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GW2 Last Weekend for Portal Drops

This weekend is the last weekend for portal drops that will grant you access to an upcoming Heart of Thorns beta.

If you havn’t gotten yours yet, this weekend will be your last chance to farm for it!



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9 replies on “GW2 Last Weekend for Portal Drops”

Is there a technical difference between grind and farm? it seems like they are utterly interchangeable, but people prefer to say farm is different from grind and vice versa.

To farm is to do something repeatedly to obtain items
To grind is to do something repeatedly to obtain items…

No Profit.

if I had to guess, getting materials to craft a legendary is farming (Farming Karma/T6 mat)
playing the same thing over and over again to get ONE item (ie: grinding for a precursor) is grinding, do I have this right? So in this case it would classify as a grind right?

Not exactly, though the terms can be interchangeable at times. Grinding is more often associated with things in a game that you have to do just to advance, whereas farming for a specific item, items, or money is a choice, not a requirement.

I will add though, that grinding/farming in the Silverwastes is far and away the best money in the game, regardless of that portal drop.

Eh Didn’t bother with that portal scramble… instead focused on getting materials and supplies for possible pre gear crafting and more AP… not too mention hoarding as much gold as possible hahahaha.

Darn it, I stopped farming last Tuesday ;; I thought it was only going to last for one week!

Interesting. Thought this ended after the last weekend. Luckily I still need a shitload of bandit crests to complete my luminescent armor. So I planned to be in SW during the weekend anyway 😀

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