Cantina Tour SWTOR

Cantina Tour Pre-registration Bonus

The Anaheim Cantina Tour Pre-registration bonus has been sent out. It is 450 CC.

The Anaheim Cantina Pre-registration Bonus consists of 450 Cartel Coins. Individuals who pre-registered should receive an email from Eric Musco on their game account email with a code and a request to complete a survey.

We would like to start off by thanking you for pre-registering and attending the STAR WARSβ„’ Celebration Cantina in Anaheim. It was a great event and all of us here at BioWare are thankful that so many of you could join us. As we mentioned on the pre-registration page, pre-registrants that attended the event would receive a special bonus. Below, you will find a code that you can redeem on your account page via Once redeemed, that code will grant you 450 Cartel Coins for you to use as you see fit!

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No one even bothers with Galactic Starfighter and warzone pvp’ers cry too much. Remove that junk. It will not be missed.

Oh yeah… Galactic Starfighter… I completely forgot that existed. All the times I’ve tried it, everyone else was yelling profanities at noobs, and I never went back… I don’t even remember if there was anything else besides profanities directed at noobs… there were space ships of some sort, right?

How would you feel if a billionaire gave you a 5 dollar tip? Free stuff is nice but cheap ass mofos are cheap ass mofos.

Not about entitlement, its not that they owe anyone anything but if you’re going to give somebody something to reward their loyalty, make sure its worth the effort.

Really bad analogy. $5 tip for what? $5 tip on a $1.50 soda would be quite nice. Besides, tips are a form of compensation you earn for a service you provide. If you attend something you want to attend for fun and are handed something extra, that’s totally different. You can think that it’s not enough, but don’t try to make it into an insult that it isn’t. Free stuff is free stuff.

Upset for receiving something you didn’t even know existed or was possible a few hours ago. You now now feel you deserve more? That’s precisely about entitlement.

lol, I stopped playing the game 6 months ago, so I don’t actually care, I’m just say8ing that if you fall into a pattern of just accepting everything without question, the people offering will offer less and less. They won’t try because they see first hand that folks will take any old crap they’re thrown. The game is in the state its in now because consumers today just say “screw it, it is what it is”. Capitalism isn’t just about the people selling, its about the people buying too.

Yes its free, yes it wasn’t required but at what point does a gift dip so low that its an insult? How about you value yourself a little bit and turn the gift down? At this point I’d rather be entitled and have some self worth than take anything given to me like a slop raised pig.

I fail to see how anything free is an insult, sure if they gave you one CC then ya, id think wut… But they give you enough to actually buy one or two items.

You Stopped playing the game but you are here reading the game posts and replying on the game forums.

If not totally nuts then seriously malfunctioning.

You spend your time trolling on a site for a game you don’t play. What a worthless existence you must lead. You do care and you are a slop raised pig. Deal with it.

I read because I support what Dulfy does. I troll because you guys are precious.

And you sound like someone who thinks they are entitled to everything. I bet you are super liberal that expects government handouts.

Oh I am, I’m coming to drain all your blue collar money to fund my foodstamps! I bet you’re an evangelical fundamentalist tea party bigot who could care less about anyone but themselves as long as you gots all the guns.

Actually, I’m a Republican. Perhaps you’ve gone so far right you can’t recognise us anymore. Stop reading Ayn Rand, dick.

Lolol. Umadbro? Just sayin, don’t be pissed off if someone gives you five bucks for free.

No, not mad at all. Just having a bit of trolling fun today. People take this stuff so seriously.

You need to re evaluate your life then and see what you are worth and what you are not.
Nothing is free in this world and even the ones you think you get for free is because they are getting more from you than what they give you as free.

And that is for the foodstamps and the similar sht you think you get for free when in reality they have stolen your life under your feet.

And you care about anyone besides yourself? What a joke. Choke on some free government cheese.

Then go starve to death cos thats the other choice you have.

You don’t want to be a king yourself because you are complaining too much.

You sound like a self-entitled welfare charity bitch that refuses to do shit but demands everything be given to you.

Lol, you make it sound like you deserve more CC’s for going to a free event, where you have a chance to get free rare ingame rewards(Specifically mini pets), as well as rewards from mini games inside that event. Stop complaining, they may just not give you anything at all.

No one has to give you anything and even a Billionaire doesn’t owe anything to you.
So if he decides to give you 5$ then take the 5$ and say “thank you” or take the 0$ and go fck you.

What you choose is your choice but don’t expect people to throw you free stuff for nothing, they wouldn’t be billionaires if they did anyway.

I can very clearly picture you standing in line at the welfare office bitching about how you can’t use food stamps to buy beer.

Nobody owes you shit. If you can’t appreciate when someone gives you anything, which is rare these days, then you should just stfu about it. You sure as hell didn’t do anything to EARN those cc so you have absolutely no room to bitch about anything.

Being one of the people who pre-registered and attended the Cantina, I don’t mind the free cartel coins but I am disappointed with them. Since everyone has the chance to get the Cantina pack with the mount whether attending or not, it would’ve been nice to get something actually unique for attending. 4 hours of driving, 246 miles (which is about $50 or so for gas money), and $23 for parking that wasn’t worth $450 CC that would’ve cost me $5 to buy. Should’ve just stayed home, streamed it, played games instead of driving, and used the $75 that I spent on the trip to buy 11000 cartel coins then clicked someone’s link for the mount. That’s the last cantina event I will attend.

They can’t give out unique items to people that attend Cantina because the butthurt power in this community is strong. Tears would flood swtor forum and reddit. CC are nice, but 450 is too few though. IMO it should be either at least 1000 or they should give you a code for Mandalore Statue that others can get only by doing new alts for hours.

I would have been fine and happy if the mount code could only be used once then only the codes generate the links to give to 5 people. But with those 5 people being able to give it to 5 more people and so-on, they shouldn’t have even done that and just should’ve put a link on their page for anyone to click to get the mount.

What they should have done for the people who pre-registered and attended was make it so that there was a vendor that those players could access, allowing them to purchase any of the extra bonus items from the cantina packs with credits (even if super expensive) or with CC. That would’ve made it so that every player has a chance to get a Mandalore Statue, but players who pre-registered and attended can get it more easily. And since all the items are bound anyways, it doesn’t have an affect on the GTN market.

I have only 1 thing to say, learn to spread the love and don’t be selfish it will only create you pain in your life one way or another.

People attended an event only because they like to do it and because they are fans, if some go there just because they expect to get something then thats the wrong way to do it.

I also want to remind you the butthurt that happened when the first news came out informing there would be some kind of exclusive Cantina mounts. The same ones we are getting now from the boxes. Back then people already complained that it’s not fair to give unique items at the event where so few people have the opportunity to attend to.

What you do is your choice of course, if you think its too far to go then don’t go, so simple.

But feeling neglected because you don’t want to “share the Love” with your fellow players so they can have a mount too, thats really sad only by thinking it.

Love your fellow players as you love yourself, that the lesson of the day.

If you went to the event only because you thought they were going to kiss your ass and shower you with gifts then you’re just a greedy a-hole.

Also, get a new vehicle because your gas milage is hot garbage. Besides, if you bought 11,000 CC you’d just be on here bitching that you didn’t get the specific item you wanted while gambling on packs and that BW owes you something. Shut up, uninstall, go away.

You know, that’s the funny thing. The way people bitch about CC is quite something. I personally rarely use them. So much so that my sub grant usually gets to about 5000 before I spent any of it. This is primarily because I don’t gamble.

If people are patient then the coins don’t really matter as everything ends up on the GTN. If you rank up two or three characters to lvl 60 and do your weeklies on, say, the weekend, you’ll still earn enough end game credits to make about 10 million credits over the course of a matter of weeks. That will enable you then toy pretty much buy any of the super rare stuff on the GTN.

All my super rare stuff has been bought from the GTN. The few times I have tried packs and gotten rare stuff, I just hold onto it until the prices goes up in credits and then sell it for maximum profit.

The problem is impatient people who must have everything the second it’s released. They are their own worst enemy as they are not only the ones driving prices up, but they are then inflating their own sense of entitlement.

So… Everyone can register and just use cantina code without actually going there and get all stuff? Right?

You have to go to them. They have people checking Usernames when you get in the line. If you do register, you also get a mini pet. I got a taun faun AND a mini astromech. If you didn’t pre-register, they send you to another line.

Lol, I expected jealousy whining about pre-regs getting free coins, never expected to the pre-regs themselves to bitch about it.

“OK, sir, here’s a free cheeseburger for spending for spending 30 seconds on the internet”
“What???? No happy meal???? F*** you guys”

Sounds silly doesn’t it?

Nope. It doesnt. Some of these guys traveled from other states which costs real money and alot of it. to reward them with such petty junk is ridiculous.

The live twitch event gave a random guy over 2k CC. TWICE (2 different people). So the live event gives chump change?

Makes zero sense. But that’s the BW live or die motto. Nothing makes sense. That’s why you have morons suggesting things like 3 minute cooldown on noble sacrifice. BW, operating under the “all ideas are good ideas” shows its stupidity yet again.

Some ideas are terrible ideas and should be stated as so.

You crazy complainer !

They did it because they are fans and they like it nobody forced them to go and until now they weren’t getting anything and they were still happy as they should.
Because they are real fans not fck shty whiners.

If someone is giving you a free lollipop you take it and say “Thank You” you don’t ask for the whole box as you deserve it for some reason that only you imagine.

As for the Nerfs thats a different issue by itself, the problem with all the Nerfs are the few clueless Pvp whiners that the big problem of they game thats why they create a big mess with the classes because of a few whiners.

The solution is simple, just ignore them because they will whine anyway no matter what happens.

That’s a bit scummy. Seeing as if I remember right, they stated that if too many people pre-registered, they’d have to turn people away at the door.

I meant to go, and thats why i pre-registered. But later on decided not to and forgot all about the pre-registration

tbh, it is someones own choice to travel from state to state, i bet they did not travel al the way just just for the promise of a unique stuff right…. as unique and exclusive becames less and unique and exclusive.

Meaning they could have simply spared them self the money and bought CC. On that note, you go to a cantina for everything it has to offer so getting free CC should be accepted with nagging about it no one knew it was going to be CC so why bitch about it. Its not like someone said he come to cantina we will offer a lot of CC as exclusive bonus reward…. That would have been another story…

The nagging is too much, imo it’s take it or leave it. Pay 20 ish for two months sub, ger 500 CC. Don’t see people complaining so why now.

If you were at the live event you got to experience the live event which was a lot of fun and actually gave you a chance to talk to the devs. Something those at home watching the stream did not get a chance to participate in. Let alone being in a room with hundreds of SWTOR players at once. BW owes attendees nothing. I was pleasantly surprised to see the message about the CC as I just assumed the pet codes I was given while in line were the “something extra.” I also was given a Journal of Gnost-Dural for being there several hours early which I also did not expect anything for.

The way I see it I just got a free tab on my Outfit Designer for my whole Legacy and can pick up a few more things for my SHs from the CM. Or, ya know, maybe I should just bitch and moan about everything in miserable life like you and 90% of everyone else on here. #STFU

You poor fucking thing, you chose to spend your own money with no promise or expectation of any kind of reward, and they give you a little something you smack their hand. TBH, you’re a crying baby dick

How many at the Celebration went there exclusively for the SWTOR Cantina Tour?

Anyone who spends hundreds or thousands of dollars just for that is an idiot.

The reality is that the vast majority of those who were there were otherwise in attendance at the convention and would’ve spent the money to get there irrespective of the SWTOR booth.

Entitled teenagers dude, what do you expect? I’m sure mommy and daddy paid for everything just to get him out of the basement for a couple days.

Maybe you are one of them then !

And go complain to their forums instead of here.
Whine lover.

And complaining like a little bitchy is manly then ?

Because if you think that then you have a serious problem yourself.

Cry Whine Cry Whine Cry Whine………………….
And go post something on their forums as you are a member already and so shy to admit it.

I gave the dictionary definition of gay – A term used by Uwotm8 seemingly as an insult with regards to the original message Conan posted. How is this difficult for you to comprehend? And how was it me ‘complaining’ as you so ‘manfully’ accused?

They will (supposedly) be at Gamescon in Colon in August and at Star Wars Celebration Europe in London next July (2016). It’s not ideal for a great many of us, but at least it’s something.

I think this thread proves, beyond any doubt, the BioWare should just stop giving “cantina tour” rewards. Bitching about not getting things, bitching about not getting enough things, bitching about getting shitty things… screw all of this.

The point to the cantina to the cantina tours is supposed to be community interaction and addressing feedback. People that go, in my opinion, should want to hear what they have to say and be heard by them. I know I intend to be at the one at SWCE next year for that reason, not because I want a gay-assed mount (because I have way more than enough of them already), a gay-assed pet (because, well, they’re just gay-assed), or free cartel coins. If you do go for those reasons then quite honestly you’re a selfish piece of crap and you should get the fuck out and let someone that gives a shit sit in your chair.

Yes, BioFail absolutely suck at the community interaction thing. They pretend to give a fuck and then duck every question that is actually important to the players and answer the gay ones that they probably wrote themselves, which all push their ‘positive propaganda’ agenda. I think by now not too many people expect otherwise; we hope, but we do not expect it. But if I want them to spend time and effort trying to come up with ways to please me, and reward my loyalty when I finally have a chance to go to a cantina tour, THAT is the reward they can give me… honestly answering questions and giving us real information.

People that expect the world to give them free stuff are a drain on society

There is only 1 solution to this eternal problem, IGNORE the damn whiners, the complainers and the cry babies.

The best way to deal with them is to ignore them completely.

can’t really ignore them when enough self entitled people are complaining having BW flipping the script all over.

They should !
Thats the only way the game will survive a bit longer.

They will keep whining no matter what they do so just ignore the fcks and let them keep on crying like babies.

They are clueless any way.
They can’t play any class properly and they are mostly quitters in whatever they do.

I’m not upset that they give free items, I’m upset that not everyone has the chance to get these, I’ve subbed since the begining but I’m from England so I can’t exactly go to these Cantina Tours which the majority happen in America

I wonder if some of the Cantina Tour visitors would change the 450 CC in change for real information about the future development of the game.


Plenty of information is spread around the net for all that want to find and read.

Now you cant expect from an event for the fans to have a complete and detailed layout of the next 10 years of the game.

Chill it out a bit and enjoy each situation in life for what it is.

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