SWTOR Ziost Story Finale Coming May 4th

Rest of SWTOR Ziost story will be accessible starting May 4th and does not require a patch. This may open up the new daily area and world bosses.

Planetary Status Monitor | Still no progression in Ziost story available ? | 04.28.2015, 06:30 PM

Hey folks,

Without spoiling anything, there have been some questions about the end of Ziost currently and whether this is intended or not. It is 100% intended, it is not a bug, and there is definitely more coming… And it is coming soon. The finale event for this story will happen Monday, May 4th and it will not require a patch.

Evacuate Ziost while you have the chance!

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64 replies on “SWTOR Ziost Story Finale Coming May 4th”

Glade some people have a sense of what they are trying to do. Reading the forums you’d think this patch gave all their characters cancer…

In the meantime you guys should do pvp matches and “suggest” more class changes. it’s not hurting anybody

You mean more Nerfs ?

Get the fck out if you do mean that.
The game doesn’t need any more Damn Nerfs.

Whoever cant handle his class in Pvp better quit it out all together.

100% intended yeah right…100% intended because they screw up something and now try aviod explanations why they suck so much that they are unable to give us just once product without any bugs. But still explanation pretty good which means they lern something over those 3 years

well to be honest, they already mentioned when pts go’s live the story so far is not the full thing, so it was already explained we would not see the full story at start and it is not like we need to wait 2 months for the rest. It is only four days.

There’s no patch required. So unless magic monkeys fly more content into your PC while you sleep…I’d say it was intended.

I don’t believe it no. I am just asking if that’s him wishfull thinking or is he buying in that whole emperor in new movie thing. Emperor dies 67 bby Waybefore this movie start so no I don’t believe it

the one droid for the achievement is all to do there. you get there after you are done, head to the orbial station and heading back down will put you there.There is a spot in the very back that is closed off. might be something that will open later.

He is right, to a point. From a strictly story view, more happens in the hour on Ziost than the entirety of Makeb and everything up to the last half of Yavin. And there is more to come.

since no patch for may the fourth …. then content is there already , the wait better be awesome cuz ziost short too short ….. 🙁

Ziost is rather blah if you ask me. Did it on 1 of 9 toons and I don’t foresee the other 8 ever doing it. Very much doubt I’ll be back for part 2

So they are either trying to slow to content locusts, or it’s a unified PR thing with the movie?

May 4th is of course Star Wars day, so of course they wanted to do something with that day. One week delay hardly constitutes slowing down content anyways. What I find funny is that when you try to hand in the quest it tells you to check back later, but people were instantly crying “It’s bugged!”.

“It’s f**king bugged, Bioware sucks, they can’t do f**king anything, this game is f**king dead!”

One such comment I saw on Ziost.

Because people are morons, they not visit official website or anything. They don’t even boder to read patch notes in luncher.
But I must admint it’s funny to read their moans on chat 😀

They can cry a storm can’t they? Chat was great half a dozen cryin’ about terminal telling them to check back and one telling them they had to wait in the station 30 minutes and then click it again.

That’s what you get for not reading the patch notes or forums.

I wonder if they do servers rollback because people on Red Eclipse already exploitnig closed areas nuke World boss on HM and gain 204 rated mainhands… So as I siad before BioFail already screw this up… imo they don’t need wait till 4th may at least not anymore

I don’t know that people getting an item a few days early is really a major problem. My guess is they’re not going to do anything about it. It would be a different situation if that content wasn’t to be released for 6 months.

Because enough is enough. And I really have hope that they finaly take some actions against those cheaters

you assume they are cheaters, not everyone reads the boards and knows that the area is supposed to be closed off, also as it has a lockout which can still be used come monday it literally is doing nothing to harm the community economy ect… the only thing hurt here is the devs pride and reputaion

Exactly. Actually I think Musco is doing a great disservice to the community. Of ALL the issues that he could post about today he picks this one. He’s literally sucking the fun out of the game. I was going to head over to the hidden area until I read that it was an “exploit” and I’d get slapped on the wrist for accessing a hidden area of the game. It reminds me of that time, I tripped and stumbled and found myself in front of the Makeb endurance datacron…

“Not everyone reads” brilliant explanation… wtf? Maybe it’s time to start reading formus or maybe just learn read…?
Dude wtf?! Really?!
People who abuse using exploits are cheaters but people who don’t even boder to read forums or just patch notes added to luncher are dumbasses morons and nothing can explain their behavior…
In the event of this exploit simply enought was read damn in game chat to know that ppeps are exploitnig closed areas… so please don’t tell me “Not everyone reads” because it’s really ridiculous.

Way to pick out what you want out of my statement, I said not everyone reads the forums nor should they have to, judging by your reading comphrension of my previous statement you seem to have some perceived white hat complex. I didn’t say anything one way or the other about said exploiters. My point was some people could have downed the boss through a guild run and summons without having any clue the area was closed off. I don’t know about you but I spend as little time possible reading the idiocy that is gen chat….and ps patch notes said nothing regarding this 2 part story when .musco had to release a post later in the day after plenty of people upset with the mission ending abruptly and being told to check back in a few days….feel free to now take a part of my statement use it out of context tO supportwhat ever crusade youre on now “white knight”

U really belive that? This is MMO as I recall… Which means that allways u must expect dynamic change in the situation. And forum provides information what u need to know. So as in game chat. Reading this chat provides you a lot information, enought to know what happens…

As I remeber from start 3.2 people on Ziost moanig about “how to get the worldboss” etc… and guess what anwser was that he is on area available at 4th may… So sorry but… heh nevermind

Besides… your login in game is same as on… and I really I do not see obstacles to log there and read about new content… because as every single MMO people should use the principle of limited trust to every single player.

remember that you and i are the vocal minority. while you and i may read the reddit,dulfy and swtor boards not everyone does nor should they be expected to. many people rely on in game friends guildies ect for needed info

Do they have a plan? I don’t think so. They change dailys and weekly, for no reason. They add game features, that are not realy necessary. I think the dev crew is complete headless and has no idea what’s going on in the game and what the player community wants.

Or they simply don’t care about this game, because adding cartel packs makes the money, so wey care about a good UI, balancing, content, or QoL…

I have never understood such anger over a VIDEO GAME!!! If you are one of the people on this thread pissed off about someone getting something in a video game a couple days ahead of you, you are a douchebag plain and simple.

Don’t get me wrong, I like games and there are things that irritate, but for fucks sake 4000 people died in an earthquake this week. And you’re crying over a video game exploit?!?

Man up bitches! Go outside. Look at the sun.

And to the dude that posted 15 fucking angry pages of rants on this thread: quit the game now before your chest explodes lol.

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