SWTOR Ziost May 4th Update Details

Bioware has released some details regarding the upcoming May 4th update for Ziost.

Planetary Status Monitor | Still no progression in Ziost story available ? | 04.29.2015, 09:28 PM

Hey folks,

I have seen some questions and theories around what will happen with Ziost on Monday. I thought I would pop in and let you know (spoiler free!) what to expect. At 8AM PDT on Monday, May the 4th, is when the conclusion of Game Update 3.2 will become available. What you will get access to at that point is:

  • The ending cinematics for the Rise of the Emperor storyline from Game Update 3.2
  • A new area of Ziost
  • New daily quests
  • A new Lair Boss
  • A new World Boss

That should give a good idea of exactly what to expect on Monday morning. See you all on Ziost!

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90 replies on “SWTOR Ziost May 4th Update Details”

It’s noticeably easier now. There’s time to dps the boss!….keep in mind these are pugs groups. No excuses now. If you wipe on Lurker now you suck period.,

There are people who said that if you cant beat lurker prenerf one sucks. So you lower yourself to their level.

Was much needed.
Random groups were failing badly there.

Even now is not a walk in the park but at least do able for randoms.

dont you get tired of the same thing? I mean yeah pvp scenarios are always the same, but the end is not the same 😛

No I am not, I know where all the challenges are. When you put out a new level 60 planet it should be equiped with level 60 NPC’s, not Makeb NPC’s.

It really wasn’t, people were soloing the oricon heroic pretty much from the start.
Ziost is clearly intended to be doable for everyone, including the people who struggle in hm flashpoints. I expected my raiding dps to cut through Ziost like butter, and she did, but I stil enjoyed the (short) story and the environments.

Oricon is 10x more difficult than Ziost. At least the Heroic on Oricon made you work, and if you got ambushed by a Commander they have the ability to kill you. These NPC’s on Ziost couldn’t hurt a paperbag.

I’m sure the new world boss on Ziost can hurt you plenty if you’re alone…

Also, the Oricon heroic was pretty easy to solo even if it was intended to require at least two people. All the content on Ziost is intended to be done solo, so you can hardly compare it to the heroic content on Oricon. The non-heroic stuff on Oricon was beyond trivial as well, for anyone with the gear and training to run ops.

For the super-casual players in 168 gear who struggle with planetary class stories both were a lot more exciting, no doubt. I don’t mind that the challenge level of the area wasn’t aimed at 1000+ hour veterans.

The Oricon champs are hyper-OP, they have too many hard-hitting dps and stun moves; and there are ZERO guides on how to beat them, I found after extended research there are no guides that tell you

When I finally did gain an idea of what moves they all had and the order in which they would use them, the hardest thing to do was not panic at all; they need to actually make that area more of a daily area and not a daily area from hell (H2, not H2+ and the champ health reduced by at least 10K HP and/or their overall dmg reduced by 20-25% with longer cooldown for their hard-hitters).

I mean, my madness sorc (186s and 186 augments) and 192 ear and implants) and Xalek (186 augments and 192 comp gear) can just about handle any of the bosses but even then sometimes Xalek gets defeated.

Selgh Kap’gohe (marauder/sentinel type) is by far the easiest of them, alongside the bonus champ, and they’re not that easy; they’re so whirlwind-happy it’s not funny…

Depends what gear you have.
Try to run it with 178 and see how it goes.
And if you like Oricon better then you can go there too.

Que for HM flashes and lets see what you worth.

Ziost has been designed to be done in 178 gear, anyone who has gone on to get 186 or above is going to walk through it easily.

The challenge isn’t in the solo content.

You have so many HM flashes and Operations to choose from, dailies are for a fast run.

If they were crazy hard no one would bother with them.

They call them STORY line for a reason.

If you want challenge you have HM flashes and Operations to do.

Dailies, all of them 1 m ish each day. Two alts 14 mill end of the week but I do one char and do my crafting and also doing easy fp runs to sell decos

Yeah, it’s not hard it’s just ” do I feel the need to run all those dailies again” now with no CD on those QT and the no CD on those legacy travel perks going to yavin and such it’s faster

It can get boring, but I agree at least travel perks would make it shorter/somewhat better. It is refreshing to see other people know how to amass cards without resorting to loot box farming or cartel to gtn mafia

Hahaha yes it is. Tbh the idea and advice to do dailies has always been there, they just ignore it and then complain creds is hard to make. I just do it daily and if I’m bored and nothing else to do I do it on another alt. Or I go dungeon deco farming, selling it. Pretty much if you do it at least 4 days that’s 4 mill or higher, a gaurentee to have the stuff you want from GTN if you keep it up.

Actually, every zone on Ziost is a sanctuary. I’m on a pvp server, and I manually flagged myself with no effect.
Just to be clear: everybody has a blue name, and turning on my pvp flag did not turn my name green. I’m on Bastion.

Nope and I hope it stays that way, too many mobs, in too close a space with too many players.
It would be chaos with no way to do any quests.

Story content has always been easy. I’m personally glad I could rush 8 characters through the story (one of each class!) in very little time.

Have to agree. I was really underwhelmed.

I hope that Monday’s update will add reputation or something as there’s no reason to go back there after the storyline is done right now. The current gear vendor’s items are really poor.

So do we have to complete the Ziost dailies in order to reach Monolith boss? Or we can transport there straight away once we land on the planet?

I was expecting us to play in the Old Empire’s Ziost, like an ice world version of Korriban kinda. Instead we just have another fcking Kaas City to play in. Lame.

I wanted ruins, ice, some sith lore, etc…

It’s an inhabited Imperial world, why would it look like a total ruin? I’m pleased that it architecturally resembles Dromund Kaas, yet is its own thing. It has markedly different flora, and you can see it IS a rocky ice world. One of the city areas is UNDER THE ICE (seriously, tilt your camera up). … Now I may be wrong, but I think the May 4th update will show some of those “ancient sith ruins” areas, outside the city.

If the new area will be Sith ruins I’ll be happy. If it’s just more Dromund Kaas template I’ll be seriously pissed off

So, my expectations are, Hit the planetary monitor, get End cinematic (including the set up of the rationale for the daily zone) go to console to take shuttle to Landing Zone from whence you get access to the dailies, possibly including a return to previous area’s along with the new zone containing the WB + entry to instanced boss.

to be fair ziost so far was kinda disappointing, only 1 new kind of mob *the monoliths which are badass in design* and small design in terms of the zones i had hoped that it was a bit bigger and more quest to do and some lore to click on

in a attempt to fix the speeder being used in warzones/ops they actually broke the quest:P aslong as you are not in combat you can actually get the speedboost while walking/running around and if you click like 6 times on the speeder it will show up 6 times on your buffbar/quickbar lol

also the bug that prefered players have with their QT cooldown and fleet pass hasnt been acknowledged 🙁

i just hope the remaining content that may 4 will bring is atleast a bit more exciting
cause burning through the mobs/elites is like using a knife that is hot and cut butter with it easy and fast

side note the 12 basics comms that you can get from class story quest is awesome 🙂

Will Ziost have a Solo-able ending like Yavin 4 or will the ending be an operation like Oricon?

well there is some daillies you can do a world boss to kill and 1 ops boss to kill but no solo operation or anything of that

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