SWTOR Proposed Healing Changes in 3.2.1 to be removed

Due to player feedback, Bioware will be removing the proposed healing changes in Patch 3.2.1 to revise them and maybe add in a later patch.

3.2.1 PTS Healing Changes Removal | 04.30.2015, 08:28 AM

Hey all,
We want to thank everyone who offered constructive feedback and contributed to discussions regarding improvements to the proposed changes. Your feedback is much appreciated as we move forward with future PTS updates.

Following internal review, we’ve decided to remove all of the proposed healing changes from 3.2.1. The goal of this update was to increase the burst healing of healers while simultaneously balancing healing per second (HPS) values, and resource management for healers. We are not completely satisfied with the present state of the healing changes, and want to give the community more time to play with the changes and offer their feedback.

During the 3.2.1 PTS we were unable to present all of the healing changes from the onset, resulting in an incomplete view of healing changes we want to make. Extending the refinement time for healers in the 3.2.1 PTS to allow for necessary review and feedback would delay the full release of the patch. To avoid this delay, yet still give the healing changes the proper time for feedback on the PTS, we have decided to pull the healing changes from the 3.2.1 update and include them on a future PTS in their entirety.

The 3.2.1 class balance update will still include the revised Resolve system, changes to the Annihilation/Watchman rotation, and other non-healer updates. With the final 3.2.1 PTS update coming soon, we’ll make sure to provide a final overview of the changes.
Cheers, all!


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52 replies on “SWTOR Proposed Healing Changes in 3.2.1 to be removed”

you missed the last round of sage healer changes mate? they were awesome then ^^
I’m not very surprised actually, the changes right now were obviously not final, and the patch was coming a bit too close for comfort

Scared is the word I’d use. Finally realizing where their paycheck comes from.

But seriously a couple months ago EA puclically announced a policy of community interaction. I think someone’s feet are being held to the fire.

They still don’t let free players use the damn forums, but at least they’re listening to everyone else.

And that’s a very good decision.
There are for sure some very polite and educated F2P users which would be an enrichment for the forum culture, but let’s face it, the majority of F2P users are Gold/Credit spammers and trolls. And the majority of the rest does not even play End-Game content, so they can actually not contribute anything in such discussions.

I disagree. As a polite and educated F2P user, I don’t appreciate being left out of the loop. I’ve never seen a game that locks players out of using one of the most helpful out-of-game resources. I have lots of suggestions, lots of questions, lots of feedback that should be included. Why lock out people like me just because I’m not paying them every month? Subscribers can be spammers and trolls too, I’ve seen that quite a lot, so what’s the difference? Money, that’s the only reason. I play the game, I play end-game content as often as I can, and I spend as much or more time playing than any subscriber.

I enjoy the hell out of the game, and my sub is worth every penny I pay for it. It’s not my fault you’re a cheap ass, buy you get what you pay for too I guess.

And if f2p had forum access every other thread would be “why do I have pay for access to this?” and “I shouldn’t have to pay to use that” and “it’s not fair sub’s get better legacy perks than me, waaaaah”

No thanks, again: don’t be a cheap ass you won’t have these issues.

It is a for-profit company, you should have to pay to use their product. Why should they give a shit about what you think of their product if you’re not paying for it? Welcome to the real world.

Wow, you really have a horrible impression of F2P players, don’t you? You’re the one coming up with these stupid complaints, not me. I’m the one asking to provide feedback and suggestions for an amazing game. I don’t think it’s right to ask people to pay for that opportunity. I would pay for this game if I had the extra money to do so. Sadly, I don’t, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for them to lock me out of the forums. In any other game, those two things would have nothing to do with each other.

I have no problem with them making a profit. I’d love to give every one of them the opportunity to put bread on the table, but not when it comes at the expense of mine. Once I have the extra money, I’ll gladly subscribe.

Email them, or ring their support line Idk. There are ways around contacting bioware via the forums for feedback. Ask somebody who is subbed and shares your views to submit that feedback for you. I doubt they’ll mind where, or who, the constructive feedback comes from.
When I got stuck in somebody’s stronghold while not subbed (only subs can submit ingame tickets), I emailed support and they responded within 12 hours. It’s not hard to get around the forums.

You did notice they didn’t say “we’re dumping this retardation,” right? They basically said they’re going to postpone it until everyone on PTS gets used to it and stops bitching.

“We are not completely satisfied with the present state of the healing changes, and want to give the community more time to play with the changes and offer their feedback.” I don’t see anything about abandoning the plan, just giving it more time to sink in and the furor to die down.

this basically DOES say that these changes are not going to be live, ever.. not like they are now that is
healers will be changes, but they want more feedback (and they actually listen pretty well imo)

Not going live right now, maybe. Show me where it says not all. Some people are so gullible, you fell right for it.

Show me where it says they’re not changing anything. On the contrary, they said there are changes. They heard the feedback, sorcs/sages (in particular) raised a huge stink about it, and they retracted their changes. There is still time.

Some manager, somewhere, made a decision. He/She is going to stick to that decision. If you want you healing, you can keep your healing.

They don’t say that literally.
“We are not completely satisfied with the present state of the healing changes”
This IS however enough to support the really strong impression that there will be additional/other changes
But of course you can keep seeing the evil, player hating, idiotic BW if you like, but I think that my option (there being more/other changes) is much more realistic

Edit: fun that we quote the same bit, for opposit argument 😛

This comes as a big relief. I like that I have 3 healers that feel different to play. Healing is hands down my favorite role in the game, and I have mirrored versions of my characters on both sides (and 2 merc healers for some reason…), and the appeal is that each of the three is a unique take on keeping people up and running.

I’ve always enjoyed the mobility of my OP/smugglers, running in circles, giggling as I stack hots and build upper hand, plus, stealth, what a neat thing to have. My merc and trooper have always made me feel tough, and as I perfected heat/ammo it was interesting to see just how much blasting I could do on top of healing, and the amount of knockdowns and stuns make the class feel very tactical, like instead of just healing all the damage, I can sort of mitigate the incoming damage by keeping the enemy off balance. My sage really feels like the embodiment of a fluid and constant force, steadily healing, and if you keep a cool head, and get in the zone, you will never run out of energy.

Since this expansion I feel the vibrant differences between these classes are beginning to fade, big heal, little heal, aoe heal, tiny regen thinger. They are still unique, but with the coming healing changes, especially noble sacrifice changes, I saw the classes dulling further. Smuggler is already boring as crap to solo on with 2 of their more interesting abilities gone, now sage was going to work more like a trooper…whats next? No more stealth? Pretty sure thats the only thing really separating the feel of trooper and smuggler.

Anyway, this is a big relief, to see them going back to the drawing board. I don’t care about my “burst heals” I care about how the classes feel, and if they all feel the same, it just diminishes the overall experience. We talk about “Choose your path” but where is the value when they all run parallel?

Before any healing changes are implemented, lets make sure its not just change for the sake of change, or worse, balancing to the point where everyone is the same thing. There is alot of charm to these 3 healing types, lets not lose that.

How to increase burst healing….
Revert Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicine back to the original value in 2.0 😛

Save the Healers !
We need healers happy as it’s very rare to find good ones these days.

12Xp comin so all players should level 1 Healer if they haven’t already done so.

NO we shouldn’t, 12x xp last time gave us a bunch of useless palyers, last thing this game needs is more crappy healers, or tanks.

Crap dps means you hit the enrage timer. 12x exp means more idiots in pvp and and conquest whores in GSF that were target practice anyway

I agree. But I still love the 12xp time, and I’m making me a heals with it no matter how bad I am at it!!!!

Because that’s what every op group needs, two or three healers that have no experience and less of a clue that just became healers to guarantee they’d get invited and because they could grind it out in an afternoon.

You have that problem now, and in every single mmo game for the past 20+ years. Just because you spend more time leveling, doesn’t mean you know what your doing at max level. People are going to carry over their bad habits to end game, no matter how long it took them to level a character.

The only reason we’re not very happy is because Bioware took away our ability to carry bad groups.
Well, not entirely, but they nerfed our ability to do so.
If you are a healer and your group keeps standing in fire, the very design of the game is that you’re gonna fall behind in heals. But you’re still unappreciated, and you’re still blamed for their deaths.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s the way it should be. But a lot of us miss our old power.

I always felt that if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Does anyone actually know why BW even felt the need to nerf/change the healer classes? I mean for sorc healers especially the whole consumption rework was a big nerf and I just don’t really get what the problem is.

Well, their problem is that sorcerer healers have very easy resource managment, but they could just fix that with a little less force regen from consumption.

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