SWTOR Update on Season 5 PvP Win Trading

Eric Musco issued an update on Season 5 PvP Win Trading, which saw 90% decrease in win trading activity and 50% decrease in trolls.

Update on Win-Trading in Season 5 | 05.21.2015, 07:22 PM

Hey folks,

I am here to give an update on win-trading and ranked “trolls” for Season 5. As of earlier this week we sent out another round of warnings and action against players who were participating in win-trading or being trolly in ranked play. I did want to provide some additional information besides just letting you know timing of action going out. Many of you requested that we be more up front about the action we were taking against players, and you were right in asking for that! Our aggressive action against these players along with being up front and transparent about has led to a fairly substantial change, let me give you some numbers:

  • Since we started communicating about win-trading and the actions we were going to take, nearly 90% of the previous reports and related win-trading activity have stopped.
  • In addition, the majority of “trolls,” have stopped their behavior and over 50% of those players have ceased completely.

We hope that many of you are experiencing similar results when you’re playing Ranked. We are going to continue monitoring and taking action as needed. Thanks!


Update on Win-Trading in Season 5 | 05.21.2015, 08:09 PM

Originally Posted by uaintjak

Have stopped what completely? The majority of trolls have stopped trolling and 50% of those trolls have ceased…?
Playing? Breathing? Writing in their diaries?

Originally Posted by TUXs

I assume he meant queuing at all.

Mainly diary writing

TUXs is correct in that we mean queueing for PvP. In some cases, we mean playing SWTOR at all, as they were suspended for their actions.


Update on Win-Trading in Season 5 | 05.21.2015, 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by Vallerine

Hey Eric,
How do you detect whether somebody is win trading? It’s obvious when somebody types /stuck to let the other team win, but how can you tell if a player is deliberately playing badly on his 2018 expertise character (who doesn’t care about ranked) to let his friend on the other team win?

How can you tell a genuine bad player from someone who is deliberately playing badly?

This is a great question, but unfortunately, one I cannot answer directly. If I tell you how we find people, then win-traders can learn that too and change their behavior.

What I can say is that we track many different data points and use a combination of triggers in those data points to find people. We want to be sure we are catching the right people and try to avoid false-positives as much as possible.

Hope that makes sense!

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What is win trading? Is it basically like match fixing in boxing, where one person is paid to lose to another person?

It’s when two teams agree to throw matches back and forth so that both teams accumulate wins at a much faster pace than they could through legitimate play. Basically, one team stomps the other, then they play again, with the team that previously lost winning the next match, then it starts over again.

Thank you for the explanation. I’ve seen people complain about win trading in general chat but didn’t quite understand the context. I can see how that would allow two teams to rank up fast.

What I don’t get is how they know they will play the same team in the next match. What if there is another team waiting in the que?

Best solution would be to make ranked fairer no? People I know who win trade don’t do it because they want to, they do it because they want to play ranked PvP on their mains, or PvP toons, rather than playing whatever the FOTM is like most other ‘legitimate’ ranked players.

As usual, BW combating symptoms of a problem rather than doing the actual work required to combat the source.

“I want to PvP on my main, not some FOTM class.. Let’s set up some win trading matches because I’m bad at my class and/or it’s not over powered”.

That’s “PLAYING”? lol. Sorry, but organizing a match where the other team /stuck ‘s it, or just charges in and purposefully get themselves killed in NOT playing.

You seem to have missed my point so I will clarify it;

Ranked PvP is full of FOTM classes and is in no way fun or balanced. Thus, people who would otherwise play fairly resort to win trading because they get roflstomped for not playing the current FOTM class as their ranked toon, like all the other ‘l33t’ groups.

What is not balanced is the stupidity on the whiners minds.
They will always complain about one or the other class when the real problem is that they don’t know how to play.

Ranked is not for everyone so if someone doesn’t fell that he can do it its better to stay on the normal wzones.

Balance LOL there is NO class balance… and by the way, Balance/Madness is totally worthless in ranked LOL, hahaha

Precisely. Now, while there’ll never be complete balance, we need something that’s at least relatively balance, enough so that, at least, ranked isn’t full of people playing the same class.

Ah, so you guildies suck at plying their classes so they cheat, and then have you try to justify it? More likely you’re one of those cheaters.

And it’s not my guildmates who win trade, just people I know. Have about two other people in my guild who PvP every now and then.

This game was born on win trading,only fix I know is to debuff the winner(like racing ,some scene add weight to winning car ,that fixed cheating

what if my guildies and i just want to do rankeds, and not lose on purpose?
is there something wrong? do we have to invite BW to our TS to prove them that we are trying?

Because most of the players are new or they don’t que ranked at all since they recently started gearing up.

I strongly dislike wintrading when its actual trading of wins or feeding rating to another team (like Uliic used to do on TEH).

On the other hand, sometimes my guild tried to do Team Ranked. We had 2 teams going.. No-one else was in queue, so we ended up being put into the same warones? Did we win-trade? Nope, each match lasted to full time, nearly, I’ve got vids of us going at it for nearly 3 minutes each round.

not particularly because we sucked, but because the tanks could, ya know, guardswap, healers could heal and kite, and the DPS figured out how to switch targets.

Lots of fun, but apparently we were win-trading, even if we came out with roughly equal rating at the end of our 10 matches.

If you came out with roughly equal rating that’s not win trading.

The point of win trading is to get your rating HIGHER.

“Lots of fun, but apparently we were win-trading, even if we came out with roughly equal rating at the end of our 10 matches.”

If you know what it is, then how can you state that you were apparently win-trading?

Your statement leads us to the believe that you don’t know what win-trading is.

Who cares, when star wars battlefield comes out all the angry 12 year olds will jump on that, no more pvp and the rest of us can get on without stupid nerfs because of pvp,

The double-y ironic part is that a good chunk of PvE’rs PvP, and vice versa.. myself included.. I run ops groups weekly and pvp in the time between, and enjoy both, and want to see seperate balancing so that both function smoothly. But you are too blind and self centered to look at alternative approaches to balancing…

Too bad it didn’t stop the one and only troll on JC from screwing up my ranking for season 4.

/smh this is what i mean about unqualified people. What this game could have been with a decent engine and competent developers. They aint ever gonna fix this shit b/c they cant. I hope battlefront has some decent pvp it will better then this thats for sure

And Ithorians, and Rodians and proper playing housing and a fully fleshed out space system and, and…


Ah, so many good memories 🙂

Galaxies had many ideas that shouldve been ported over and improved on, instead of going with the cookie cutter MMO approach. SWG was not perfect, but it excelled in many areas where this game is mediocre at best.

-Player housing, as mentioned. Along side that, true open world. Nothing cooler than finding a really neat place to put down your home(s) and building up a guild city etc… no loading into another instance.. no limited placement ofdecorations… Housing was in every way superior to TOR’s. As is massive open worlds. SWG failed to flesh out a lot of those worlds, which is where TOR shouldve improved on it (while still leaving space for player cities).

-Crafting. far better system, more rewarding. You would seek out certain players due to their reputation for crafting quality gear. This shouldve been expanded upon…

-Player bounties.. one of my fav features that i was surprised isnt in TOR..

-Space combat, true space combat. Flagships in this environment wouldve been amazing……..

-A severe lack of stuns… PvP was a lot more enjoyable when you werent stunned for entire fights due to too many stuns. Also made PvE more challenging, not being able tojust CC everything.

-An open world PvP area that actually had incentives to go there, thus getting people to participate lol. Who goes to outlaws den really besides the diehards…?

the list goes on and on and on, unfortunately. Im stopping here cause im getting sad, and since I am tired I think I am rambling a bit.

JuJoo Guppy of Alacio Island, Naboo, Bria Server

Well said. It wasn’t perfect, but with funding from EA a SWG 2 could have been a truly unique experience. I figure there’ll be one more SW MMO before SW dies out, so fingers crossed that one day we’ll get the best of both TOR and SWG.

why would a company who is known for making single player theme park experiences make a sequel to a Sandbox MMO that was a failure?
SWTOR did far better then Galaxies ever did.
Clearly they made the right choice especially since Sandbox MMOs never do well

SWG wasn’t a failure. You need to get that silly notion out of your head. It lasted for many years with a stable community and only ended because Lucasarts wanted to force SWG players to TOR. That’s not a failure.

In comparison, TOR went F2P within a year, and given the massive budget it had (and the amount of marketing they did for it) I’d say that’s a pretty colossal failure. It’s stable now, for sure, but TOR tripped out the gate in a very embarrassing way.

when the creators of the game say its a failure its a failure Rubenfiled the guy who coded the entire space combat said the game was a failure.
And even as F2P Tor was still more of a success then SWG ever was.
Tor at its lowest point still had more subs then Galaxies had at its highest point.
That is a success. Isn’t Tor even the second largest western MMO after WoW? I’d have to look at the numbers but yeah pretty sure it is.
Galaxies was part of Sonys station pass from day 1 which means they counted every sub that had the station pass as a Galaxi sub. Even with that they couldn’t even stay about 100k

I played it I quit after I had to wait 45 mins to pay a doctor to get a buff so I could go out in the world to do missions.
You know your game is broken when you have to get buffs to do anything in the world.
I remember the cloest thing to a dungeon was the rebel blockade runner mission which was broken and just a mess. the enemy placement was just sad it felt like a NES knock off game.
Galaxis came out the same year as Knights of the Old Republilc. Which game is better remembered?

I never had any buffs when I was doing shit. You get buffs for the hard shit. And if you had to wait 45 minutes you should have moved to a more populated server (because on my server you could get buffs in under 5).

And far more people play single player RPGs than do MMO’s. Making a comparison between them is pointless.

now that’s a lie. More people play MMOs then Singleplayer games look at WoW. WoW has even sold more copies then Skyrim.
your solution is to move to a server in a game that was a complete grindfest to one that has more people. Logic isn’t your strong suit is it?
You needed buffs if you wanted to do anything.
The game was horrible mess

Now, it’s not a lie. More people play single player games than MMO’s. As for WoW- so? WoW has been out an incredibly long time, and Skyrim is just one game.

And yes, because if it took you 45 minutes (though from what you’ve said up to now I’m certain you’re just lying again) to get buffed you were obviously on an empty server. And again, you did not need buffs to do ‘anything’, you only needed buffs for high-end, difficult content.

Got to love the petty ‘logic’ insult though. You complain about (supposedly) waiting ages for buffs, yet you won’t move to a more populated server? Fascinating logic right there.

You think SWG is more fondly remembered? A game that sold half as many copies if even, had to be completely remade when it was live?
Well look at Galaxies 10 year anniversy vs Knights
Kotor was remade in HD for Ipad. How about SWG? Oh no it was shut down and forgoton.

Were you expecting them to relaunch an MMO for it’s anniversary? -_-

(oh and there’s at least two EMU’s running atm, so you’re wrong on that note too)

no I expected it to still be around. However the game failed and it was shut down. 2 EMUs and you claim they have more then 10k players? That’s hard since SWGEMU says it can only have 3k players.

is there new content being made for it? No then its dead
Are there more then 10k people playing? No then its dead
Sorry Galaxies is dead and buried. Its only notable thing is that it was a MMO full of mistakes that won’t be copied.
People will only remember it for the NGE and CU

Do you have a clue what ‘dead’ actually means? And AGAIN, ToR has been copying elements of SWG for a while now, so once AGAIN you are wrong.

yes I do, do you? What about Galaxies makes you think the game is alive?
There is no new content being made for it
The game is unsupported by the studio who made it
There are no official servers
There are a few fan servers but combined they dont’ even have 10k players.
OK what element did Tor copy from Galaxies?

Actually, I know one of the two EMU’s I’m aware of plan to release new content in the future. And of course it’s unsupported and doesn’t have ‘official’ servers, because it’s being run by fans. So that’s a non-argument.

ToR copied player housing and space, two of SWG’s most popular features. Of course I’m sure you’ll say they came up with the idea to add those two features on their own, and weren’t at all influenced by their successful implementation in Galaxies.

that would be a very stupid idea. They are legally not allowed to release new content. Disney hell even EA will go after them and get it shut down.
This is serious now if they actually add new content.
Galaxies didn’t create player housing. No player Housing was influenced by the MMOs that invented player housing.
Or are you going to try and argue Galaxies created everything?

actually there is new content being made lol. Theres an emu that has dromun kass. Swg is not dead id say the mmo full of mistakes is tor where do i begin lmao….

if that’s true which I doubt it is then Galaxies EMu is gonna get shut down. They are legally not allowed to make any new content for the game.
so if its true good job on getting SWG emu shut down. Tor has more players then Galaxies ever had. By that alone more people will remember Tor. More people right now are enjoying Tor more then even played Galaxies.

Says who? you? go to the police then report them lol. Tor is going to be remembered as a game that “could” have been great but failed miserably becuase they were cheap asses and bought an alpha engine to save money in the end that bit them in the ass oh and tor is 99% gambling packs/store and a god aweful free to try i mean play thats what tor will be remembered for

says Disney who owns the rights to everything Star Wars. You dont’ think Disney is going to send their trademark lawyers on them?
Ok say what you want SWTOR is still more popular than Galaxies ever was.

first off the emus are allowed to run legally b/c they make no profit from them. If you really believe this nonsense then you need to get off here and get a lawyer and proceed with your case. I have to tell you though its not going to go anywhere and niether are the emus. You dont seem to understand law very well or how this works i notice. Why hasnt disney shut them down then? they cant lol their not doing anything illegal lmao

I hope you don’t mean Galaxies that was a hot mess from launch I mean how do launch a Star wars game with no jed or space combat. That game was so broken it couldn’t even hold on to 100k subscribers for most of its life.

Uh, SWTOR has no space combat aside from a crappy minigame, no? If SWG was ‘broken’, then TOR is absolutely broken. Attacks worked in SWG for a start (Force Leap STILL isn’t fixed despite being bugged well before SOR came out), player housing was incredibly flexible and not confined to an instance, crafting was deep and complex and the big updates came with loads to keep folks busy, even towards the end of the games life. It was an incredibly rich MMO, with a variety of things to do regardless of playstyle and plenty of content to keep people busy.

Never in my 4 years of playing Galaxies did I come across even a tenth of the bugs I have to put up with on a weekly basis in TOR, and the bugs in Galaxies were always minor (yet still got fixed) and they clearly checked the work they did BEFORE releasing it to paying customers. Galaxies devs also never (as far as I saw in my time there) said they wouldn’t be able to add something because the engine couldn’t handle it.

I’d regard the game which runs on an engine the devs themselves have said is shit as more broken than a game that was only shut down to make way for the aforementioned game.

yeah i never ran into an exhaustion zone on swg and i didnt have to spend my time queing 24/7 for instanced pvp garbage and thier was no inquistors or fotm shit in swg. The space was just like the movies tor is such a HUGE step backwards in mmo terms. The only thing tor has is the story thats it nothing else. The space in tor is a bad joke its really sad it could have been something great had it had the right engine and competent developers

space was just like the movies? I must have missed the scene where a tie fighter could take out a Millenium Falcon with 1 missle.

A TIE fighter could not take out a YT-1300 with 1 missile. That’s an outright lie 🙂

no its not its the truth. Galxies space combat was poorly balanced missles were way op

Missiles had benefits, certainly. But a TIE fighter could not take out a YT-1300 with 1 missile. Spent plenty of time doing higher tier space stuff, and unless that YT-1300 was stripped off all it’s parts a mere TIE fighter would not be able to nuke it with 1 missile.

show me on tor where i can freely fly my ship around in space? show me in tor where i can i be inside the ship during combat and use the chairs and use the ship controls to do things like repair it and such? Tor is just a starfox pos ripoff it is a horrible joke in comparison to tor. You want to talk about missiles missles in tor shoot through asteroids lmao. Tor space is just bad joke its like comparing a skateboard to ferrari.

you can use all the chairs in your ship you always could. Show me in Galaxies where I could fly a ship at launch?

“it is a horrible joke in comparison to tor”
you just said that Galaxies is a horrible joke compared to Tor

If you’re going to pick apart someone’s arguments, why not try picking apart the entirety? Not just picking and choosing words and obvious typos?

But we both know that you can’t do that, because you can’t sit in the ships various chairs in combat, nor can you do the other things he mentioned. You’re picking and choosing what you answer across the board, because you know you’re wrong on most points.

no I’m not. I can’t tell those are typos it makes as much sense as the rest of his arguments
Yes you can in space combat in Tor you are sitting down.
The Tor space combat at launched was fully fleshed out. Starfox is a fully fleshed out game. It is a different game then say x-wing vs Tie fighter but its still fully fleshed out and it was at launch.
SO yes Tor had fully fleshded out space combat at launch. Galaxies had 0 space combat for what over a year.

tor didnt have much of anything fully fleshed out at launch you couldnt even move the dam ui for at least 6 months in as for space LOLZ you have not played swg space. NO ONE in their right mind with a straight face compare tors space to swg its just a bad joke.

no I’m comparing Tor’s space game at launch to Galaxies lack of space combat at launch.
Galaxies didn’t have any space combat at all at launch. By the time they did add space combat the game was already dead.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA comparing gs to jtl ROFL……………… thanks for the laugh. This is like comparing a fiat to lamborghini

No, in space combat in ToR you’re not sat down. It’s a separate ‘zone’ as it were, where your character isn’t even present.

ToR space was not fleshed out at all. It was a minigame, tacked on because folks were asking for space (thus why they later came out with GSF, although that wasn’t much better). So, no, ToR didn’t have a fully fleshed out space system at launch. It had a minigame. Calling that a fully fleshed out system is just denial, I’m afraid.

And even if we did say it was fully fleshed out; SWG was deeper in complexity, with more to do, more flexibility, more skill requirements etc etc. Again, that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

Swtor launched with space Galaxies didn’t . Galaxies attacks never worked properly. Force leap does work your just making stuff up.
Player hosing was a complete mess. You had ghosttowns and ghettos all over the place.
Hosing was so messed up in Galaxies it would spawn mission objectives inside of peoples houses making it impossible to finish the mission
If the bugs were so minor in Galaixes how come it failed so hard? It couldn’t even keep 150k subs. No one wanted to copy any part of Galaxies.
Galaxies is so bad they had to completely remake the game and relaunch while it was live.
You can’t say combat wasn’t broken when they added the Combat Upgrade which completely changed combat.

No, SWTOR did not launch with space. Please don’t compare an on-rails, tacked on mini-game to the fully fleshed out, expansion quality space in SWG. Even GSF is nowhere near the same level of quality and attention to detail as JTL content was.

Force Leap is bugged. That is a fact. Call me a liar all you want, but leap was buggy MONTHS before SOR was released and STILL bugs out now.

Player housing was hardly a mess. Ghostowns were on low-pop servers, most player cities were fairly active as far as I saw. Quest objectives from terminals OCCASIONALLY spawned in somewhere inaccessible, but the fact is that didn’t happen very often nor was it hard to abandon the quest, travel back to the terminal (never more than a minute away) and get another one.

It didn’t ‘fail so hard’ (who says that anyway?) at all, SWG had a healthy population up till the day Lucasarts had it shut down. A lot of folks left after the CU and NGE (all games do big changes from time to time, nothing new there), but that’s because they lost a lot of stuff which, admittedly, wasn’t the wisest decision the devs made (which they since admitted, good luck getting a TOR dev to admit they were wrong).

As far as ‘no one wanted to copy any part of Galaxies’… you must be joking? What features have SWTOR added recently? Space (shoddy as it is), player housing (instanced, very limited and very CM heavy) and an A-tab (though I’ll concede A-tab is a more widespread feature). I’m sure you’ll deny they got those feature ideas from SWG ofc, but there it is.

As for your sub numbers? I have no idea what the numbers were. You could be right, you could be lying. I don’t know.

Every server on SWG was a low population server 3 months after launch. Never more then a minute away? the lies you keep telling to make SWG sound like it was crap is amusing.
Your solution for missions bugging is to abandoned it and go get another because the developers can’t be bothered to fix it.
a health population is less then 50k? the sub numbers are out there.
Even Galaxies programers say the game was a huge mess.

If you’re going to stoop to completely making things up what’s the point of this conversation? You didn’t, for whatever reason, like SWG. We get it.


Thats good. Better than the 300% increase in credit spam they caused with the takedown of one credit seller ring.

Still wonder why and how this happened.

bla bla bla …… PvP — they don’t even care about it. Seriously …. when was last arena or Warzone introduced ? In stone age IIRC. The game is great just a bunch of assholes in BW that run it and and some who play it are worse in their own kind and they are making it unplayable due to bugs, shitty content and stupid in game behavior.

/Player since beta, subscriber since launch – but no more I canceled sub after Ziost crap.

“Better than cross server” will come some day. Maybe 2017, maybe later… 🙂

There won’t be any PvP player left to enjoy it.

you’re so full of shit. Even though u pvp’ers don’t get new maps or arenas or warzones you STILL cause MASSIVE nerfs across the board. Leave and dont come back

Yes I will! You know why ? Because game supose to be fun – not struggle. And now it is struggle. You struggle to get to FP group, WZ group, not even mention ranked. You struggle in PvE because of stupid bugs, stupid mechanics. I cant even play my favourite marauder in new HM ops (and probably SM too). You strugle with stupid bugs in arena (is makeb yet fixed? I dont think so…) Those retards from bioware clearly have no idea how to maintain interest in this game.
I played this game a lot since begining. I got all advanced calsses maxed on bouth sides. Cleared most of nightmare content when it was hard. I got few toons with over 90ish Valour and 3 with 100 valour. Got top 20 ranking in first 3 PvP seasons.

And what do I got now:
– ToS, Ravagers still bugged (for over half year)

– no new PvP content since ages
– no more 8 vs 8 ranked
– new ops in late december this year – in old days there were new ops every few months (check patchnotes if you dont belive me)
– Ziost story – is just meh

– GSF – do they even remeber there is such thing ?
– every patch they introduce new more anoying bugs
– oh did i mentioned bugs? a lot of minor big very anoying bugs or stupid solutions (like assigning keys to guild members – what kind of rocket scientist invented that bullshit?)
– no consistency in bioware actions … ie they removed posibility to transfer Warzone commendations … but you can still transfer PvE commendations ..

The largest nerf in the games history was due to pve not pvp. That was an over 70% nerf on orbital strike, I have seen just as many complaints about a lack of new operations and flashpoints in forum posts since the game came out as I have about a lack of new war zones. And there are far more operations and flashpoints than there are war zones.

oh god this mouth breather is still ranting about PvP?

go run Black Talon for the millionth time or RP a Jawa or w/e it is the mentally impaired do for fun…or is this your schtick?

If it makes you unhappy I’ll never leave. And I will pvp as much as possible to show BioWare that it is still important for many players.

My problem with PvP in this game is the one that I think fuels some of the trolling and probably more of the win trading…. Expertise. From day one it has been my opinion that needing a special stat just to stand a chance in PvP is hyperetarded. What rocket scientist thought this up?

I’ve played several other mmo’s over the years and this is the only one I’ve seen with such a total crap PvP design. I’m sure there are others like this but I can’t imagine there are many.

IMO, the need for expertise in order to be competitive in PvP is the biggest reason for the division of the TOR community. It is impossible for a person to casually PvP in this game; bolstering is total ass, but it would never have been implemented if PvP wasn’t fucked up in the first place. A person who doesn’t want to live in the PvP arenas, and hasn’t been doing it from day 1, has no hope to participate casually in PvP.

I’ve started playing a different game on and off lately, 100% world PvP enabled all the time. No special stat required and no cookie cutter skillsets, the skill of the player and quality of their gear (the same gear they PvE in) determines the outcome. That’s how TOR should be, and that’s why people troll and win trade in the gay-assed arenas here.

Just my opinion

I agree with you 100%!!! Get rid of anything PVP, and let peeps play the game with whatever skills/gear they get for PVE. So how does this win trade work???

If so, they will have to redesign the ways of getting gear. Not every1 does HM ops, or ops at all. They simply do PvP. How they should grind gear? And why should they get it just by doing xx PvP matches, when people spend hours wiping on same boss just for 1 person to get the gear piece? Your idea is extremely nice but it needs more development and likely will never be accepted due to fact that then all PvPers will start crying like babies. But if they change PvP gear to PvP reputation I will be very happy

“How do you detect non stuck win trading?”
Simply put you cannot. I’m on full 174 min/maxed, blue augmented. And I tend to think of me as bad pvp-er. And I will queue ranked, since last season I did some Group ranked with guildies, and with 3 wins I think hit 10xx rating and got the crystals box. If I turn out on their false positives, Im done with this game… And before you start bashing, I really don’t care about your ratings more than I care about mine. I will, and want to q ranked regardless of my skills, and there is single ToS that stopping me from doing it. Full 174, 90 valor say I am pretty much qualified for something that gives something back in return with little effort. So yea, Im not God given skillz-kid with 5 hands and 24 fingers but I will q them for my own fun. Telling me that I cant q because my skills sucks is same as going in and trolling people with stuck, so deal with it or q Group ranked

I have no PVP skills either and know nothing about how to win any of the warzones, but after reading this, I’m going to que in for some ranked matches so that I can get those sweet rewards. mahaha

What are you talking about? Why do you think you will be accused of win trading? You have no idea what they know. You are clueless. Everything that happens in the game can be reviewed. They have access to everything you say in chat. To think you may get the ban hammer you must have done something.

Obviously, you are the one who have no idea what is going on… Let me break it up for you…
1. there is no way accurate way of telling if people are dropping the matches or not if they play pvp game do damage, stun etc…
2. i don’t use chat in ranked… especially not in group ranked… TS does the thing
3. when you have to guess if someone is throwing the match deliberately or not, collateral damage is avoidable… If I end up as collateral damage, due to the AI guessing on my gameplay, well as said I’m out of this game. Maybe I had a bad day, maybe I had more lag than usual, maybe my keyboard died, maybe my CPU is overheating causing the game to crash…
That is why I am bringing this up, and knowing Biofail ways of detecting things, I could be almost positive that some collateral damage will be done to the users that had absolutely nothing with win trading. Besides, here is a pro tip for you. Put player that you think is involved in trolling or win trading and you will NEVER queue with him again. Also, if you are too pro to lose your rating, queue Group ranked with your same skilled players and demolish everything.
And your assumption “to think you may get…” is pretty much full retard. Never go full retard.

offtopic but anyone else have problems with dulfy website on ios ? the site redirects me instant to the app store and no chance to read any article on dulfy

It’s quite simple. Separate PvP and pve and no one will ever complain ever. Every single time someone complains and changes are made then pve will suffer. It makes me sick that BW caters to a small community of morons, imbeciles and crybabies known as pvpers.

The problem with you pvp’ers is you’ve cried so much and we pve’ers are sick of it. You guys are changing this game for the WORSE. All the nerfs you ask for are making people leave.

And now that pve’ers are complaining about you, you take it personal. Mess with pve more and this game will die. Mess with pvp and no one will give a fuck. Except of course the “queue yolo” folks.

The game isn’t already dead? Last time I checked swtor was in a pretty sad state. I’ve seen indie devlopers release DLC with more content than SWTOR’s “expansion packs” lol. That cartel market expansion pack though! lmao

Nice troll. You win the internet. The game revived to be in the #4 slot. It’s doing quite well, and is better off without you.

While they way you say what you said is ironic, it’s also very true. However it’s the not fault of PVPers that bioware didn’t separate abilities for PVP/PVE. They whine and cry because there is something to whine and cry about. Unfortunately, the changes BW/EA make to the game to balance PVP make PVE far less enjoyable (or tolerable).

tl;dr Bioware wanted a PVP aspect to there MMO, but were not competent enough to code it so that it was separate from PvE, thus all the problems are in the design, not the playerbase.

I don’t have to worry about all this pvp stuff cuz I’m on a pve server! Right? Dulfy, a little help here…

The difference between PvP and PvE servers are what people prefer more (generally faster WZ pops on PvP server) and the optionally of open world PvP (on PvP server you can’t control your flag). Ranked is a special type of WZ, which consists solely of arenas and exists on all servers

What’s sad is to see the proud PVE’ers stoop so low and whine/complain about PVPers yet somehow feeling superior to them when obviously in the end they have the exact same mentality. Maybe one day you’ll realize there is no pve’ers and pvp’ers, and under all that game preference is just a player. Get off your high horses, please. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

SWTOR is the only MMORPG I know where there is a war between the PvP and PvE community. Its so weird to see.

Thank you, the point I keep trying to make, guess I use too many words for people to bother to read.

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Booooring. So glad I uninstalled yesterday. I mean holly balls, what a sad game when the top issue isn’t new content, its dumb rating algorithms written by an intern and a guy named Eric Musco who clearly has never played SWTOR, ever.

What is sad are all these complainers and quitters and you seem one of them so you did very good to uninstall it.

Now go complain in another game about the same sht as the same story keep on and on and on, complainers will do always the same no matter what sht they play.

^ Are you both retarded ? You do realise that if you never fucking complain about the game they’ll never fix anything, right ? Fucking zombie fanboys is what ruined this game and why they’ve still got bugs they haven’t fixed for the past 3 fucking years!

As said-you’re kind aren’t wanted, so GTFO. You uninstalled, so why bother us with your idiotic whining?

Because he didn’t uninstall. He just said that to draw attention to himself. He needs people to pay attention to him. If he hated the game so much that he uninstalled it he wouldn’t care enough to post here.

Not true, I did uninstall last week. Dunno why I kept it on my laptop as long as i did since I stopped playing it when strongholds came out. I only play GW2 now – it’s pvp is so freaking fun. And I’m saving up for an asrock x99e-itx/ac system so I can play the Witcher 3 😀

While constructive criticisms and reporting of problems can help improve the game, whining like a 5 year old tossing a tantrum won’t actually improve anything.

So many posts I have read that says something sucks, but doesn’t say why, kinda like yours. They are useless shit, kinda like you.

Gotta love the degenerates on the internet. Rex (lol you’re named after a dog) does your mother work for Bioware ? What is with the irrational love you have for this game ? Did you get your first erection from an ERP session in SWTOR ? 0.o

The only reason I stil play this game is because it is Star Wars. It’s pretty much is a casual game now. If this wasn’t a Star Wars game it would have died out a long time ago.
If BioWare/Electronic Arts won’t upgrade the engine and give the much needed fixes and tools simular to WoW it will die a very slow death. Sad, because the concept was and still is amazing.

Good. GTFO. Your kind aren’t wanted in the game anyway, and the game is better off without you in it.

PvP — this thing even exist in this game ?
There is no damn PvP content and PvE players suffer most of stipd PvP balance changes.

I say kill the game and start from scratch. They can’t (imo won’t) ever make it to a decent game after all the changes. #SWTOR2THESITHLORDS

This isn’t an entirely terrible idea in theory. It would be an interesting opportunity to build around an updated hero engine. They could use a lot of their existing resources and mechanics, skins etc. With the new movie coming out they could even time shift us into a more relevant time period, allowing them to do movie tie ins, and armors/npcs from the movies, maybe even cut a deal to bring in the actors for voice overs etc. It’d be a lot of work though, they’d need to cut some kind of deal with EA and Disney to up their staff.

Been there, done that. It was called Star Wars Galaxy, and it sucked. And one of the draws of SWTOR is the time period.

They cant do that now. When BW got Hero (in very early stage of development) they simply “forked” their own branch of Hero engine. Lots of custom code, patches, bugs, bug fixes and then another bugs are way too deep into the system for any switching back to original Hero engine now. Re-doing from scratch would pretty much mean shoot in the foot (or knee) for EA/BW…

I agree. Get a better studio to work on it after JJ’s episode comes out. Maybe even set it in a different time period; Revan’s story should have ended with the original KOTOR.

The Hyperspace Wars would be a cool setting if you really wanna stay away from the main Star Wars saga time frame.

And it wont belong till the same complainers go there and start all over again.
Nothing really changes.

Only an Engine upgrade would make a difference.

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