SWTOR Season 5 PvP Rewards Teaser

The teaser for the Season 5 Ranked PvP rewards is out! Top ranking PvPers in Season 5 can expect a Gladiatorial Nexu mount as one of the rewards.

Glorious PvPers! Season 5 is upon us and we hope everyone is enjoying the intense action. Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark cordially invite you to dismember each other for their entertainment, all in the hope of taking home some exceptional prizes from their personal collection of antiques and cherished goods!

Without further ado, here is the concept for the Tier 1 reward. This should give you a taste of what is in store for gladiators of the arenas this season:

This mount is just one of the rewards available in Season 5. In addition to this Nexu mount, Giradda will be offering unique Decorations, Titles, Color Crystals, as well as a unique Gladiatorial weapon set. Additionally there is a Top 96 character reward and, of course, the Black-Silver Striated Color Crystal Lockbox (the seasonal crystal reward last seen in Season 4). Stay tuned for more information on these rewards later in the Season.

To those that are about to die, Baron Deathmark salutes you (Giradda is indifferent at this point, his recognition depends on how entertaining the death is). Enjoy Season 5!

Happy Hunting!

By Dulfy

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91 replies on “SWTOR Season 5 PvP Rewards Teaser”

those black-silver pvp crystals look really sweet…I wish the WZ passes also counted toward ranked arenas, I really think it would help boost the PvP scene.

yeah…i think you should have full ranked gear to do ranked PvP.

I mean it sounds like space logic to me but who knows what B-Ware thinks.

As soon as they drop the number of comms it takes to buy the higher gear, I’ll agree with you. Took me the entire season 4 to get a new character up to 7 pieces of 174 gear. I ran in unranked for 3/4 of the season (dropping only when I had the bad luck to get huttball arenas because they aren’t worth the expense of time usually). I ran in ranked zones for the last two weeks of the season in order to try and get silver (the weapons). I made it to 1317. If bioware wanted to limit the trolls in ranked pvp (“team up to just get your score and the silver crystals!”), then bioware should (1) lower the 174 prices or (2) offer the unranked a seasonal prize of the crystal. Don’t require a certain score to earn it, instead require a number of matches played or a number of matches won.

174 gear is barely different to 168s. As long as you have 2018 expertise, you are fine in ranked. Blaming losses on the fact that you haven’t spent months farming out a full set of 174 gear isn’t really going to work, I’m afraid.

I actually wasn’t blaming losses on anything, and I challenge you to point out where I was. I was simply countering Kiri’s statement that there are too many undergeared players in ranked (aka trolls according to Kiri). If bioware were to require any type of minimum gear rating, they would need to lower the cost of said gear.

I have seen players equipped with a mixture of blue 172s and green 162/168 that get a 2018 bolster expertise. They have wiped the floor against players in full 174 pvp gear. I WOULD blame that on bioware’s wacky class nerfs, not gear.

Uh, bullshit. Bolster subtracts expertise based on each individual mod equipped. 162 bits have the least impact, a full set will likely leave you with ~2000-2018 expertse. You can’t say that makes it easy to kill max-geared PvPers, bolster does not give you equal stats to what you would have in full augmented 168s. Not even close.

168s? You’ll be left with ~1900 expertise in a full set.

172s. You can be anywhere from ~1600-1800 expertise with a more or less full set of that.

Now, let’s analyze. 172 gear gives you less stats than someone in full 174 gear will have. You can’t argue with that, that’s just a fact, that’s what rating is. And it’s very true that smart, good PvPers can wipe the floor with complete morons in full gear whilst wearing sensibly chosen PvE gear. Bolster is not broken at max level, sorry to break it to you.

Also, that sneaky edit of your first post. Impressive.

“I have seen players equipped with a mixture of blue 172s and green 162/168 that get a 2018 bolster expertise.”
Bolster subtracts expertise based on each individual mod equipped. 162 bits have the least impact, a full set will likely leave you with ~2000-2018 expertse. You can’t say that makes it easy to kill max-geared PvPers, bolster does not give you equal stats to what you would have in full augmented 168s. Not even close.

168s? You’ll be left with ~1900 expertise in a full set.

172s. You can be anywhere from ~1600-1800 expertise with a more or less full set of that.

Now, let’s analyze. 172 gear gives you less stats than someone in full 174 gear will have. You can’t argue with that, that’s just a fact, that’s what rating is. And it’s very true that smart, good PvPers can wipe the floor with complete morons in full gear whilst wearing sensibly chosen PvE gear. Bolster is not broken at max level, sorry to break it to you.

That said, I missed the part where you said you don’t blame it on gear. Uh, if you’re a good player and you can’t beat a bad player, either you were incredibly unlucky and got hit without any cooldowns to spare or RNG just didn’t favour you. Nerfed into the ground or not, even some of the typical “weakest” classes people can name (i.e. sniper and marauder) can wipe the floor with people effortlessly if played properly.

Also, allowing people to queue for what they like means we’re going to be playing the same popular warzones (probably the ones where people can just faceroll without caring about objectives) over and over again whilst the less popular ones barely ever pop. Such variety, wow.

Totally agree on this !
The passes should open Ranked arenas too that should really help to power up with more population the few crazies that play with each other only all the time.

Of course this means that we’ll probably get a nexu mount (which I’ve wanted for a long time) on the Cartel Market in the next few months.
What I’d still love to see in the future would be an acklay mount 🙂

Bring the Nexus and the Acklays!!! This looks great, too bad I don’t pvp. Then again, it feels great that I don’t pvp.

With the way GTN pricing has gone lately, I hope they go with oversaturation on the Nexu mounts when they start cartel marketing them. Or better yet, have a direct buy version where a share of the points go toward a big cat charity. Because otherwise this is the next thing that lunatics that luck out will be charging 25+ million for.

So, I have a vision of the near future where we have a bunch of blond male Juggernauts/Guardians in red loin cloths carrying the Vigilant sword while riding this armored Nexu. They’ll all have some version of the He-man name and will call the mount Battlecat.

They could put the craziest, most badass looking mount ever made in gaming history, but I’ll NEVER play PvP in swtor. It just sucks really bad, people exploit it, it’s repetitive and if you don’t play with ppl in TS you’ll never achieve a godd**n nothing because the other team (which always plays on TS) whacks you

Yes. That’s for sure. You cry and rant here in a post about ranked rewards, because you don’t care.

Don’t worry man, if you see a nexu mount in a ranked pvp reward teaser, it means that it’ll be out in a pack or on a cm sale soon.

As someone who achieved server #1 in S4 by a few hundred rating whilst never using TS ever for PvP, and sees pugs chewing up those glorious “unstoppable” teamspeak premades.. yeah, what you said makes so much sense. Little strange, hating on PvP because you’re unable to be powerful enough to solo 4 people.

Let me guess!
Since if you say sniper I will know you are lying
See the problem in current state of PvP?

You sound like a retard. PvP is really part 2 of any mmo. Only after you’ve mastered every class is when you can really compete in PvP. Pver will never understand that because “Los, avoid red aoe, stack for heals, and dps adds” are one too many things to remember while playing a game. Saving burst for heals, interrupts on casters, chain stuns, peeling for heals, surviving while guarding heals against 5 dps, every class has its intended purpose along side it’s spec’do class. Dot spread dps to wear down heals, tanks to protect objectives and or heals, stealth to apply pressure to nodes or steal if you can chain sap. PvP is dynamic. If you can’t make on the fly decisions, then no PvP isn’t for you. If you read guides on the upcoming raids, and still wipe because you suck at following simple instructions, then stick to Pve. We don’t want you to PvP, unless you play imp, then queue all day.

This right here is why I don’t PVP. PVPers that think they are better than everyone else. I’m glad you got your game down, slick, but your attitude that people who don’t PVP, “Can’t hack it” is what gives non-PVPers, who might be interested, the distinct impression that are you are all little bastards who just want to talk crap about everyone else. My personal favorite bit is when you do so… ad nauseum.. in Gen chat because you’re too simple to keep your PVP nonsense in PVP chat.

Totally agree with you. All the PvPers think they’re somehow above PvE: “Oh Bioware sux when we gettin our class changes for PvP.” I hate when they cater to PvP and screw those of us who play PvE with the class changes (thanks guys, guess my operative isn’t viable for dps in PvE but at least you got your stupid nerf). All you PvPers can continue to whine about everyone sucking at PvP, but just know that as totally awesome as you may be at PvP you’ll still be lesser than a fully geared, experienced raider.

After all the latest Nerfs and quitters that join the arenas wont even bother with ranked.

Let the whiners kill each other to eternity.

What they really need is a method to prevent players with sub 2018 expertise from entering ranked. that would solve many issues. not all of them but quite a few.

Also like I’ve advocated for quite some time now, introduce PvE/PvP versions of the specs & when in PvP change how abilities work, (we already know buffs affect ability damage/CD’s etc) That way you can separate PvE class changes form PvP and everybody is happy

Agree on this.
But need something for the quitters too.
Lock them out of the season after 3 quits for example.

Unless they offer free dancers as companions I’m not playing that ranked mess up.
Lag on wzns is killing me

Yep they specified titles, crystals, decos, and weapon set but not an armor set so im assuming they aren’t releasing an armor set because they didn’t specify the armor last season and there wasn’t one…..that blows I was so looking forward to a new pvp ranked armor set

Just wish it was actually fair :/

Would love to compete but there’s just no point, regardless how much I’d like to earn the rewards.

Being someone who just loves to criticize EAware on laziness eg reskinning, using the same models/ animation files etc for a long time running. Only the other day (lliterally 2 days ago) I was thinking

“wouldn’t it be awesome to have a nexu mount or better yet a fricken Acklay? I mena why havn’t they done it yet they can just do the usual and reuse the varactyl animations, wouldn’t be the same but oh well”

I’m happy to report EAware got part of that request right at least. PvP is a mess no doubt about it but hopefully I can pull together my squishy sorc and get enough wins in to just qualify for something above T3. I could just wait until it’s on CM but it’ll probably cost 3k+ cc.


nerf PvP

Fear not. For those who do not pvp, a variation (read RESKIN) of the Nexu mount will be in a future Cartel pack much like the rancor was.

and the Walker (although to lesser extent) and they shamelessly threw out the Talon Cutter clone after the crates got it

The Nexu will use the new Vrake animations, no ghetto re-used dewback or varactyl animations. I was riding my Vrake last night and I just love how it moves (weird wing thingies and all) it lopes like a large cat and I suddenly realized….holy crap…it moves like a cat. I think this means we get Nexu soon! Next day, Nexu picture. Called it Pyre. I called it. Now if only we could convince them to put one in the game that is earned through a quest line.


They need to implement a system that locks out grievers from queuing for an amount of time.

If someone quits a ranked arena, they get locked out of the queue for 10 minutes. If they do it again, 25 minutes. A third time, 60 minutes. A fourth, the whole day. Fifth, the rest of the week.

Also, if people are quitting that much, it should be a red flag on the moderation side to do some damn enforcement.

As long as they can’t see the difference between crashing and leaving? No thnx..
Already losing rating from clearly won matches -_-

Not only that, but people who /stuck a match once should be locked out of queue for 24 hours, 2nd strike, a week. 3rd strike, you’re done for the season.

Obviously, you can appeal a strike, if you were legitimately stuck, but the strike would remain in effect while BioWare reviews the appeal.

Name another game that does that?
I know that you kids are all in for PvP and mad skillz, hax0r names and shit, but coming from the guy who has family and kids, there is no single wz, reg or ranked that will pull me away if my kid needs me. And somehow I believe I’m not the only one…

WoW has done it for eight or nine years. Five or 10 minute wait if you leave the game early. You really couldn’t handle a 10 minute break from a ranked arena if something important comes up in your life? If you have important things going on around you that’s understandable, but that sucks for you. Don’t queue ranked until you can be alone for awhile or something. Queue regulars. Also your situation is no where near as common as “kids” quitting for bullshit reasons. The suggestion above helps more players than it hurts.

Ever heard of DC? No? Doesnt happen to you? Good for you. Other night I left the raid on HM Commanders in burn phase where 2 bosses were down and last one was on 10%. Kid spilled milk in the kitchen and broke some bowl, so yeah, I WILL quit everything and get clean up the mess and make sure that he dont hurt himself on the broken glass. Ranked IS penalized by -20 (or whatever) rank, so where is the issue there? And look at that muppets down suggesting stuck should earn you 24 hour ban. How retarded is that? You get stucked in the horrid bounding boxes of this game, and do /stuck. You are already on 1 min cooldown from respawning, and you get 24hr ban. You put ticket to biofail to appeal, while you are still banned. Seriously, people suggesting all kind of crap regarding PVP and its not even funny anymore. As said, stupid idea is stupid, simple as that. And if you dont like people quitting wz, queue group.

1. Most of your reply made little sense. 2. You didn’t make any points to counter mine. I stated above that things happen. They happen. They happen to me. They happen to everyone. This also isn’t about HM ops or warzone. We’re talking about ranked. Where many players leave ON PURPOSE on top of the people that have good reasons. Also, as I asked above, if something unexpected happens and you need to take care of your child, why would a 10 minute wait before your next queue bother you? Won’t you be taking care of your child for most of that time anyways? Wouldn’t bother me. Honestly none of this matters. The point is that adding a 10 or so minute wait between (specifically solo ranked) queues might suck for people that have legitimate reasons to leave, but the pros of it for solo ranked would greatly out-weigh the cons.

After big fiasco on season 4 i hoped they will learn a few things from their mistakes but no they have no brain to process it so this season will also be ruined by some OP classes. And it is 6 and a half months now and merc-mando healer 4 piece set item still not fixed so it is too much to expect some decent gameplay from this cartel market driven developers, they ruined this game ignoring anything but cartel market. Many great pvpers left game already and more will join them soon. But biofail people have no brain to realise it. You cant expect fanboys will save game with buying more and more cartel packs. Because soon they will get bored to decorating their strongholds.
RIP pvp in swtor 🙁

And there still lots of problems too, qsyncing is one of the biggest problem and still no fix that one. And still there is no full expertise requirement for ranked seasons so pve geared players will ruin your rank and with ranked pvp being part of conquest more will join ranked with no interest in season just there get some conquest point but just ruining others game experience. Solution is simple but biofail cant see it, actually they see all of this but it is not cartel merket item so they just ignore it.

So, for my Level 60 168/174 PVP geared and fully auged sniper are they:

1. Going to restore Purge to Evasion?
2. Fix Stealth Detection to where it was pre-3.0?
3. Return legacy 3% accuracy boost so I can put two cunning augs back in?
4. Restore my ability to aim orbital strike on the run?
5. Fix ballistic shield so it doesn’t shut down at 8 seconds on occasion?
6. Give the range that a sniper should have – longer than the other classes?

If not, I’ll keep my sniper on the shelf for PVP. PVP on my sniper was a blast pre-3.0 – an absolute nightmare after.


They already do have a longer range than other range classes, max they have is 30m as opposed to a sniper’s 35, and I thought stealth detection is working fine, we aren’t suppose to see them when they use Blackout or whatever other names it has.

Sorc, Sins, Juggs, etc, are able to close on me or interrupt my abilities BEFORE I can activate anything that registers THEM being within range.

This is another reason why we are nerfed…they almost always get to register the first move.

Furthermore, there are two pub classes (the one with the cannon thingy and the other who throws some “light wave” thingy) who are able to stand up to 10m outside my range – and launch a continuous ranged attack on me.

If I try to close, they backpedal WHILE continuing their continuing their ranged attack. The opposite – same problem. It’s really fricking annoying – and it begs the question:

Who is the sniper?

Either return the old capabilites I had – explosive probe, adrenaline probe, purge in evasion and working defenses – OR – if you’re going to call me a sniper – allow me in PVP to target and attack closing players at 50m, 60m, 70m, etc before their abilities can register on me.

I.e., if they’re melee – they’re gonna have to find a way to me (strategically) in order to get the upper hand. Make em work!


Right now it’s: Close > Register First Attack Before My Ranged Abilities Register Them > Stun > DoT

…and then run away if no healer is present knowing full well I’m dead in five seconds – cause there’s no longer Purge in Evasion.

I sometimes wonder if Snipers need to be renamed to something else in SWTOR pvp..


If you see someone backpedaling whiling trying to kite you, then they are stupid and any range above 40m is absolutely ridiculous.

firstly you’re insane for wanting that much range, secondly are you sure you are playing sniper? There is no class that can hit you outside of your range, and if you wanna be sure they can’t close the gap get in cover, they can’t leap to you like that (and if you want to be certain they won’t close the gap use entrench.) For sins who can sneak up on you with blackout or close the gap with force speed, wait for that cc immunity of theirs to wear off, then coverpulse and legshot them, and if you have to use covered escape to put some extra distance between you.

if that still isn’t enough you got your utilities, Reestablish range gives you a speedboost with shiv and a knockback on SoS and penetrating blasts, with you can stack with series of snares to slow the enemy. If keeping them away is that important, Imperial demarcation makes it so you can use Leg shot more often, and debilitating shots will slow them as well if you pick that up.

There are other abilities for the sake of defensives, and I don’t always pick up those ones above but they do have their options in regards to keeping people at bay and getting away.

First of all your troll is complete fail.

Second of all, Sniper is viable in WZ ONLY if babysitted. Period. The only AP that needs heavy support. Probe/Entrench/Balistic adds very little to that, and even if you survive opening from e.g. Concealment operative (because you know, you SHOULD be able to detect them), he will simply stealth out and reopen on you again. If he put a dot on you, you cant even heal since you are not out of combat. 1% healing buff is a joke, and no decent sniper EVER use that.

You get sin on 10k, he starts running away from you, you start casting ambush to finish him, and out of nowhere, considering its fucking melee class you have nice Lol slash from 30m, with both interrupt and mezz that last 4 seconds.

Now, please enlighten me what other class (maybe mercs, but with hydraulics on fast cooldown it still have upper hand) needs constant baby sitting? Even silly mara have vanish for the “oh shit” moments. Only utility on sniper that have “oh shit” tag on it, is silly Evasion (nerfed) that gives you 2 seconds of protection and aeon long cooldown. If you say roll, try that against jugg ravage.

Point is, if you have an AP that ANY other class can literally demolish (assuming player is decent) then you have a problem.

And with season 4 group ranked bronze on sniper I am telling you that even that I dont have much issues against poor player, against decently skilled any AP you will have much pain on sniper. What sniper need is little better defensive cooldowns and would be fun to play in wz. If I’m not so stubborn, I would shelve it for PvP and re-roll Sin, since Devs obviously adore them (check the leaderboards and see what AP’s are on top and by how much).

Thanks for chiming in…appreciate it.

Before 3.0, I could easily obtain 940-960k dps and win about a 1/3 – 1/2 of one on one engagements with Sins assuming no healer present. I did not have to have a healer sit on top of me cleansing and healing non-stop to be viable.

Purge in Evasion was a big part of that – explosive probe on a Sin trying to disengage and reengage was another.

And of course, with stealth at 30 stacks – I could see em coming at a long ways off and warn the ops while getting set for ’em.

After 3.0, I’m lucky if I’m able to surpass 300k dps – and that requires a healer to literally sit on me. The one occasion that did happen in Novare Coast – a Sin on our team put out 2.5 million dps and the healer put out 1.7 million in heals. That was the only time since 3.0 I was able to hit 960k dps.

Other than that, I just pray I can get off a few shots and AoE’s before a Sin or Sorc zones in on me to finish me off.

And now, those in stealth don’t have to hide or approach in a strategic manner, they can walk straight up to me in full LOS and not be seen until they launch an attack 5m in front of me. It’s that bad…

Saddest part was when I joined my son on Dromund Kaas rolling a Powertech. We stopped at the bridge by Grathan’s place just to see who was going by with 140+ people rolling new toons:

Sorc, Sin, Sin, Sin, Sorc, PT, Sin, Sorc, Sin, Sin, Sorc, PT, PT, Sin, Sin, Sorc…and on and on it went.

My son said it for me: “How come no one is rolling a sniper Dad?”

Thanks Bioware!!! =8-(

Uhhh.. you get a sin running away on 10k, you leg shot/CC him. Seriously, as someone who plays sniper. I didn’t even bother to read your post, you’re doing it wrong.
Also uh, better than merc for kiting.

+ make cover pulse -> pulse (no more cover needed)
+ make (cover) pulse work! often meeles aren’t kicked away, and it’s wasted
+ (for Hutt Ball) Jugger should jump on a sniper in cover
+ revert leg shot to what is was before 3.0

Sniper is playable at current, it’s just that lethality and engineering are lacking in the sustained DPS department AND the burst department. The only remotely viable spec for PvP is marksmanship, and it’s one of the most powerful specs out there if you know how to play. Engineering works if you’re pretty skilled, you just have to deal with the reduced burst, but sometimes the extra CC and the easy objective interrupts are worth it.

What does it take to get the Gladiatorial Nexu Mount? I’m starting to break into the ranked scene.

I’m fully 168/174’d up with augs. If I work my tail off do I have a shot at this?

Can the average player work hard and obtain this, or do you have to finish near the top?

I love this mount, but if its not realistic then I’m going to keep working on the full 174 PvP gear and the 198 PVE gear.

Thanks for the insight in advance.

Thanks for the info and even more for the fast reply. I will pass the word along.

It sounds like my chances are between slim and none. (Hopefully Slim hasn’t left town, yet)

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