SWTOR Hypercrate Platinum Packs

SWTOR Developers went on the forums to discuss the inclusion of the Platinum Packs inside Hypercrates with shipment 7.

Hypercrate Platinum Packs! | 05.12.2015, 06:11 PM

Hi all!

I wanted to take a moment and talk about a new and exciting feature we have recently added to our Hypercrates – Platinum Packs!

What is the Platinum Pack?

The Platinum Pack is a new pack found in addition to the 24 Packs already received within a Hypercrate – think of these as bonus packs! Each Platinum Pack contains a random Super Rare or better item from the pack contents. So for the Deep Core Pack, this could include the Armored Coastal Varactyl, a piece of the Dark Legionnaire’s Armor Set, or the Throne of Enlightenment!

So now that we know what this new pack is, let’s take a moment to discuss it some. The Platinum Pack is currently a test feature, and as such, it has not been determined if the Packs will exist past Shipment 7. While we feel it brings additional value to the Hypercrate purchasing experience, we also want to ensure this is something everyone finds value in and enjoys. Our continuation of these packs will be entirely up to you!

As we continue moving into the Mid Rim Packs, we will be tightening down on the contents of the Platinum Pack to only includeselect Super Rare or better items. This means that while the pack will have less items in it, the items should be more desirable. This update is being made based on the feedback we have already received from the Deep Core Platinum Pack, so we want to thank you for that!
We hope you enjoy this addition to the Hypercrate experience, and look forward to your feedback!

Hypercrate Platinum Packs! | 05.13.2015, 02:30 PM

Hi all,

Here are some answers to some of the more common questions we have seen come up.

Are Platinum Packs going to change the drop rate of the packs themselves?
No, Pack drop rates will remain untouched. The Platinum Pack is simply an additional bonus pack with a more select set of items associated with it.

Is content within the Platinum Pack exclusive to the Platinum Pack?
No. All items obtained from a Platinum Pack can be obtained from the regular pack of the same name. The Platinum Pack simply gives an additional (and better) opportunity to obtain one of the more desirable items from the Pack.

What is the Bind rule for Platinum Packs?
Platinum Packs are Bind On Pickup. It is our goal to keep Platinum Packs as a bonus to the Hypercrate experience, and not a replacement of our existing packs. However, the contents of the Platinum Packs retain their normal bind rules.

Thank you for the feedback thus far!

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87 replies on “SWTOR Hypercrate Platinum Packs”

Do you guys think they’ll come out with parallel SIth decorations in the next pack like they had Jedi deco in the Deep Core one?

Pretty sure they will. This is a Deep Core pack, so wait for “Seat of the Empire” pack, or something like that.

Christ I hope so, I need it to polish off my Dromund Kaas. I just hope they don’t give us a stupid Malgus statue or something stupid like a clock. I’d like the stuff you actually see on Korriban and Dromund Kaas

My guess is one Sith themed, then Mandalorian themed (Been enough hints for such decos) and the last pack in the shipment I’m unsure.. Underworld/Cartel themed?

Pretty sure my Platinum Pack did not land me a Super Rare. I got the Rugged Infantry Helmet, and I was pretty bummed about it, such “crappy” item…

and you really expected them to give the good stuff?? Don’t we know better than that by now?

I assumed I would be given a Super Rare item, as per description. Rugged Infantry is not a Super Rare, I think

go look in the collections at everything that is “super rare” and tell me there is not a huge quality gap there. loads of junk is marked as super rare

Super Rare (and Ultra Rare) items have a golden CC sign on them. I’m pretty sure the Rugged Infantry set is SR. What, you expected each platinum pack (which is a free extra surprise pack) to yield one of the very most rare items? They wouldn’t be so rare, then, would they? I think it’s great that they gave us an extra, free item – and I think it’s amazing it’s SR or better.

Well, yes, I expected to get an item that I did not get nearly two full sets of from the crate…
Don’t get me wrong, free stuff is always great, I just think that the Platinum Packs should land you one of the really cool looking stuff.

However, this is the problem I have with packs in general, a lot of the items that are “super rare” are just flat out ugly and have this rarity only to block other cools stuff…

So that every time you buy a hypercrate, you get one of the really cool items on the side? Then everyone gets those items and they’re not rare anymore.

No they don’t. They don’t make one item rare to make another item more rare. That makes absolutely no sense. If anything, making ugly items more rare would only make room to make cool stuff less rare. Anyway, they can set anything to be as rare as they want, and then fill out the gaps with more non-SR items.

I really dislike Chance Boxes. And, I doubt this bonus would do much to alleviate this distaste.

I think it enables addictive behaviors. I also feel it offers a negative play experience by forcing a jealousy gap between the “Haves” and the “Have Nots.”

I understand an F2P Model needs to make money. But, there has GOT to be a better way to do this. You want to make giving money to you a pleasant experience for the customer. Nothing about spending money, and getting garbage because of bad luck, is pleasant.

If you have addictive issues, then do not open the packs. Buy the whole packs, sell them unopened on GTN, and buy what item you want from other on GTN.

And outside of selling skins, nobody has come up with a better way to make a F2P MMO generate money.

I hate to make this comment but people complained about play to win, so they decided to make money on cool armor which did not have the limitation of needing to having something look better to upgrade to. When we were all playing a sub fee no one had to worry about the game not getting updated… the updates seem to happen after one of the crazy cartel packs drops now so clearly the cartel crates are basically paying for the game. That said it really sucks when you kill your self setting aside time or money or both to get the set you want and miss it by one piece to see it sit on the GTN for 15 to 20 million credits for six months to year until it drops in price because their is a second chance at the items… I can make about million credits every six ops if it get lucky but usually the gear needs to go to the people gearing up so the gree event and selling off sets I get from the cartel flash sales that I already have generally pay for my stuff. So maybe post that the loot tables for the crate suck or something because I hate to lose another shot at tuluk hord’ set or some other cool set because instead of them killing off the second chance sales instead of maybe making some of really cool sets a little less exclusive. though if someone finds a way where I don’t have to spend weeks farming ops to get what ever set I happen to like or dump money on the cartel market on top of my sub I would it if someone would find a way to give who ever makes the money calls to keep the game running. lol.

Yeah blam SWTOR for your inability not gamble. Let everyone have the exact same thing because of jealousy. Welcome to the Soviet Union. If you are a “have not” quit playing this game, get off your lazy ass, and get a job.

While I agree with you that Bioware/SWTOR’s lottery box is a bunch of shit (rather see The Secret World type store where there is a huge selection of armor and weapon skins to choose from individually), you need to forget buying packs like I do. Just do dailies, get the money and then pick and choose what you want to buy off the GTN. With so many daily planets now, making money is so piss easy.

Everyone is on this guys case like hes a sweating jittering gambling addict, where I think they mean more that forcing us to spend and spend on a rancom chance is silly. And I definitely have to agree if that is what they are getting at. Other than grab bags for little kids, and jewelry bags at some fashion shops, you dont find alot of respectable places selling random stuff, and you have to question the morality of a vendor that puts items that are shitty on purpose into those packs, with a higher chance of dropping than the items you know people are going to want.
Thats where the packs fail. 6 reskinned mounts nobody cares about, and nobody EVER uses, and one shiny new hotness that everyone wants. Cyber armor over and over and over, to a point where it has ZERO resale value. Antique weapons that aren’t worth the storage space they take up on your mule alt. Why? Why not 4 interesting and desirable things, and 1 extra desirable? Because they want you to get that gambling shake. They want you to buy another crate and that trash you just got is the negative reinforcement to keep you going.
Shame on them for not sharing our enthusiasm for cool things. If this was done right, there wouldn’t be buyers remorse, and the resale value on things wouldn’t be as insane as it is now.

Actually, I know several restaurants that offer something like “Chef’s surprise”, etc.
And I am pretty sure that most car dealerships allow you to take whatever car you want for a spin before buying, assuming you plan it ahead with them.

I am sure, given the size of the populated world there is some restaurant out there that may sell mystery food, doesnt make it a good idea…or appetizing…or wise given potential for food allergies. Not even going to address the car thing…you didnt just go off the rails there, you crashed into an orphanage and exploded.

There is something about trolls you may not know. It sucks when they are boring.

Forget pvp its not for you stay with the pve content as most of us do much better anyway.

Lol how much? Really the point of them saying this is so that people like you that got the shaft can tell them and they can adjust the drops so that doesn’t happen in the future. It says iit in the last paragraph. Just send them feedback.

Platinum pack was a waste of effort opening for me, but hopefully they’ll improve it in the next run of packs.

Because nobody buys those mods and augments you can make, right? Or even the old armor now that you can freely switch stuff without worrying about mods…

The cartel market took pretty much all of the old craft-only armour sets and sold them for cc.

Without the CM, you’d be missing the days when you could play this game….as there wouldn’t be one.

my super rare pack gave me a hawkeye empeth crystal…. the second one was a pair of leggings -_-

Yeah, got 2 of those crystals in my 2 crates. I’m guessing that’s what they referenced at the end there about making the “super rare” items a smaller list….these packs had some items that weren’t all that great.

My Pack gave me a Mono-cycle, as soon as it unbound straight to the GTN it went for 7 mil. I like what there though process is on the pack; if they just tighten up a bit on the select items I think it will be a very nice addition.

I sold a spare hawkeye Empeth crystal for almost a million. I don’t get what’s bad about getting that in a free extra surprise pack which they gave you just to be nice…

I’ve gotten a Satele Statue which looks amazing, and then Dark Legionnaire boots, so so far I’m very happy with it.

But ensuring that it is exclusive the best stuff is great, especially those that are wanting to make some money on the GTN.

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooor Bioware could just go The Secret World way and make a whole cartel market full of different armors, speeders etc for us to pick and choose what we want to purchase without having to play the lottery game of cartel packs. But then that wouldn’t net Bioware as much money so it isn’t for us really they make these platinum boxes. They just want more money by adding another incentive to play yet another lottery inside a lottery.

Or they could start making more of the class story missions that everyone seems to agree is the best part of the game. Each month release a “story pack” with the new missions. This pack would be free for subs or cost cc for non subs.
I also agree that the rare items should be up for individual purchase. I think they would make more money that way. I know a lot of people that would buy certain items if they were up for sale, but feel the packs are a waste of money and won’t buy them.

At no point in my post did I suggest they take the same time. I was just offering Bioware an avenue for making a lot of money. The story missions would, obviously, have a different price point than the packs.

Yes, he does, and that’s why he knows you’re wrong. (lol)

Pay to Win doesn’t refer to microtransactions EXISTING or being adjusted by the devs.

Pay to Win specifically refers to a player paying (sometimes as a requirement) in order to win.

Since this stuff doesn’t help anyone “win”, it is simply not correct to use the term Pay to Win in this situation.

Sorry, but… terms and phrases do have specific meanings.

Translation: We have gimped the drop rate on super rare items to the point where most people have smartened up and stopped buying these things. Here is a new carrot.

I agree. In reality, the hypercrates were the only pack related worth buying anyway. Individual packs seem like a waste of money. I haven’t bought any of the hypercrates, but most people report getting 3-4 good items (really rare) items per hypercrate pack. I guess now it is 3-4, with a bonus roll.

SWTOR needs to rework the rarity system, period.

Its stupid when 7/9 pack items are super-rare and hardly drop, lo.

Why made Apple much money with the iTunes store?

Because a song was 99 ct, and not $9,99!

Sell one item for 25 bucks, you earn 25 bucks.

Sell 25 items for 5 bucks, you make 125 bucks!
It’s that easy. They would make much more money if the packs would be much cheaper.

Digital/virtual items don’t cost the producer anything once they are created.

But if you sell 6 items you would make 150, vs 125 for your 25. Obviously there is a balance, but you don’t know that making them cheaper is better or not. Bias because you want stuff cheap does not make you right. It is up to their “sales department” to determine where that balance is.

So why don’t Apple sell laptops for $1 each? Then I’m sure they’d sell a lot of laptops…

Terrible analogy. You know what you are getting when you buy music, music is enjoyed by nearly everyone on the planet; not a small crowd in comparison, and the music industry is fighting against piracy that is rampant.

Try finding a torrent with your speeder in it…lol. Plus, packs are a gamble which most people can’t resist. They know this and use it to their advantage. I’m fine with it. I have the expendable cash and enjoy opening a HC or two a month. If you don’t have the cash, then don’t buy them. You don’t need the items in them to play the game.

Just fix the drop rates, jetpack and mono cycle are several million, mounts lots of people want but only the small few will get.

the problem is that if they were not rare then people couldn’t make millions with them and therefore will be less motivated to buy packs. They’d kill their own market if they did what you want.

They’ll be much cheaper/easier to obtain in a few months when they’ve released a few re-skinned variants, same as they’ve done with walkers, varactyls, etc.

No, I don’t believe they will. I think they will be like the rancors. There has only ever been one type of rancor released in the packs. What I don’t get is why they don’t release one for CC purchase. It would be a huge seller.

Because why should they make you able to buy something trough 2000 Coins if they can force you to buy twice as many coins into packs to get what you want?

The reason why the rancor is so rare is not merely because there was only one kind in the packs, though, but because of the special pack it was in.

I got one of these platinum packs and I got a piece of armor I alrdy had from a regular pack.
C’mon, more swag more swag and even more swag!

What, so none of the regular packs had something you got in another regular pack? That’s pretty lucky, because that’s how random works…

It’s an interesting idea as such, but it does have the tendency to drop rares that are not so rare. So for me the effect is not really interesting. Sure, if you get a cool item it’s nice but the chance of that seems slim, so these platinum packs are more of an afterthought to me. Still, I won’t say no to something free. I would, however, suggest they stick something in there, and it doesn’t have to be really rare items, that is not in the regular packs. Sort of a reward for buying a full crate I guess.

Very interesting idea, but i’ve got serious crap in mine, i think it should actually be a -good- piece all the time, instead of ‘just a chance’, since we actually pay for real money for that.

Please BW, be nice to those who actually support you 😀

Dude I know got bracers. Lol. I’d be less annoyed about the special pack if it at least included the normal stuff, like the rep item.

In 3 years of my SWTOR experience I think I have actually bought 10-15 (small one that cost 200CC) packs. I really couldn’t care less for the shit they put in since
1. Most of it are just reskins
2. Most of them are utter crap
3. Drop rates are slightly better than Gambling machine
4. Overall value of packs is shit
And I intend to keep it like this, and no carrot will make me thing otherwise.
What Biofail needs to do is to get their heads out of the fucking cartel market and focus on fixing things that are broken. E.g. operative rolls in huttball through the fire pit for 0 damage, fixing invisible fire on the floors of Torque HM and so on, not to mention server downs, lags and other crap that you experience on daily basis. I have seen all of the expansions since launch, and this one is by far worst one in terms of QA. I guess they can easily rename “early access” to “closed beta” since that was exactly how it felt when they have released it…

Thats you opinion of course and maybe the view from a complainers side.

There are bugs and fixes in all games ever created and will be created in the future, that will never change.
Its a natural law.

Also you can buy the stuff you want from Gtn, you dont have to buy packs unless you feel very lucky that the Ultra rare sht will drop on you.

You dont get it do you? First of all, bugs do exist in all games. Second of all, in all other games bugs DO get fixed. Here, not so much. Torque invisible fire is GAME BREAKING bug, especially for the progression guilds. Operative roll through fire pit with 0 damage is again game breaking, as you literally roll through one fire, drop down then another and voila. In SWTOR, they fix Corratani exploit while at the same time, God only knows how, they break cooldown on legacy travels. That is what Im talking about. Also, Credit explosion is ranked as super rare. So it is a monocycle, also known as Mr.Garrisons IT Bike. I see lots of comments below where people got Credit explosion (seriously, 80k credits is ranked as Super rare?) while a t the same time I dont see much people bragging about getting good stuff from them.
Bottom line is, if people would vote with their wallets about CC changes and gear, Bioware might be actually do something about it. But, sadly, each carrot BW throws at us (and by us I mean you regarding CC updates) we take it. Circle of life

In 10 years from now you will come to different conclusions.

All games are the same no matter how many times you quit one to start another sooner or later you will come to the same conclusion as the one you wrote above.
Thats gaming, thats Life, take it or leave it, Tennis is nice too, even there are a few bugies on that too.

Operatives roll in fire, so what, who gives a sht about a class thats very rarely played in a random wzn that may never come up on the dailies.
As for the rest bugs all can be worked through nothing is too big or too crazy.

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