SWTOR Credit Spammer ring with 9 billion credits took down

SWTOR developers have took down a credit selling ring spanning hundreds of accounts and confiscated 9 billion credits from them.

Taking Down a Credit Selling Ring | 05.06.2015, 06:12 PM

Hey folks,

Over the past few months there have been many issues with Credit sellers and Advertisers. As you have noticed lately, we’re communicating more about what’s going on behind the scenes, so this is another area where we plan to keep you informed.

Last week, we took action against an entire selling ring. Over multiple weeks, we investigated and compiled evidence about a large Credit selling ring which spanned across hundreds of accounts and a variety of servers. To help thwart any possible reactions from this group, we simultaneously actioned every account in this Credit selling ring. In total, we banned hundreds of accounts and removed over nine billion credits from those accounts.

Thanks to all of you who have been diligently reporting those pesky spammers and other characters acting suspiciously anywhere throughout our game. They are very persistent, but we will continue to aggressively remove credit sellers and advertisers from our game!


By Dulfy

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Oh shoot. Now how am I supposed to make money? I was making $600 a week selling credits to those spammers

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more than one of these rings, to be honest, since theres so many different “stores” to go buy credits from. It is definitely a huge step in the right direction of the war though. 🙂

Spamming accounts are rarely the accounts with actual credits on them. You wouldn’t be in business very long if your front for “illegal” activity gets busted holding all your revenue and product.

What’s going to happen to the 9 billion credits? For only $3.99, I’ll take 1 million, plus up to 10%, of that.

I think that BW listen to players now as a reward for their failure with Ziost Story line. If they would correct stuff for prefs that would be great too!
Way to go!

Yeah, it sucked pretty hard. Mainly because they made you wait several days in order to see two cutscenes and unlock dailies.

You misunderstand what I’m saying. It’s not the fact they made you wait, it’s the fact that they made you wait for no payoff.

Not listening to customers, listening to their own wallets… Shut down credit sellers and lazy people with credit cards are forced to buy cartel market stuff and sell it on gtn to make massive creds. You tell me who’s interests they look out for.

I’m only halfway through, but enjoying Ziost thus far. Totally agree on the preferred travel cooldowns, though. PLEASE FIX!

Wipe them out; ALL of them!
They could make a Yavin bonus series based on this, where you infiltrate a counterfeiting base to save the Empire/Republic economy lol

funny i still log in and before i can even see myself i see 5x gold spammers all diff names..

Spamming accounts are rarely the accounts with actual credits on them. You wouldn’t be in business very long if your front for “illegal” activity gets busted holding all your revenue and product.

This couldn’t have happened to (what I suspect is a very small percentage of) more deserving people.

And their reward for stopping this colossal credit selling ring? 2,082 credits and four Basic commendations.

No, it was considered a tactical FP, so only 2 Basic Comms and a piece of green trash armor for their companion.

It always has bothered me that there will never be a way to completely remove these guys from any MMO.

There is though. We just stop buying the credits. If people want to buy credits with their real money, spend the money on things in the cartel market and then sell them on the gtn. It cuts the gold sellers out of the loop. Eventually, like cancer, they will shrink and die off.

That doesn’t always work. I bought the Walkhar Trickter at Halloween and can’t sell it. Now I’m stuck putting it on the GTN every two days 🙁

Awww… pissed off that you mentioned “shut down credit sellers” and didn’t know why I mentioned IP Spoofing just proves you have no idea why that is an impossible proposition.

maybe you could make an intelligent post for the community instead of spamming the same 5-word inane answer at random posts over and over. Your little reply had nothing to do with my or Naq’s or holyfrog’s comments. So I maintain that you’re still a troll and I still flagged you. Get with the program or get out, tbh.

You want me to dumb it down, just for you? Fine. IP Spoofing gives anyone an infinite number of dummy IP addresses that prevents companies from banning said IP addresses. IP banning is the single most powerful ban hammer that they have, and it is useless against scammers. All they have to do is change logins to one of the hundreds they already premade, cycle to a new IP, and resume doing what they were doing.

Just because you don’t understand how something works or what it means, doesn’t make it a troll or unintelligible. If anything, you are harassing me by “flagging” my perfectly legitimate posts.

That still has little to nothing to do with the posts you are putting it after. At best it is loosely related. There are plenty of ways to cut off the credit sellers, whether its by implementing something through the cartel market, or players simply NOT buying the credits anymore. That, honestly is the easiest solution. Just not buying. They can IP Spoof all you like, but with no customers, they eventually stop farming fake gold and start farming real produce.

It’s irrelevant if the pool of credits or accounts themselves are removed. Sure, they can remake an account but have no supply to sell. They will have to re accumulate those resources, no doubt raising flags that indicate what they are doing. That will make achieving the gain more difficult, hopefully more then what the results are worth. I don’t think it will kill them all off but I think it will help weed out and that’s progress.

It’s not about IT, it’s about basic economics. All you are doing is exposing your own woeful ignorance of the situation by spitting out a tech term that was common back in the 90s. Congrats, you graduated 56k era terminology. Here’s your AOL cd. You should probably stop Insisting that your repeated cryptic response in is anyway helpful, relevant, or an indication of any ‘superior’ knowledge.

I already know what it is, but, just for giggles, I looked it up. I think its important for people to recognize their shortcomings, and my personal shortcoming is that I don’t like people insinuating I am wrong without reading what I say. I transform mentality into this self superior monster who finds the underling filth who would dare speak ill to me a nuisance, to be squashed by my monolithic intellect. In other words, I look down on people who try to correct me with one to five word sentences that have nothing to do with what I have said.
Its that self reflection though, that leads to my revised response. “Um…wat that have do wiff not buying credz, breh??”

That retard spammed that shit at one of my posts, too. Obviously either doesn’t read shit, doesn’t comprehend what he reads, or he’s a troll. His little spit of drivel has absolutely nothing to do with what we’re saying, so apparently he needs to look it up.

Perhaps he’s joining Me+You in a spam a retardation across dulfy’s site campaign?

Agagooga Bantherny • 6 hours ago
How do you get hacked if you buy them?

This is where your comment belongs, smart guy.

That has NOTHING to do with IP spoofing, dumb guy. Read further down where I dumbed it down for you. Internet downy on the loose, better hide your crayons!

I know you are kidding, 100%. But I actually made a “career” in Lineage 2 farming farmers. Players could accidentally drop loot in that game if killed my normal mobs, so I would gather like 20-30 mobs at a time and dump them on gold farmers just to watch them die and steal their items. Lineage 2 has given me a burning hatred of gold farmers, and I think it would actually cause me mental trauma to buy their fake monies. Side note, I learned a lot of Mandarin and Cantonese insults along the way.

and thats why i always Report Spam and then Ignore list ’em,maybe now i can erase my ignore list content, man its almost 2 pages =3

I also report every single one every time I see that crap, glad to see something come of it. I never bothered ignore listing them since it’s a new character almost every day on Red Eclipse.

Sad that as easy as it is make creds in TOR there are actually enough customers to keep these guys in business. Oh well, they’ll be back at it tomorrow any way.

You’ll rarely see the same toon spamming for more than a day, so I’ll usually clear my ignore list out once a week

My name is Commander Inquisitor Darth Champion of the great hunt and this is my favourite comment on the extranet

Two things just came to mind that could help curb these activities…

Eliminate open world loot boxes

Sell actual credits on the cm, I mean that’s what half of the people use it for anyway, right?

The way Eve Online does it seems to work well for them. They sell pilot licenses which are good for 30 days of online play and allow them to be sold ingame for credits. It’s a good way to make money while giving those with low funds a way to pay through play.

Glad to see they are following through with the more open policy. I don’t no if it work but why not take a play out of blizzards book. They selling a token on in game store which you can either use for subscription time or sell it on a special ah for gold to other players in game.

Allows for a more legal way to get in game currency and also will help pitting and end to credit selling sites.

About time! Same thing happened in EQ for the longest and now, if they catch you, account perma banned. I got so tired of the mail and the spam on fleet and i can finally dump my ignore list.

also, actually buying the credits is a good way to get hacked. I know several people that have had that happen before.

Some of the sites want account info and then there are the lvling services that say they can get you from 1 to whatever top lvl for game in a day, the get your account info and take your stuff

They both can hack your account. The Devs even posted about it. It is always so dangerous to give out your personal account information to ANYONE. so don’t

That happened to a lot of people in Galaxies a couple years before it shut down. Hundreds of people got hit.

I had no pity.

I used to track the guys on Makeb, these barely leveled stealth sorcs in green armor that moved on a timer from crate to crate, instance to instance and almost never logged out. I once did the math that running those crates across 2 instances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week could net nearly 300 million a week.

I suggested on the forums that they remove the crates and got harassed off the board for merely suggesting it. I did report every guy I saw and Bioware usually acted swiftly to curb it, at least in the beginning. They could have solved it just as easily by locking the boxes and giving the key to the groups guarding them.

open world loot boxes are just bad. They empower credit sellers.
These are not some bored kid in his basement, they are organized businesses that pay people that otherwise can’t find work to sit there all day on a computer and run a programmed circuit of loot box hoarding.
Bioware should just remove all the open world loot boxes, because if these guys are denying access to them to legit players AND using them for credit selling, then they serve no real purpose.

“Removed 9 billion credits from the accounts”

Well, SWTOR economy is gonna go through a massive depression now…

But great job in catching them, Bioware. Great job indeed.

How is the “economy” going to go a depression? Because people have to go out and farm for themselves? All this talk about an artificial economy is stupid. It is nothing like a real economy. You don’t generally pay people in this games for services. There are no hamberger flippers or Doctors, no truckers or taxi drivers. There is only the GTN. That is the only “economy” their is anything else you spend money on like repairs, travel, and SH doesn’t go back into the “economy” so it’s is already out of wack.

that was a poor attempt at sarcasm..
you should have kept the line for the last, and end it with a ‘right?’ at least

Concur. Now, if you said that the economy was going to go through deflation, you’d be closer to the mark.

back in early 2014 you could buy a server character slot for 100k, now you buy it for 1.5 mil, if that’s not economy stuff then i will start to pay in real life with sand and rocks

This is more a supply and demand issue than a result of how wealthy people are. Back in early 2014, extra character slots were new, and people didn’t have said slots yet. People wanted more slots, so they were buying the unlocks off the Cartel Market (or GTN if they didn’t want to spend real money).

Nowdays most people have those slots already, so the demand is much lower. So people who want to sell them on the GTN will sell fewer, and they want to get more bang for the smaller amounts they’ll sell.

lol that made me think of the theme song from “Cops”. But i guess it would have to go “Watcha gonna do when they’re bannin’ you?”

“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.” lol Mwahahahaha!

yeah give money to prefs so we dont have to deal with brainless people who sells pref/f2p stuff for more than 350k 😛

BRUHH why is ur ui so full??? do u want more space to see the game? it doesn’t have to be like this!!? lol if this is how u like it then i apologize. just trying to help really!

what’s mine look like then?

I play this way because I use a razer naga, I’ve had similar setups since I played lotro and updated DaimonUI… which… I’ve not updated in a long long time

As soon as I logged, the first thing I saw was the Xczczzcvczx guy (or alt variant of) spamming. You’d think they could crack that code. Or just give me the ability to ban people. I’ll get rid of these guys, No charge. If I ban someone who isn’t spamming, they can bill me $100 and boot me or something. I’ll get it right.

oooh, I like that. If they just had a moderator on each fleet it actually would probably make the problem go away a lot faster.

IT”S OVER 9,000!!!! So what ya’ll going 2 do with that 9 billion credits,guess I can take it off your hands;)

Good Job on that !
They were spamming so much I couldnt even read any normal messages on the general chat.

By the way how did they managed to make so much credits, any ideas ?

Those spammers play solely for the act of earning and selling gold for profit. They don’t play game for story, or raids all they do is farm for creds. 9 billion isn’t a lot.

I was kinda thinking the same thing. They said “hundreds” of accounts. 8 billion divided by just 200 is 45 mil. I have about 35 mil myself.

My only disappointment is that from what I’ve seen, 9 Billion is like 2-5% of the total in-game wealth that these spammers have. 100 billion would have hurt them good.

So how exactly have you seen it, are you one?

More seriously though, even if they shut down one group’s accounts they can’t get everybody. And even if they did get everybody, they’d just be back at it tomorrow and in business again by the end of the week.

I play on 2 different servers and noticed some bots that farmed slot machines (pre-nerf) and Makeb/Rishi chests. I decided to farm for 30 minutes myself to see how much I made, and between chests and purple jawa tokens (assuming resell of 30,000/purple mat) I made roughly 110,000 in 30 minutes. Now remember that these bots farm for weeks…..

9,000,000,000 across all servers isn’t that crippling.

Should track down the players who purchased and take their money too. Were there’s a market, there is demand.

If people ain’t selling it, nobody will buy 😉 Tbh though it’s kinda the same as Cartel Coins really, cos you gotta pay BioWare to get them so technically they’re engaging in the same thing. Talk about trying to corner the market. lol.

Cartel Market is not the same. Bioware sees zero profit from third party credit sellers, and one of the primary aims of any ingame real world money market is to discourage this. You wouldn’t want to see money that could be paying your and your employees salaries going to someone who is abusing your product for their own financial gain.

And conversely, if people aren’t buying, there won’t be selling. There’s the other side of the supply and demand category as well.

Yes, the spam is still there.
Spamming accounts are rarely the accounts with actual credits on them. You wouldn’t be in business very long if your front for “illegal” activity gets busted holding all your revenue and product.

The real problem is there is no actual restrictions on account creation. Just for the sake of argument, I went and created my own test account (since the last time I created an account was way, way, way back in Beta). At no point was I required to validate myself as an actual person – No Captcha, no email confirmation. In fact, I wasn’t even required to attach an email to my account in order to log in.

So these spammers can create hundreds of accounts with impunity.

True that, but I suppose there are also people who sell credits with their actual account so I assuming the ones that did not think ahead got caught the more …..something something people know how to will actually stay in the game. As a lot mentioned spamming didn’t stop and it won’t. their are things one can never trully erase , gold sellers being one of them

Stop – no, never. Believe me, I understand more than most how difficult it is for companies to deal with this kind of stuff. Curbing the spam, can be done. I have made forum posts outlining numerous solutions to the problem, including requiring email confirmation for account creation, and Captcha boxes to weed out bots even further. Simple solutions like these can make it just that harder for spammers to create hundreds of dummy accounts at a time, while offering little to no impact on new players (who are required to do that to sign up for nearly anything on the internet these days).

I am not talking about the millions account being made or that they are actual players spamming. or that it is impossible to make a lot of account or being impossible to stop them. I was pointing out that individuals also sell credits/golds as well so a few might be among them that got banned. That’s all

If only they spammed credits Dulfy, that would be great. But alas, the only thing they be spamming is incomprehensible messages.

Hello freind.. You should have credets to by tings. 1m credet only 10$. Maye the force bee with joo

And, as a member of Alpha Company (OORAH!) we spent several days killing Gold Farmers on Hoth and even after reporting them several (more than 100) BioWare did jack shit. Wanna fix the credit spammer issue – Fuckin’ act on intel provided rather than stick your fingers in your assholes and call it it action.

It’s good to know that bioware does such a wonderful job at finding credit farmers and punishing them instead of, oh you know…balancing their classes, fixing bugs in operations that have been out for months, maybe tweaking their interface so that even good gaming rigs dont have problems with their game.
Oh and congratulations on finding your credit farmers again.

You obviously don’t have a “good gaming rig”. I run a fairly mid-range rig and play on Ultra with +60 fps in 16m. Not to mention THEY JUST DID a shitload of optimizations on the engine with 3.2, and fixed a thousand bugs too minor to be included in the patch notes, but obvious to those of us that have been dealing with them…. Congratulations being obtuse.

He is right you know. Let me break it down about my gaming rig.
I5 2500K@4,3Ghz, 8 gigs Patriot Viper, GTX 770. And in 16m ops it crawls like shit. Even with nameplates turned off. Engine optimization is HORRID since at the same time i run WatchDogs on Ultra, and GTA V on Very high with little to none issues.
Gold sellers are problem for the Bioware, not for the users playing it because biggest impact on economy is on Bioware (less time sink, less money invested in CC), for you as an end user it TRIVIAL issue, since you can simply put them on ignore list.
Only thing that this game have as an upper hand is the fact that its Star Wars franchise and upcoming movie later this year. Thats about it

GTX 750 Ti, 6 gigs of DDR3, and an i7 920. 60+ fps in 16m on Ultra. Not sure what you are doing wrong, but blaming it on the engine isn’t going to fix anything.

Again… engine sucks donkey balls and optimization sucks. Engine is broken since day one when they bought Alpha version of HERO and fork it themself. Mechanics are broken in lots of raids, and each time they “fix” something they break 12 other things

Indeed. Such lazy silly move to use poor HeroEngine as core of the game “Core of the game is the most important part” and spend all dat bling bling $$ for VO’s and dat awful painful looking way to sit 😮 :/ Luckily we have /meditate option now so using that to replace sitting. No not using invisible chair or visible chair that i pull from nowhere like Magician David Copperfield. Sto’s developer team Cryptic gave clickable chair’s for many hub zones & places like Earth Spacedock “which is like Swtor’s fleet” and also to Starfleet Academy has lots of them. Eaware still hasn’t given them for Fleet’s cantina and to most popular Cantina’s around galaxy. Sure we have few of them in our personal ships.. trololz :/ – Subber since launch –

See, I find this hardly believable. I have i7 4770k, 16gb ram, GTX770.
Playing the game on Ultra in Full HD, 16m – fps 11-60.
11-30 during fights, 30-60 during travel/standing.

Game is not optimized, during 64 player match on Metro (Battlefield 4) I get the lowest fps of 40 (with smokes, explosion and such).

Now, please do tell me more how it’s our problem and not SWTOR’s engine.

Gold sellers are a “problem for Bioware” until it’s your account they hack, grab your credits, sell your stuff, and spam until you’re banned. (Hasn’t happened to me, but it has to folks I know – and NO, they never bought gold.) However, what level of graphical interface are you playing at, and how many other applications are you running on your system at the same time? What’s your bandwidth – and are others in your household using it? There’s a lot of factors, and the “Blame Bioware first” crowd never looks to see if the issue is in their own backyard.

If gold sellers were a problem only for BW then explain to me why a lot of players report them, complain about them and keep asking what is being done by BW to stop these gold sellers?

and while BW engine might not be optimal I highly doubt it’s completly there fault your ops runs get screwed.

I run on a more scrappy laptop and I can run it decent with only problem fps. If I play on my gf laptop which is a I5 Radeon graph card. I have yet to meet a single ops that give me fps problem or what do ever. So I highly doubt it’s bw fault.

Oh please, you must be one of those type that’s never satisfied with anything BW does. Tons of class changes or so called balance has been done. Still people aren’t satisfied, tons of attempts to fix bugs and when a few were fixed, people still not satisfied, I mean what the hell.

There’s a solution to your problem. It’s called “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” I understand that it’s difficult to believe, but different teams work on different things. Just because one thing is completed and it’s not the one that YOU want, (since obviously YOU are the voice of everyone) doesn’t mean it’s not being worked on.

Oh, and I suggest you not call your i386 computer a “good gaming rig” again.

Well said m8 and totally agree. Been waiting for many basic Mmo features to come to Swtor since launch and that’s about 3.4y now. Also to improve the UI with many ways so it would actually be UI of 2015 Mmo. Oh,but wait it’s quite tricky when knowing dat Eaware chose to use poor HeroEngine as core of the game and decided to use all dat bling bling $$ for VO’s. Yes indeed many ppl who have good Rig are known to have probs with client performance. Wish u good gaming 🙂

Classes don’t need any more balancing, we had enough with the Fckin Nerfs cos of the Pvp complainers.

You don’t like your class change it its easier than complain day and night for Nerfs.

Gamereasy is still spaming. They hurt 1 ring in 3 years a little bit. Maybe this was only worth a little LOL in China? Anyway. Will still report them.

There wouldn’t be 10 sites selling gold if BioWare didn’t make it so easy to farm it. REMOVE OPEN WORLD LOOT BOXES.
Be serious, when was the last time you saw a loot box on Makeb? For me it was months ago and even then it was there for about 3 seconds and some level 53 shadow popped up, looted it and disappeared. If the players aren’t going to have the opportunity to loot them anyway, just delete the damn things altogether.

Yeah indeed that should be done and i recommend u to write this idea directly to Eaware’s feedback email address that was given us during beta and ofc to write it to suggestion box forum 🙂 Also good idea would be to increase the spawn time for the boxes as now it’s just as ridiculously short as spawn time for some enemy Npc’s.

More foolish actions.

Ban them on sight is the correct way.
Put a guy to observe all the fleet general chats on all servers and ban the gold spammers on sight.
See how they like that anyway.

So you ban 1 out of 5 and in 30 minutes or less they’re back with a new f2p toon. These are not amateurs, they do this for a living

Sometimes I can’t decide if these “credit/gold spammer bans” are real or not. It all sounds very good but cannot be proved. You have to take BW’s word on it. I logged in last night to JC and no less than 4 different names with different messages were spamming fleet. IF BW wanted to get a list of names, just look at everyone on my ignore list. There is the accounts you need to get.

Well, I know what you mean but at the same time just shutting down one account after the other doesn’t really solve the problem. You have to let them go for a bit and investigate how they work, which IP’s they’re using and who their customers are, etc. Just to let you know that before F2P came this was not a problem. In a year time I got 1 single attempt via mail and that was it. Since F2P we have people in fleet spamming….but, if you go to other MMOs and see how much gold selling is going on there, this is still pretty good. At least on my server. From discussions with other people I have to conclude US servers have more gold seller activity but that would mean they have more customers….

Maybe thats why rare itens are so expensive on GTN now, over 10-20mil. It wasnt like that 1-2 years ago. Hope you can ban them forever, cuz is not General chat anymore, its spanning chat, and really sucks. Good luck BW.

Well, gold sellers might have something to do with it but inflation happens in all games I guess over time. I remember in the start when 1 million credits was like a huge amount. Now you can do dailies for two evenings and you have that million…that’s also why things are more expensive.

Yea, it’s infinite currency that causes that. Just like when a government prints money that isn’t back-up by any value. Inflation is inevitable. Ralph Coster’s idea was to make a game have a finite amount of currency based on the production of something of value so you would have a commodity based currency model (or representative commodity based currency as it were). As you add more real commodities to the game world, then agencies that buy this commodity would be able to generate more money. Fiat currency is always a bad idea (in real life as well as games).

Awesome news! 🙂 I’ve clicked report spam on every filthy in game Currency seller, but not ignored cause ignore list capacity is so small in swtor so if would ignore all of dem then there wouldn’t be space for players who deserve to be on dat list. Though no Legacy wide ignore so they will show up their silly face “or commenting dat is” later with other char.

It is a losing battle, and to make matters worse, they are fighting it at the wrong end. There are two solutions to this problem, neither of them involve banning the sellers. The first is to locate and ban the players buying the credits. Don’t ban the seller, ban the buyer. Cut off the demand and there will be no need for the supply. Make getting caught buying credits a perma-ban offense and you’ll watch the number of farmers shrink drastically overnight. The second option is to beat them at their own game. If there is a demand for purchased credits, sell the credits via the cartel market, and drive the price so low that it is no longer profitable for the farmers. Bioware can do this essentially for free, and likewise they can increase the price of their credit sink mechanics in game to keep inflation in check. Bottom line is that the way they approach this is costing them time and money and will have no noticeable effect.

First solution is better – with purchasable credits some things can become too expensive. I hope they’ll win with that damn sellers – I was trying to find people for ravagers and this f*****g spammers made it take too much time.

That wont work either. You go to jail for the rest of your life if you commit murder, some states you even get put to death yourself… yet people still commit murder. Telling someone not to do something because X will happen if they do, will never work… you will still always have a few people stupid enough to do it and get in trouble.

That’s true, but you can’t argue that the death penalty or life in prison isn’t a deterrent. It most certainly is. In this case, a perma ban would be enough punishment that most people who currently buy the credits would stop buying them. If it dropped demand for farmed credits by 90%, then it shrinks the market by 90% for the farmers, which would likely move them on to greener pastures in other, more profitable systems.

The right way is to educate ppl to do the right thing punishment is not the solution but re educations.
Or the planet will turn to a huge prison itself.

All crime starts from wrong educational sht that are feed into ppl these days making them totally sheeple.

Offering lots of credits for super cheap CC value won’t stop gold farmers, it’ll just tank the game’s economy.

If anything that would help the farmers, since you get lots of cartel coins on new accounts for doing silly little first time achievement things. Now imagine if you turned those into lots and lots of credits. … Yeah.

I wasn’t suggesting using Cartel Coins but rather a cash for credits direct transfer, similar to the Cartel Market and buying cartel coins. You are correct, there are too many free cartel coins to use them to obtain credits, it would need to be a cash to credits exchange.

Its easy enough to buy unlocks and other stuff with ccoins and sell them on the gtn

No big deal just price them reasonably.

Maybe you are a seller too.
What you say its totally ridiculous.

They will go down step by step.
Each one of us need to do his part on this battle and report them on sight.

As for the sheeple you cant easily change them they have grown up to be sheeple and its totally wrong to punish them just for being stupid and mind less sheeple’s.
The right way is to show them another way and change them to normal thinking persons.

Logged onto fleet, immediately caught 3 credit spammers to the face, and had a credit spam mail in my box. ='( Thanks for trying though BioWare.

It just isn’t a trip to fleet without being able to report and ignore a goldspammer within 15 seconds of arrival…

Oh they figured out right away about dk and corruscant chats in strongholds. They’re all over the chat there too, I mean noobs and people drooling all over the gtn in their house…what better marks are there?

Report them all and hopefully they will be gone soon enough.

One step at a time thats how everything is done in life.

What the hell do you need credits in SWTOR for? Its so easy to farm them and you only need them for stuff from the CM – proportionally very little for stats or equipment. So where’s the point in buying gcredits in SWTOR at all?

Small guilds wanting a flagship fast comes into mind. Al tho credits are easy to get in the game it still takes time to raise 50 million alone, that’s the problem for small guild, often only the guild master care about those perks. Also I can think of a lot of vanity items that comes cheaper to get from gold farmer rather then buying cartel packs if you calculate in real world money. That 10 million credit Rancor will cost you about 25$ in real money from the gold farmer and that hypercrate cost you 40$ and does not garantee that rancor. Maybe Bioware should reconsider the Cartel coin value to make the profit/versus effort for the gold farmer futile.

Vanity items are for sheeple.
If you cant afford it then don’t buy it.

Make the credits first, think how to spend them later, not the other way around.

Attacking the accounts they store credits on wont effect credit spammers in the slightest. They have macro scripts to auto level to 10 to spam fleet and they also have macros to auto farm credits. Shockingly enough, they also have macro scripts to endlessly spam chat, which they are still doing. All the time Bioware wasted “investigating” all these accounts was time that could have been spent on investing in code to detect how often a message is sent. The “action” they have taken will fix nothing, if you don’t believe that, log into swtor fleet on any server and tell me if you dont see a spammer… or 5.

Oh it will, gathering such amount of creds takes time and now they dont have creds to pay for their dummy customers (that should also be taken care of by bw) and i gues now mad 😀 that bought some credits.

That’s like saying. “taking out the terrorist guns won’t matter because they’re still alive” no, its a matter of morale. If you continue to take their resources, they’ll eventually just give up

“If you continue to take their resources, they’ll eventually just give up” While I don’t support the current methods of attacking terrorism because they only make the issue worse, attacking them with hope bombs isn’t going to work either….

This is a PR stunt to tell people they are doing something, but as said by StillGotSpammers what they are doing is fighting symptoms vs the cause. This effort changes nothing and the hyperbole of calling it a ‘credit spammer ring’ only further uncovers this as nonsense.

No they won’t. They’re professionals and the have this down to a science, unless you cut off their means of making credits to sell they’ll be right back at it 10 minutes later

The only reason these sht heads exist is all the lazy sheeple that keep feeding them money from their stupidity.

Erase the sheeple stupidity and the world will change.

Stupidity united.
Of course there are more groups around and as they said the effort will still keep on.

Do they have macros to travel to Venus and back wash their cars and cook at the same time cos I could use a couple of those.

To me personally, just give me a larger ignore list to ignore all these spammers. I hate when I try to ignore another spammer and get the ‘ignore list is full’ message.

Thats not the solution as they change their names all the time and keep creating new accounts.
The solution is to cut the evil from its root !

It’s not the solution, but everyone knows they will never be gone forever. Ignore is forever though.

haha agree.i can imagine if I was the guy who found the 9B. Tell my boss I found the 9M credits they stole. Boss: I thought there was more. Me:ya they must have more accounts. “Whispers” Me keeps the rest <3

Why would they do that?

The only reason somebody could come up with is: With a gigagazillion credits in the pocket no player needs to buy credits from creditspammers.

and in the end its pocket change for that ring cause turns out

9 billion credits is just 27000 dollars atleast with swtor wow you really hurt them big time bioware 😛

Just cause there are still people spamming in fleet doesn’t mean credit spammers actually have credits to back. Beware you might get ripped off.

The real answer to this is offer subscription time on the Cartel market and have it be tradable.
People can exchange subscription time for credits.
Credit selling defeated.

Or just sell credit tokens like half the other games. Dumbass people would end up pricing sub tokens higher than f2p’s can keep in their banks anyway

Hmmmm… If only there was a way to get credits in SWTOR without paying cash to credit spammers for them….

There is, its called “Do your Damn Dailies” ! for a change and flashpoints and operations and play the game.

Cant believe people got so lazy and then they complain about all these blood suckers that want to suck their wallets dry.

The prob is a lot of guys think like this and they feed the Gold sellers otherwise they wouldn’t even exist.

So there is a big point to this comment sarcastic or not.

I have about 50-60 million spread over my characters. Not once have I been stupid enough to buy from a shifty gold seller. Nor have I been selling CM items. I just accumulated it by playing the game. Haven’t done an excessive amount of dailies either.
It’s not hard….

Let us not forget, that the gold farmers supply us with cheap Cartel Market items like Hypercrates XD

GTF out.
Sheeple are not welcome.
If you want credits go play the game.
Buying shty items is not the game.

Well, I think I was not clear… I have never bought creds for real money, but when I’m able to buy cartal packs at GTN for 150-180k credits, hypercrates for 3,5mill credits, I’m start to think they are sold by gold farmers…

Gold farmers don’t spend money to buy shit to sell it to get creds to sell. Where’s the sense in that when the can have Ching wau farm loot boxes for an hour, make 1/2m mil and you only need to pay him a euro? Think, McFly!

That was my initial though too, until I have not seen lvl 7 toons with nonsensible names, has selling great amount of stuffs at GTN…
+ They cause great inflation too. There was a time when it was possible to buy a 600k escrow ticket for 70k at gtn as many as you wanted, but nowadays it’s around 300k

Credits sellers spend their money to buy CM items. AS Rocsi said, there are always a few sellers with nonsensible names undercutting the price a lot. That is why before packs we had cheap unlocks but nowadays credit sellers moved to packs and unlocks are only sold by regular players. Hence, their price is much higher than before because there is no one to undercut.

They do low level dailies too, but if they all get banned that would only be a good thing for all of us.
They should try to track the bots and ban them on sight

If anything, their gold farming causes inflation, meaning whatever you pay now for stuff on the GTN would be less if there weren’t any gold farmers.

Maybe some of them are.
But people always have to option on what to buy and what not to.

Credits is not a problem in game when all have so many options on what to do , operations flashpoints dailies so many sht to choose from.

Stop the stupids from buying their shty spamming credits.

But its easier to change to world to a space ball than peoples stupidity.

Pretty sure i still see all these spammers every day still… looks like they took down the wrong ring

Alot of these gold sellers are chineese and north korean prisoners who work 18 hours per day to meet quotas inorder to sleep and eat.Keep that inmind, it is slavery and dehumanizing.
Twyl – Top 5 world pvp sniper record holder even after not playing for the past year.

I saw a documentary though on a goldfarmer in china, and when interviewed he compared his garbage hourly wage to his father’s who was a rice farmer. Both wages were bordering on slavery, but the kid was making more. In his perspective he was doing well for himself, and he was from a village that didn’t have electronics on par with what someone would need to play the games, so the job itself seemed like a miracle. I am not condoning it(smh for farmers), but it is also the symptom of a far greater problem. Not buying the gold is a solution for us, but it doesn’t do anything for them. They just get shipped into the next game to come.

Kind of at a loss for what we could do to fix their problem.

This is why BW doesn’t police gen chat and insta-ban/mute spammers. For one thing they don’t have the manpower, but also, by letting the spammers log on and off they can track down where the money is.

The solution to defeating gold spammers is not to strike the spammers. The spammers are pawn characters, they’re leveled until they can fill up chat, they have nothing on them. What matters are the characters where the sites’ creds are stored. Take that out, and there’s nothing to advertise.

The fact that BW busted a ring does not mean the spam will simply stop; it means they took out a site or two. More importantly, though, they proved that they’re capable of shutting down spammers. If they’re persistent, it’s only a matter of time.

For few days there have been “players” whispering cred sales for one of my chars… Havent encountered this before. Is this just normal shit too or some new way`?

whispers, world chat spam, e-mails. These guys have a routine, and all there ad convo’s are macros, so they just open the who page and start whisper-spamming their shit to everyone they find, or send e-mails.

The only way to stop the credit sellers is to make their business unprofitable – i.e., to destroy their market. With the cartel market Bioware has destroyed so many crafting markets; destroying yet another one shouldn’t be a problem. For instance, start selling credit tokens at a price lower than the one offered by the credit sellers (e.g., $2 per million) and those who feel they need to buy credits will buy from the cheaper and safer seller – Bioware. It could even make Bioware some additional money.

Good. Now think about why all these peoples paying to spammers instead BW/EA. You will be able, i’m believe in you! 8)

Why is a good question. Why would you pay the spammers when you can make those credits so easily? You will be able, I believe in you.

Cos they are sheeple, plain and simple.

Either you are with us or with the gold spammers choose your side wisely.

The solution is simple font buy from them and report on sight.

Sooner or later they will disappear.
The stupids that feed them money makes them keep spamming and appearing all over the place.

You know what is shitty about this whole situation? The filthy beggars whom have come out of the woodwork claiming that Bioware should “redistribute the wealth (credits)” to their “loyal” customers. I’m sickened by seeing the lot of you ask Bioware for ill gotten credits, all because you subscribe or play this game.

Yes, let us fuck the economy of the servers up even more by redistributing those credits. Lets do that. Lets not even MENTION the fact it would be logistically impossible to fairly redistribute those credits to EVERY PLAYER on EVERY SERVER.

I swear, this community makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry sometimes its so damned stupid and greedy at times.

You don’t want to share so you are totally selfish, why should they throw all the credits to the trash can when they can donate a part to all the current players.

No one looses only the selfish sht heads that want everything for themselves.

That does not make him selfish. He would only be selfish is he wanted all the credits to himself. Most of these credits were made through exploits, like bots warping from chest to chest looting them instantly. Removing these credits is the best thing. What do you think would happen if America decided to print trillions of dollars to just give to everyone? You would probably think it would be a good thing, and that’s pretty sad.

Everyone would be happy thats what it would happen !

The only miserable ones will be the ones that want all the sheeple poor so they can take advantage of them and treat them as slaves.

But we are talking about the game here so lets focus on that, the credits could be evenly spread amongst all current game players so they will boost the gtn sales a bit as all will buy a lot of stuff with that extra credits.

They only ones that don’t like that are the people that try to sell them overpriced sht and crap to make money and they don’t wane see anyone else making more money than they do.

Selfish greeders go jump to the lake of fire !

Riiiiight, because I want a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk to cost
100+ dollars due to retarded inflation. That’s exactly what would happen
if they gave those credits to the players. More inflation. Meaning
credits will be worth less.

LoL they baned hundreds of accounts …that means from light to very light to most servers XDDD.
Credit sellers are part of the MMo industry and are a singn of a wealthy game. I dont care about gold sellers, but they are not the ” problem” of this game and the EA efforts should go in other direction, like try to recover the lowering population and the the boredom feeling the game stems.

Are you a total tart or what ?

We don’t want gold sellers and spammers anywhere in the game, if you want them maybe you are one yourself.
So we don’t give a sht what you say and think.

Ban all the spammers on Sight

No im not total, Im mostly like your parents that are brothers… Dude , let me explain you why EA cares about something stupid like Gold sellers… If you buy credits for half money that their gambling cartel market packs cost, and buy whatever you want from GTN…they lost money.
They dont care a fuck the spam!!, they only see the $$ they are missing from borderliners like you.

Lol , no . God saves me from touch again SWTOR! i was a former player till half of 4th season. Im one of those millons of players who left the game tired of right click on the same barrels, avoid the big red areas and kill the same 15 random dudes everyday… But a true thing is that I never been annyoned for a credit seller, knew the ignore command…

Why are you even here commenting if you left the game. Bioware/EA does something actually good so you want to make sure you make your ignorant comments against them? You improve the true population by improving the game. Removing spammers is an improvement whether you like it or not.

A former player that already made 10 comments reading a forum of a game he “says” he doesn’t play anymore…………

You see anything strange with that ??????

I see a total sheeple and probably gold spammer.

Actually, even though I agree that they need to focus on fixing some stuff ingame, I am glad that they are focusing on spammers as well. Their spamming take away from my gaming experience. I literally wanna punch someone on their neck if I spend 20 minutes on the fleet, with 50 messages to buy gold from x website.

I care about gold spammers, because they are annoying with their repeating messages in general chat all the time. So I want them removed as it’s an annoyance I don’t want. It’s something that if it spirals out of control could make me stop playing altogether. It’s not as bad at the moment and it needs to stay within a certain limit. I don’t think they really lose much money because I am not convinced all these gold buyers would spend cash in the cartel shop if there were no gold sellers. They shouldn’t focus on just one thing. There are all kinds of things that need attention and to say that they should stop worrying about this and focus on other things is a bit ignorant in my view. There is a bigger picture that needs to be considered. A spam fest in chat may not bother you but it bothers others. They definitely don’t want to lose real players.

Whether, the want people to spend more money toward them instead of the spammers is irrelevant. Anyone with their head on straight doesn’t want gold spammers ruining the game. Maybe you could make an argument if they were making the money playing like everyone else, but they don’t. Most of them have bots that warp from chest to chest as the spawn and loot them before anyone playing has a chance. These bots make hundreds of thousands per hour and nobody is even playing them. BTW, stating that the population will drop alot when removing the spammers is a terrible argument. These spammers do absolutely nothing to help the population that is actually playing the game. They don’t group up with you, they don’t do warzones or flashpoints, etc. I also don’t know why people buy credits from them. That is part of the problem as well. People should not support them by buying their credits. It is so easy to make money in this game. I personally make about 25million a week from the GTN alone, and even if the credits removed from game makes it harder to make credits, I’m still all for it.

Tottaly Agree !

Sheeple are always a part of the problem they support one way or another.

Besides the Blshts that you are talking about, you are complaining just to complain endless all the time.

The case is only 1,
We don’t want the Spammers anywhere around they only cause harm to the game and no one gains anything from them just loosing money in stead of going and making some credits themselves.

End of Story, understand it already !

Tarty Tardy, fckin complainer go fish !
If you are not familiar with the word then thats your problem.

You are a spammer lover and we don’t like you

< col Hiiiiiii Friends….uptil I saw the paycheck saying $8736 , I have faith that my neighbour woz actualy receiving money parttime from their computer. . there friends cousin has done this 4 only about thirteen months and by now repaid the loans on there mini mansion and got a great GMC . visit their website SEE FULL DETAIL


< col Hiiiiiii Friends….uptil I saw the paycheck saying $8736 , I have faith that my neighbour woz actualy receiving money parttime from their computer. . there friends cousin has done this 4 only about thirteen months and by now repaid the loans on there mini mansion and got a great GMC . visit their website SEE FULL DETAIL


They should spread the credits out to the players who reported them lol. Payment for putting up with that crap. Which I don’t really care about the occasional spammer. Not near as bad as all the guild spam, but still…. it has been ridiculous lately.

Spread the wealth evenly to all the current players, I’m sure they will appreciate it and boost the GTN sales by a lot.

Its a Win Win scenario that only the complainers won’t like.

But why anyone should give a fck about them anyway.

There wouldnt be an y credit sellers if prices weren’t so ridiculously high in the GTN…..think about it….greed encourages criminal activity. IF thats too hard for you all to figure out? Well then the credit sellers will be here to stay. On Japanese MMOs we dont have this problem and neither do they in Korea. Westerners buy credits….

Keep in mind your dealing with mit dropouts and this game is about gambling packs and real life money if everyone is buying credits thier not buying cartel coins thats the real issue. I find it funny that they let the gold spammers go in the chat 24/7 evry time you go to fleet buycreditsdotcom inthe chat lol.

I’m sure if this this doesn’t happen in Japan or Korea it’s because there are laws against it. Typical of you “easterners” that just see the “westerners” as greedy. Like there is no greed anywhere else in the world. It’s not criminal activity., no one is going to jail or being fined over it. It may be against the TOS but it is not criminal. As for the high prices on the GTN it’s called Capitalism. You should look it up. without this capitalist country the Axis powers would have steamrolled over the world and we would all be speaking German. Before anyone says Japan attacked Hawaii, let me say that eventually Hitler would have turned his eyes east.

More like we’d all be speaking Russian. The power of the west didn’t really help all that much as The Red Army slaughtered its way towards Berlin. All the west did was stick the Berlin Wall in…Berlin, rather than in, say, Paris.

You do realize that GERMANS built the Berlin Wall, right? Not the ‘west’. There was only financial assistance from the USA, as what usually happens – US gives money away to countries with no recourse for paying it back. East Germany adopted a Communist economy, and people suffered from it, while West Germany flourished under a non-Communist structure.

This is one of the main reasons why the US is broke and has such a high debt. After World War II for instance, after we bombed Japan, we sent a LOT of currency back into the Japanese economy to build them back up. Then, we buy their products, and no payback was ever done.

Guys cut the damn politics talk in a game’s forum.

Politics is a game you cant play so stick to the ones you Can play.

So many hidden agendas out there that no one really know what happened and when, history as most know it is a huge lie.

…You misunderstood completely. Who built it is irrelevant. My point is the Berlin Wall was where Russian Influence in Europe stopped. The West fighting in WW2 meant that the Russians didn’t win the war by themselves (which they could have done, but we only knew that about 20 years later). If you imagine the west attacking Berlin from the…west, and Russia from the east, with both sides meeting in Berlin. Now imagine if the US had focused on Japan, and the UK had turned Britain into a fortress and stay put. Russia would’ve taken Berlin, and likely pushed further west before being stopped, and the wall would’ve been stuck somewhere else (Paris being an example of where it might’ve been).

Its the stupidity on the sheeples minds that makes everything harder than it is.

If we could solve that then the world will be a better place

The problem is that new players see great armors, like Satele’s, Thana Vesh’s, Malak’s etc. Then they look them up on the GTN and see that you have to pay between 9-11 Million only to get Satele’s tunic, the boots for sth like 6 million. It’s almost impossible to make that much money as a new player.

I do think that there’d be less buyers if they could at least buy them with CCs, after the packs are no longer available. Why not simply make all the Shipmet one Items, weapons, armors etc. available for CCs now and in a month Shipment 2 etc.? I know I’d appreciate it.

New players need to learn how to play first no need to dress up like Barbie dolls and throw money to the gold wallet suckers !

And there is no real need to buy armour and shit until you hit 60 so many free pieces will gather till then that maybe you will like much more than the GTN ones.

Not completely true… You are forgetting very important aspect of the game – Role Play.
Roleplayers couldn’t care less for the game mechanics and this game have AWESOME RP elements. And this is coming from pure progression raider with several NiM clears and 6/10 on new HM ops…
Not justifying credit sales, just saying that prices on GTN for some stuff is beyond ridiculous…

A stupid thing like Industrial Fire Pit used to be sold for 50k when it was new. Now with only few left on GTN it is sold for a million. A silver rarity item…. for over a million…. something that should be very common to decorate strongholds is ridiculously expensive.

It doesn’t change the fact this should be changed. It’s ridiculous. New players that started playing after the release of a certain shipment can’t decorate their strongholds with many basic decorations because their price is ridiculous.

Bioware made a good step by introducing Decorations tab in the CM including decorations from the theme packs. It allowed new players to spend their sub’s CC and decreased those items’ price on GTN. This should be done to the decorations from the previous packs as well. At least with silver rarity.

As the comment said no real need to dress up before you reach 60 not worth it anyways.

And even if someone wants to, there are so many cheap options in the gtn and so many offerings as drops from missions that is a total waste to spend real money to buy sht from the gold spammers just to buy a pair of Boots.

Are there cheap options on the GTN? Yes. Is Satele’s set(or others highly saught after) among them? No.

This is an iconic armor that, I think at least, a lot of players like. In fact, seeing her armor in the trailers is what made me play a shadow in the first place, back when the game was released. Needless to say, I was disappointed when i checked the Synthweavers stuff and couldn’t see anything like that.

Personally, I enjoy playing with these armors and I always give my char another piece of the set after I’m done with one planet. With the 12 comms from class missions, you can easily outfit your char with mods from the fleet.

No matter the game, if players can customize the armor and/or the appearance of the character, they will and want to.

I guess I’m just among the few people who really want their toon to look good and have some good armor. Hell, I don’t even play it to brag about how good my guild is and how we cleared Nightmare Ops. I play it because I like Star Wars and like the story.

The one that acts like a bitch are all these complainers that instead of focusing and helping the effort to ban the spammers from the game keep on complaining for useless sht.

And if you want o play Barbie Doll go play it but this game is called Star WARS for a reasson.

Such bullshit. Where was the devs diligence when it came to sanctioning and banning Ravagers cheaters?

Give it up Bioware ur game and reputation is shot for good.

They did good on the Ziost exploit. And credit spammers operate on more then one ring.

Bioware’s learning. regardless.

Maybe you are confused or have nothing better to do than keep complaining for total BLSHTS.

If you want to see an improvement stop the useless comments all over the forums and start reporting the Gold Wallet suckers too.

No point of wasting time even to read your sht.

So either help and join the effort or go complain to the fountain of madness.

In my opinion redistributing the credits over the players would NOT be an opitional things considering the inflation and deflation factor in the game. HOWEVER an option in the cartel market that you can use cartel coins to convert into credits is not an bad idea. Maybe not for the players because it would entirely kill off packs from the Cartel Market, but atleast Bioware and EA can make an end towards this credits promoting.

They really putting a stop to these credit spammers I’m still reporting over 5 within an hour period on Shadowlands…..

There is more than 1 ring so keep on reporting the gold spammes on sight.
Its a massive effort if we want to see sometime the fleet’s general chat clean from these spammers.

Not really much to brag about. Only 9 billion and a few 100 accounts? That’s barely scratching the surface.

I know how to take down 100s of billions of credits and 1000’s of accounts but they would never be willing to pay me what’s it worth for my time to do it.

But it’s a template of how to do these things, and it works to report the spammers. They’ll just have to repeat this over and over until the spammers get the point!!

Pay me for my time and I will fix it.

Commenting is not automatically complaining.

I have a life, which is why I won’t work for free.

You can join the investigation team then and make a difference there instead of just writing hypothetical plots about what might have been happening.

And where is this investigation team? Or are you just assuming there is one?

And I don’t work for free.

To make it easy they should add report Goldseller instead of report Spam.
And after report put him on IGnore automaticly

Gree event tomorrow, warm up and get ready !

As for the spammers keep reporting them on sight, we want a clean general chat.
Lets vanish the wallet suckers to oblivion !!!!!!

The important part of this news, is that there’s action being done, even if it seems minuscule. Spam is always going to exist, and some people don’t grasp the fact that it’s not just something that can be taken care of right then and there.

(changing subject) As for class changes (another arguable aspect), I once read anothers comment that I felt was a perfect way of describing the different series of patches. Yes, Bioware will do nerfs/buffs otherwise that seem impractical to the balancing of the game, but its just that. Every patch will seem to feature *class of the month* so to speak for every role, until they nerf various things, then revisit another class that seems lacking in areas to then be the next best thing of the month.
A video game, especially an MMORPG will be an endless cycle of imperfections being corrected, and over-corrected. I’d never expect a game to be perfect, and to be honest if you really think about it. If a game never had flaws, such as funny glitches, we’d never know the potential humor and entertainment in flaws of a game. Sometimes glitches/imperfections can be the selling ticket to people wanting to play the game to begin with. Besides, we’d never have anything to argue about too; now where’s the fun in that?

To be honest I am not a new player and I have often been tempted to go onto these sites. The reality is that the moment, the very second you add something that can be acquired with real money to the game you create a situation where the currency in game becomes irrelevant. I love hypercrates but due to them and their items prices on the gtn people see it as the same as buying one.I don’t entirely agree with using cc to buy credits because although that’d eliminate the gold sellers it would also drive everything’s price up. I strongly believe that you cannot have hypercrates and overpriced items without encouraging these sites existence, but I don’t particularly care that they exist. Ultimately it makes little difference to my gameplay and although people blame them for prices Bw isisn’t helping either.

Well sience this rest I’ve reported and ignor something arround 150 new spamers on Imp and Rep side. Those bastards now whisper to ppes in game.
WTH is with those guys? Why they can’t go to some real or better to some honest job?!

now spammers have gone to whole new level of spamming. i keep getting whispers like 10 different chars during a raid. ignored and reported each one of them but they keep login in with another char and keep whispering.

I got one such message, ignored and reported. The end. A guildie of mine however, kept getting messages. Not sure why they stopped bothering me and not my guildie.

I have one character with no alt code letters, he gets mail, whispers, etc….none stop. All my other characters have alt codes and they never get bothered. I wonder if there’s something with their bots that cant do alt codes.

Funny how this site talks about credit spammers and then theirs a ad for to buy swtor credits.

a guildie of mine turned out to be a bot once…. imagen our disapointment that our dear buddy was a bot all the time :/

though if i would be sneaky (wich im not i promise) i would make a new gmail and a new swtor account (whit like 1 months sub) and just buy credits on that user and mail em to my main one (not gonna do that ofc) after all it does say in the user agreement u signed when ur account was made that its not alowed to buy in-game currency from a 3rd side party… also why would u buy it anyway just get a few hypercrates for same price and sell em money earned 😛

This would not be such a problem if you got rid of the credits cap. You leave preferred and ftp players with no other choice unless you plan on putting a credit cap removal for sale in the cartel market. There would not be these credit selling rings if you didn’t treat your players like crap. Plus an option to move the credits cap would be a big selling item.

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