SWTOR Patch 3.2.1 PTS April 30 Update Notes

SWTOR Patch 3.2.1 PTS April 30 patch notes. This is the last round of update for patch 3.2.1.

Jedi Knight

  • Removed the Defensive Forms Skillful Utility
  • New Skillful Utility: Stoic. Stoic increases your damage reduction by 2%, and you build 2 Centering when attacked. This Centering building effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.
  • Defensive Roll now additionally increases internal and elemental damage reduction by 5%.
  • Force Fade now additionally increases your movement speed by 15%.


  • The Cauterize burn effect now deals damage 3 times (up from 2 times) over 6 seconds.
  • Merciless Zeal has been redesigned: Your Cauterize, Overload Saber, and Force Melt burns heal you for 15% of the damage they deal.
  • Burning Sweep now additionally reduces the cooldown of Force Sweep by 9 seconds.

Sith Warrior

  • Removed the Defensive Forms Skillful Utility
  • New Skillful Utility: Brazen. Brazen increases your damage reduction by 2%, and you build 2 Fury when attacked. This Fury building effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.
  • Defensive Roll now additionally increases internal and elemental damage reduction by 5%.
  • Phantom now additionally increases your movement speed by 15%.


  • The Rupture bleed effect now deals damage 3 times (up from 2 times) over 6 seconds.
  • Hungering has been redesigned: Your Rupture, Deadly Saber, and Force Rend bleeds heal you for 15% of the damage they deal.
  • Hemorrhaging Smash now additionally reduces the cooldown of Smash by 9 seconds.

Sith Inquisitor

  • Static Barrier now absorbs a higher amount of damage.

Jedi Consular

  • Fixed a bug that caused Force Armor to not absorb as much as the Sorcerer’s Static Barrier.
  • So the early PTS notes showed a nerf for the watchman sentinel that didn’t materialize in 3.2….phew….And then in 3.2.1 they went the opposite direction! HA! That was unexpected! I hope this is a sign of less nerfing and more goodness in the future xD Thank you BW!

    • Secundum

      I wish Maras were less like a pendulum-swinging from OP to useless over the various patches.
      But agreed.

    • Merlin

      After they mess up so many classes maybe they figured it out.
      But what about the Sorcies ?
      Need some of their aoe damage back too !

  • Marboh

    Any word on whether or not they are fixing the Outfit Designer feature?

    • Secundum

      What’s wrong with it?

      • Anon

        Nothing wrong with it, just kind of confusing at first. (adding the armor you wear requires you to take it off firsts. Unify colors only works after you paid the build costs, etc)

        • Secundum

          Is it for your entire legacy, or per character?

          • Anon

            Per character

            • Secundum

              Dammit. That’s NOT what I wanted to hear. =(

        • Arby

          Not too confusing, you obviously figured it out. Can’t see how unequipping a piece, adding it to you outfit, then reequipping is even worth mentioning, in fact it sounds like it should have been designed that way to me.

          • Anon

            It’s not confusing to me anymore. But some people would rather complain on forums than actually look into it themselves

          • R315r4z0r

            It’s not confusing, it’s unintuitive. The piece is being shown already… so why do I have to re stamp it into a layer just so I can unify the colors? It doesn’t make sense.

            Also, I remember them saying there was going to be a feature where we could hide specific pieces in an outfit without having to unequip them.

            • Val.S

              The reason you see the armour underneath is because the system is specifically designed to default to the base outfit first and then allow you to overlay it with either partial or complete modifications to your taste. I think this is what you’ve misinterpreted from the looks of the second paragraph.

  • Marboh

    Oh wait this is PTS nevermind

    • Jelos

      Usually it goes on live like this too.

  • Honza Hladík

    The Cauterize burn effect now deals damage 3 times (up from 2 times) over 6 seconds

    6 seconds? 6??? SIX???????

  • Disappointed with defensive form…a bit. Spread its effect among 3 different utilities…Idk what to do: to cry or to laugh..

  • JedixJarf_FTW

    TY for mara buffs 😀

    • Save the Opers

      Damn Operatives need some Buffing toooooooo…………..

      • JedixJarf_FTW

        Have u seen ops in ranked… holy F. They don’t effing die… all those rolls.

        • Roller

          Yes but what about the Pve part of the game they are totally useless in operations

          Roll to eternity.

  • KShrike

    Burns are now a guaranteed “lifesteal” so to speak. I imagine that if you could dot spread that in PvP it may start to be hilarious. You’d only be spreading two ticks of cauterize though.
    I’m interested in how this will work out.

  • Reason

    We have ti see it live to see how it works.

  • Me + You

    Save yourselves many wipes and do thing with people that know what theyre doing, preferably guildies. Take my server for example. Jedi Covenant. At JC there’s a guild called PYRE. I’ve never seen anyone from PYRE raid or do a flashpoint with someone outside their guild. If you ask them to raid theyll say no. Are they a-holes? No. They know that the level of ineptitude in this game is extremely high.

    Class Changes only make these L2Ps worse.

    • Me + You

      Also nerf pvp. It’s not needed in this game.

      • Yallida

        If u gonna post this everytime u will be my God 😉

        • Arby

          Please don’t feed the troll.

          • Yallida

            We can’t feed Africa so at least don’t let die trolls;)
            No I just kidding but shhh…;)

            • Arby

              I have news for you, those countries have food, there’s just a small group of retards that won’t move out of the middle of fucking nowhere and go to where the food is. Stop being gullible, send them busses, not food.

      • Unoshi

        ha, someone speaks for the community! but wait who are the people that begged for nerfs in pvp which kinda screwed it pve wise?

        • Me + You

          The type of nerf we, the people, want is removal of pvp or split it from pve. Enough nonsense from crybabies getting melted because they cant stand out of stupid

          • Unoshi

            The split from pve Im all for it. Already suggested that but yeah can Wait along time to see such thing installed

      • AMEN! or at the VERY LEAST split them up already!!

        • Me + You

          Exactly. Split that **** up.

    • Douglas

      for God’s sake dude, what’s the matter if you wipe a bit? it is really fun sometimes just to pug with different people from different places. i mean why so serious? it isn’t the end of world or something. what a peculiar set of mind imho

      • Yallida

        let’s put a smile on that face 😀

      • Arby

        Are you kidding, and LOSE???? Chicks wouldn’t dig any more.

    • KShrike

      Wiping is part of the game, man…

    • gasxero

      bleh…disgusting PvE nerds make me sick.

  • SupRun

    Does anyone know if the outfits you put on are BoE? Like if I buy a set of armor off the Cartel Market, can I allow more than one character to wear it, or does it bind when I put it in an outfit?

    • Havik79

      It binds to the character, once you ALL armour parts equiped, click the orange button, click collections, use cartel and only cartel coins/real money, to unlock armour, crystals, mounts, emotes, weapons, toys, and titles for ALL characters, current and future made,and its account wide so works if you change/reroll on a new server.

      • Holyfrog

        You don’t need to use CC/real money to unlock crystals. You can put it in a legacy weapon and send it to an alr then remove it.

    • Arby

      BOE. If you buy a whole outfit and apply it, it will bind to you and be added to your collection.

      No, you cannot apply it to your OD and then sell it on the GTN, sorry, they out-thought you on that one.

      • Val.S

        Yeah, just to make that entirely clear, ‘stamping’ any item to an outfit slot causes it to bind to character – unless it is BoL ofc.

    • Unoshi

      BOE: Bind on Equip so yes you cant send it over to another character once u equipped it, If it’s a full Cartel Market set then it will be stored into your collection for later use on the same character, if you happen by mistake to delete it. If you want the same outfit on another character, either buy the same outfit of GTN/CM or unlock it whole account wide for ever character/future character you have for Cartel Coins

      Meaning if you start on another server you can pull the outfit , given you unlocked it account wide for your new character

      • Val.S

        *Note* Direct-for-CC purchased Armour sets like level 31 Destroyer set (i.e. any containing mods as part of the purchase) –Cannot– be shared across account last i checked.

        • Unoshi

          Ah, never tried those really So cant really say bout that

          • Arby

            Frog is right, anything you buy off the market OR any cartel rep or embargoed good vendor cannot be unlocked.

            • Unoshi

              I take it, you mean gear like Voss emissary, volatile shock trooper right and a few others. The first two I noticed since I had them but never really much paid attetion to the others with the lv req

            • erruss

              my command throne was unlockable from the rep vendor

        • Holyfrog

          Yeah I can confirm this 🙁 it doesn’t even unlock it for the character you bought it for. I’m guessing you have to pay more cc for that. Stupid.

  • Unoshi

    Btw I just subbed again and I notice the old ops have been added. and have two version 55-59 and the 60 version along with current ops.

    My question is, the gear loot from the old ops are still the same as they were when they were current right…..

    If so, I see no reason to put that with current ops, having les chance to get ToS and TR through gf. For example I do all available dailies so I don’t have time to go to the fleet to to see if people are looking for members. So I just could que through gf for ToS and TR but now with other ops added in the same que frame this would be hard.

    While if they had made a second que check box with lower ops to that list, it would have been much easier. Instead of staying the fleet a long enough hoping for someone looking for a group. Or try making your own which takes a while as well.

    It isn’t a major setback but just more a inconvenient I guess. Can do without but would be helpfull

    • Josef Tauser

      lolz why would you sub ? shame on you !

      • Unoshi

        Aha was a gift I received friend ordered a game time but received two instead of one code so I activated it the other

      • Captn

        Shame on you for being a complainer and writing trash in the forums.

        • Josef Tauser

          Shame on YOU for egging me on.

  • chameleon2000

    How do you know this is the last round of updates? Asking, cause Watchman/Annihilation changes leave the spec in an unplayable state due to lack of resources…

    • Bioware said so themselves I believe somewhere

  • Josef Tauser

    “Fixed a bug that caused Force Armor to not absorb as much as the Sorcerer’s Static Barrier” lol really ? No wonder i’ve been melting sages on my sorc

    • Me + You

      This is working as intended. We all know imp side toons are stronger cause bioware wants it that way.

      • Bffv

        Remember Scoundrels getting a better dot spec because their main ability ticked 5 times, whereas Operatives only ticked 3? Yeah, that was a thing.

        • TheHarbingersKwerty

          Same with Gunslingers offhand hitting just has hard as the mainhand and having mainhand accuracy for Charged Bolts, or Saboteur’s Smugglers Luck granting Auto-crits to Contingency Charges whereas the Engineer Sniper’s equivalent not getting it, both of which are still live?

      • Superman

        Maybe its because they have superman charging them at the fleet cantina each Morning !

      • Arby

        I’m absolutely fine with that, tbh

  • Raymond

    Does that mean that defensive forms will be passive now?

    • tsunami2311

      No the removed it have made brazen with 2 of effect and then move the other other effect to other utility, which make things worse the community is in out rage of it atm on pts forums

      • Payback

        They were the ones that were crying like crazies for more Nerfs for the other classes and now they don’t like it when their turn comes ?

        Let them get what they deserve all these whiners and Nerfs lovers.

  • Honza Hladík

    i like the healing change at watchmen.. but wtf are they supposed to do on 2nd boss TFB? i know its an old ops, l55 and you can change to two other disciplines.. but seriously.. when we deal dmg which heals us, targeted player on hm will get some dmg issues..

  • monijatila

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  • Aslawk

    So, the bonus movement speed of Force Fade will last forever or just when we activate Force Camo?

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