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SWTOR Game Update 3.2.1 Preliminary Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 3.2.1 scheduled to deploy on May 27 after maintenance.


Nar Shaddaa Nightlife makes a glorious return! Head to Nar Shaddaa between June 9th, 2015 at 12GMT and August 25th, 2015 at 12GMT to test your luck on Smuggler’s Luck and Kingpin’s Bounty slot machines to earn unique prizes!


  • Right-clicking selected Utilities before resetting them no longer displays an incorrect number of available Utility Points.
  • Dye Module Tooltips for the Outfit Designer now appear properly in German clients.
  • The typo in the Season 4 Top 96 titles has been corrected.
  • Emergency Fleet Pass and Quick Travel cooldowns for Preferred players now match the Subscriber cooldowns as intended.
  • Modifying a Dye in an Outfit Slot now clears the slot’s Color Unification setting.
  • Clarified Outfit Designer Color Unification by adding error messaging for when a player attempts to use “Unify Colors” without having a chest slot stamp.
  • Schematic names now currently wrap to the next line in the Crafting UI if the name is too long.
  • Achievements earned during the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event that were lost have been restored thanks to a gracious donation from Czerka Corporation. Czerka Corp: Anytime, anywhere…we’re there. This patch note was paid for by People for the Unchallenged Control of Czerka Corp, a subsidiary of the Czerka Corporation.

Cartel Market

  • The “Purchase on Account” button for the “Celebration Mishap” Rest and Recharge can now be used.
  • The Esstran Exports Valor and Intrepidity Lightsabers now have a Hilt slot as expected.
  • Preferred accounts may once again unlock a third Crew Skill via the Cartel Market.
  • Preferred accounts may once again unlock up to six Quick Slot Bars via the Cartel Market.
  • All item names for the Underworld Instigator Armor Set now appear properly in French and German Clients.
  • The Underworld Instigator’s Supplementary Lootbox no longer drops more than two items, and no longer drops a Helmet. Additionally, the Underworld Instigator’s helmet no longer appears in Collections as a piece of the entire set.
  • The Underworld Instigator Armor Set can now be searched on the GTN.
  • Satele Shan’s Dualsaber now has the correct visual effects on both blades.
  • The Expedition Uxibeast Mount Decoration can now be placed on a Medium Stronghold Hook.
  • The Rodian Citizen (Male) Decoration now always plays an animation while standing, and has changed into a belt without pouches since they kept getting in the way of his hands.
  • The Ubrikkian Hunter, Rendili Watchman, and Longspur Recon can now be placed on small hooks within Strongholds.
  • The Vectron WGF Veteran Vehicle now correctly unlocks for use as a Decoration.
  • Fixed clipping issues with the Dark Legionnaire chest piece.
  • Fixed clipping issues on the B-200 Cybernetic Greaves.

Classes + Combat
Resolve System

  • While on full Resolve, players now receive a 50% Slow in place of any effect that would normally Immobilize them. This Slow effect has the same duration and conditions as the Immobilize effect that would occur under normal circumstances. For example, if the Immobilize can break early when damage is taken, then so can the Slow that replaces it. Immobilizing effects still do not generate Resolve, they simply react differently when they encounter a target that has a full Resolve bar. These changes only apply to PvP combat.

Jedi Knight

  • New Masterful Utility: Ardor. Transcendence no longer requires or consumes Centering, but goes on cooldown for 30 seconds when activated.
  • Jedi Promulgator is now a Heroic Utility.
  • Removed the Defensive Forms Utility
  • New Skillful Utility: Stoic. Stoic increases your damage reduction by 2%, and you build 2 Centering when attacked. This Centering building effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.
  • Defensive Roll now additionally increases internal and elemental damage reduction by 5%.
  • Force Fade now additionally increases your movement speed by 15%.
  • Removed the Force Aegis Utility.
  • Enduring now additionally increases the duration of Guarded by the Force by 2 seconds.


  • Cauterize now deals its elemental damage over 6 seconds (down from 12 seconds) and Force Melt causes targets to burn for elemental damage over 15 seconds (down from 18 seconds).
  • Force Melt now only costs 2 focus (down from 3 focus), and the damage it deals has been slightly reduced.
  • The internal cooldown of Plasma Blades’ focus regeneration has been reduced to 1 second (down from 4 seconds).
  • The internal cooldown of Burning Focus’s focus regeneration has been reduced to 3 seconds (down from 4 seconds).
  • Accelerating Victory now builds up to a maximum of 2 stacks (down from 3).
  • Merciless Zeal has been redesigned: Your Cauterize, Overload Saber, and Force Melt burns heal you for 15% of the damage they deal.
  • Burning Sweep has been redesigned: Reduces the cooldown of Force Sweep by 9 seconds and the focus it consumes by 1. In addition, Force Sweep deals 30% more damage and spreads your Cauterize and Force Melt burns to targets it hits, if it hits a target already affected by those burns.
  • The Weaponsmaster’s/Challenger’s Critical Bonus set bonus can now be additionally triggered by Twin Saber Throw.


  • Updated the French and German tooltips for the Unremitting Utility.

Sith Warrior

  • Relentless is now a Masterful Utility.
  • Cloak of Annihilation is now a Heroic Utility.
  • Relentless has been redesigned: Predation no longer requires or consumes Fury, but will go on cooldown for 30 seconds when activated.
  • Removed the Defensive Forms Utility
  • New Skillful Utility: Brazen. Brazen increases your damage reduction by 2%, and you build 2 Fury when attacked. This Fury building effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.
  • Defensive Roll now additionally increases internal and elemental damage reduction by 5%.
  • Phantom now additionally increases your movement speed by 15%.
  • Undying now additionally increases the duration of Undying Rage by 2 seconds.


  • Rupture now deals its internal damage over 6 seconds (down from 12 seconds) and Force Rend causes targets to bleed for internal damage over 15 seconds (down from 18 seconds).
  • Force Rend now only costs 2 rage (down from 3 rage), and the damage it deals has been slightly reduced.
  • The internal cooldown of Hemorrhage’s rage regeneration has been reduced to 1 second (down from 4 seconds).
  • The internal cooldown of Bloodlust’s rage regeneration has been reduced to 3 seconds (down from 4 seconds).
  • Swift Demise now builds up to a maximum of 2 stacks (down from 3).
  • Hungering has been redesigned: Your Rupture, Deadly Saber, and Force Rend bleeds heal you for 15% of the damage they deal.
  • Hemorrhaging Smash has been redesigned: Reduces the cooldown of Smash by 9 seconds and the rage it consumes by 1. In addition, Smash deals 30% more damage and spreads your Rupture and Force Rend bleeds to targets it hits, if it hits a target already affected by those bleeds.
  • The Weaponsmaster’s/Challenger’s Critical Bonus set bonus can now be additionally triggered by Dual Saber Throw.


  • Updated the French and German tooltips for the Unstoppable Utility.

Jedi Consular

  • Force Armor now absorbs the same amount of damage as the Sorcerer’s Static Barrier.

Kinetic Combat

  • Cascading Debris can now be channeled on the move.

Sith Inquisitor

  • Static Barrier now absorbs a higher amount of damage.


  • Depredating Volts can now be channeled on the move.


  • Reset Engagement now properly knocks back targets hit by the final shots of Speedshot and Penetrating Rounds.

Imperial Agent

  • Reestablish Range now properly knocks back targets hit by the final shots of Series of Shots and Penetrating Blasts.

Flashpoints + Operations
The Ravagers

  • The consoles in the Torque encounter are no longer valid targets for AOE healing abilities, such as Roaming Mend and Kolto Cloud.
  • The visual effect for Torque’s Floor Vents now lasts the full duration of the ability. Additionally, an indicator has been added to assist in differentiating the Floor Vents from player effects.

Scum and Villainy

  • Reduced the damage done during the Olok the Shadow encounter in all modes.

Colossal Monolith

  • The Colossal Monolith now become Rift Charged after completing the channel of “Breaking the Rift,” increasing the damage it deals.
  • The Colossal Monolith now continues to use all of its abilities in addition to “Destruction of All” after completing the channel of “Breaking the Rift.”

Battle of Rishi
Hard Mode

  • Commander Mokan has a chance to drop the ST-7 Command Walker once again.

Items + Economy

  • Unlocking a Stronghold Decoration now shows the correct Prestige Point fly text in French and German.
  • The Arkanian Combat Medic two-piece set bonus now appropriately increases the duration of Supercharged Gas by 3 seconds.
  • Advanced Anodyne Medpacs can no longer be used more than once during an encounter.
  • The names for the IL-5 Ocula and the IL-5 Skybolt once again appear properly in the French and German clients.
  • The People’s Holoterminal Decoration no longer has a Cartel Market rarity, as it is not gained through the Cartel Market.
  • The People’s Holoterminal Decoration now grants the correct Decoration.
  • Baron Deathmark’s Furious Walker from Season 3 now appears properly in the French and German clients.
  • Season 4 Decorations now appear properly in the French and German clients.
  • Baron Deathmark’s Swashbuckling Cutter now has the correct animation when used.
  • Updated the icon for Baron Deathmark’s Swashbuckling Cutter to distinguish it from other Cutter Vehicles.
  • Ranked Warzone Black-Silver Color Crystals are no longer erroneously added to Collections.
  • Planet-based Commendation Vendor prices now match the Fleet prices.
  • The White Acute Module is now Bind on Legacy.

Missions + NPCs

  • It is no longer possible to fall through the world while attempting to reach the Revanite Alter on the Mission “Death and Life.”
  • Lana Beniko no longer uses “Resurgence” on Revan during his encounter on the Mission “The Enemy Within”
  • The Makeb world Missions that previously awarded 3 Basic Commendations now award 12 Basic Commendations.
  • One of the Treasure Piles at the end of the Mission “Trail of Light” has been unburied from the rock wall.
  • Numerous Ziost Missions have been fixed:
    • Players can no longer access the Custom Walkhar Auspice when not on the Mission “On the House.”
    • Players can no longer be granted increased movement speed while not mounted by using the Custom Walkhar Auspice from the Mission “On the House.”
    • Civilians saved during the Mission “Temporary Residence” now give consistently give proper credit.
    • It is no longer possible to scan a Defense Turret through a crashed ship on the Mission “Powerless.”
    • Scanned Data credit now shares between all Group members on the Daily Mission “Death of a World.”

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MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

164 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 3.2.1 Preliminary Patch Notes”

No word on fixing the penetrating blasts sound and visual effects? Or the sentinel’s slash? Or massacre’s sound and affect syncing?

And these are just the tip of the iceberg…

I’m a lot happier having them fix issues with the games functionality than I would be with them making minor graphical/sound tweaks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d like them to fix that stuff too – but first things first.

It’s probably just a matter of manpower and resources – and that they just don’t have enough of either.

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife is back…. Looks like the great credit drain is back ahead of the Yavin 4 stronghold launch. But if rewards aren’t given a freshen up I have no reason to do this… It’s stale if no changes.

I recently acquired a Dathomir Rancor so I doubt I’ll use a kingpin rancor. But I’m an achievement junkie and just need to see that completion value at 100%. 🙂

The one patch they need to have… move pvp from the game… coming soon. Bye bye whiners


look at this baddie thinking that doing HM FP’s a million times makes him a good gamer…or represents “fun” to any but the most autistic robots.

Exactly. Look at the last live stream BW had. Pvp’ers were trolling the crap out of them. BW just ignored them. Seriously this small coomunity of morons, whiners, and imbeciles are killing this game.

Except this guy calling for PvP to be removed is doing all the damned whining ive seen lately… There are a lot of ignorant & arrogant people in this community of late, or at least the most vocal ones, unfortunately.

These MFers at BW love to tease us. Look at this sentence “These changes only apply to PvP combat.”

That sentence alone tells you that if they wanted to they could separate pvp from pve ENTIRELY. But they choose not to. And thus pvp will continue to NEGATIVELY affect pve.

Fock pvp. #nerfpvp

Lmao. See below

The Colossal Monolith now become Rift Charged after completing the channel of “Breaking the Rift,” increasing the damage it deals.

The Colossal Monolith now continues to use all of its abilities in addition to “Destruction of All” after completing the channel of “Breaking the Rift.”

BW is doing everything they can to FORCE people to follow the mechanics

Advanced Anodyne Medpacs can no longer be used more than once during an encounter.

Seems like a strange decision to me too. Why not just increase the cooldown timer? I’m curious how this will impact the sales of my medpacs. Do people often use them twice in the same fight anyway?

Oddly enough, more than half my server did not even know you could use them more than once per fight.

That’s attributed to two things: good healers, or people that don’t even care to use medpacs and they die

I used to use them twice in a fight when i tanked Unit 1 in SS HM pre nerf. Besides that i don’t often have to use more than 1 medpac a fight.

They were abusing them on the damn pvp once more so guess what, no more sht….

Medpacks shouldn’t be usable in the pvp sections anyway only the special pvp versions of them.

Love this: This patch note was paid for by People for the Unchallenged Control of Czerka Corp, a subsidiary of the Czerka Corporation.

Right because PVP is the only thing worth doing. Your age must be the number of brain cells you have.

PvP is the only constantly engaging aspect of the game. It doesn’t rely so much on new content (although new content is nice). PvE becomes a borefest once you kill everything that’s worth killing. After that, there’s nothing to do until new content. Bioware should actually embrace that and make PvP more attractive to everybody. Why you have such a hate for PvP is anybody’s guess, but your ad hominem attacks aren’t necessary. Instead they nullify your arguments to the garbage pile.

Let’s see. PvP isn’t fun because they periodically nerf the crap out of one pair of classes so that they aren’t viable. PvP isn’t fun because you sit in queues for 30 minutes or more just to end up in a crappy huttball game that few can play well. PvP isn’t fun because it takes a month or more to get a max set of PvP gear to even attempt to do ranked. PvP isn’t fun because to do ranked, you have to be in voice contact with your team, which opens you up to DDoS attacks so other PvPers can cheat.

So, all in all, PvP isn’t fun and only serves to screw over the gaming mechanics of PvE. They made a separate set of rules for GSF, why can’t they do that for PvP?

Needing to be in voice chat in team ranked to stand a chance is kinda the point… its ranked, as in you are aiming to be the best. It is a lot easier to organize in voice chat. Just like operations are a lot easier in voice chat.

Or are you expecting rank to allow your team to go in and run around aimlessly doing your own thing and still win..? Solo ranked is generally people not on voice with eachother since you would have to quickly get on someones voice server… so it may be more your thing.

I personally hate the expertise system, but with it in place, it makes sense to use it as a ranked pvp mechanic of sorts imo. Though I think PvP gear should go away to help make PvP more accessible. But thats just me.

PVP gear doesn’t need to go away. What have to be done is BW clarify the rules of bolster to everyone. Arkanian, best bolster gear not being PvP things is VERY easy to get nowadays as DP and DF SM are in GF and requires only a quart of a brain to run. There’s no reason at all to someone goes into PVP without 1900 expertise+ but ignorance, and that’s what happens.

Any person using the line “nerfpvp” constantly must be an absolute moron. For one, it makes no sense, as nerf-ing something is weakening it essentially.. the term you are looking for is removepvp, since thats what you want. Which in itself is a terrible, dumb idea but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

The thing is, though, is you don’t have to be a jackass about your opinion or complain on every post made on the website. They could tell you that everyone is getting all cartel market items for free and no sub fees to be a subscriber and you’d still post in the comments bitching about “nerfing” pvp. Go have a beer and relax and reflect on life.

The irony is you are whining about PvP’ers whining too much. The pot and the kettle and all that….

And killing the same stupids on the pvp is not better at all.

Not to mention the quitters that will quit after the first 3 minutes and the constant newbillies that don’t know what to do.

You know, the easy solution is to make adjustments to PvP and PvE seperate. Example: Force Storm was too powerful in PvP but great for PvE. So they nerfed it to hell making PvE’rs upset (And whine, as you like to talk about PvPers whining.. PvE’rs do it too when shit gets done to them..)

What they should have done, is something along the lines of adding to Force Storm: “Does 25% less damage vs other players”. PVE is still happy AND PvP is happy. THAT is the intelligent way to handle changes like that. Not this one size fits all nonsense.

Me + You, you are more blind and ignorant than the people you complain about. I happen to love both PvE and PvP and want both environments to be properly handled. No one said PVP was the only one worth your time, nor PVE. Its just being handled poorly.

Also, to address the 1 stun per class idea, I think its more likely (and a better fix, as it doesnt change PVE and send PVE’rs into a rage storm) to add a simple PvP buff after being stunned that makes you immune to any more stuns for say 10-15 seconds. You could even make it require 2 stuns before it triggers. Remove the resolve system entirely and just limit the rate of being stunned. This removes chain stunning nonsense while not removing stuns that PvE’rs may use.

All you people bitching back and forth at eachother instead of trying to find a middle ground where we are all happy depress me. its an MMO, part of a MMO is other people yet a lot of you seem eager to drive as many people away as possible and play alone… makes no sense. Think you all need to relax.

-Ser JuJoo Guppy of Alacio Island, Naboo

And the resolve change still doesn’t seem good anyway. Chain stuns will still be in full effect.

Agree on this thats not good at all.
I have suggested many times only 1 stun for each class, no grenades no extra sht, people don’t need more than 1 stun, destroys the game.

It’s a very complicated issue for sure, with so many people interacting at once, at such a fast pace.

Also the CD time for the QT for prefs. Also on the bright side, they still won’t be nerfing my merc healer into oblivion…

A lot buffing on the Maras cant be called as a useless update it changes a lot.
Yes it wont offer you a lollipop so in that point of you it maybe is.

“I’ve also seen the mention of weapons and Companions being included in the Outfit Designer. Even though it may not seem like it, adding an Outfit Designer tab for Companions would effectively be creating a new system. Due to this we won’t be implementing one for 3.2, but will look into the option for a future release.”©

I’m aware of that quote, but my point remains that same. We all know bioware’s “looking into it” means maybe with 5 years lol

You can visit the fashion designer droid to make them a nice suit to wear around but if they don’t like it they will abandon you forever, cant force a companion what to wear.

LOL this is hilarious. A topic thread on the general discussion forums just got deleted because it was calling out pvp and its whiners. As usual, the pvp’ers were there to defend their pathetic excuse of “fun time”.

Over 60 responses. Has since been deleted. Gee I wonder why…


you’re definitely an autistic manchild…can’t browse over the comments section without seeing you whine about PvP.

So many Pvp whiners and complainers out there, don’t even want to bother with that sht.
They quit faster than they whine too, every single zone.

“The Arkanian Combat Medic two-piece set bonus now appropriately increases the duration of Supercharged Gas by 3 seconds.”

WTF? They fix a damn old 2 piece gear and do not fix the Ressurected/Revanite 4pc bonus? C’mon BW, do something useful once a while.

Is there any word on whether already purchased and unlocked People’s Tower Holoterminals will turn into the proper decoration, or are stuck as Ilum maps?

The People’s Holoterminal Decoration now grants the correct Decoration.

Doesn’t say wrong granted decorations are corrected.

I hope not, have you seen the prices of the Ilum map on GTN? There was no way I’d be paying 2.5 million creds for one! (Progenitor price)

It’s not as if it’s difficult to get the tokens and credits required to buy the People’s Tower version when the fix comes.

Nightlife > pvp
Bounty > pvp
12xp > pvp
Double xp > pvp
Raghoul > pvp
Gree > pvp
Operations > pvp
Flashpoints > pvp
story and lore > pvp
Lil wayne > pvp

Just about everything in this game is better than pvp. The only thing that is not better than pvp is esseles.

#Nerf pvp

Better late than never, the Quick travel timeout options will adjust for the Preferred players too !
Have been waiting so long for this.

Casino is coming back baby !!!
Get ready to burn all you credits to the last one ………

Slot machines are a killing field.
Droids are going to stun anyone that tries to jump off after they have spent all their creditos.

Some really great stuff here, they’re really doing a lot to make me happy thse past few updates.

One question: what deco does the Peopel’s Tower thing currently give?

Oh, that thing’s going for 3mil + on my server, I should stap a few of those up before they patch it.

Some people think that PvP should be a separate part of the game, like GSF is now. People who don’t care about space PvP can completely ignore GSF and not be affected in any way. But the various problems and class nerfs mandated by the continuous attempts to “fix” the normal PvP keep impacting how the PvE part of the game is played, so people who don’t care about PvP and don’t participate in it are still adversely impacted by it.

This is what used to piss me off in WoW. Being nerfed left to right just because of a stupid little room where people liked to bash each other’s skulls in.

As opposed to 8 people doing the same fight over and over against mechanics that never change and stay the same again and again?

That has nothing to do with the context of the post Tahra made.. what she’s saying is ANY class changes made in PvP affect PvE, rather than it just going to PvP alone. Healers find a good balance for their spec in PvE, but in PvP the bubble or heal is “O.P.” so there’s a bunch of whining and crying, said skill gets nerfed to appease the PvP stuff and the healer now has to completely redo everything to find a work around.

MMORPG players have been saying for the last 2 decades that there need to be seperate trees for PvP and PvE.. that all the balancing that needs to be done in PvP can be done without completely screwing over the PvE content, and visa versa.. if a power is buffed in PvE for whatever reason, it throws off the balance in PvP.. there’s a constant back and forth, back and forth and no REAL balance being made.

Let the PvP crowd have their fun as well as the PvE.. and for those that JUST want PvP or JUST want PvE then it works for everyone.. even those that enjoy both. EVerything else remains exactly the same EXCEPT the way you build your character for the job you want it to do.

We can hope they do, and didn’t spoiler it in the patch notes.

Ok. Of course they didn’t, but sometimes I like to dream… this game it it’s dev crew are better than they are.

Any word from anyone on the pts if those resource changes to annihilation are going to be enough to keep everything on cooldown or if it is going to turn into another spam basic attack garbage fest like they did to pyrotech?
reducing cost of force melt by one is kinda useless becuase it is still free with proc, should have reduced cost of cauterize. Aoe changes are nice, but expanded range to force sweep utility would be welcome addition (ala flame sweep for powertech).

You gotta delay Master Strike/Ravage + Twin Saber Throw/Dual Saber Throw, but with the changes you should have just enough resources to pull off a rotation without any more than 1 auto-attack necessary in 10. Possibly even every 20.

“Force Armor now absorbs the same amount of damage as the Sorcerer’s Static Barrier.”

So, to put it bluntly, you only play imp side and havent noticed this in your logs yet?
Sages have been given less of a chance in S4?
And you’re ok with that and not spitting apologies left and right?
If i didnt have so many friends I met in this game I’d have left it a long freaking time ago Bioware. Fuck you.

Exaggeration is not an art but you seem to be good at it. To be honest, I play both a sage and sorc healer, in fact I have 2 of each and it made no noticeable difference to me, so I am not even sure how much of a difference it was, but it’s good that it’s going to be fixed. I’ll see if I notice it after the change.

Before you go into a rage, you might look at the patch notes closely. The sorcerer’s static shield was buffed up in this patch, so it looks like the sage got the change at the same time. The way they worded the notes seems a little silly. But it’s even sillier to throw a tantrum over a game nobody is making you play.

Better Mara utilities, and adjustments to anni spec. being able to move while channeling Depredating volts! My 2 favourite classes/specs getting help, I’m so excited for these changes!

maybe they meant cartel warlords. That stab/stun is pretty nasty in NIM. Unless you have good healers you’re likely to die.

I think they meant the opposite. I read it as “we reduced the damage YOU make during that encounter.”

No-the system doesn’t work that way unless he gets a buff, and it’s their standard boss damage reduction line.

Some time ago, people were complaining the damage output of the boss was too high considering he’s only 55 and players were at 60.

A few weeks after 3.0 that was true as his droids were doing 30k damage every attack in NiM. However, having ran it 3 times in the past 2 weeks, I’m pretty sure they fixed that, and the fight is a joke now. Hell, when i tank nim with my guild I’ll purposely place blue circles under the droids on purpose for more fun for the healers 😛

So many people always complaining about the pvp’ers whining. However, every time I look at the comment section in ANY post, it’s just all the pve’ers crying and telling pvp players to burn in hell/asking bioware to get rid of pvp entirely (one of the more popular aspects of the game). Some of you guys make all of us pve’ers look so bad. The hypocrisy is REAL.

At the same time, they do have legitimate complaints, despite not expressing them in a more reasonable manner. I do very little pvp and am much more of a pve kind of player, but having the game balanced around one or the other (90% of the time it’s pvp) makes absolutely no sense.

The logic of “X was too strong in pvp and had an extremely high win rate, so we’re nerfing it in all aspects” is completely wrong. One class could dominate pvp and be weak or in a perfect spot in pve, but it doesn’t matter, since they don’t want to take the time to find a solution to appease both sides.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, pvp complaints are the reason behind a lot of nerfs to classes.

Yeah I agree with you for the most part, I’m just a little let down by how so many people react to changes. If we gave more constructive feedback as a community instead of telling pvp’ers to kill themselves or threatening developers, I’m sure they could do a better job and satisfy many more.

Exactly. I’m so frustrated with pvp’ers and their crying that I have found this is the only way I can communicate. By calling them out as the morons they are. It’s just that simple. They moan. BW gets hard. Classes nerfed into oblivion. Then pvp’ers go back to their regular Bullshit “we want new maps” whining.

You troll every post and are no better than the so called “morons” you describe. You are the exact type of person I was referring To in my first post.

You troll every post and are no better than the so called “morons” you describe. You are the exact type of person I was referring To in my first post.

How about a customization for your companions. Tired of boney companions.Pierce, Scourge and god for bid Skadge are the only non boney companions. Let us customize our companions. All female companions are boney as Taylor Swift.

Mako, Vette, and Nadia are the ones that could be called “boney” the rest are body type 2. If you want body type 4 just say I want a “fat” comp no need to dance around the issue.

Really ? Some type 3s would be nice. And by the way what the fuck is your problem fuck stick ? I was asking a harmless question and her you come in with and I quote
” If you want body type 4 just say I want fat.” The whole point of bringing this up was with all the customization with our toons maybe we can in the future customize our companions. Not just clothing but looks also.

What happend to the Sorc / Operative Healing “redesign” is it still on their to-do list or did they canceld it ?

It wasn’t a nerf it was actually a buff because if you read what they did the probes actually healed the same and cost the same amount of energy but they only have to put 1 on each person which would help with energy management plus being able to move while using diagnostic scan would have been so much fun

Kolto Probe no longer stacks more than once on a target, now offering all of its healing from a single Kolto Probe. The healing of a single Kolto Probe has been increased, yet the overall healing previously offered by 2 Kolto Probes has been decreased.

This means nerf – less healing done by 1x kolto probe than 2x would be.

That doesn’t mean that its automatically terrible heals however it frees up quite a few gcds for more heals

It does significantly lower healing per tick from kolto probes, as a result everytime you surgical probe someone with kolto probes up, you’ll heal for less. Making your burst worse on someone with kolto probes up.

Maybe the Combat team was drunk for the Healing changes, Sober for the Watchman changes. I don’t like the Watchman changes, but seriously, they are nowhere near as bad as the proposed healing changes.

Dulfy said that they were removed due to being unpopular well I can tell you the Watchman changes were far more unpopular then the healing changes.

But the thing is, they are using Sentinels/Marauders as their whipping boys right now, so they will try and justify their stupid decisions for the class.

Willing to bet they will use the harassment that happened as a excuse for why they won’t explain why they change classes.

Yeah and it’s an excuse they can millk out for a long while to completely fuck the class.

“The Esstran Exports Valor and Intrepidity Lightsabers now have a Hilt slot as expected.”

if 6k dmg is spread in 6 seconds instead of 12, then its perfect..
if they lower the damage along with the effect, it will just suck

How is me saying what people already know whining? And I play a Shadow Tank. That’s not overpowered in any way.

nah I know balance sage doing 4.7k in ops, having more then any other spec we have in team, so your argument is not valid

or your control group is not valid….just saying. i believe what kurt is referencing that when played perfectly its one of the lowest compared to others also played optimally

Well, it may be lowest parsing on dummy, but in ops it does have the benefit of self heals and dot spreading. In addition you are ranged, meaning less downtime than melee classes.

Well, sparky, malaphar, underlurker and commanders all give you the opportunity for dot spreading, granting some nice aoe damage, and increase your self healing.

Mal yes, Underlurker depends on the boss positioning, but for you to take real advantage of that on Sparky is way harder, as things can become really grim if you wanna aoe those pesks. And Commanders… well…maybe DF/FiB can be useful but if the adds are up enough for your dots tick you’re pretty much dead. And, after all, if you’re REALLY competent to make that happend, is 4 fights over 10. I’d take a sniper/slinger / merc/commando anytime but my sage/sorc. Even a combat/carnage marasent over all that squishiness would be nice.

I parse 4k+ on balance sage and 3.5k+ on boss fights (more if there’s adds to AOE), so I am not sure what you’re talking about.

You don’t do HMs with that numbers do you? If you do, are you being carried or your group is 2-3/10 HM? Bulo is easely a 5k parse if you shoot pirates, but what is the purpose?

Madbal is nowhere near a buff these days, prolly closer to a substantial nerf as it is one of (if not THE) the top damage disciplines in pvp. People are starting to complain in regs, soon that will overflow the forums and we all know what happens when all the shitty whining comes out. I’ve seen Madbal Sorcsages soloing most other classes but Shadows/Assassins, and those are not top players in top gear at all. Tbh is prety satisfying seen a desperate mara/jug try to catch you in your hit-and-run game while his hp bar is getting depleted pretty fast. In groups, you put a LOT of pressure on the healer and if you get lucky to have a tank around that know what a guard is, you’re pretty much unstoppable.

For PVE, well, if you got adds, you get good (yeah go shoot pirates on Bulo to seem prettier than you are and use your parse in Malaphar to look really good for one single fight in a whole xPac), if it’s a single target boss, you’re screwed and will be in the bottom of your Star Parse damage list despite your ability (or take a shitter with ya so you can outparse someone). Really, irony apart, there’s not a single reason to take your sorc/sage to ops for your self-heals, since the DPS checks are pretty tight and that old common sense that says that if you take down your opponent faster, you, duh, take less damage.

That’s why PvE players say screw PvP and vice-versa in an endless unbalanced freak show. I mained a Bal Sage from 2.4 and 2.8 made my game shine. Almost dropped on 3.0 for the frustration of seeing my beloved toon throw pillows at the bosses, but my merc made me stay. After all, that’s the dance we’ll be into while devs balance the game towards PvP and the casuals. Just use your 12xp to up a slinger/sniper – mando/merc and be happy. Or wait for 4.0. Or quit. Whatever.

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