SWTOR Bioware on Season 5 PvP rewards and win trading

Bioware released two statements today on Season 5 PvP rewards and their stance on win trading and trolling in PvP.

Season 5 Update | 04.30.2015, 09:11 AM

Hello PvPers! Season 4 has come to a glorious conclusion and Season 5 is underway! We hope y’all enjoyed the action and are looking forward to a new season to test your mettle. I have a quick note to share with y’all about the Season 5 Reward Teaser.

Unfortunately the teaser for Season 5 will not be posted this week. We strive to have the teaser come out at the start of the season but right now with everything that is going on this Spring we are in a bit of a log jam and unfortunately the teaser blog will be coming out later in May. Featured in the blog is concept art of a reward that we feel is the best we’ve ever released and a reward that y’all have been suggesting ever since Ranked started. We will keep you in the loop of when to expect it and we hope y’all agree about its awesomeness when it comes out!

We are excited to see all the brutal action in Season 5. Now get in there and go berserk!

Update: Win-trading and "Trolls" in Ranked PvP | 04.30.2015, 09:26 AM

Hey folks!

As we have done before, I wanted to provide an update on the status of win-traders and trolls in Ranked PvP. For win-traders, we made another pass at the very end of the season and on Tuesday we issued actions against win-traders, including resetting their rating so they would receive no rewards. As a reminder, any action that someone receives regarding win-trading will carry over to each subsequent season. Action taken against repeated win-traders will scale aggressively so we can curb this behavior.

One thing I am happy to report is that although we have certainly not gotten rid of win-trading yet, we have seen a steady decline throughout this season! We intend to continue pursuing win-traders in the hopes of removing this behavior from Ranked PvP entirely.
As for those PvP “trolls,” we have also seen a steady decline in this activity. As these players pop up, either through reports or our data, I am forwarding them onto our Terms of Service team for investigation and action. Players who are participating in this behavior are seeing some pretty severe action being taken. For these players they are all receiving, at a minimum, a 7 day suspension.

Thank you all for your continued reports and diligence in helping to clean up win-traders and trolls in Ranked PvP. I will continue to provide periodic updates throughout Season 5 and beyond.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

39 replies on “SWTOR Bioware on Season 5 PvP rewards and win trading”

“…we have also seen a steady decline in this activity” well.. theres a steady decline in almost every activity in this game unfortunetaly

I’m expecting to see some decline on the whiners too.
Unfortunately this kind has seen an increase of activity lately

Meh, not going to waste my time. Ranked is a game of chance. Doesn’t matter how good you are, some idiot is going to join your group, play badly and reduce your rating.

Ah, yeah, you recognise the server name and character name I posted? Oh, wait, I didn’t. Fuck off troll.

You’re talking about solo ranked. Go play in 4’s, no retards on your team there unless you choose to play with them.

Kinda difficult if you’re not running in those kinds of circles. Besides, that’s not the issue; solo ranked should reward you on a solo basis, ie for what you accomplished in the match.

Yeah, kind of. Have to find people who play at the same time and who play regularly, have no way of knowing if they’re any good or not before joining a match (by which point it’s too late). I wouldn’t even know where to look to ask. Then of course we’d be matched up to other premades, which from what I hear mostly consists of shadows nowadays. Which means we’d lose.

That’s irrelevant anyway. I want to play solo, I don’t want to start going through a load of hassle to find and organise a team. I want to jump in as and when I feel like it and have my score reflect my personal contributions, rather than that of the PvE geared conquest whores jumping in a throwing the game.

If BW got class balance to a respectable state and reworked the solo ranked system they’d have no issues with win trading, because people wouldn’t need to.

There are many quitters and not just in ranked , as soon as one team has a slight edge over people leave, the game becomes unbalanced and you are very much on the back foot against the team with more players.
In my opinion if you are going into a match then you are locked into it for the duration. Players who disconnect the game etc. to leave could be picked-up quite easily and if there is a trend associated with then doing this it impacts their ranked status.
The same for 8v8 wz if you are one of those people who repeatedly leave a match because it’s not going your way then prepare for the consequences. You go into PVP to compete and have fun, if you want to spoil it for everyone else be that leaving, trolling etc. then you face the consequences of your actions.

People have different ideas about fun I guess. Some people want to compete, others just want to win, regardless of how…there’s too much of the latter for me to care about PvP in this game. It’s just not been set up properly.

I agree. I tried to PVP, but then got yelled and for not have the right gear. So, I stopped all PVP anything, and went back to having fun

I kind of agree with this, but at the same time, it’s difficult to measure how good someone did individually without inviting selfish play. i.e. people trying to get as many medals/damage/healing etc without contributing to the team effort effectively

We should have a public board with the names of all the win traders cheaters so all the community will know who they are.
And these Pvp trolls they mess the whole game with their sht.
Should be banned for a month out of pvp.

I agree. Just let everyone pvp on there own in whatever gear they get from the operations. If one class ends up better than another, then oh well. PVP types can just make that class ,and pvp with it.

“For these players they are all receiving, at a minimum, a 7 day suspension.”

Although I have no ambitions of reaching top tier PvP Ido enjoy the challenge of making it into the lower mid fields of the ranked leaderboards & I feel the pain when I hear others talking about these PvP trolls. Overall I am very happy (havn’t said that in a long time) about action taken against players trying to ruin the game experience. Looking forward to similar actions like this in the future

Haven’t played game in awhile but what exactly do they mean pvp troll? Someone who joins ranked realises it’s gonna be a loss and quits? Or just bad mouthing other players?

To my understanding, a “pvp troll” means somebody that sits in a corner (or stealths) and nonstop complains about losing, or how “bad” their team is. The quitting part would be trolling in special circumstances

Ah I see. So bunch if ass holes who rather than help there team regardless of outcome just bitch and on and don’t help. Personally I think that behaviour warrents a ban for the rest of that season if they do that on a regular bases

for a season that made my entire guild to quit SWTOR, it sure was glorious conclusion…
Can’t believe I still come back around Dulfy just to see if there are any changes that will make me come back to the game but… seems like the problems are still being “worked” on as usual. Sure SWTOR dev team talks to players quite often, but you guys are definitely one of the slowest responders i’ve seen so far. Would I have to wait two years to see if the game is fun to play again?

I think that if PvP is your thing, it’s best not to hold your breath. It’s clearly not a priority in the game. For me that’s fine as I don’t PvP a whole lot, only while leveling actually, but I can imagine if it’s a big deal to you, the conclusion will have to be that this game is just not catering to you.

unfortunately, you are right about this. I strongly believed that PVP and PVE stats and skill effects should be applied differently as many games do so these days. but the devs are still trying to push for unified stats that apply to both PVP and PVE altogether, thus creating such a mess of it. As I am hearing from friends who still play SWTOR, PVE is being affected due to PVP content balancing. That should never happen in the first place… I seriously thought bolster would cover that but it is as useless as any other balances right now

a better conclusion would be that the developers are underqaulified and cant deliver on the pvp aspect of the game.

welcome to my world…You have to realize your working with unqualified people here and the worlds most hackable engine on top of it. I really hope when battlefront comes out it yanks whats left of the tors pvp base. Sad thing is EA’s behind the wheel with battlefront to so who knows. Id suggest giving the emu a try but it makes the carebears and tor fanbois come out of the wood works when i do lol. Conquest was an even bigger let down thats not open world pvp its raiding npc bases for a shiny title when you log onto a planet and some laggy specail effects lol. Its just sad it really is the game could have been so much but when you got mit dropouts running the show well you have tor as it is lol /smh

yeah seriously thought the conquest was gonna be the beginning of the guild warfare, combining both pvp and pve element altogether into faction warfare… and then nope, it’s just point gathering system with title only reward, no systematic victory for the faction. Seriously, this could’ve given the story department a bit of break as players are battling their asses off for the control of the galaxy until they come up with more rich storyline for the TOR universe. This game just have so much potential and yet devs are just so damn tunnel visioned in refining and trying to keep the existing system that the game is now at the point of failing itself. The new planet being introduced with emperor himself? yeah cool. we had he exact same update last year called Shadow of Revan.

have you tried SWTOR Open WOrld PVP its really good. probably the best out there right now.
WHat’s wrong with MIT dropouts? do you know that MIT is the top engineering school in the world? just even getting accepted into MIT would mean they are better then 98% of programers out there.

Whats wrong with mit dropouts lol seriously? Yes i played tor from closed beta to a year in and off and on its absolute shit god aweful unbalanced highly hacked to hell its crap why i left.. the devs on tor are worse then mit dropouts tor itself is the best example of this. The games focus is gambling packs and trying force a sub up your ass b/c they cant make a game worth 15 bucks a month. The opeb pvp when ilum first launched is how tors open pvp should have been but the paper engine couldnt handle it. Conquest lol this is a bad joke i wouldnt call it open world pvp more like whos guild can can achieve the most shiny titles doing pve raiding bases

How exactly is “win trading” supposed to work? Suppose that two teams decide to trade wins – e.g., team A lets team B win the first match and team B lets team A win the second match. How does this help either of them? Each one of them gets one win but also one loss. How would that improve their ranking?

Pretty simple actually. I knew a group that did it. They would go in on their mains and fight 4 others on their alts, which didn’t even have pvp gear(rofl), and would atleast get a medal and then /stuck it. The team on their mains would get the win and boost to rating and the alts it didn’t matter because they were prolly just crafter alts or pve alts that would never need a ranked reward. I find it dumb but I mean the hey EA doesn’t care enough to actually fix it.

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