SWTOR Details on Grand Nightlife Pack

Eric Musco went on the forums to explain why Grand Nightlife Packs cost a bit more than the usual cartel packs.

Details of the Grand Nightlife Pack | 04.30.2015, 10:34 AM

Hey folks!
We have seen some confusion around the Grand Nightlife Pack, what it is, and why it costs a bit more than you normally see on a Cartel Pack. Admittedly, we could have been a little bit more clear in the store tooltips and we will make sure that is better in the future.

So, what is in the Grand Nightlife Pack? This pack is basically all of the best items from The Star Cluster and Club Vertica Nightlife Packs all in one place. Here is a basic idea of the items you will find in the pack:

  • Complete armor sets (ex: Tulak Hord Disciple’s Armor)
    • Note: All armor sets pieces are contained in a single lockbox, you do not need to get pieces individually
  • Mounts (ex: Dathomir Rancor)
  • Weapons (ex: Exquisite Champion’s Dualsaber)
  • Color Crystals (ex: Advanced Yellow Core)
  • Rest & Recharge Items (ex: Credit Flip)
  • Etc.

What you will not find in the pack is the following:

  • Minipets
  • Titles
  • Emotes

As a last note, this is how each part of this 4 slot pack works:

  • Slot one: A random super rare or better item
  • Slot two: A random item
  • Slot three: A fortuitous dye kit (these contain two random dyes and have a change to drop rare dyes like black/black)
  • Slot four: A Minor or Major XP Boost (the general boosts, not the specific ones such as Exploration, Flashpoints, etc)

As you can see these packs are very special in that they provide you a high chance to get some really great items. I hope this explains a bit about the new Grand Nighlife Pack and why you will definitely want to get your hands on one, or ten, while they are around.

By Dulfy

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52 replies on “SWTOR Details on Grand Nightlife Pack”

So, by repackaging the contents they can offer the exact same items the Devs specifically said would be exclusive to certain packs and not available again? I didn’t even get the rancor the first time around and I don’t want to see them re-released just based on the Devs’ original words. Fire whoever made the decision and hire someone who has some integrity. As long as the mindless sheep lap up whatever scraps the devs feed them, the devs will continue to lie cheat and steal(people did pay REAL money for the Nightlife packs) to maximize profit. Un-freaking-believable… Well not really. These are the Bioware devs we’re talking about, right?

I believe that they said the items earned in the actual event were to be exclusive, I don’t recall them saying the same thing about the pack items though.

yes, that is true. it would only be available during the night life event, which was stated it would be a one time only but could not say for certain, there would be a small chance for it to return.

so even if did return, it would still only be available during that event

The lore entry for the event said its an annual holiday. I have always assumed we would see it every summer, nightlife packs in tow.

Didnt saw the annual thing, but there you have it, a recurring event with exclusive items.. don’t know why that guy made a fuss bout something that wasn’t stated

the 2 packs are only available during the nightlife event, this pack is separate from those (grand packs typically appear while the packs are embargoed )

You’re tears taste delicious, you’re whining about something that is completely optional and cosmetic in a game….not so much.

Stop whining, would you rather they just put out hypercrates of each pack?

I suspect you’re pissy because this seriously impacted your gtn income, tbh.

Grrrr, while part of me thinks it is great to have these items available again, I cant help but also feel a bit miffed that the few rare items I saved as future investments have now been massively devalued! If you keep on making them available, they aren’t rare any more!

All I care about is the two armor sets I wanted dropped often enough that this week the whole thing cost half of what the chest alone did last week on the gtn, so I’m thrilled with it.

Xoxaan robes have been 9 mil on my server for weeks, scooped one last night for a mil. Suddenly realize I will never wear it. Don’t even care, still happy. Next up, Tulak’s set…eurgh….

I’d like to see more focus on ala carte items rather than this gambling nonsense. It’s probably more profitable to keep churning out packs that give a CHANCE at an item you want and too many people are happy to pay them for that. But I’m happy to pay for quality items set at a reasonable price. There’s way too much junk in the normal packs that virtually no one wants.

They’re not going to change it, they make way too much money off hypercrates from people trying to get that one perfect mount or complete armor set.

Would you pay the price of 2 hypercrates for a super-rare armor or mount? That’s probably what it would have to cost to me it profitable for them.

If I had known the emotes weren’t in them, I’d have stopped buying them after I got the armor sets I wanted. Wasted a couple thousand CC. Oh well, guess I’ll get some GTN creds at least.

Yea, I got Tulaks Hordes full armor set, Ajunta Palls,and the Dathomir Rancor. All in 3 packs. And the 2nd slot they are talking about is for sure a rare item. So you have a chance to get 3 rare items. One of them being a super rare, such as Rancor. Pretty awesome deal and definitely more for the money then getting hypercrates which obly drop a couple rare items and your chances of getting super rare items are soooo hard. These Grand packs are the way to go.

I don’t know, maybe they are keeping it around till the Nightlife event that might be on June 10. Or it might only last till May 4th, or maybe a couple weeks and then they will release a grand pack of the next shipment or something. But got to say, there are not enough super rare items in the set to not have a good chance of getting the rancor. I say if you buy the 14,500 cartel coins pack for $100 your chances of snaring that rancor are as good as they will ever get short of them handing out the mount. I got it in the 1st pack I openened, and there are already about 10 on my servers GTN going for 20mil and up. So go for it now while its available.

Yeah the trouble is having $100 to do that hehe. I checked gtn mount is 10m atm brought 4 packs didn’t get mount but got a couple armour sets which on ah are 2m or so and a black and white dye so hopefully if I can sell them I can buy the mount hehe

Not for sure but if you get a set of armour it will definitely be a complete set

I’ve had about 6 complete sets out of about 8 packs

“So if you buy one of these you get a full armour set for sure?.”

No, this is false. I bought 5 Packs and only got a single armor set, the “Super Rare or better” can apply to anything gold that isn’t removed…

……. so Weapons count. All of them. Which is the majority of what I got.

The chance for full armor set =/= assured, you’re just as likely to get doo doo prizes.

Then you bought a wrong pack. I bought some of those and there are no weapons inside. Only full armor sets, mounts, dyes and vanity stuff like xp boosts. No weapons, pets or reputation items

I got one that had two mounts, a bunch with no weapons, some with no armor. You got a couple random packs with only armor, doesn’t mean that’s the only way they come.

You’re not guaranteed to get armor, but the armor only comes in full sets. So you won’t have to keep buying packs to get that one last piece.

Dunno about you guys but I bought a bunch of packs containing mostly stuff I didn’t need but got in total 8 each of Max XP boost and Min XP boost, rancor, the sidecar, ST-7 Recon walker (needed that to complete the Nightlife pack stuff set), and about 15 different sets of armour. Also got 3/4 of the crystals and a couple of sabers. Sometimes you get 2 boxes of armour in one Pack but sometimes you get none.

All I ever wanted in a pack was a rancor. You are so lucky and If I had the money Id pay you for it

They don’t trick me to buy this!

Normally I get a companion gift and a XP boost I don’t need. And a ugly weapon that sells on the GTN for 2500 CR or less.

Nonono. No.

That shipment should be in the CM sometime soon, if they’re going through all 999 of them, that is.

I don’t see my question originally asked,So I will post again. Any confirmation on when nightlife will return again,Miss Dulfy?

If there is a greater chance of getting a super rare, how can it still be super rare by definition?

Bought 5 of these packs, then found out 1: like near every item in the nightlife packs are super rare or better, 2: the dye packs are shit you, 1 got 1 good dye from all the packs i got…

I decided to gamble on this, and buy 1. I received Fortuitous dye, minor xp, XoXann’s armor and Remulus Dreypa’s armor. Not bad, but was hoping for a mount instead.

I love this pack :D. It dropped the prices of Rancors on my server from 30 mil to 7.5 so I finally got one yay 😀

I’m really pissed off that they pulled this pack early. At least gives us some warning if you are going to do that, right? I logged in this morning with some fresh Cartel Coins and …..nope, no pack for you!

Damn I didn’t had the chance to buy a few and get a ranky yet.
They should put it up again soon !

Yep, I purposely waited until Monday the 4th to buy more cartel coins since I knew there would be a sale. I was going to buy a few more of these and really hoped to get a rancor.

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I bought 7 of these packs and got everything I wanted. Tulak Hord’s set was in the last pack I bought. Got 2 Rancor’s I sold for 13 and 15 million. This is the way to do the packs, imho. I usually limit myself to one 24 pack, 5500 CC. This got me to spend 7000 CC, and if I hadn’t got everything I was after I’d have spent 2000 more CC. Now if they would do this with the packs with Revan’s set.

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