SWTOR Relics of the Gree event running May 12-26

SWTOR Relics of the Gree event is here for one week from May 12 to May 26

Gree event is back since its last appearance back in Feb/March. Everything remains the same but if you need a refresher on what to do you can consult this guide for the Gree event.

In related news, there is a one liner patch notes for today’s 3.2b maintenance. Looks like you can no longer do the Colossal Monolith by stacking behind the boss and just heal through the colored rift mechanic.

  • The Colossal Monolith’s “Breaking the Rift” Ability now properly channels for its entire duration.


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43 replies on “SWTOR Relics of the Gree event running May 12-26”

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to dip out on this event, what with all the 12x XP running I have still to do.

Perhaps the next time it comes around, whenever that is.

And this decision only being made after a long round of cerebral conflict…

12x XP is running until the Fall. Taking a week off shouldn’t really be that bad should it? How many toons are you trying to level?

As many as humanly possible of my over 60 characters that I can get to 55 and thus avoid having to ever grace KDY again, the better.

And for Holyfrog, who I’m sure is really just cheesed off that I got in the first post here, Relics of the Gree is a very good event, and I very much regret not being able to do it this time around.

But there is this to consider; by the time the event next comes around, I’ll hopefully have many more 60s and 55+s to undertake it because it is, as I have said, a very good, very fun event.

I have 66 in all, 22 for each of the English-speaking RP servers that exist in the game, I’m happy with being on just those three.

KDY takes a toll on my mental state, as it would anyone’s, really, so I’m hoping to get all of mine to at least 49-50; hence I cannot partake of the Gree event.

Incidentally, since May 4th, I’ve gotten 5 to 55 from various levels (27, some in their 30s and 40s), two to 48, who’ve already commenced Makeb.

And thank you, I shall indeed endeavour to rock the galaxy

Follow up question. Why do you care? Why have you taken the time to respond? Personal choice.

Follow up question to your follow up question. Why do you care that he cares? Why are you taking the time to question his question? He had a valid point you do not.

Response to your d*ckhead response to my response to another d*ckhead. You seem to be the type who needs things written out in crayon for him/her, so I will oblige. The bottom line is, good ol’ Stanley was being a troll because someone was expressing what he was going to do, or better yet – took the time to do so. Yet, he did the exact same thing – took the time to respond to what seems to be a very benign comment. Stanley was being a negative nancy/debbie downer/troll because it made him feel better about being him. So I playfully responded to his trollness. Got it pookie?

Not you idiot the original post was a pointless, narcissistic, pay attention to me, even though I have nothing to say comment. NOONE needs to know or cares that he’s going to skip the event. And by he I’m pretty sure I mean you.

Yeah! You tell him! 🙂 lol

Having said that, there is something to be said about the original post. Not as many people will be on ilum for the gree event, due to 12x exp for subs. Less people = less competition for mobs? Orrrr less people to do the op? Just sayin’

OT: Conquest… the Conquest timer says: 2d 22h 40m 30 sec.

It’s now Tuesday, shouldn’t it run longer than 3 days? I count 5 days till sunday.

No surprise, really, was just hoping they’d give people some reason to do it. If they don’t update old event vendors then they need to do new events.

Why do they have to do either? If people keep playing and paying without demanding more for their money Bioware isn’t going to lift a finger to do anything. Why waste the resources when they can be better spending changing armor colors and recycling weapons for people to waste money on in the Cartel Market.

That, sadly, seems to be the case. And people lap it up for some reason. Probably just because it saws ‘Star Wars’ on it :/

Need new/more events with option to buy legacy offhand. Gree Event is so goddamn boring, was fun the first few times. But I guess I have to runt trough it again -.-

Out of curiosity, what about the added patch notes prevents the stack and burn strategy on the Monolith? I noticed the ability ended early by about 2 seconds last week, but is it supposed to be an instant wipe if it does?

I’m curious about this too. The channel actually stopped at 5.5 seconds remaining which was a que for the tanks to run off if they needed to.

Like other posts I’m always wondering why they couldn’t add/or replace some of the same reputation vendor items. There’s a gree mount that you can only get in nightmare TFB, the few people who had obtained the mounts were folks were the try-hards that burn out of mmo’s in under a year. It would be nice to see this mount available at the gree vendor let’s say for 100 Gray Helix Components.

Agreed. No reason they couldn’t add some more Gree decor at the least though, maybe some Gree NPC’s? Would actually do the event for Gree NPC’s.

I have 100+ of the helix comms sitting in my legacy bank. Xeno doesn’t drop set bonus gear. Not much of a reason for me to do this, they need to at least add a random unassembled piece loot drop. At least for HM.

Am I the only one around here who still likes hangin’ with the Gree? And the Monoliths on Ziost? And with the Hutts on Makeb? And Malgus out in space? C’mon folks, this is a space RPG, not just a grind for better gear. Have some fun!

We do man we love the Gree and the Monoliths, I’m all the time on Ziost too searching for World boss groups.
Illum will be my home now till the event is over.

Most of the fun is in these events anyway.

You all worry about some really stupid stuff like 12 xp and conquest. Pfft.

We all know PvP needs to disappear. Nerf PvP.

Also, BW really hates it when people cheese operations mechanics. No more stacking huh? Lol.

ah damn why not till 28th may bioware that will be my birthday :(:(:(:(:(:(:(
but still 2 weeks of gree only need 2 days to get to legend status so ill do the missions each day for credits 😛

Whoo hoo!!! I was NOT expecting a Gree event. This is the one event that I will pause leveling to have fun with. My goal is to get a pistol, rifle, and an offhand. See you all there.

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