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GW2 Necromancer Elite Specialization Teaser Released

Necromancer will be the next profession to receive their elite specialization info and a new teaser image has been released today.


The necromancer elite specialization will be able to use greatswords.

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My guess (and think of the story around Marjory) is that it will involve spirit weapons in some way…. shot in the dark but hey….

I wouldnt say spirit weapons as in what guardian already has but that a spirit is tied to the greatsword aiding in attacks. (Assuming the whole Marjory story was to depict that.) But what of the right half of the skill bar? Thats what I cant imagine you know, whats the theme to this specilization. Mesmer had tiem related stuff and wells, Guardian has ‘hunting related light’ and traps, so necro has ‘spirit inside weapon'(maybe) and …? What? They do wells already. Perhaps we will see something new instead of an existing thing moved over to them. Id be interested to see the death energy used as energy like the revenant is gonna be getting to power some skills.

exactly, well the other side (6-10) could be anything but taking the last 2 elite specs you have to assume they are getting a skill type from another class (ex mesmer getting wells from necro) and from the list spirit weps seem like a fit but as bear said that would be more of the same and each elite spec in each reveal has DRASTICALLY changed the way the class is played. All the skill types are:
Guardian (List of guardian skills)
Consecrations — apply an area effect that aids allies or punishes enemies.
Meditations — support skills which can cure conditions, break out of stun or teleport the user.
Spirit weapons — summon a temporary spirit weapon to fight; dismissable for a special ability.
Symbols — apply an area effect locally which hinders enemies and aids allies.
Tomes — replaces the players chosen skills with a set of powerful temporary skills.
Wards — areas across the ground that prevent enemies or projectiles from crossing them.
Warrior (List of warrior skills)
Banners — banners that buff allies and can be picked up, moved and replanted
Physical — involves controlling and disabling foes.
Stances — short-term defensive or offensive enhancements.
Engineer (List of engineer skills)
Device kits — replaces weapon skills to provide skills of a special nature and purpose.
Elixirs — induce random effects to support yourself, your team or to harass your enemies.
Gadgets — utilize mechanical gadgetry like rocket boots and battering rams.
Turret skills — deploy stationary devices to help defend and control an area.
Weapon kits — replaces weapon skills to provide more specialized weapons.
Ranger (List of ranger skills)
Pet skills — pet-specific skills.
Pet utility skills — utility skills that affect your pet.
Spirits — nature spirits which influence the battlefield around their location.
Survival skills — enhance damage and avoid it
Thief (List of thief skills)
Dual wield — the third weapon skill for thieves is determined by both the main-hand and off-hand weapon.
Deceptions — skills that allow for hasty maneuvers.
Stealth Attack — enhance the first weapon skill while stealthed.
Tricks — gain control over enemies, enhance damage and escape from harm
Venoms — apply a poisonous creatures’ venom to your weapon to inflict conditions with attacks.
Elementalist (List of elementalist skills)
Arcanes — skills using non-elemental magical energy to boost damage.
Cantrips — magical tricks, sorcery, and charms which activate on an instant.
Conjures — summon potent environmental weapons for yourself and another for an ally.
Glyphs — grants an effect or supportive nature based on current attunement.
Mesmer (List of mesmer skills)
Clones — temporary allies with caster’s name and appearance to mislead the enemy.
Glamours — ethereal fields that have special, manipulative effects.
Manipulations — skills used to mislead opponents.
Mantras — chargeable skills with an instant cast when triggered.
Phantasms — temporary phantom versions of the caster which attack enemies with different abilities.
Necromancer (List of necromancer skills)
Corruptions — self-inflicted suffering in form of conditions grants powerful effects.
Marks — ground-targeted spells which are triggered by foes moving into the targeted area.
Minions — undead allies that attack foes and can be consumed by their master.
Spectrals — spells using an otherworldly spectral energy.
Wells — a persistent spell that affects the surrounding area.
(from gw2 wiki)

Im not sure teh type of attack, shouts seems popular and I can see that but I do assume ‘initiative’ or ‘energy bar’ (like rev) for fueling them related to the life force though. I kinda doubt more summonables though.

The popular opinion is More like warrior, and probably a name to do with shout or orders like they had in GW1

quite possible, using shouts to call upon spirits of the dead to enhance your (team’s) fighting abilities… ie boons.

this would also give necro’s a good boon sharing support role that it sorely lacks.

kinda like the order skills from gw1? but shouts dont seem quite right for the order skills… maybe stances?

Definitely possible. Necro is pretty bad right now in organized PvE runs (like dungeons) because of lack of group buffs. Probably Anet took notes and is working to fix that.

Trahearne’s has the pale tree and some other firstborn’s soul/essence. So perhaps the class name should be Soul Reaper.

Looks like it. Only issue i see is abaddon has nothing to do with necromancy as he is the god of secrets and water. I suppose madness can be linked to necromancers somehow?

Boooo ! Necromancer’s need whips !!!! And a /spank emote. Ooo or maybe dual wielded paddles. That would be hawt.

If the skills turn out to be melee, Necro just might be rival Guardian in tankiness with at least the second healthpool. Depends on how it goes, people just might be more welcoming towards those poor necros. They aint too bad, just that there are better options.

I think it’s going to do the Warrior style combat, with shouts and the like. More how GW1 played.

why did you type warlock in caps? Warlock is usually a male witch. Why would you think that would be the name? Also revenants are stepping into the ritualist’s skills and looks so I doubt they will be called that.

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