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GW2 Chronomancer Traits revealed

Arenanet has released the full list of Chronomancer Traits in a forum post today.

Hey all. Here are the Chronomancer traits from Robert! Keep in mind, all numbers are a work in progress.


  • Time Splitter – Gain access to continuum split/shift which allows you to revert to an earlier point in time.
  • Flow of Time – Gain alacrity when you shatter. (1s)
  • Time Marches On – You move 25% faster. The duration of incoming movement-impairing conditions is reduced by 25%. (Cripple. Chilled, Immobilize)


  • Time Catches Up – Activating a shatter gives your illusions Super Speed
  • Delayed Reactions – Interrupting a foe slows them. (3s of Slow)
  • All’s Well that Ends Well – Wells remove conditions from allies when they end. (1 condition)


  • Illusionary Reversion – Gain a clone after you activate a shatter skill.
  • Improved Alacrity – Alacrity applied to you lasts longer. (33%)
  • Danger Time – Gain additional critical hit chance against slowed enemies. (30%)


  • Lost Time – Every 3rd critical hit will slow your target. (2s of Slow)
  • Chronophantasma – Your phantasms respawn the first time they are shattered.
  • Seize The Moment – Gain quickness for each illusion you shatter. (1s of Quickness)


By Dulfy

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22 replies on “GW2 Chronomancer Traits revealed”

Damn, getting +25% movement as a minor trait is sweet! Not to mention reduced duration on slowing effects.

I’m incredibly jelly of that trait. No need for a wasted utility slot or traveler runes like other classes. Mesmer goes from having no 25% movement speed to having the best one in game. 😮

Still baffled as to why the passive +25% movement speed hasn’t been homogenized over the professions to begin with…

I like the fact that it hasn’t been homogenised and I hope it won’t, I like diferent classes getting their bonuses in different ways, otherwise it’d all be the same thing with different names. Even minor things like this make the game actually feel like an RPG.
(My main is a mesmer, so yeah I’ve played quite a while w/out the passive 25% speed bonus)

I believe there are better ways to differentiate between professions than to exclude certain core buffs from a profession.

That movement boost is long overdue, so glad my mes is getting that. This chronomancer is going to be a blast to play.

Danger time + lost time =… hmmm no need for fury as long as you are fighting…adept line.. eh idk.

I don’t think there would be a point to make one. You are already required to put the elite spec in one of your slots.

well, the option to reduce recharge time on shield skills or to get some toughness bonus while wieling the shield would not have hurt.

“well, the option to reduce recharge time on shield skills”

Chronomancer will give alacrity and if you cath shield 4 it reduce the cooldown.

alacrity is not shield specific. the skill 4 thing is, ok. still many weapons got a trait for recharge plus something else, so like “Sarigar” said, its interesting that the chrono shield did not get the treatment. thats all.

I don’t think they want to increase the toughness for the mesmer, since that should not be a part of a play style… cool down.. probably.. would help… for sure.

I think that they did this on purpose, In the trait overhaul they removed such traits (or combines them) in order to make more interesting choices and made most of the removed traits baseline to compensate. Honestly i believe that they are trying to shy away for those types of traits. Not to mention that the alacrity bonuses that are specific to the mesmer more than make up for its loss.

Shatter mesmer is back in business. Even with the current traits, an experienced mesmer can rotate their skills and dodges just well enough to keep the clones spawning/shattering continuously. But with both Dueling and Chronomancer line, you’ll have so many clones you don’t know what to do with yourself.

Seems mostly PvP (read Shatter) oriented. Don’t see much use in a dungeon setting unless you want continuum/split for double Time Warp or something. But it sucks you can’t just get the minor trait any more.

I wonder if Danger Time will apply to phantasms. If not, I don’t think it will help much with the pretty low damage from sword and greatsword. Perhaps Danger Time + Lost Time will be a DPS boost but I think we will be better off going with a different trait line.
As for Chronophantasma – I don’t know – have to wait and try it out but I don’t see a reason to shatter your phantasms.

Depends how they make the skill function. If it’s an ability that simply checks if they’re slowed and buffs the damage from there (giving the attack or damage the boost instead of the player’s stats) then no, it wouldn’t. If it gives the player +precision to their stats instead of simply affecting the damage like above then it’ll work amazingly well for phantasms.

Well they have clearly stated that they wanted to encourage phantasms mesmer to use their shatters. If we can do it while maintaining our phantasms up, that is a DPS increase.

does this translate to “you’re deadmeat if you run into a mesmer, unless you happen to be a mesmer” ?

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