GW2 Daydreamer’s Finery Outfit and Elegant Fan Focus now available

GW2’s gemstore was updated today with Daydreamer’s Finery Outfit for 700 gems and Elegant Fan Focus Skin for 600 gems.


Daydreamer’s Finery Outfit – 700 gems

Dye Slots

















Elegant Fan Focus Skin – 600 gems



By Dulfy

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34 replies on “GW2 Daydreamer’s Finery Outfit and Elegant Fan Focus now available”

yep…well at least it will be much easier now to notice the homosexual crowd playing this game 🙂

What makes you say that? Im gay and i don’t like this outfit while my straight married neighbor does.

i meant what i said when i said no bigotry intended. Over half my guild is actually gay, and i love my guildies like crazy. I know a lot of them love this outfit. i was just commenting that we’ll be able to notice them a lot easier ;). i didn’t say “let’s grab our torches and pitchforks” 😉

I know, i didn’t accused you of anything, don’t worry i don’t get easily offend.


AND don’t forget there´s women playing this game, too. Women who actually play male toons. I like the outfit on (slender) human and sylvari males. 😉

… And? Considering the fanservice heterosexual males get (and have gotten) in years and years (and years) of gaming, and general media outlets, I’ll say this- It’s about damn time, keep piling on the male armour + outfits which bare skin, it’ll be centuries before it gets even close to how women have often been seen. 🙂 If people have a problem with it, I’ll just laugh at the hypocrisy 😛

Also, just because people may like seeing their character like this, doesn’t make them homosexual? (Heavily implying it’s a male-centered game..) Sexuality isn’t an outfit.

I know right; what’s with all the male stripper outfits in video game lately ? You should see half the SWTOR male outfits … all Sith Magic Mikes !

The knee clipping is nowhere near that bad unless you’re standing with your left leg on a piece of raised terrain – which Dulfy is doing.

I hope no one is put off by this video. The clipping is not apparent on human females 95% of the time.

the male ones Zzz. I love skimpy stuff, doesnt it look abit like drag queen outfit. why not the whole torso bared while you’re at it, at least it’s more tough looking. What’s the point of revealing everything except the nips.

I dunno, I kinda like the male’s stuff. There’s already some topless male choices I believe? First coat with nothing under though. Disappointed with female stuff though, looks the same as lots of other stuff.

There is, but they’re heavy armour skins, there really isn’t an equivalent for light and medium, barring Norn culturals

medium men’s chests are coverered, but i think for light tribal chest is almost completely bare and feathered as well

You can’t get tribal at the moment so if you don’t already have it, you’re shit outta luck. There’s also feathered but the male version of that is hideous, when I first saw I thought it was some form of horrible clipping error.

yeah, but.. think about that flood of Kitana cosplayers ingame..

it’s better as a focus, plus, it’s the weapon in the concept art of mesmers

So odd to stumble across one of the S@20 folks. And yeah, they’ve made it more skimpy on males, the tables are turning lol

I’m really conflicted on this outfit LOL. I like some aspects of it and hate other aspects of it. The skirt part on the female model is too bulky and busy in the front, a couple less straps would of made it look more palatable to look at.

I do love the fan, though!

Anet really dropped the ball with the fan here. It should have been dagger skins instead of focus skins, and they could have made killer gem store sales if that were the case.

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