GW2 Chain Whip Sword and Mad Scientist Outfit now available

GW2 Chain Whip Sword and Mad Scientist Outfit are now available in the gemstore for 600 and 700 gems respectively.


Chain Whip Sword – 600 gems

The whip like animation is only present on some sword ability animations (see video). Sword skin is only in the gemstore for 7 days so might want to get it soon (it will return later probably).



Mad Scientist Outfit – 700 gems

The test tubes are animated (see video).


Dye Pattern










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39 replies on “GW2 Chain Whip Sword and Mad Scientist Outfit now available”

kinda dissapointing on warrior, very cool on guardian tho, probably because of those asura animations

The one thing I was waiting for in the whipsword preview video is Pistol Whip for thief (S/P skill3).
GG on leaving out the most important part for thieves.

That sword reminds me of my penis: it looks hard but when i want to smack something with it, it goes all soft :”(

That helm on the outfit…because I really want my female to look like she has a handlebar mustache. I like how it looks on the Charr, but that’s it. Disappointed with these items. Wish those Daydreamer wings would have come out!!

Am surprise Namco or Soul Caliber nuts are screaming bloody murder of copyright on seeing the new sword design… though honestly the sword didn’t impress much.

Nah, i will pass, the outfit covers too much on female models. Can we get more cleavage action there? no? well that is too bad 🙁

Most of the female armor options in this game grant cleavage – often extreme amounts of it. A few armor/outfit options that *don’t* is pretty goddamn appreciated.

I love the sword I just wish it was in pink or purple whys everything gota be green…..

the sword and the outfit look nice, though it’s not for me. i won’t be getting it, thanks for the demonstration. i thought the sword would break apart more with a slow real-in, kind of like Ivy’s sword.

Though I’m not going to make a toon in the style of Ivy Valentine, I have loved the idea of a chain whip sword ever since the old days of Soul Calibur. This gem store item and the animation for the sword pleases me greatly.

Think Aion did better with the chain sword…. Why does it open when running also not come out when auto attacking with some swings.

They could have done much better on the texture/coloring of the sword. And I’m not a fan of the built-in mustache/walrus-teeth on the outfit helmet. Overall, they’re not bad, but simple things could have made them much better.

The whole concept of Outfits is atrocious. So many good ideas but shafted for the sake of avoiding clipping issues.

Jee, I would love those shoulders and those pants on the outfit. But yet again I’d be forced to wear the whole damn thing. Pass.

Love the coat… Hate that it’s only knee-length on Charr. 🙁 As I use Charr exclusively, I guess I won’t be getting it. T_T

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