GW2 Upcoming Items from May 19 Patch

List and gallery of upcoming items from the May 19 patch. These will likely be released in the next few Tuesdays in the gemstore.

Item codes and images taken from that_shaman’s datamining post.


Heart of Thorns Pre-Purchase

Looks like players will be able to pre-purchase Heart of Thorns very soon.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is now available for prepurchase. Buy now to receive the Maguuma Trailblazer exclusive title and access to all beta weekend events.

Mad Scientist Outfit – [&DBYAAAA=]




Chain Whip Sword – [&C2QXAAA=]



Canach’s Backpack – [&C24XAAA=]


Daydreamer’s Wings Backpack – [&C3MXAAA=]


Miniature Beetle – [&AgE6EAEA]


Honor Guard Finisher


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31 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Items from May 19 Patch”

I don’t like the outfit at all. Makes my Sylvari look fat and junky.
Beetles are good luck. 🙂

thanks for sharing this pic. also, seeing those wings on you makes me regret not having gotten those back in the day.

Thanks for reply, the wings are still available to craft although for alot more cost than before..
Shame back peices can’t be dyed

Why does it have to be an outfit?
I’d love to have the chest and shoulder-part on my engineer
But not with those pants! /cry

Because they can make outfits faster than armors and thus get more money. It’s disgusting since I hate outfits and love mixing and matching armor sets but it is what it is.

I really, really wish the Day Dreamer’s wing back piece could be dyed. My toon has the Day Dreamer’s outfit in black with white highlights…and green would just clash with that 🙁

I haven’t seen others and if anything you two have the most unoriginal avatar. This has nothing to do with the topic of Haruyoshi’s horribly unoriginal choice in dyes. If you need proof look what the most expensive dyes are.

LOL so you are an expert in coloring and forum reply too.. Your momma must be proud.

The scientist outfit dosn’t clip greatly with Charr. Its probably worth buying (for me, anyways) on that virtue alone.

Is that sad or horrible?

The scientist thing looks cool but i am getting fed up with outfits. They need to implement individual armor piece skins like they used too. Outfits limits every bit of customization this game has to offer…and this is game’s “endgame” ARE SKINS…nothing else. It’s all about how you look..cosmetics….and they choose to limit that by introducing full-outfits instead of pieces which let you combine them with other skins that sit like garbage in your wardrobe

It’s an effort vs payoff thing for them. Skins take way more time to develop than outfits since they also have to take into account how it might clip with every other skin. Plus who knows how many people they actually have working on designing or making new outfits, and how many of their artists are busy working on HoT. Outfits require significantly less time to design and create, so that’s why we see so many inbetween any new skins. Not to mention they have claimed new skins will be coming with HoT associated with the Elite Specializations.

That excuse is older then fire. Sry no i won’t except that as an excuse. They want my money they better deliver. I stopped buying these things because of how they manage them.

So what you’re saying is you won’t give them money to make better products, but you want them to make better products that cost them more money?

I don’t disagree that you should keep your money (it’s your money, spend it how you want), but calling it an “excuse” is a little disingenuous.

That’s good that you’re voting with your wallet. That’s how change happens. However, outfits are clearly the more profitable venture for ANet otherwise they wouldn’t keep making them. So while you might not be impressed with the outfits, the majority clearly is fine with them and still buying them. And in every industry you can’t please everyone.

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