GW2 Chronomancer Points of Interest Livestream Notes

GW2 Chronomancer Points of Interest Livestream Notes with some new details on the mesmer elite specialization.

Note: This info is outdated, see here for the latest info. 

Chronomancer – Alacrity

  • Alacrity make the cooldown text for skils green instead of blue like chill. Alacrity increase your skill recharge by 66% while chill decrease your skill recharge by 66%. So if you have both of them on you your skill recharge should be normal. If you are chilled for 3 seconds or so you get an extra second of recharge. If you are under effects alacrity after 3 seconds or so you lose a second of recharge.
  • One of your minor traits will give you alacrity everytime you shatter.
  • Alacrity can be gained via shatters and the Well of Recall, which is one of the few ways you can give alacrity to allies. We are purposely limiting this a lot since recharge is a very dangerous stat for players to mess with.
  • Alacrity is a buff right now and not a boon. You can’t increase it via boon duration buffs. Alacrity stacks in duration, not in intensity. There are some chronomancer traits that make alacrity lasts longer as well.
  • Alacrity benfits phantasms since phantasms have skills with recharges. Clones won’t benefit from it as much since they just have auto-attack.

Chronomancer – Shield Skills


  • Tides of Time (#5 shield skill) is an etheral field so you can proc some combos with it. It is a wall that travels from you and block all projectiles in its path. If it touches enemies, it will stun them. If it touches allies, it will grant quickness to them.  After some distance, the wall will attempt to return to your original position. If you touch the wall when it returns, you will get a recharge bonus to make this skill recharge faster (10s worth of recharge). This skill normally has a long recharge skill (40s) so you will want to touch it when it returns for that recharge bonus.
  • Shield #4 skill is Echo of Memory. It is a block stance that can be used while moving. it is a shield bubble that will block attack and create a phantasm on the enemy you blocked or on the enemy you targeted when it ends. The phantasm it summons is an illusionary chronomancer.
  • Illusionary Chronomancer will throw its shield like a certain superhero and bounces around. If it hits allies, they will gain alacrity. If it hits enemies, it will slow them down by applying the new Slow animation. You can summon multiple of these illusionary chronomancers and they will speed each other up.
  • If you block the attack with Echo of Memory, you get a second skill in its place called Déjà vu. Activating this skill will allow you to block a second time for 10s. So if you block an attack, you basically get two uses out of this skill. While you have Déjà vu on you bar, Echo of Memory is still on recharge. So you can get two blocks every 30 seconds.

Chronomancer – Well Skills


  • Pretty much all wells deal some AoE damage,. With wells we want to provide some more AoE support for mesmers outside Chaos Storm and shatters.
  • All the wells last 3 seconds. They pulsate three times and on the last pulse they do something cool.
  • Well of Action slow enemies caught in it and when it ends it will give allies a burst of quickness.
  • Wells of Recall is your alacrity well. It pulsates alacrity to all allies within its radius. When it ends it will chill enemies nearby.
  • Well of Calamity – Your damage well with lowest recharge of all wells. It is a damage well that pulsates a few time with low damage & some conditions and the final pulse does massive damage (over 50% of the damage on the last pulse).
  • Elite – Gravity Well – It pulls all the enemies to the center of the well. It also grant stability to allies standing in it. The last pulse also a float effect which we may remove it since this well applies too many CCs.
  • Well of Eternity– Heal well that heals you when you activate it and grant vigor to nearby allies.. Grant a second heal after 3 seconds to anyone that is standing in it. It is tricky to use as the first heal only heals 50% of the heal but it is a good support since it can heal allies.

Chronomancer – Traits

  • New grandmaster trait – Chronophantasm. It will summon phantasms with butterfly effects that when shattered while be resummoned immediately (only works once). It only works on phantasms and we are still rebalancing it since it can be too deadly when you shatter 3 illusionary duelists and have them unload immediately. Each phantasm an be only resummoned once.
  • Illusionary Reversion is the similar trait for clones. When you shatter clones it will resummon a new clone.You can have it along with Chronophantasm.


  • Time Splitter – Gain access to continuum split/shift which allows you to revert to an earlier point in time.
  • Flow of Time – Gain alacrity when you shatter. (1s)
  • Time Marches On – You move 25% faster. The duration of incoming movement-impairing conditions is reduced by 25%. (Cripple. Chilled, Immobilize)


  • Time Catches Up – Activating a shatter gives your illusions Super Speed
  • Delayed Reactions – Interrupting a foe slows them. (3s of Slow)
  • All’s Well that Ends Well – Wells remove conditions from allies when they end. (1 condition)


  • Illusionary Reversion – Gain a clone after you activate a shatter skill.
  • Improved Alacrity – Alacrity applied to you lasts longer. (33%)
  • Danger Time – Gain additional critical hit chance against slowed enemies. (30%)


  • Lost Time – Every 3rd critical hit will slow your target. (2s of Slow)
  • Chronophantasma – Your phantasms respawn the first time they are shattered.

Chronomancer – F5 skill


  • The recharge of the F5 skill is not 60s as indicated by the tooltip. We already increased it since it was too overpowered.
  • Continuum Split – You can use it to catch the Tides of Time wall twice, recharging it twice as fast. First you shatter illusions via the F5 skill to trigger Continuum Split and then use your Tides of Time skill. After that you press F5 again to trigger Continuum Shift and cast a second Tides of Time.
  • However there is a caveat with using Continuum Split if you are low on health. If you heal yourself or someone heals you while you are inside the alternate timeline and you revert back using Continuum Shift, your heal effect will be gone. The Chronomancer wells heal will be a little difference since you can activate the well while inside the alternate timeline and wrap back to get the secondary heal from the well. You can cast the well again due to cooldown reset to get 1.5 heals.
  • Continuum Split drops a Continuum Rift that marks the location where you will return. This rift can be attacked by other players and if it gets destroyed, it will wrap you back to that location instantly. Other players can counter play it by destroying the rift and dropping an AoE on the location of the rift so the mesmer is wrapped back instantly to your AoE.
  • Fashion Mage

    Is it just me, or is there a lot of Blazblue references in the names for Chronomancer traits and abilities? “Continuum Shift”, “Chronophantasm”? :p

    • Neltisen

      I dubt, these are just words. First was Continuum SPLIT, about Chronophantasm, mesmer use phantasms for combat, and Chronos is a god of time. A lot of games use Chrono- prefix instead of time, cause it sounds better (it could be Time Trigger, Time Tears, Time(shift)Phantasm)

  • lore

    I really like the direction they took with the class and trait system in this x-pac. I am having a hard time deciding whether I want to play my mes or elementalist and I haven’t even seen the other class progression yet. This represents a clear evolution of the system that the game launched with. I would love to see them throw in a chrono trigger reference for this chronomancer (maybe one spell or ability).

    That chronophatasm trait seems crazy (seems like they are already going to nerf it lol).

  • Movi

    what i wonder is: will there be any drawback to playing chronomancer instead of baseline mesmer? like, will you lose any utility spells to compensate for those you gain? maybe even an offhand weapon?

    • Neltisen

      nope, new abilities and new weapon is being added to your old set of skills/weapons. What makes me wonder is if they are available for basic spec or only when elite spec is equipped (but as far as i guess it’s the first option)

      • VengefulShoe

        The new weapons and skills are only available when you have the elite spec equipped. They are trying to treat elite specs like advanced classes pretty much. You can stay a base Mesmer, or you can become a Chronomancer and gain access to shield with some new utilities. Whether or not the utilities replace existing ones remains to be seen.

        • Movi

          well, if you lose no utilities and/or weapon skills, just giving up a traitline for another traitline that might even be better + a new weapon + new utilitites, i see barely to no reason to stay with the base class, so i think there should be some drawbacks

          • Reality Chick

            Only if it’s poorly balanced. Otherwise the choice should come down to play style and preference.

    • Neltisen

      why there’s no edit button -.- well, about drawbacks, you can pick only 3 spec lines, so you have to give up on one of your basic ones to place there an elite one (you can pick either 3 basic or 2 basic and an elite)

      • Noisrevbus

        There is an edit button if you create an account. The system allows you to put in a name per default, but in reality you are still posting as a guest. A named guest.

  • Andy

    This makes the necro wells almost obsolete. What is the point in even playing a well necro anymore ? As for the wells having long cd`s, take a look at the cd`s on the necro wells and compare it to the mesmer damage well cooldown. Not to mention that alacrity will alter the cooldowns even further. This is just garbage, once again Anet is spitting on the necro community.

    • Vian

      Once again prematurely jumping to conclusions. Nothing is set in stone everything is still a subject to change and we still don’t know what necros are getting, you’re acting as if everyone gets something except necro furthermore what looks good on paper doesn’t necessarily transition well to practice so quit your whining. Grow a beard!

      • Andrei M

        whining ? are you blind ? have you seen the necro class changes ? they just merged some useless traits and moved some around, then called it a day. The pure lack of intrest of the devs themselves during the livestream, and the jokes about “deleting the necro” just put more salt on the wounds of a community that provided feedback for years that just went ignored. Im sure that you are happy with whatever faceroll garbage class you are playing, but some of us actually want decent, interesting skills. But hey, if you just like being fed garbage by devs that have no idea how to even play (clicking skills like a pro) go ahead. Dont forget to buy more of their gemstore garbage like a good little consumer.

        • Noisrevbus

          If you spent more time paying attention, than worrying about developers clicking tooltips in a demonstration, you’d know that they will be revealing each class’ new specs one by one. Every class got “just a few merged traits” back in the let’s merge a few traits stream. Just wait and see what they’ll do with the class once they actually get around to its demo day.

          • GasparSall

            Eh MMO discussions, MMO discussions never change…

        • Reality Chick

          That’s pretty much what they did for all the professions. Also, I love my necro. I did not love getting trounced by necro heavy teams in PvP tonight however, including one that managed to one or two shot me on a different profession. Necros are NOT in a bad place. I play everything, and they are in my top 3.

          Also, why are you playing a game designed by devs you don’t believe know how to play the game they designed?

          That’s like patronizing a restaurant whose chefs you don’t believe can cook.

        • Vian

          Aww did i strike a nerve? You sure got butt-hurt quick. My faceroll garbage of choice is thief, engi and mesmer other classes i play but they don’t interest me as much. I agree on the skills all classes have some of them which don’t seem to be utilized as much or there is simply a better skill/utility to use. As for feedback, well we all suffer there unless you’re a warrior player, in which case devs not doing anything benefits your already ludicrous mobility.
          Brb need more gemstore garbage, thanks.

          • raahkaa

            lol…yeah because thief requires an amazing amount of skill to play. It is widely viewed as a class that shit players like you can use to feel good about themselves once in a while. Just copy-paste the fotm build and go, no need to use your little brain for anything. Wonder if your parents know their 12 year old is wasting their money on a bunch of pixels rofl.

      • Bearodactyl

        Don’t feed the troll.

        • torment

          I honestly doubt he is trolling. Just looking at the Guild Wars 2 necromancer forums can give one a solid idea about how things are with the class. In my case, i am looking forward to the engineer changes. It is hard not to get hyped 🙂

          • Bearodactyl

            I just consider assuming to be trolling. Not enough substance to back up the claim. I don’t like the necro play style… I have a lv 80 that’s just an excuse to make a sylvari that I also don’t like…. I know how terrible they are in pve relative to many classes in many situations… that’s why I don’t play, in my opinion, a boring class in pve. I do like my necro in WvW and sometimes PvP… for trolling reasons.

            But let’s wait for the update on the necro specialization before continuing to assume nerfs.

            I also play the warrior a lot. I haven’t yet complained about the nerfing scepter that is constantly waving over its head… because things will change eventually… when Hot comes out. Maybe and very likely it may be a good buff for necro.

      • Zenahk

        Necro is significantly under-powered compared to other classes as of the proposed changes in the livestream a while ago. While its too early to make any conclusions, its vary likely that unless they make huge changes they’ll make the Necro’s elite specialization an absolute necessity or kill the profession.

        • Noisrevbus

          Why are you so up in arms over it? The class has always felt fairly solid in everything but speed-end dungeon stuff. That’s such a small percentage of the game though, so it’s quite surprising to see people like you complaining in such strong words – talking about deletion and whatnot.

          • Zenahk

            Because some of us hate having to switch to less enjoyable professions to participate in endgame content.

            • Noisrevbus

              That goes for other classes too and is nothing unique to that one profession. In fact, it’s rather the opposite as most classes make that concession somewhere and there are very few classes that have it all, if any.

              • Andy

                Again, i apologize if i came across as raging (maybe a little 😛 ), it is just a bit frustrating.

            • Reality Chick

              Really? Because I already prefer using my necro to my mesmer even though it’s supposed to be my main. Too slow and too little AoE to keep up with world events. If anything, this shows me they listened to mesmers. Saying a mesmer’s specialization proves they don’t listen to necros makes no sense because making a mesmer more viable has nothing to do with a necro’s viability. A buff to one profession is not an inherent nerf to another.

          • Andy

            It wasnt me talking about deletion but the devs, during the livestream (they made a “joke”, i guess). As for me and others being up in arms over it, it just feels like they completely ignore most feedback the necro community provided since beta. Instead, they came up with changes nobody asked for, merging useless traits instead of simply replacing them, and in some cases, making matters worse (condition builds). I doubt the new specialization will manage to save a failed design.
            I dont know about you, but i love the idea and the concept behind the necromancer. Its just poorly implemented. I dont want the necro to be “OP”. I dont want it to become the new flavor of the month. I just want it to be fun. I want to look at different traits and have a really difficult time picking between them. I want to have minions that actually have an AI and dont just sit there doing nothing while i get my #$%@ kicked (the buggy minion AI and pathfinding is there since release). I know ANet can come up with a few simple, decent fixes for the class, that do not require a huge amount of time to develop or a huge team. I am sorry if you thought that my words were “strong”. Maybe i am asking for too much.

            • Noisrevbus

              Actually, I was replying to Zenahk who mentioned the same thing. However, fair enough, you answered some of my questions here and – even though we may not agree on every point raised – you did give me a better picture of what you consider the issues to be. So, thank you.

        • Reality Chick

          Yet this furor is all based on the mesmer’s elite specialization and not the profession as a whole, so basically the mesmer is in the same boat.

  • nadrian3k

    All i take from this is how beautiful they envisioned everything in GW1….

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