SWTOR CM weekly sales for May 26 – June 2

SWTOR Cartel Market weekly sales for the week of May 26 to June 2.


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  • Jenai

    Meeeeeeeh. Okay, I like buying these since I just came back to the game after 2 years. They are kinda fun and kinda new, at least to me. Until now. Thanks for saving me some $$. Hope next shipment is worth it.

    Think they will do something for the Nightlife since they seem to be on a recycle kick?

    • baddog

      Nightlife coming back next week.

      • Jenai

        I’ll horde my cc til then. Thanks!

  • BobbyGriffin3

    Are they ever going to release some of the older packs for sale? Like the packs that contain Satele armor and such? Pretty annoying that they’re bringing up the same 5 or so packs over and over and leaving out some of the rare and older ones.

    • Holyfrog

      The crimelord pack is an old pack. It has the rare item most people want the mask of Nihilus (I never get the spelling right) so that is why it has been on sale. They are trying to generate sales.

      • Havik79

        Except who didn’t get it when they did the slot machines which lets you get max rep and get it from the rep vendor on the fleet.

        Either way, having the same pack 2 weeks running is crap.

  • Darth Me

    Well, I guess BW isn’t getting any of my discretionary income this week. That’s some crap sales there.

  • Show me the Rare !

    Bring back the rare ones too guys !

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