SWTOR Gree Event extended by one week due to Conquest issues

Due to some bugs causing the Gree Conquest issue to end early, Bioware will extend the Gree event time and repeat the Gree Conquest next week.

Relics of the Gree Conquest Issue | 05.12.2015, 08:03 PM

Hey folks,

I wanted to give you an update on the Conquest issue from this morning. What we learned is that there was an error in the timing associated with the Relics of the Gree Conquest event. During this week the Relics Conquest event will end early, based on the in-game timer, on Thursday. This was not intended and so we are going to make a few adjustments to correct this. These changes will require a maintenance, which will happen later this week.

  • We are going to extend the Gree event by another week! It will now end on Tuesday, May 26th.
  • The Relics of the Gree Conquest event will run again next week, this way Guilds will be able to run it fully!
  • Bounty Contract Week will be pushed out one week and will run from Tuesday, May 26th – Tuesday, June 2nd

Thank you all for your patience as we worked through this issue. We hope that you enjoy the extended time with the Gree event.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

106 replies on “SWTOR Gree Event extended by one week due to Conquest issues”

Not everyone can be happy with that, but hey, the moar the better! At least for this event, which doesn’t appear much anyway! 😛

What do you mean man we love the Gree’s and its so rare and has the best looking items in game.
We all want to run it as much as pos.

Stay locked on fleet then no one will bother you.

I know you crazy !

Thats why I sarcasm too for the ones that take it seriously.

Free the Greeves !

Not bad I can say we love a few more days of the Gree event so we can gather a few more Helix items for that lovely items we want so much !!!!!!

Would love to see more Helix drops from the Heroics though, at least 3.

Enough for you isn’t enough for everyone.

I have shoes size 9 1/2, they are good, they fit very well, everybody should wear 9 1/2! Shoes size 9 1/2 should be the only ones being produced. Right?

Wane buy a mainland and off hand which is 18 and 8 so need a few more Helix.
Also looking for a mount that needs 48 so 🙁
Never enough Helix’s around

You don’t have to hurry. Just don’t do it. They made a mistake and they have decided to rectify the situation by extending the event. Quit complaining and be happy.

you didnt read appearantly but then again trolls never read
do you get it now troll

Apparently you don’t comprehend but then again trolls don’t. I was referring to conquest moron.

This is great, like when a company screws up and send you double what you ordered.

Huzzah! More TRON goodness!
But I wonder how many people will complain about more FREE event stuff.

So mad right now. So many nice gree things. Makes me sick. Gonna be so happy doing an op that isn’t always available and mixing it up with some different dailies. Disgusting…filthy and false.

The event in general-the drops, achives, titles, and special comms. but the ‘free’ stuff is the extra week we got which wasn’t planned.

Two weeks with my favorite space-faring cephalopods? Rapid evolution of purple parallel is imperative!

I’ve always kind of wished they let all the week-long events run two weeks. Some of us just don’t have that much time to play during the week.

Pity, because I sat on Ilum for 30 min each Imp and Rep side and not one single Xeno group formed, and it was peak hours as well. Bad time to have an event with 12x XP going on Bioware.

Hard to say, Tuesday night is also raid night for a lot of guilds, so I wasn’t even gonna look at this till this evening. I can do 12xp whenever I want…it lasts months so I am not pressed to make use of it right away.

Still there are plenty of groups that form up.

The problem is can they keep up and complete the operation in SM and HM versions ?

Not all of them sadly.

I sat Pub-side and collected a Xeno 8-player SM PUG in under 30 min. Gray Helices for all. Great times!

eh….. good i stopped paying for this game. Bugs … bugs …. bugs everywhere. BTW… is cross mechanics on lurker fixed jet ?

Yes and they have been for a while…

Now granted, there is still quite a bit of QQ but that is mainly from groups who can’t follow mechanics.

But keep writing on the forums……………

What game did you started “Pac the man” the new BBR ?

Good. The longer this event runs, the more people can farm Legend and Helixes. The more people with Legend and Helixes, the more complains about the same event returning over and over again.
Maybe Bioware will finally reskin some new weapons to the Gree vendors…

I think they should add Gree Event specific OPs or FPs that can be run to acquire gear that is again specific to the Gree event with its special set bonus (would still be from the OPs tho) that is different than the SoR set bonus. (New aesthetics too not the scalene gear)

This is the kind of junk that really pisses me off. Take a look at what these dudes worry about….

Not bugs, not fixes to the bugs, not current state of the game, not communication from the devs……NO NO NO

This dude worries about……..DRUM ROLL…….

Companions being quiet during conversations….And here’s the best part…..OTHERS share his sentiments lmfao.

Man this game has some idiots.

LOl i liked the word ”some” that you used hehehee, by some you mean 70% of the game croud

Your name is “Me + You” but you don’t seem to fathom that people beyond yourself might have different interests. Let me break down the second M of MMo. MULTIPLAYER. Or Multi…player. Multiple players. Each with their own perception and interests, most of which probably vary from your own. And the game developers do their best to cater to as many of them as they can. I hate pvp, my honest opinion is that it is a series of hamster wheels that keep 8-16 people busy repeating the same task over and over, but for some reason excuses the sweeping destruction of mechanics and gameplay in unrelated elements of the game. If it were just me playing, I’d have it stripped right out of the game. But people like it. And their money funds the game just like mine does. Every dollar counts and that revenue dictates the quality of game we are going to get. So thank the pvp hamsters and their nerfstorm that I have a game to play I guess.
Everyone’s feedback makes the game better…maybe even yours.

SWTOR is the MMO with the most recorded voice acting, if one the features that makes it stand out from other MMOs is suddenly gone it’s no wonder people want it back.

Guys we love Gree !
So many Helix’s to gather hope it would last a month 😉

Though we need a few new cool mounts and some new gear for the old players to motivate them so they have something that want to get.

And a few more Helix drops from the H4 would be good too.

I have played for years, but circumstances have led to me missing all Gree events but one (two counting this week). Next week should allow me to get to the highest rep rank. So I am happy to see the return of the event, and to see the extension. And I’m always happy to see the Rakghoul event return, even though I have completed those achievements and have the highest reputation level… because I know not everyone has, and those players should get their chance to participate. Stop being crazy and selfish, guys. It’s not like activating this event is somehow delaying new content for you. That’s gonna be slow in getting here no matter what.

Ooooh! A maintenance later this week. I wonder what will be broken by this maintenance.

First guess: Gree Light Pillar (blue) will disappear
Second Guess: Player heads will become invisible
Third guess: Matrix cubes disappear

Are there any new Gree vendor items? Or is this just more of the same? Btw, we need more legacy gear… a lot more 😛

Tvm Dulfy. Not saying it’s a bad event, I used to love it so much, specially 1st and 2nd times, the environment and feel of the whole thing is awesome, I love the gree voices. Just wished there was more stuff added to it (more gameplay/items). Regards.

Swtor having “issues” due to its fail choice of game engine. Absolutely nothing new here ppl, Swtor is merely circling the drain faster than usual, move along, don’t get caught in it’s fecal wake…

Stuff happens, move on. Go outside or something ;D they are doing their best, it is an online game after all. THESE things do happen.

For those of you saying “nerf pvp” and making assumptions that it’s their fault classes are being nerfed, you should really take a closer look. It is not pvp or pvpers causing these nerfs. It is people like this guy…………..

How many times and how many posts do we see in the forums that show people bragging about high numbers. How about the people that 4-manned underlurker pre-nerf and had 5k dps each?

This is raw data that is collected by bioware. But when you have people bragging that they do great numbers for whatever reason Bioware will act. They will act because their big mouths undermine other classes’ dps numbers. In response to this, other classes begin to ask for “buffs”. BW refuses to buff the classes and instead gives nerfs to the classes with the players that have big mouths.

The guy from the link I posted for example has opened up a huge can of worms. Now, not only does it appear that BW will fix the circle OP bug, but they may even NERF saber reflect. And guess why? Because one dude tried it, bragged about it, and now everyone wants to abuse the bug (See torque pre-reflect-nerf).

Stop blaming pvpers. This is the most ignored portion of the entire game which includes GSF. These dudes havent had a new map in ages.

I kinda see your point. I believe it all started when someone in the forums made a topic asking everyone to post their parse numbers. I think it went to people’s big heads a bit.

My main is a Jugg dps. And to be honest with you, I have been very worried that saber reflect would be nerfed. I think Bioware gave us a pass with Torque’s Fire reflect and just fixed the fire. I don’t think we will get another pass.

I want to stay positive but when people post things like this it is clear that the end result will be bad for all players of the class in question.

lmfao yeah right dude. Knowing the morons at BW this will happen:

They’ll fix the circle bug but break something in the process
They’ll buff saber reflect rather than nerf it.

or if they don’t fix the circle bug what theyll do is:

Lurker Adds model: All melee dps will receive extra damage from Ziost boss during the breaking the rift shit.

BW is stupid but they’re not a-holes. They won’t nerf a class into obli……….I cant even finish that sentence

And the lesson here is:
Never post top parse numbers anywhere in public where all the crybabies will find them and start asking for Nerfs based on these posts and their stupidity.

Keep your top score private save the future of the Game.

You can defend all you want but we all know it is pvp that needs to go. And their players. Nerf pvp. Remove it. GSF is a joke. Warzones are always lopsided. And then to add insult to injury the morons that pvp get owned in matches, ask for nerfs, BW listens, and pve goes to the poopoo house.

There is zero doubt that this is all pvp’s fault.

We don’t blame PvP ‘ers we only blame the Whiners, the Complainers and the Nerf lovers that’s the only ones we blame for this mess !

And 1 more, the Damn devs that listen to these idiots and make a Nerfing madness all over.

so in agreement with you get rid of pvp on the pve server so pvper will go on pvp server and leave us the f..k alone to pve 😛 pvper are cry babies and will stay cry babies no matter what

This week and the next one my Home will be on ILLum !
Saving the Universe from the damn Greever droids.

And I’m doing one more thing, paroling the PvP area and kick ass to the asses that attack alone players trying to do their dailies in the mid area.

Join me on this effort and lets kick some asss and bring Justice, see you mid area !

Got a lot of guiltiest who need legacy off hands, so this error works out in everyone’s favor with the event lasting longer.

Now if only PVE’ers would stop grieving about getting attacked by PVP’ers in the *GASP* PVP Zone!

They really need to add a Grey Helix as a quest reward on one of the solo quests. Most Xeno groups wont take you unless your geared to the max. I tanked the Hero 4 on my 50 Vanguard once, but most groups wont take me for that either.

Xeno is not bolstered unless they changed it for this edition and I’m not aware of this change. That is why no one will take you for the ops.

In the case of H4 as a low level character I have never had a problem with finding a group. The world is bolstered, so just inform those who seem to not know about it.

You can do SM Xeno just fine in 186 Basic Comm gear or in 190 Ziost gear. HM Xeno is where I can see people getting picky about gear reqs though.

I know. I was replying to @shaundaly:disqus because he wondered why his 50 is not welcomed in the Xeno ops.

You can still do H4 but totally agree on the Helix drop rates Heroic need to drop at least 3 and maybe all dailies done 1 more.

1 From the Heroic only is just not enough to gather for the mounts, weapons etc.

yeah bioware rebalanced it for lvl 60 therefore lvl 50 players arent allowed to enter xeno anymore you can still do the herioc for the 1 helix per day but it sucks

as far as xeno himself just have to know tactics on hm aswell as having a solid dps output cause you will enrage and wipe if you cant kill him within 7 minutes + the few seconds he needs to charge up for the wipe

for sm just 186 basic comm gear or the ziost gear you get as rewards will do fine
for hm i recommend optimized 192 rated gear or better or setbonus but its not a must but will help big time

havent been able to play much but thats due to my poor dog being sick:( going to take her to a animal vet today so i pray it isnt seruous but i did made legend status last week so im happy atm

What happened to the dog ?

If you are legend already then its all about the Helix’s, Heroics and Xeno Operations only.

its not looking good for her, she could have an infection in her uterus she is getting a echoscan and they will talk how to proceed after it

as far as the helixes and such well for me its only 1 per day cause i can only do the herioc, the weekly passes for operations are being sold for over 450k and thats something i cant afford as a prefered player sadly (did do it on my sniper twice sm/hm cause i had an ops pass on that one)

but yeah legend status its awesome, had enough helixes to buy the single saber for my jug and double bladed saber for my shadow
but as i said havent played in 3 days now cause of my poor dog.

just to give you an update if you wanna know, its not an infection at her uterus but a bladderinfection that is why she could not walk, pee, poop or stand up she has gotten an injection with a medication that will work for 24 hours and on thursday we have to go back for another echoscan and we will get to hear a plan on dealing with the infection

but all things considered she is doing a bit better not as much as i hoped but baby steps hopefully she can atleast sleep tonight.

Why do we care about your dog? How empty is your life that you have to tell everyone on a game site? Why don’t you tell us about you.

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