cartel market SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR CM weekly sales for May 12 – 19

SWTOR Cartel Market sales for the week of May 12-19.


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31 replies on “SWTOR CM weekly sales for May 12 – 19”

I wonder how many people realize they can unlock Treek for their entire account under collections…

The costume pack that is discounted can also be retrieved in collections as well, so it’s a one-time purchase at the most.

Legacy level 40, though. I know it’s easy enough to get if you play a few toons to 60, I’m at 50 with just 4, but I know plenty of people who want Treek for all their leveling. Not worth it to me, personally. But prior to the companion armor sets, my friends all swore they could not live without Treek /eyeroll. I like traveling with the romance companions, so I’m quite content not having a min/maxed companion, but I do acknowledge Treek definitely makes things easymode. I bought the contract for my 9 year old niece when it was half off, worth it at that price. She definitely does NOT need to travel with romance companions, a nice ewok is perfect =) Though she avoids flirting like the plague because “EWWW!”

Yeah, that’s pretty ridiculous. Approximately $15 to change an item of clothing to black.

Some in the forums asked about people’s idea about the state of the game. When asked their favorite and least favorite thing to do people some are saying PvP.

These dudes are delusional. So your favorite thing to do is PvP and your least favorite thing to do is PvP?

These are the same morons that will cause massive PvP based nerfing to classes because they’re so sad with their lives because they don’t get new maps. I’m glad that dude made that topic because now I see the idiots that always whine and cry most PvP.

Nerf PvP.

Because people on dulfy are more receptive. The idiots in the forums are blinded by their I’m better than you BS. The general manager of Holocron posted a nice link that details what a scrub yes. It is uncanny how accurate it is. It describes pvpers perfectly

Its not Pvp its the fckin clueless pvp whiners that complain day n night for nerfs cos they cant play that create a big mess in the game.

I am deeply sadden by the fact that you tried to use logic with a pvper. You know they no brain have! know you!

When you purchase a dye module, can you unlock it an obtain multiple copies like crystals. Or do you only purchase 1 single item?

Is it really just the Hawkeye Crystal that’s on sale? Or is that just the only one they put on the front-page of the market?

You can usually find the Eviscerating and the other two on the GTN, and pretty cheap as well…. it’s always the Hawkeye that costs a lot of money

Hey Dulfy has there been any more news on when we can expect the Yavin4 Stronghold or Togruta??

What happened to the hypercrates of old shipments? I was looking forward to getting some stronghold packs. 🙁

Are they discontinuing those?

Hey Dulfy do you need a screen of the Throne of Enlightenment? I also think I’ve gotten all of the decos and most of the mounts and all of the pets.

Hey Dulfy… have you seen in the Deep Core Pack something called Empeth Crystal? I bought FIVE hypercrates and got ONE… Dark green Primary Light Green secondary…

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