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GW2 Guardian Elite Specialization Teaser

Arenanet released the teaser for the upcoming Guardian Elite Specialization which will be unveiled later this week.

It features a guardian with a longbow, a new weapon for the elite specialization. There are some speculation that the elite specialization could be named Paragon.



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This has my attention. Lets see if its a worthy addition, nearly everyone can agree that Guardian needs some love.

The comeback of Chants from Guild Wars 1 :’) (cf. the wings <3).

I would love to see an interesting gameplay on them. I hope it is gonna be awesome !!

Awesome!! I knew Longbow Guard was gonna be a thing. However, from what I can see, the Specialization may also include a Blue Winged Backpiece? I REALLY hope its true, XD As for the name….Paragon is okay, but I’m thinking more on the lines of maybe Watcher( Makes kind of sense with it having longbow), or maybe Sentry or Sentinel…idk, but we’ll see.

Ah, the longbow… a weapon of elegance, of grace! Able to put down my enemies from tremendous distance with the silence of a trained assassin!
*Puts down bow and stabs guy with his arrows*
The weapon of a true warrior!

They said that guards will be doing more shouts, which, along with the wings, was a common motif for the GW1 Paragon. That, and that Paragon was a ranged class, with throwing spears that the arrows could be trying to replicate. Seraphim would be an amazing name, though. Whatever it’s called, I’m more just typed for guards to get a decent projectile AA and ranged aoe

I would have thought Paragon if spear was a weapon. It would be strange to me to see the specialization be called that without using a spear. As integral as shouts and golden wings were to the Paragon so were the spear skills. You could very well be right though, it would just be strange to me.

Since there’s already a group named from Seraphim, the Seraph, I’m going have to say there is no chance of them being called Seraphim.

Well that is actually why I think they might very well be called that. Rytlock is the first Revenant who is to say Logan, a guardian and leader of the Seraph, doesn’t create a new way to combat the Mordrem. If he creates the new specialization it would make sense to carry a similar name. However this is all just theory and we will find out in a couple days. 🙂

That’s really not equivalent. One Revenant is a class in it’s own right, and warrants explanation of why one has never been seen before. Rytlock is becoming a Revenant as a result of travelling through the mist, it’s kind of independent of his racial background, whereas Seraphs are specifically a human thing, and it wouldn’t make sense as a label or a specialisation available to all guardians regardless of race. Plus it would be confusing. Plus they have nine specialistions to present if they do that kind of back-story for one, they got to do them all, and I can’t see Anet spending the time to do that.

They never said guardians would be doing more shouts, they said a profession (an unspecified one) would be getting six shouts.

Longbow makes sense considering his only spectral weapon that he couldn’t use himself was his spectral bow.

I was thinking “Sentinel” might be the name of this elite class, but it seems like there is some charr military faction called Sentinels already?

yeah, the guys running around in the pink dragon mist fighting the branded are sentinels. anti kralkatorrik faction and mostly charrs.

as paragon is occupied by the basic guardian (“champion paragon”), the wings call for a seraph or serafin.

And when they do that, people will complain that they don’t fit to certain classes, or how there are different skills for the same weapon on different classes and some are OP… IE: I CAN ONLY PVE WITH WARRIOR GS OP, and a ENGINEER GS IS WAYYY TOO WEAK! PLEASE BUFF!

Then the never ending cycle.. keeps going.. so we will work our way towards “GIVE US NEW WEAPONS BECUASE ALL WEAPONS T3H SUXORRZZZ!”

then we will get to “WHY CANT MY ELE GS 100B???”


Just speculating based on a lot of peoples reaction to change.

I’m glad that we’re getting some more substantial range than the staff, but I’m curious what abilities we’ll be getting… Ranged auras?

I might be wrong, but since the chronomancer revamped an older concept, the winged defenser attacking at range with the “6 new shouts” would be a pretty safe bet.

i presume the shouts will go to another specialisation, but soon we will know.
warrior, ranger and guardian already got shouts, so it would be necro, ele, engineer or thief with shouts. cant imagine engineer with shouts, tempest doesnt sound like shouts neither, so my bet is on necro or thief for shouts. shouts like spoken curses would fit. id like to see a thief running around with a mace shouting at people. like the guys who kidnapped people to “work” on ships, not sure what is the right name for them.

actually one specialisation is going to get traps. would fit to a bow at least, not so much to a guardian in general though.

theif elite shout “I CAN’T HIDE!” +15 stacks of might (15 seconds), Fury (15 seconds), unable to stealth for 30 seconds.


come on mantras fit this idea so much better, with the wings appearing when the skill is charged up and ready to use.
10 shouts on one class just seems wrong….
Shouts fit melee classes so i think it is appropriate enough to make engi’s skills be shouts although not sure what the bots in the trailer were.

The teasing is starting to get annoying. At this rate, it will take another 6 weeks before we can see the Elite Spec for each profession. However by the end of this week…I would have stopped caring…

So I guess the order they are doing them in is more or less random, or did someone find a pattern? Wooden Potatoes speculated that it would be the reverse of when they initally released these professions 3 years ago but that does not seem to be the case since Guardian was not second to last (the Mesmer was last however). Paragon seems the most fitting and likely; the spirit wings are a dead giveaway and we should expect something similar to Chants based on those wings as well!

now guardian is officially better than warrior in everything… it used to be cool when i started this game now warrior is utter trash

Now maybe, but we dont know the elite for the warrior yet? Who knows they might make it better then guardian.

but they nerfed the necro for the mesmer.. just like how they are nerfing the warrior for the guardian. you know, guardian gets an elite and thats officially a nerf for all classes. Think about it, we have NO idea whats coming for warriors and necro, but based off a picture of the guardian and description of the chronomancer, we can safely say… necros and warriors are nerfed to shit. 🙂 //ssarcaassmm.

Not sure what game you’re playing but warrior is still in a better place than most. These are still subject to change before release and they have not announced what the changes to warrior will be, be patient.

I think people have to specify what they are talking about.. like PVE or PVP or WVW…

because warriors are… ULTRA easy mode in PVE… Idk why guardians are better (i played guardians for the better part of the 2 years.) I just started a warrior and they are fan friggen tastic for pve.

Still cant believe everyone hasn’t figured it out yet.

The 6 Shouts are going to Warrior and they are getting Main Hand Warhorn. Class name is obviously Bardzerker. Duuh.

Yeah! DOUBLE WH FTW! main hand wh skills:

Mightly Blow: Damage: 200 all enemies 600 radius, 1 stack of might (5s) recharge .25s

Furious Blow: Damage: 200 all enemies 600 radius, fury (10s) recharge 10s

Stable Blow: No Damage, 3 stack stability (5s) recharge 15s


WHAT AM I DOING HERE!?: apply 2 stacks confusion to 5 allies, heal 5 allies 5000hp, 6 stack torment 5 enemies 35s cd

I AM STRONG! : 5 stacks of might 15 seconds 5 allies recharge 25s

I AM FURIOUS!: Fury for 25 seconds recharge 30s

I AM STILL STANDING!: 5 stacks stability 5 seconds recharge 40s

AM I STILL SHOUTING!?!: apply 2 stacks of torment 5 allies, daze 3s 5 enemies 60s cd


I’M JUST TROLLING!: 3 stacks might, fury, swiftness, 5 stacks stability, retailiation, and vigor to allies, 3 stacks confusion, torment, bleeding, poison on enemies, 20 seconds 60s cd

Its actually called the BARDITIONER. Get with the program.

I don’t think its gonna be Paragon, as that’s unique to GW1 and none of the revealed names so far are gw1 class names Tempest, Chronomancer (Chronomancer was a concept not a class in gw1)

So therefore i think the specialation is going to be “Paladin” As that was the original concept name for the guardian.

My 0.01 gold is on that.

Let me guess, new shout : ” F U “, inflict “taunt” to all enemies within vicinity while giving them fury, swiftness and might.

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