GW2 Dragonhunter Ready Up Livestream Notes

GW2 Dragonhunter Ready Up Livestream notes with new info and images on the upcoming Guardian’s Elite Specialization.

Note: This info is outdated, see here for the latest Dragonhunter skills from beta weekend 1

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  • Spear of Justice, spear will be tethered to your enemy (can break if you reach a max distance: 900). Burns your tethered enemies every second for 10 seconds. This spear will pierce all enemies it touches and tether all of them. Other players can counter the Spear of Justice by moving past the max range.
  • Wings of Resolve, similar to old resolve but you can leap to an area and activate your resolve (heal allies).
  • Shields of Courage – create a shield in front of you that blocks attack for you and allies (sides and back are not protected). You still get Aegis when you activate it. Blocks projectiles and attacks currently but we are still working on it.

Longbow Skills


  • Puncture Shot: Your basic autoattack. You are going to strike an enemy and if there is an enemy behind them it will bounce. if this attack hits two targets it will cripple them (no cripple if you only hit a single target).
  • True Shot – Your large damage attack on a short cooldown. Need to charge up for 0.75 seconds (you are stationary while doing this) and then unleash a large bolt that pierce through enemies.
  • Deflecting Shot – Fire a missile that block projectile and blind enemies this missile strikes.  You can aim this shot between your allies and block projectiles coming to them.
  • Symbol of Energy: Launch a symbol into an area. Guardians normally don’t get ground targeting symbols other than with staff. It grant vigor to allies and explode on impact to burn enemies.
  • Hunter’s Ward: Barrage an area and at end of it forms a fence around the area trapping up to 5 enemies. Anything that tries to get out it will be knocked back into the trap.




  • Enemies will see you setting the trap down but not the actual traps. These traps have an arming time and an activation time. If you use them like bombs they will take longer to hit your enemies. But if you set them up preemptively they will pop up at a much faster rate.
  • It takes about 0.5 seconds to put a trap down on the ground and about 0.5 seconds for them to pop up on the ground.
  • Dragonhunter is all about territory control: traps, hammer #5, ring of warding, dragon’s maw, longbow #5.
  • Purification – Imbue a light on the ground and when the enemy triggers it you will pull it back to yourself, blind enemies in the area and use the light to heal yourself. You get a small heal when you lay down and when the enemies walk over it, the big heal triggers.
  • Test of Faith: Triggers multiple times if enemies walk over it multiple times.
  • Procession of Blades: Basically your whirling spinning trap that is spin to win. Activates your justice quite a lot.
  • Light’s Judgment: Applies massive amount of vulnerability to them (25 stacks but lasts only 1s) and reveal them on trigger. Thieves will squirm at this trap.
  • Fragments of Faith: A shield that pops up and shatters crippling enemies. Allies can run over them and gain aegis.
  • Dragon’s Maw: Elite Trap that pull enemies in and hold them there. Also applies slow.


Note: All the Dragonhunter traits are now in that_shaman’s specialization calculator as well.


Minor Traits

  • Virtuous Action, the first Dragonhunter minor trait will automatically change all your virtue skills into Spear of Justice, Wings of Resolve etc.
  • Defender’s Dogma: Blocking an attack causes your justice to reach its maximum charge. Your Virtue/Spear ofJustice passive triggers about every 3-4 attacks to burn an enemy but if you block an attack it should recharge instantly and your next attack burns. There is no CD on this.
  • Pure of Sight: Deal more damage the further away you are. Between that and the Zealot’s Aggression that will give you extra damage to crippled enemies it is a lot of bonus damage.

Adept Traits

  • Piercing Light: Traps will bleed enemies. Varying effect depending on the trap. Every hit with the trap will stack up bleed. Procession of Blades for example will deal tons of bleeds.
  • Zealots’ Aggression: Deal 10% extra damage to crippled enemies. Combo well with Longbow skills such as Puncture Shot which will cripple enemies if it bounces.
  • Soaring Devastation: Wings of Resolve will deal an attack on landing and immobilize enemies, giving you an offensive option.

Master Traits

  • Hunter’s Determination: Get stability for each enemy you hit with True Shot. You can get quite a few stacks of stability if you fire True Shot into a group of enemies.
  • Bulwark: Shields of Courage lasts 2s longer and has a bit of radius increase (180 deg to 240 deg).
  • Dulled Senses: Enemies you knocked back are crippled. Good if you have a shield equipped or use the knockback from Hunter’s Ward (Longbow#5). Really good if paired with Zealot’s Aggression.

Grandmaster Traits

  • Hunter’s Fortification: Gain protection in an area when you activate a virtue. This will likely get changed. This trait is a bit redundant with a couple others but we might keep the boons/protection aspect of it.
  • Heavy Light: Longbow arrows will knockback enemies within 300 range on a short cooldown. Only apply to arrow attacks (Puncture Shot, True Shot, and Deflecting Shot). Your Symbol of Energy/Hunter’s Ward won’t work on this. This will make you a more skirmishy longbow user.  If you have Dulled Senses and Zealot’s Aggression equipped you can move in range to get the knockback, cripple, and the 10% bonus damage. You can knock enemies through your Test of Faith trap and get a combo on it as well.
  • Big Game Hunter: Striking an enemy tethered by your spear of justice causes vulnerability with every attack and increase 15% damage dealt. This will boost your allies’s damage as well with all the vulnerability stacks.

Guardian Tome changes

Tome of Courage changed to Signet of Courage

  • Passive: PBAoE Heal every 10 seconds.
  • Active: Light of Deliverance

Tome of Wrath changed to “Feel My Wrath”

  • Shout that grants Quickness and Fury

We like the idea of tomes and if we did this we would hope to bring them back in a future Elite Specialization. Provide your feedback here.

  • Fashion Mage

    So much for backline support. Just looks like ranger-wannabe with a dash of guardian.

    • SirTankalot


      Going by that logic, Warriors are also premier Ranger-wannabes.

      • Fashion Mage

        I’m calling it a ranger-wannabe because its traps are purely offensive, and its longbow is also almost purely offensive except it also has a decent amount of control. There is little about this that’s supportive, in fact it manages to be much more selfish than a normal guardian.

        • SirTankalot

          I leave it to theory crafting and the in-development work being done before a take knee-jerk reaction.

          • sirvincentiii

            Then it won’t be a “knee-jerk” reaction any longer.

            • TheFantasticG

              I think thats the point lol

        • Saihah

          Last thing guardians need is more support.

          • Fashion Mage

            Yeah, I totally agree. Totally why meditations guardians are the meta. Oh wait.

  • sirvincentiii

    How is this a backline Spec when the effective range of Spear of Justice is 600?

    • SirTankalot

      That’s not even a main or primary means of attack(none of 1-5 skills or utility; the skills that actually define the specialization for the most part), so why does it matter?

      Also, its 900, not 600.

      • sirvincentiii

        900 is the “maximum” range, if your target moves beyond that, the tether snaps.
        600 is “effective” range. Meaning that even if they dodge away, they won’t snap the tether.

        Keyword: Effective

    • Sorean

      You can still use melee weapons,can’t you?

  • Raptor Jesus

    It’s by far better than what the name made me expect =)

  • José Santiago Polo Acosta

    Knockbacks each 7 seconds? time to bring my guard to pvp again.

    • TheFantasticG

      Bow Guardian… The new Ranger lololol

      • Deamon_Samurai


  • Andrew McCunn

    Err, are those tome changes only for dragonhunter? Because I actually like my tomes…

    • Fashion Mage

      Those changes happen and I’m gone from this game for the next 2-3 years till they release the next expansion and let me use tomes again. It’s bad enough that this specialization offers almost 0 support. Sick and tired of healing getting shat over in this game.

      • M~GT1992

        Ok, bye. The tomes are used by a tiny minority of people. And if you actually looked at the changes, the big heal the support tome could cast is actually still there in the Signet of Courage, and includes an AoE heal passively every ten seconds, which is a lot more than a clunky tome that could be used for a few seconds every couple of minutes could put out.

        • Fashion Mage

          I don’t give a crap sweetie, and yes, I’m well aware that ANet won’t care that I stop playing their game, I’m just one person after all. People who enjoy healers are a minority, but that doesn’t make it okay to shit all over them, because not everything has to cater to the majority of players. But who cares, people can enjoy their new super watered-down signet/shout elites and bash their faces against the keyboard to use them just like Renewed Focus.
          I mean, healers have been shat on from the start of this game, but this is a new low.

          • nameless

            It is because this game isn’t meant to have healers in the first place. You are playing the wrong game sweetie.

            • love_ya_brotha

              So much passive-agressivity in those comments …

            • Fashion Mage

              Well it does, and it should, so what’s your point? They’re just not needed because everyone can heal themselves. Guardians are more than capable of being healers at the moment, and water eles are effective healers in both PvE and WvW.

          • jonabalona

            They took skills from the tomes the primarily utilized skills and reworked them into shout/signet which can have cd reduction and tbh utilized by more people, even healers. The signet will be USABLE by healers likely better than the tome anyways. Combine that passive/active effect with the passive/active effects of wings of resolve.. throw on some rune of the monk, sigil of renewal and camp in a party splish splashing ur friends with some heal love. But to re-iterate, “ok, bye”.

          • rurik

            For your information, you should try guardian with the right stuff and the right spells, you could be a real healer… Don’t need the tomes to do that… Sorry but if you think that there is no way to be a healer on the game then you know nothing… 😀 It’s just that with a proper team you don’t need a healer (but I’m using a lot my guardian to support the bad teams!)

            • Killua

              Heck, my necro is a healer… lol.

            • Fashion Mage

              I’m aware that nothing needs a healer, but I enjoy playing one. Removing Tome of Courage is removing the single most powerful support, sustained healing, and burst healing ability in the game, and it’ll obviously have an effect on healing guardians. Also, healers and support-builds in general don’t help bad teams much.
              I’m also aware that there are other healers in the game, but water eles don’t really cut it for PvP.

              • rurik

                Support-builds help sooooooo much the bad teams (in fract for instance)!!! On one side, they die and on the other they don’t. For me, that’s helping :p

              • Fashion Mage

                In fractals and PvE they definitely do, not so much in PvP and WvW. In PvP/WvW, a support can only do as well as the person he’s supporting.

          • Michael Haimerl

            I never understood why people would go out of their way to post on the web how they are going to leave game xyz because of a minuscule change like this. Let me give you this advice “sweetie”, you look like an attention whore and nobody takes you seriously.
            ps: can I have your stuff?

            • Fashion Mage

              I don’t give a **** if a bunch of random nobodies on the internet don’t take me seriously, is there something wrong with expressing how much I dislike this change? This “miniscule change” removes a completely unique skill that is the only means to a certain playstyle I enjoy. Are you too immature to accept my feelings on the matter without calling me an attention whore?

          • Kuma

            as far as i’m aware, the rangers specialization will focus on healing. i, for myself, enjoy healing in mmo’s but gw2 never got to that point where a healfocus build was good so i’m not really sad about the guardian changes.

        • Noisrevbus

          You are missing the point. The tome mechanics were rather unique and balanced. Poking in that is unecessary and risks both upsetting players (as it seems to have here) and upsetting balance in certain areas of the game. The tomes have only ever been useful in larger group scenarios but in them they offer something that can not just be replaced by a signet or shout, as adding a similar effect to eg., a signet’s passive-active functions would either be watered down, far too powerful or otherwise completely inappropriate for it’s context.

          • M~GT1992

            I’m not “missing the point”. They aren’t well used at the moment in many formats, and Jon specifically said that he would hope to bring them back at some point. I love the idea of the tomes personally, and it would be amazing to see them brought back and functional, possibly as kits in a new elite spec. But at the moment, Renewed Focus is capable of being usable in sooo many more situations it almost feels like you’re losing a vital ability by not taking it. Going on to a random forum and threatening to quit the game if they do something is just not constructive criticism and smacks of immaturity (a general observation, not aimed at anyone in particular).

            • Noisrevbus

              Yes, you were missing the point and given your response here it’s safe to say that you still do. I’m sure we can agree on that threatening to quit is a kneejerk reaction that isn’t very constructive, but I tried to help you look past that to see the underlying point and yet you still focus on whatever threats were passed and do not seem very keen on what else was said.

      • Wahya

        I’ll help you pack your account bags. Enjoy your stay away. I know I will.

        • Fashion Mage

          I know I will too, there are so many better games to play, and with fanbases that aren’t even half as braindead as this one. :0

  • Saihah

    Tome change is weird. Makes some sense though.

    Seems to me to be a bit like getting sad about the Mortar changes. Yeah, you’re losing a quirky tool, but a Shout and a Signet bring raw efficacy and have tons of practical use.

    Also, Dragon’s Maw looks pretty great for Symbol guardians. I may have to go Dragonhunter/Zeal/Honor on my hammer/mace guardian and grab that. If it can consistently hold people in that area, that’d be amazing.

  • Takahami

    the traitline got some nice stuff for pvp longbow users as well as for pve dungeon crawlers. and “pure of sight” for the braindead autoattack worldboss kills. looks better than i thought at first. i just hope my pug buddies bring some reliable cripple for the enemies (pve).

    • Galhalean

      Loving most of the stuff here seems awesome

  • Galhalean

    BTW did anyone see the 3-4k BURNING TICKS!?!?!?!?!?! at the end? condi guardian is meta.

    • TheFantasticG

      Yeah, doubt that’s going to make it to game.

      • Galhalean

        well guardians need a condi build but i think its more of how the new burning cond works….. might need to tone it back…… on the other hand that was with 25 stacks of vuln… dat spike doh

  • Tynan

    While I am definitely among the people who are naysayers of the Dragonhunter and would have like to have seen something different, I am quite satisfied with what we’ve seen of the traps. ANet was able to at least make them feel appropriate for a Guardian which was kind of the “make it or break it” part of this whole spec for me.

  • Deamon_Samurai

    Some of these would have been better suited to the Ranger lol

    • Saihah

      Comparing the Ranger traps to the Dragonhunter traps definitely isn’t favorable, no. I get the feeling this will be how all Specialization skills will be; where Necro wells are very basic and straightforward, Chronomancer wells are more complicated, and same with Ranger/Thief/Dragonhunter.

  • Lil Puppy

    Not looking forward to this asshole knockback build on world boss train, one ranger is enough, now we have 2 and one of them has a low cooldown knockback on trait? GJ anet now I hate guardians too.

    • Braghez

      I’m so gonna take 10-20 guardians with that trait and make them push roamers around the map to death by timing their attacks.

  • Zenahk

    Guardian joins the esteemed list of professions that can use longbow better then ranger.

    • Kuma

      yeh but looking at the new traits, the ranger gets, i’m sure thats gonna change

      • Bearodactyl

        No, zenakh can read the future. Rangers are doomed. Just like warriors and necros.

        • Galhalean

          and everything else yet to be revealed….

      • Zenahk

        new Ranger stuffs will be Druid, a staff wielder. Expect a second Wilderness Survival line.

  • Ainseland

    o ye anti SR or stealth from thieves that AOE the gives invul and reveal

    • Galhalean

      dont forget perma stealth mesmers……. do figure things that hunt dragons are good at hunting mesmers too …..

      • Ainseland

        u dam ryt,,, mesmer cant run anymur

        • bruce wayne

          and you cant spell

          • Ainseland

            man go away dis is nut spelling bee

          • Ivy D Rip

            “and you cant spell” not “cant” isn’t even a word

            So? You can’t either, if you need to be a grammar Nazi at least don’t make any misspellings when pointing out someone else’s

            • Someone

              False! Cant actually is a word, and it means “hypocritical and sanctimonious talk, typically of a moral, religious, or political nature.”

  • commentor

    I applaud the change of tomes to signet.
    Passive: PBAoE Heal every 10 seconds – can’t beat that no? it’s like a second regen passive.

    • Galhalean

      yep tomes always seem to have VERY limited usability. I do like the idea of tomes coming back as elite spec tho.

      • Trockbronze

        are they still elites?

        • Galhalean

          Yes and good ones. the signet gives an AoE heal every 10 sec and using it pops every ally in range (5 max) to full health as well as signet trait benefits and the shout give flas fury and quickness as well as benefits from shout traits.

  • Arngrim

    That moment when a Guardian is almost more of a hunter then a ranger.

  • Meglivorn

    Am I the only one who just can’t see a heavy armored _guardian_ character laying out traps and shooting from behind?
    I like the idea of the bow for ranged fights where going into melee is not a real option (staff was only a half solution for that), but the traps just doesn’t cut for me. Not for someone called Guardian and Dragonhunter.

  • Rigen

    Well I never planned on going back to Guild Wars 2, but now I definetly will. I cant wait to start playing my guardian again when this comes out

  • Akumok

    I love the looks of these changes, I have to admit though the Mesmer changes are really scary in the well build

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