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SWTOR Upcoming Items from PTS 3.2.1 April 30 Update

Several new armor and weapons has been released from the PTS Patch 3.2.1 April 30. These are likely part of the future Explorer packs.








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Yes you are, but let’s not get into your self-loathing and instead concentrate on how cool these new weapons look and how the pilot outfit actually looks like a star wars pilot outfit…

The 4th armor is great and original but its headgear is too weird.

I’m going to use this armor with Trophy Hunter’s Mask (I was first to come up with this idea, all rights reserved!) :P.

The red “trooper” armor and the guns look awesome! I can’t wait for these and to return to the game! 😀

That’s a pilot suit I believe. Check the helmet and the device on its chest. It’s like a Rebel Pilot’s uniform.

badass looking stuff. The blaster rifle in particular caught my eye, and that Ludo Cresh (assuming it’s Ludo cresh) armor looks cool as hell.

Agreed, but I believe their armor designer is catching on a bit but still making some fatal flaws. Star wars is lived in. Dust, wear and scuffing are what visually define star wars from things like star trek…or even the prequels. I really like that #4 armor, even if the helmet is a bit silly. But its hitting my eye weird because its lacks that star warsy worn look. Unless its factory fresh from “Tribal Bountyhunters R Us”.
Granted, some things, certainly the more regal or official outfits should be clean cut and new, but then, the colors should be rich and vibrant, not sort of muted.
I think they hired some new blood around the time we got the Stalker and Ghost armors (Which felt a lot like they came from that shooter mmo from Bungie), and I think they are starting to finally come around.

You can tell they put someone that gives a shit about the look of the game, and players opinions, on armor designs. It was like one day all of a sudden they couldn’t figure out how to recycle the same butt-ugly armor over and over anymore.

And at least they’ve been using different kinds of textures, that’s a step in the right direction, too.

At least everything’s not like you have two fiat 500’s on your shoulders, shark fin or cone head hats, freaking spikes…aaaargh. First generation endgame gear was soooo horrible.

i miss the helmet antenna’s on everything… in all honesty think #2 actually could pull it off.

agree with yall about the marked improvement but really dislike the jutting so far out gear like 3’s chest

While overall I agree about the “used” look, in a MMO there needs to be some variety between the two in order to serve the RPG part of the game. It’s not without its on screen prescedent either, Boba Fett let his armor get beat up, while Jango Fett kept it in a much more pristine condition.

But I agree, a lot of the newer armors have been much better.

I doubt the game engine would support it, but for my Troopers, it nags at me every time I see a cutscene where there’s a closeup and my character or a companion has chips and dings all over their gear, as if they never had to stand inspection. The art overhead would likely be prohibitive, and the game engine would need to support it, but having a set of ‘damage’ overlays that made your gear look beat up as it took damage (and got removed when you repaired it) as an option to replace the default ‘somewhat used’ appearance would be a cool enhancement. But I don’t think that it would ever happen, given the engine limitations and developer priorities.

It’s a great idea but unlikely to occur for the reasons you’ve listed. I remember a similar mechanic being discussed in one of the live streams for Eternal Crusade. I believe one of the problems is that it is especially difficult to implement this kind of mechanic in an MMO.

I forget the precise reasons but I expect it would have to do with the amount of layered texturing involved and keeping these textures consistent between the game server and across the different clients. I suppose this might be easier to accomplish if damage texturing was strictly done on the client side but . . . I’m not an expert. Clearly.

I would settle for a simple toggle of damaged and new. Of Course I think they need to figure out the toggle for hood up, and down first I guess.

I just realized the pistol above is another luger like the one from the Deep Core Explorer pack, but with a telephoto camera lens welded on the front and a rain guard or something on top of it.

Just the way they used to make the guns in the real Star Wars movies 😀

I’m lovin’ it!

Well, at least these armours are slightly more interesting than usual. I’m not much of a moaner, but if there’s only thing that is a bit frustrating its the general lack of imagination on recent armour sets. I’m thinking maybe bioware needs some fresh blood on it’s design team.

Looking at the weapons and many of the armour sets in the latest packs, I’m guessing they just got some new blood and they’re trying out their stuff.

third one looks like a reall villain that tries to make the life of the power rangers miserable 😛

and the 4th one eh looks kinda stupid specially with that headpiece

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pointy shoulder pads is all the craze right now…. The pointier they are the cooler you look.

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