GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Daydreamer Weapon Skins Gallery

A gallery of the newly added Daydreamer Weapon Skins available from the Black Lion Weapon Specialist for 1 ticket each.


Slow pulsating glow effect, special draw sound. No other weapon sound modifications.


Daydreamer’s Axe


Daydreamer’s Dagger


Daydreamer’s Focus


Daydreamer’s Greatsword


Daydreamer’s Hammer


Daydreamer’s Longbow


Daydreamer’s Mace


Daydreamer’s Pistol


Daydreamer’s Rifle


Daydreamer’s Scepter


Daydreamer’s Shield

gw2-daydreamer's-shieldgw2-daydreamer's-shield-2 - Copygw2-daydreamer's-shield-3 - Copy

Daydreamer’s Shortbow


Daydreamer’s Staff


Daydreamer’s Sword


Daydreamer’s Torch


Daydreamer’s Warhorn


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

36 replies on “GW2 Daydreamer Weapon Skins Gallery”

these have already been done with dragon’s jade….smh. If they let us dye these, i’d get one.

per usual, no… .and that’s why it’s not worth it unless you already have armor that goes with it.

Wow, I’m sort of getting a sort of courtly Fey vibe, a little like the likes of Titania and Oberon?

Dulfy, how do u manage to get enough black lion ticket to get almost every weapon skin to show us every time we get a new set? Or do they come unlocked for you since you’re kinda a representative of AreaNet?

As a quality tester, Dulfy gets free gems every so often from ArenaNet. There are also other quality testers in-game, not just Dulfy. One of them told me he gets 4000 gems per week.

thanks – extremely prompt. Shame they stealth-raised the cost of Chaos and Turmoil skins (and Balthazar to 5 tickets each)

Well, pretty great ones, but i think they are just too much similar to durmand priory ones. btw what armor is your “riflewoman” wearing?

about the greatswords, does anyone else think their core structure being so repetitive : 1) slim and overly long hilt 2) huge guard that you can hide your face behind it 3) massive symmetrical diamond shape blade . Basically, whichever gemstore greatsword you are wielding, it looks like you are trying to hold a feather duster from a far. Looks just like they are from a same template and just swapping in and out different details for each set.

another bunch of crap to fill the gemstore, instead of adding it to a special npc where you need tokens which you could get from a special dungeon or whatever. luv you guildwars2 i’ll make sure to slap around all the npc’s in each city this evening

These *are* bought from an NPC with tokens…you just happen to get the tokens from unlocking chests, which can drop as loot OR you can buy with gems.

I was implying buying it from a npc like they do with the other (dungeon) npc’s weapons/armor, atleast there you can work for it, instead of (what i stated previously “another bunch of crap to fill the gemstore” otherwise called milking the shit out of it) buying it, and don’t say they “drop as random loot” They only added that update not so long ago ( i know they had it a long time before ) and the RNG in this game is plain fucking shit, so yhea…. That aint ever going to happen.

Let me put it in simpler terms, you have a 100 times more chance of winning the lotto then to get one pathetic key (Which would then again give you a small chance of anything decent out of that constipated black lion chest).

Personally I find these pretty sweet. ^^ I just hope they would raise the key drop rat a little bit. =_=; I understand the need of gem purchases for Anet, but with all these ticket skins flying around and with my collector spirit, this is stating to become a bit taunting. I don’t mind hard to get keys and paid stuff, and I love challenge. This is just little bit silly. ^^;

But the skins are nice. Wouldn’t mind to get those bows!

Yea pretty much but the green “glow” is a gradient( from say electro green to maybe jalapeno?)

i haven’t played for quite a while, though as always.. the shield, great sword, and long bow look very nice. i’m also liking the axe and the staff look pretty decent.

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