for the respawn and freed the same guy 5 times.

    • Vos_L

      There’s also a couple of guys just before you get to the steps, next to a couple of empty merchant stalls. They count as well.

  • Lynda Dance

    Thank you for the maps on finding the Aegis Squadron Walkers but I have had zero luck finding the one in the landing zone with the map as it is, cords might be helpful maybe. I am not finding it at all and not sure by the map where I need to look as it is vague imo as to the area. Please give cords or more info so I might find this walker as it is the last one I need for the achievement

    • Are you in the right Landing Zone? You need to be in the landing zone pre-ziost destruction. There is a speeder that will take you to there

      • Lynda Dance

        Thank you that is the piece of info that I never had and with two landing zones I had finished the story quest line and moved on to dailies on Ziost thank goodness for more then one toon I could use to get the achievement.

      • hhb829

        Thank you Dulfy! I was having trouble with that too. Did not realize it needed to be the pre-destruction Ziost.

      • King Thane

        if I may ask where is the speeder at? I’m at the military zone,but the landing zone Is greyed out

        • Hmm go back to the entrance of the planet and I believe there is a speeder there that will take you to it.

        • Tonny Freeman

          The landing zone becomes available after the mission in the People’s Tower, before the conclussion of the story. To teleport there, you just need to have completed People’s Tower. Then, when you are up on the station and you are ready to “investigate” don’t select that. Instead, select “travel to the landing zone”. I hope this helps.

  • Hermetist

    Can someone tell me – when you complete the achievement Ziost Completist on one of your characters and get the mount as a reward, do you get it on only the character which completed the achievement, or the mount becomes available to all of your characters? And if it becomes available to all your characters, do they get it as the item (as usual mounts purchased on GTN or from market) or just learn it as if they have added it from the collection?

    • Sciclex

      It unlocks it as an achievement and automatically awards it to your current character’s inventory. For the rest of your Legacy, you will have to open the achievement and right click the icon in the rewards window to retrieve the item on each additional character.

  • Mathew Chilton

    I finished shadow of revan, killed im, and I cant get the zoist quests?

    • Mario Ortega

      You have to reach level 60 with your character, when you are 60lvl you can use the terminal on your ship to activate Ziost missions.

  • Shad

    I finished everything but noticed that daily bosses achievement is only 85. Are there other hidden achievements, like “defeat x times”?

  • MooYah

    Having a problem with the Megalomania Bonus Mission. Its not popping up the mission when i Kill the Possessed Enemies… I need the achievement for the Mount at the end of Ziost… And the achievement isnt already completed.

  • snakedoctor

    Still seems to be a lot of achievments missing.

  • Kârma

    How do you get to those zones for the achievements after you’ve completed the Ziost story line? I can’t seem to find a way back.

    • David Rodriguez Jr.

      You can not.

    • Aleksey314

      It is possible if another player who has not completed this part summons you there. My guildie did that, then you can use taxi to travel between zones.

  • Lorion

    If anyone else is wondering where the Landing Zone for the Aegis Squadron ZX-1 is: after the final fight when you’re back at the Orbital Station travel down to the planet one more time *before* you start the event using the Planetary Status Monitor, you’ll be at the correct landing zone then.

    • AJ Mote

      “the final fight” :-/

  • AJ Mote

    The maps suck, can’t find a droid on zoist and I’ve been there many times.

    • AJ Mote

      I was right, Pub toon sitting here in IMP base with all these f’ers GREEN… now wtf bioware? At least after a year I get to attempt this, not hidden cheevo, but totally obscured cheevo. FU BioWare.

  • Stephen Brent

    Temporary Residents bugged. (27DEC15) You can save the civilians but they aren’t counted.

    • Jed

      Now it cannot be even started… Even the groups that used to work before patch 3.2.1 are not working anymore (wonderful work by Bioware… 😀 )

      • Joseph

        Well, they must have fixed it, it works as of 02/23/2016 because I just did it.

        • Reb Station

          Bugged again, I am getting no credit for it.

          • frag971

            Just did it, only two of them worked, rest was bugged. I had to wait for those two to keep respawning. Very annoying with others in there doing it too.

          • TonViper

            I believe I found the issue.
            Whenever my companion got the last hit on the last enemy, the civilian wasn’t saved. Dismissing the companion did it.

    • sithgal

      Just did it. Only one group was working for me so had to wait for respawn. The group that worked for me is the group in between the two stalls next to the large missile pile at coords -2076,27. Hope that helps.

    • paralethal

      Still bugged, 1.5yrs later. Only two worked, and they did not always work if I waited around for respawn.

  • Joe Dib

    which speeders do you get?

  • Vulpis

    Wait…if you’re at the point to check the Planetary Monitor, have you lost the ability to get the Dead On achievement (specifically, Time to Move)?

  • simurgh559

    Where do you get “The Emperor’s Eye” Codex entry?

    • ConcernedGuest

      Emperory Eye as well as galactic history 94 and 95 are part of the dailies after ziost has been turned to dust

      • simurgh559

        Thanks for the info.

  • Noomi

    I am missing 20 points in the General Section of the Ziost achievements … anyone know of a hidden achievement? Or is it bugged? I do have the Rockcrusher one where you need to kill 50 monoliths

    • HMH

      you are missing Ziost Archivist and Jump the Rock Shark

  • seems to be quit a few Achievemnts missing in the General and in Dailly bosses

  • Umbra Vorago

    Just did this Bonus, only 2 Civilians ran away aka updated for me. The one at the bottom of the Stairs leading up to the People’s Tower (left side), the other one up the Stairs to the left (Civilian being held in a Sith chokehold). The remaining Civilians didn’t budge after I killed their guards.

    Funny side note: I wasn’t grouped with anyone at the time but got Updates on this Mission and the one with the Speeder when someone near me completed the objective.

    • Maria Moalfa

      Hey Alex,
      Take care of you

  • Bodee

    Is it possible, to do storyline now. I’ve not played for 3 years, stopped after Revan, and now I can just continue from KOTFE… Ziost is a barren wasteland now.

    • gua543

      That means you’ve probably done the Ziost story as well mate. Next on the line, story-wise, you got KotFE.

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