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SWTOR CM weekly sales for May 19 – 26

SWTOR Cartel Market weekly sales for the week of May 19-26


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5400cc ..2 year old pack , That BW made obsolete , once via the slots machines (pre nerf) handing out rep and cartel tokens and the recent Grand version of the packs with full armour sets …

However’s doing BW marketing cartel pricing wise… aware of the History of this pack?

rant over ^^

I bought one of those old hypercrates a couple weeks ago and got nothing of value. It totally sucked.

*Warning EAware fanboys WILL be offended*
That’s because of a couple factors, firstly RNG or chance, this I can live with, I get it not everyone gets what they want (the next bits the kicker)

Secondly EAware who just loves to take our money mercilessly with no regard to their own crappy reputation enjoys tinkering with drop rates, yes they read our posts,they check to see which items are most desired. THEN they tune the drop rates accordingly. For example, when the cartel hypercrates (shipment 1) was first around there was an abundance of crystals and what is now considered “rare items” versus today where getting a single Hawkeye of any type from an entire hypercrate is considered well off. why? because more money = more dev time to put into the game we all know and love…. for all those out there who didn’t catch that last part it’s something called Humour, look it up, did you really think they put any of the money from swtor back into the dev? lol nope, pretty sure the support team consists of a couple devs and twice as many PR people and the occasional support rep who comes in to read a few tickets here and there.

I approve of your disapproval of the cartel market bs, and the reputation bs. There should be a pvp reputation, or GSF, not just pve content.

I’ve never had to wait more than 12 hours for a support ticket from bioware, btw. As a preferred player, I emailed support and got a reply almost immediately.

(I didn’t read most of what you said 🙂 I picked out the good bits)

It honestly depends on what your issue is. If it’s anything to do with game loot, character stuck, mission glitch it usually gets pawned off to the “post on the forums” line, which btw is not all it’s cracked up to be. But if it’s something like “I can’t start the game”, “I can’t buy cartel coins” etc they are pretty quick at resolving it

I’ve never had issues with bioware support tbh. Most times, I google it before I go to them
My preferred email was to get my toon unstuck from a stronghold glitch – that took 6 hours. When I logged in, my fleet pass was used. Easy problem solved.

The very first one was a massive lag problem, and I got a reply within 12 hours with “go to the command prompt and copypaste this”. No more details are needed on that.

Quest glitches will most likely go to the forums, so I agree with you on that one. Something like that could be googled for a second opinion

No idea, but it had to do with networking stuff. I think they told me it was on my end
My point is that they’re not that slow with tickets. I asked nicely, and yeah I’ll shut up now

Moar GSF content plz. Verain demands it!

Not sure about your logic. If it’s obsolete, that would mean the market is flooded with these items and therefore there is no need to buy the packs at all no matter what the price is…so just get the items cheaply from the gtn…..or is it not obsolete after all?

it’s roughly standard for a Gree themed week, although I would like to see a flash sale like they did a while back with a new listing every hour

Well, if they have been following their past schedule, they should have released the next set of the explorer’s packs this week (they have been releasing new packs about every 2-3 weeks). Maybe extending the Gree event made them think they should wait until next week to get the next pack out. I have no issue with the delay. It gives me another week to sell a monocycle and dark legionnaire armor set at a decent price before the new “best barbie outfit yet” comes out.

you can always wait 2 days for it on the GTN, then another day for competition to drive prices down. Still it’ll set you back few mil depending on what you want

tip for the crate’o’matic, make a pool with about 3-4 friends you trust (that bits important) and just share it around as it doesn’t bind on use. or better yet do what i did, find a really drunk guildie who has one and ask if you can have a look at it then pass it back 🙂

Why in the name of all that is sacred is the crate’o’matic so desirable.
My guildie has one and he paid 50 mill for his!

Well, all it does is let you turn into a crate and hide. But tehe reason is it’s the rarest item in the game (discluding limited edition), they never bind to you so people keep on selling them, so basically ech one you see is pretty much the only ones found since the game launched

Damn that Red gree mount so rare to drop from the HM Xeno operations
And it matches my outfit so much.

The worst bit is it’s not legacy bound. I got one once, but it wasn’t on my character that had the all-gee armour and weapons and mounts/pet/recovery item.

I don’t think it was legacy bound when it first came out if that’s when you got it. Also, it’s NOT in collections. Collections is for cartel stuff.

Ah, right. I got mine at the first chance and haven’t seen another one drop since. (imo it should be a guaranteed drop).

They’ve conspicuously avoided re-issuing the Stronghold packs, that IMO contain the bulk of the most sought-after items of all the various packs. At the very least they need to give a way to gain rep with the realty faction (Twin Star? Binary Star?, whatever).

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