SWTOR Ziost Daily Missions and Achievements Guide

A guide to the Ziost Daily area missions and achievements unlocked on May 4th, 2015.

Note: You cannot access the previous areas in Ziost when you travel to the daily area so make sure you have done the story missions and achievements in that previous area or you will need to complete them on another character. You also need to have done the story missions in the previous area to unlock these dallies.


Ziost Archivist

Recovered the lost fragments of Galactic History from the Ziost Archive remnants.

Galactic History 94: The Sacking of Coruscant

Info taken from Schlaag in the comments section.


Go to (617, –90) and check to see if there is a clickable holocron there. If there isn’t one, you need to head to the walker located at(574, –45) and click on the exposed Walker wiring. This will cause the walker to fire and unearth a hidden holocron not far away. This part is buggy. If someone has unearthed the holocron and clicked on the walker to fire it again, the holocron disappears so make sure to not use the walker if the holocron is already there.


Galactic History 95: A Cold War Begins

Info taken from AgrippAA on reddit.


Click on the Ziost Archivist’s Datapad at (1027, 487) to receive a Fragmented Archive Log File.


Now click on the Ziost Archive Data Cartridge (1227, –87) to receive a second Fragmented Archive Log File.


Go to Ziost Archive Maintenance Droid located at (1193, 372) to receive the codex entry.


Network Outage

Defeated all four of the Advanced Orbital Recon Probes crashed on the surface of Ziost.

  • Destroyed X-R37T
  • Destroyed X-361D
  • Destroyed X-662J
  • Destroyed X-124D

These appear to be random spawns from the locations where the normal Orbital droids would spawn normally. Killing each grant an achievement and killing all four grant the Legacy title: Surveillance Smasher. Use this map of the droid spawn locations to help you track them down. The droids are on a 3 min timer so you might try and camp a spot.

  • You can only do this during the Looking for Signs daily so it might be worth it to not complete the daily if you are trying to get this achievement as the crashed droids are not clickable after you completed your daily.
  • Note: You may not get the achievement for them sometimes, it is a bit buggy.


Jump the Rock Shark

Info and map taken from Schlaag in the comments section.

Doable during the Dead Pulse daily mission. You need to use the provided speeder and vault over a monolith. If you wait at (840, 138), there is a Monolith pathing in the red line on the map below that you can vault over when it passes. Since there is a time limit on how long you can wait before hitting the next checkpoint, you will need to time this well.

  • Demonstrated your reckless disregard for the safety manual by using the GSI SJ-4 Rapid Geoanalysis Scout to vault a Monolith on Ziost.



[DAILY] Death of a World

  • Picked up from Barren Outpost
  • Reward: 10,410 credits, 1 Ziost Memory Holograph, 4 Basic Commendations
  • Scan Locations with Macrobinoculars: 0/5

[DAILY] From Ashes

  • Picked up from Barren Outpost
  • Reward: 10,410 credits, 1 Ziost Memory Holograph, 4 Basic Commendations
  • Scan Ashen Remains for Analysis: 0/5

[DAILY] Looking for Signs

  • Picked up from Barren Outpost
  • Reward: 10,410 credits, 1 Ziost Memory Holograph, 4 Basic Commendations
  • Recover Memory Cores from Crashed Recon Probes: 0/4
  • Respawn on these droids is 3 minutes but due to the current high population of players on Ziost it might be worth to sit in one spot and camp them. You may need to switch instances a couple times to get it completed otherwise.There is the Network Outrage achievement to get for this daily as well.Here is a map of the possible spawn spots.


[DAILY[ Eyes into the past

  • Picked up from a GSI Survey Datapad located at (1098, 63)
  • Reward: 10,410 credits, 1 Ziost Memory Holograph, 4 Basic Commendations


  • Investigate the GSI Survey Camp: You will find some droid power cores along the way to the droid. Collect them and click on the droid to repair it to proceed to the next step.


  • Collect Survey Data at Scan Sites: 0/5. This one is a bit tricky as the clickable items are not highlighted. I have uploaded some images of the items you need to click to get it scanned. If your droid run out of power, collect more power cells and use them by clicking on the icon in the quest tracker to feed them power.

swtor-ziost-eyes-into-the-past-5 [DAILY[ Dead Pulse

  • Picked up from a GSI Expeditionary Shuttle Communique located at (736, 430)
  • Reward: 10,410 credits, 1 Ziost Memory Holograph, 4 Basic Commendations


  • There is a hidden achievement for this daily mission called Jump the Rock Shark where you need to use the speeder to jump to a Monolith. However, I have been unable to encounter a Monolith during the speeder path, as they are likely all being killed right now.
    • Demonstrated your reckless disregard for the safety manual by using the GSI SJ-4 Rapid Geoanalysis Scout to vault a Monolith on Ziost.
[WEEKLY] Echoes of Ziost

  • Complete the above daily missions once.
  • Reward: 4 Ziost Memory Holographs, 4 Ultimate Commendations, 16 Elite Commendations, and 23,422 credits


[WEEKLY] Heart of Ruin

  • Kill the world boss Worldbreaker Monolith and Operation boss Colosal Monolith.
  • Reward: 6 Ziost Memory Holographs, 14 Ultimate Commendations, 24 Elite Commendations, and 23,422 credits

Ziost Heritage Vendor

For those not needing the 190 gear sold by the Ziost Equipment vendor you will find another Ziost Heritage Vendor selling a mount and two decorations on the GSI orbital station.They cost Ziost Memory Holographs so make sure to do your dallies and stock up on them.


  • Sinistor


    • Holyfrog

      Since when are dailies not?

      • Ben Gimson

        When they come with a rep vendor to work towards 😛

        • Holyfrog

          Even though they had a point they are still boring. I don’t understand why there is no rep for this planet. Are we never going to get rep again, are these new holotrophies going to be the new thing instead from now on?

          Don’t stick your tongue out at me I’ll cut it off. :l

          • Ben Gimson

            I hope not. Got everything on the vendor before I even saw the final cinematic.

            And 😛

        • Arby

          Rather have a token vendor than rep grind vendor any day. Rep sucks.

          • Ben Gimson

            Meh, got multiples from the vendor before even entering the daily area. Done the weekly once and I’ve got zero reason to go back. Not great from the devs standpoint.

            • Arby

              Got what I wanted off vendor after 1st character finished 1st part as well. Could not be happier to not be forced to do dailies every day on 7 characters for weeks just grinding rep to buy a deco or mount. Kudos to this Dev decision.

              I will probably never do these dailies, and one character going through the fist part was more than enough, too. Ziost was a major disappointment.

              • Ben Gimson

                Have to agree on that point. If they’d not delayed the last cutscene to build hype for something that wasn’t worthy of hype at all, it would be an alright little update. But delaying it was pointless, and leaves a sour taste given how lackluster today’s update was.

                And I still don’t have Lana or Theron on my ship -_-

    • Bryan

      0/10 would not read again.

  • Delcran

    There is hidden achievement from probes’ daily , sometimes when you spawn them champion probe with name will spawn , there are 4 named probes and you also get a legacy title if you kill them all

  • iceberg265

    Hidden Achievement: Network Outage. Kill X-124D, X-361D, X-662J, and X-R37T. Worth 25 points and awards the Legacy Title “Surveillance Smasher”. Also includes hidden achievements for each individual droid, which are 5 points each.

    • iceberg265

      The droids seem to randomly spawn from set spots, and do not always drop the mission item.

      • iceberg265

        X-124D is from in the little loop in the road in the NE corner of the map, there’s another near the GSI phased area entrance but it didn’t give me the achievement and I forgot what the name was.

    • Cool thanks added to it top

  • Jeid

    “You cannot access the previous areas in Ziost when you travel to the daily area”??? Who’s the brilliant individual who thought of this nonsense?

    • iceberg265

      There is nothing left there to do anyways.

      • Jeid

        But I usually come back for achievements months later…

        • Holyfrog

          You can’t get some of the achievements months later. There are some you have to do during the missions. You are on this site why aren’t you reading the guide?

          • Jeid

            Fair enough 😉

        • Zyanall

          The only achievements you can get in the first areas are from the missions. No point in going back.

        • iceberg265

          The only ones you could conceivable come back later for are the daily boss ones, and if you really want to wait to do them, you can do them on alts later.

        • Bryan

          Do it on an alt, if you don’t have a level 60 alt, make sure you level one in the next 4 months while 12x XP is up.

        • Arby

          Some of the achievements can only be done during story missions anyway.

    • Agreed, they should have duplicated the first area to the other side of the world map and added the destruction. That way, players who have finished the story, but not all the content can still “go back” and finish the quests, achievements etc. This would’ve been good because then it wouldn’t interfere with the players just arriving either….Oh well.

  • Kal’saari

    There is a Datapad that gives a mission item apparently unrelated with dailies called “Fragment Archive Log File” inside a crate at the building around 1010,513

    Hidden acheivement ? Hidden boss ?

    • Kal’saari

      Nevermind it seems it was already reported lol

    • Bobuster

      Hidden Achievement: refresh the page and search for “Ziost Archivist” for what achievement it is for.

  • Schlaag

    If you’re going to rip off others finding dulfy you might want to include all of the data for Ziost Archivist and include how to find the other data entry from the at-at walker in the northwest of the map LOLZ

    • Thanks, it contains the other codex. Where else do you think I get my info from if not from other players?

      • schlaag

        Galactic History 94: the sacking of coruscant. not above, try again

        • Holyfrog

          You’re an ass. What is the point of being such a dick?

        • Better

          jealous much?

        • Sarigar

          I try not to reply to trolls, but: fuck you, “Schlaag”. Dulfy’s done more for this community than your worthless ass ever has, or ever will.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Coming back to this game after a while of being off, I forgot how easy it is to get credits now. Too bad F2P players are stuck at a 350k limit with no way to remove it. Maybe give preferred players a boost?

    • zenight

      F2P get only 200K, Preferred 350K.

      • Jonathan Parker

        Well, that still sucks then. Thanks for the info. That does confirm my other suspicion though, I am preferred status. I wonder why I’m not getting the new preferred bonuses to quick travel, mine are still set at the F2P numbers.

        • Vodorlo

          You could just sub. You get all the the credits in your escrow in your balance instantly.

    • There’s always escrow tokens.

      • Jonathan Parker

        I still can’t go over 350k. I have several times that much in my escrow.

    • Secundum

      How is I easy to get credits? I’m always stuck on about 10 million.=( No idea how people get 10 million per week or the like…

      • Jonathan Parker

        Like I said, I’m stuck with the 350k limit. So, it doesn’t take long.

      • Arby

        Dailies/weeklies. 1 run of Black Hole, CZ-198, Makeb, Oricon, Yavin weeklies only will easily grab you 700k-800k in less than 4 hours. After that you can hit all of them + Section X, Ilum, GSI on 4 planets (+ weekly)and Belsavis every day for well over a million per complete run.

        Is it boring? Yes. But I guess your tolerance for boredom has to be weighed against you desire for credits.

        • Secundum


  • Bryan

    Does this area have open world PvP or is everyone flagged friendly like the rest of Ziost so far?

    • zenight

      Sanctuary rules.
      Given how the quests are half “click this” and half “scan that” with binoculars, PvP would have being pretty brutal in such a small place.

  • Wolf

    I destroyed X-R37T and got no achievement, maybe it needs to be done on the same character ? Anyone else got the problem ?

    • Wolf

      OK, you need to kill it BEFORE it self destruct

      • Wolf

        no definitely a bug, I took another character and it works
        Ziost done

  • Ygnox

    I win the “jump the rock” with the speeder in 820:110. A monolith walk between the 2 walls and there is a green arrow for jump. (sorry bad english)

    • Xyl

      gg, Ziost @ 100% ?

      • Ygnox

        30 monoliths and yes 100% Ziost 🙂

  • Holyfrog

    I like the weekly reward of 16 elite comms.

  • Naq

    Little disappointing the opening mission areas cannot be accessed again from an RP standpoint. There was some neat areas that could be used as pretty nice sets/backdrops. But, from an “I don’t want to fight the 400 people around me while I am being the hero of Ziost”(game story) point of view, a few months from now it will be pretty neat doing the opening quests without all the kill stealing and objective racing. Good and bad I guess, shame you can’t reset the story and do it again, maybe reset the rewards for 1/2 credits and 1 ziost token, no comms.

    Unless I am reading this wrong.

    Related Note: That last quest in the opening story, with all the environment interactivity. That was great. Right up there with the HK quest line. Please to give more of this, yes?

    • Holyfrog

      Yeah I don’t get why they didn’t even put in some heroics so you could go back there.

  • Xorras

    While the presentation of ending was total bs, i admit, these dailies were… something. Especially speeder one.

    • Naq

      Darn, excitement to go home diminished…
      I like that the speeder in the story missions was such a throw back to the old Kotor speeder races. Looking forward to checking that out at least. Bummer on the ending though, still wanna see for myself though.

      • Ben Gimson

        Ending was good, it just lasted about a minute and then we’re left with boring dailies with no new rep to make them worth grinding. They shouldn’t have delayed the ending, imho, it just set up expectations for something that wasn’t worth getting overly excited for.

      • Xorras

        Ending was good, really. I meant delay in showing it 🙂

        • Naq

          Oh, well that’s nice then. Thanks you two. Hour to go and can head home and see what its like.

    • Fast n Furious

      Yep looking good !

      I hope we see more of the Turbo speeder too we need a Turbo button in all our speeder to race to the moon and back !!!

  • j’oe

    its not much of something, but there are readable inscriptions in the Eyes of Past daily, on both sides of the holostatue
    left of statue: *though we are not alone/your lessons remain/we know our considerable duty”
    right of statue: “though you are away/your eye gaze upon us/we know you see our doings”
    and two more on the sides of a sacrifice altar, where is the hologenerator
    left: “though the distance must be great/your return is a certainty/we know we will be united once more”
    right: “though you leave us/your humble subjects on ziost/we know it is not forever”

    thats what i found so far

    • Sarigar

      The full text can also be viewed once you unlock the codex entry.

  • Naq

    Considering the close personal connection all of this would have with Kira, or Lord scourge, do either of these companions make a single peep during Ziost? Because I always thought it was wierd having Scourge out on Yavin during a few specific scenes and not having him bashfully grinding his boot, arms behind his back all “Uh…oh yeah, um…sorry for killing your friend….and betraying you. *cough*”

    • j’oe

      scourge never said a line during Maelstrom prison… nor even when fighting revan on Yavin..

      • Naq

        Kind of my point. Sometimes I go a little high concept though and its hard to keep up.

      • Ben Gimson

        The former is set before you join forces with Scourge, so that makes complete sense. But yeah, he should have said something on Yavin. Hell, he and Revan should have interacted directly with one another. Scourge did kind of fuck up his life. Saved it, indirectly, but fucked it up nonetheless.

  • Paul

    The probe droids required for the achievement. Do they spawn randomly where a normal probe would appear, without interaction. Or do you need to be on that quest and be actively clicking the probes and it may randomly spawn that way?

    • Need to be on that quest and actively clicking

      • Paul

        Cheers – makes sense why my last 45 minutes of random searching as yielded nothing then :))

  • Jim

    Its a Full Moon on Monday opening.
    Looks good so far !

  • JM

    Dulfy saved the day once more, GJ on that !

    God bless this Girl !

    Thank You Dulf !!!

  • Schlaag

    Jump the Rock Shark can be achieved by jumping over a monolith passing under a jump at 840, 138. this is off the track and must be achieved by good timing with the upcoming monolith that spawns at 705, 308 moving northwards (red line is path of monolith)

  • Sindariel

    An Ice Tromper mount… again. How original. >.>

    • Arby

      At least its not another varactyl

      • Ben Gimson

        There’s a ‘new’ Varactyl in the explorer pack XD

        • Naq

          I remembered this comment last night when I opened the one and only pack I bought, and thought “Another varactyl”. I got the regen thingy too.

  • Xorras

    ” This part is buggy.”

    No it’s not. This is actually intended. Player must look first.

  • yellow-power ftw

    Any chance to add a map with the around Monoliths to kill (solo or grouped) so we know where to search???

  • Havik79

    Armour not worth upgrading to, crap decos, crap mount, can’t imagine this story will go far, what a waste of time.

    • venom90

      eh, i’m just glad i can finally get that assault set on my mara. i forget the full name…

    • AshlaBoga

      The decoration that drops from the Worldbreaker and the mount that drops from Colossal are neat.

      • Arby

        Tbh, the only thing I am really interested in from this whole mess is that speederbike drop from Colossal Monolith. But I think I’ll just wait til someone sells on on gtn, I am just that annoyed with Ziost.

        • Darth-Robin

          sadly you are not the only one here
          they *bioware *said that 3.2 or ziost would be 1 of their 2 big story updates for this year. let it sink in for a moment

          then we finally get the last zone and bam its empty no mobs, no interesting daillies, no mini bosses nothing just an empty zone with nothing and this took effort for bioware????? and people are defending this shit.

          not to mention waiting till may 4th for the last 5 minutes >.>

          it wasnt worth the wait not for this !

    • Arby

      Tbh, the only thing I am really interested in from this whole mess is that speederbike. But I think I’ll just wait til someone sells on on gtn, I am just that annoyed with Ziost.

  • Yallida

    Nice guide 🙂
    Btw I’m the only one who think that this “New Epic Ziost” suck? Imo it wasn’t worth to wait for it 🙁

    • Carnius

      You are not the only one. I resubbed for the “newer, epic, Ziost”. I feel let down to the point where I’m tempted to issue a chargeback on the subscription and be done with Bioware for good. (They ban folks who issue chargebacks.)

    • Eban

      Sadly I agree with you.

      Awful is the best i can describe this.

      did all the dailies yesterday and think i entered combat once with a droid..could have sat on fleet while my companion did the dailies it was that pathetic. No effort required.

      Keep trying to defend SWTOR but yet again bioware increase the difficulty on that.

    • Arby

      I am this close >| |< to going to Archeages I think. Star Wars or not, this game (dev team is really getting annoying). Ziost does indeed suck, it really wasn't worth their effort, imo.

      • KShrike

        Hah, and you were earlier bashing me for talking about a game I no longer play.

        I’d call you a hypocrite if I didn’t know any better.
        Just take a break like I did, and come back after the content that you haven’t played before is worth your $30 over 2 months.
        That’s what I’m doing.

        • Arby

          Douche, the difference is that I am a very active subscriber to this game.

          You are a fucking troll douchebag that constantly declares how glad you are you quit playing, but are constantly in here bitching.

          If I stop playing tor, I won’t be wasting time on a tor forum….because I’m not agitating troll like you.

          • KShrike

            I’m not trolling though, I still love this game very much. You think I come in here to piss people off? You’re sorely mistaken.

      • Darth-Robin

        it wasnt worht their time and it wasnt worth my time to go through this. it sucked that much

        only saving grace regarding the story is how each class reacts to the emperor that was a nice touch

        but the mobs, missions, dailies and that last zone is utter pathetic .
        ziost sucks big time! with a vendor that has a whopping 3 things for sale 😛

        im not sure how bioware seems to think that this is supposedly a big story update according to them.

        sidenot i do am investing some time in a other f2p game called navyfield 2 seeing as swtor became boring

  • Neg Sani

    Do the devastator monoliths drop anything? They have 516k health…so I would hope so.

    • Transairion

      I killed one with a friend, and the Devastor Monolith we found and killed only dropped 2 of the currency which drops everywhere and a random MK-2 blue item, which also drops everywhere.

      No achievement, no mount, no pet, literally no real reason to fight it. It spawned in the place of a regular Monolith and followed the same patrol path, just a bigger model.

      • SpideyBry

        There is a general achievement for killing 50 monoliths which gives you a legacy title.

  • Kiri

    People’s Holo is BS its just a copy of Planetary Holo Map: Ilum. Lazy fucking cunts

    • Theho

      I like it! Always wanted to get the Ilum holomap decoration but it was too expensive, now everyone can get one nearly for free because of this bug. 🙂

      • Kiri

        The people’s holo is cooler

      • michael furious

        Yeah, I bought a couple of those decorations and then spent a minute wondering when and how I’d gotten the holo-maps of Ilum.

        Shrug. I wanted those anyway, and when they finally unglitch the decorations it’ll be easy to earn the stuff to buy the correct deco again. Kind of a win-win, really.

      • Holyfrog

        What is this bug?

        • Theho

          Go to the Heritage Vendor on the orbital station, use all your tokens to buy as many People’s Tower decorations as possible and when you activate them, you’ll get the Ilum holo map. Once it is fixed, you can still buy all the other decorations and the mount but for now, I’d use the tokens on the holo map.

          • Holyfrog

            Too bad they are so huge. If it was a med hook I would get tons of them. One per SH is fine with me.

    • Shicky

      The people’s holo seems a little different, the model is changed, and so has the device around it. 🙂

    • Vos_L

      Good….there are never many for sale on my server and people always want some outrageous price for them. Now I can get one without paying an arm and a leg.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Damn it! I missed one Aegis walker and now I can’t get back to kill it! I loved that ending, but locking off zones that have achievements and rewards is a little weird. It’ll be a long time before I take an alt through there (my first one is level 23), so I’m stuck.

    • Theho

      You can ask another player to summon you into the old area with a guild flagship port. You may need to pay some credits but it’s a lot easier than leveling another character.

    • Arby

      12x XP, bro…Shouldn’t take you long at all to get an alt (or three) up to 60.

      • Halans

        It’s almost annoyng that i had all the 16 adv.classes on 55 even before the first 12 xp boost… these younglings gets everything so easy! 😀 😀

    • Holyfrog

      I thought is was wired at first to not allow you to go back, but then I got home and played it. Now I understand why they did it that way. It would in fact be stupid if they let you go back. It’s not like they didn’t warn you. They even gave us a week to make sure all achievements were completed.

      • Jonathan Parker

        I thought mine were done, but it turns out I missed Aegis Walker #1. I’m pretty sure I got everything else, but that’s just a little bit annoying.

        • BC7T

          I have all walkers down and the achieve for each individual one, but the overall shows I am missing walker #2. I’ve killed it 3 or 4 times since but it’s not playing ball.

          I’m just about to take my Merc to Ziost so hopefully I can get it then.

  • allhailthedarklord

    are the Ziost Memory Holographs bound or can be transferred to alts? basically Im thinking of farming the dailies on my alt so I can have the mount for my main.

    • Viktor’s mask

      They are Legacy bound

  • darkfather

    Network Outage is a pile of crap Achievement. You can’t keep clicking the droids once you get the 5 for the daily. So no, you can’t set camping the same droid because after you get the 5 you can’t click anymore. So, essentially, this is a LUCK based achivement and you have to hope you eventually get all 4 on the toons you do this daily on…eventually. It’s bullcrap.

    • darkfather

      OK, n/m. If you reset the quest you can set doing it.

    • Whiskeyjack

      You can reset the quest at any point before hand in, and keep trying your luck out there

    • agliv

      If it wasn’t the droid I was looking for, I would just kite until he de-aggros, effectively continuing the quest until I got the one I needed. That said, I’ve yet to get the X-662J droid achievement, despite having killed him many times. None of the other droids were bugged for me.

      • damagecrab

        This is not the droid you are looking for…

      • darkfather

        All I need is X-124D. Been at it for 2 hrs.

        • Miriela

          Same here, I’ve been looking for that specific one for 4 hours now…

    • guest

      Can also just reset the mission if you collect all the parts.

  • damagecrab

    I was running these with a Guildie and we ran into an issue with “Death of a World”. Whenever one of us would scan one of the locations, the location indicator would disappear from the map but only the person who scanned it got credit. Furthermore it would never respawn. We tried switching instances to no avail.

    Our only workaround was to reset, have one of us finish, turn it in and then have the other reset. Next time we’ll simply have to complete it individually prior to grouping.

    Has anyone else run into this issue? If so what was your solution?

    • Bery

      Has same sht happened to me.
      Just do this mission solo and reset it if it bugs.

    • Kjara

      Same problem. We just ungrouped and abandoned/re-fetched the quest. :/

  • MrEndymion9611

    “Show your disregard for the safety manual.” XD

  • agliv

    Note that when jumping the rock shark, it is NOT along the Dead Pulse speed boost route. Pay attention to the specific location – you WILL get a boost along this undefined jump path.

  • NV

    So I’m confused. When do we get to finish the emperor story? They made it sound like the conclusion came on May 4. A daily zone definitely isn’t a conclusion.

  • Neg Sani

    I’m confused by the drawing for Jump the Shark. Where are you starting the mission (mission start location) is different than the picture) and which direction are you moving to jump?

    • It is a slightly different path from the main quest path. There is a hidden boost (not marked on the ground) that will vault you over the road maked by the red line where the monolith will path

      • Neg Sani

        I found it. I think the important part is that rock with the coordinates you noted. Thanks!

  • Arinstorm

    how do i update a image of the ramp? or i can’t show where it is?

    • You can upload images here, click on the little image icon to the bottom left when you are commenting

    • Arinstorm


      Here is the ramp. People should not kill the mononlith, let him walk! cuz dead monolith dont give u the achievement. Unless if he attack u first 🙂

      • My question is: why the heck are your quick bars like that haha??

        • Arinstorm

          U must find a configuration that makes better to u to play, this one i use for tanks, gunnery/arsenal and watchman/anni. i like it, i can easily walk and keep my rotation going.

          • I understand the need for a good process. It just covers up almost halfway up your monitor. I would just find that annoying.

            • Mike

              Just wanted to put my opinion here: Slaytok is kinda a dick

        • Arby

          Whatever works for the player. No need to be a minimalist.

          • It was a serious question. Next time dont assume my intentions.

            • Arby

              It’s a serious answer, what difference does it make to you how other people set up there HUD? I have all 6 toolbars up on mine too, is there something fundamentally wrong with that in your opinion?

              • I wanted to see how she weighed the balance between ease and visibility. If that layout is somehow 25% more efficient than mine, it’s worth looking into. Your outlook is just negative which is too bad.

            • Rompe Himself

              Doesn’t help when you ask the question and end it with a “haha” which makes it sound like you are laughing at the layout in question. No one assumed your intentions. But the structure of your question leaves much to be desired.

              • False. Arby claimed I was a minimalist without asking any knowledge of the intent of my comment.

      • NunyaDangBisness

        Meanwhile I’m just jealous as it looks like you got that Ops boss mount from Ziost if I’m looking at your hotbars correctly. JEALOUS.

    • Arinstorm

      a better pic

  • Koryo

    I think they could let the players travel to other zones instead only
    “Landing Zone” because in every district there are a few dailies to do.
    Btw good job with the new dailies.

    • TW

      I see one problem with letting us go to the other zones. The other missions in the previous story areas revolve around there being other living organics on Ziost. The only ones that would work out story wise is the “search the cantina” mission and “the super charged speeder” mission, right? The new daily area does not having any missions involving living organics.

    • John Kosto

      There shouldn’t be any dailies in the other zones, only the story mission and the one time quests.

  • Stoneshield

    Galactic History 94: The Sacking of Coruscant
    if datacron is demolished, you can go to walker and “press fire button”, this will release lore object

  • monijatila

    < col Hiiiiiii Friends….uptil I saw the paycheck saying $8736 , I have faith that my neighbour woz actualy receiving money parttime from their computer. . there friends cousin has done this 4 only about thirteen months and by now repaid the loans on there mini mansion and got a great GMC . visit their website SEE FULL DETAIL


  • Jean Schramme

    Does the ‘rock shark’ achievement reward anything, a legacy title or some such?

    • Sozinho

      Nothing, just an achievement.-

      • mkwerner143

        Just the satisfaction of getting it done, since it’s tough to time it right 🙂

  • agliv

    I’m missing something for my Daily Bosses Achievements on Ziost. I have all 6 Aegis Squadron achievements, giving the title. I also have all 5 Orbital Recon Droid achievements, giving the other title. What am I missing for the last 10 points, presumably in the row between Aegis and Recon?

  • Aslawk

    The GH 94 and 95 should be bugged, if you go to the Datacron Codex (and if you got them all) you’ll notice that one codex is mising (73/74)… However there are TWO GHs on Lores, so this is messed up. Either one should be a Datacron, or both are and the Datacron Codex is bugged.

    Damn Bioware…

    • Secundum

      Datacron codex has been bugged since original release-this is nothing new.

  • Halton

    Any idea what the respawn timer on the monolith for Jump the Rock Shark is? I’ve never even seen him.

    • mkwerner143

      You have to time it just right…it took me about 40 attempts on different toons. What I would do is start the mission with the speeder, then once I got past the first gate, I’d go check the “hidden” ramp; if the mono wasn’t there, I kept going; if he was there or close, I would reset the mission until I got him 🙂

      • mkwerner143

        But to your question, no, not sure what the respawn is. I rarely see him, even on a barren server like PoT5

      • Éamon McCraith

        Did this yesterday. Just needed 2 attempts to get the timing right

    • Rogerio Macarios

      I’ve found out that monolith only move when you are near him, you can wait for it to respawn and “lure” him near the ramp and go start the speeder, when you come back it will be there waiting for you. Go for the 2nd jump and you will have about 45~50 sec to time your jump.

  • Pesko

    I’m disappointed there’s no Legacy gear through the Ziost vendors.

  • Vincent

    You should kill that probes to get achi, if it will selfdestruct you will not get it

  • Sinistor

    Wish there was more to do on this awesome looking planet!! :/

  • Alitariel

    I am at 120/130 on the Daily Bosses section of the Achievements. Do I have to kill the World Boss and Ops Boss to get that last 10 points? I can’t seem to find anything else to get that with.

    • Kitenia

      I am at 120/130 and I have killed the world/ops bosses many times, but still dunno what the last 10 points are for

      • Rishathra

        In case there are STILL people like me who missed this one. (the following is a quote from http://dulfy.net/2015/04/28/swtor-ziost-missions-achievements-guide/ at the bottom of the section on “Daily Bosses”) There is a hidden achievement for defeating Grundorsen Maelo in the top section of People’s Tower Plaza. You can get to that area during the On the House mission by using the custom speeder. He is a champion with 160k HP with a respawn timer of ~4.5-5 minutes.

  • Mulan215

    I thought i can finally kill the emperor 🙁

  • Michael Ryan

    Is the People’s Tower Terminal still bugged?

    • Darian Erdman

      You can’ do Ziost story if you have started the KotFE story (if thats what your asking)

      • Michael Ryan

        The People’s Tower Decoration was listed as being bugged before. Is it now safe to purchase?

        • Darian Erdman

          If you are talking about the purple deco that costs 8 ziost holographs yes

  • joao

    how to start the story in 4.0? cant find a way..

    • snakedoctor

      you have to do shadow of Reven. You’ll get Ziost once you complete Yavin 4.
      If you skip ahead to KOTFE it will auto-complete Prelude, SoR and Ziost, so you won’t be able to do the Ziost stories.

  • Delta1138

    Did they change daily rewards for Ziost in 4.0?

  • aoibhealfae

    People’s Tower Terminal isn’t bugged now

  • snakedoctor

    I’ve got 120/130 achieve points on the daily bosses section, but all visible achievements are complete. Any one know of a hidden achievement?

    • Jude

      Same thing, I’ve got all on the top row and bottom row, but there appears to be one in the middle that I still need to do. No idea what it is.

      • Clipse

        There is a hidden achievement for defeating in the top section of People’s Tower Plaza. You can get to that area
        during the On the House mission by using the custom speeder. He is a
        champion with 160k HP with a re-spawn timer of ~4.5-5 minutes.

  • Cairenn Tairisiu

    They recently changed the Looking for Signs quest.

    Now you not only need to defeat the droid, you have to do it before it goes into self-destruct mode, which means you need a crit. Almost no classes can kill the droid without a crit. So if you’re RNG is bad, you can be farming these damned droids all night and never get the memory cores you need to finish the daily.

    • FlyXan

      Stun the droid when it’s below 30% and that should do the trick. In case of the named ones, roughly 20% is the point when you want to stun them (and set your comp to dps in case the droid stuns you).

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