SWTOR Developer Livestream on Yavin Stronghold and Togruta

SWTOR developers will be showcasing the Yavin Stronghold and Togruta on a developer livestream on June 3.

Upcoming Dev Livestream – June 3rd | 05.26.2015, 01:08 PM

Hey folks!
I want to let you all know about our next planned developer livestream which will be happening on Wednesday, June 3rd from 4-5PM CDT. You can check out the livestream on our twitch channel, here.

What we will be showing over the course of our one hour stream is some of the new content we have talked about which is coming this year. First up, we will be walking you through the entirety of the new Yavin IV Stronghold! Second, we will be doing all of that as a Togruta.

So tune in as we showcase the new Stronghold and playable Species coming to SWTOR. Thanks everyone, we’ll see you then.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

62 replies on “SWTOR Developer Livestream on Yavin Stronghold and Togruta”

How do you know they arent old? Maybe they start off looking like a sith pure blood and by time they hit 70 they look like that. You know darkside corruption and all that.

Oh My God. A livestream. You know what that means folks. The most toxic community in the game (PVP’ers) will be on full alert, present and accounted for to troll the shit out of the Devs on June 3.

Get ready to see a whole lot of “pvp” in the comment section.


Sounds like the PvE community is just as bad. Really though, most of the complaints about PvP seem to come from those who don’t.

I wonder why.


Please cry moar about PT too stronk, sin too stronk, aoe too stronk, cc too long too stronk, no new maps, no world pvp, nerf PT, Nerf sorc, Nerf sin, Nerf mara……lmao

All nerfs in 3.0 so far are all from pvp whiners. Great job.


Oh Look a butt-hurt pvp’er taking things personal. We are tired of your loud mouths. PVE will triumph over PVP.

And the funny thing is that wasn’t even the only misspelled word. I wonder what stronk us lol

I think it is strong. But I’ve seen this misspelling of more as “moar” a lot lately. One guy even told me its to call attention to what he is saying. WTF!? Kids today.

Yeah. The odd spelling mistake is one thing. Especially if your posting comment on mobile phone. But intentionally spelling words wrong for that reason is really stupid.

It really makes me sad that you get any upvotes at all, because the only one being toxic that I see is you immediately jumping in to bitch about PvP once again. Every. Single. Thread.

You act as if there are only PvP’ers and PvE’rs.. the idea that someone like myself, who does both, couldn’t possibly exist.

You also act as if you going into every single thread on this site to bitch and moan is some how helping the situation or is some how less toxic to the community than the equally annoying people that bitch on the “other side” of the PvP fence.

YOU are a source of toxicity towards this community that really ought to go outside and take a deep breath and seek psychiatric help for your anger management issues. Good god, I have never seen someone get so bent out of shape over a video game before.

This dude DOES have a “trollish” way he communicates. There is no doubt about that. But his overall message, that pvp is causing massive nerfs across the entire game remains intact. He can’t seem to communicate this well enough. I think he’s either trolling, uneducated, or perhaps he’s simply frustrated by that fact that Bioware has decided to cater to such a small portion of the game.

You have to remember that whatever class changes are brought to the table will negatively affect PVE. So as long as there are people aggressively seeking nerfs to “balance pvp” this game will continue to lose its appeal.

Granted, there are other reasons it appears to be dying such as bugs not being fixed for months, drop-dead communication from the devs, Closed PTS rather than open PTS which allows more feedback, etc, etc.

Many things are contributing to the end of this game. Some of the members of the PVP community, are definitely one of those contributing factors.

The point you are both missing is that the nerfs to classes are not brought on by the PvPers themselves (And again, I hate that you even bother seperating them. A good chunk of us enjoy both… myself included.. I have full set bonus PvE gear across multiple toons and full PvP gear on multiple toons..) but by the Dev’s refusing to seperate PvP nerfs and PvE nerfs; instead of crying for the removal of an aspect of the game that frankly doesn’t need removed, why not push for something more worthwhile, like, oh I don’t know, having the Dev’s make changes that are needed for PvP ONLY effect PvP…

Since I play both it is quite easy for me to see changes that are necessary for PvP that will simutaneously hurt PvE, and the logical approach is to make the adjustments only effect PvP… Whether that means they duplicate every ability and have a PvP only version of each one so they can tweak those for PvP and leave the PvE ones alone, or some other system, I don’t know. But its plain to see that THIS is the logical solution (And honestly, less work than removing PvP, and less detrimental to the player base….).

So again, instead of spewing hateful messages, why don’t you help push for a logical change in approach to how they handle balancing, and in doing so stop trying to rile up hate wars on every thread? (Spreading awareness.. *rolls eyes*)

Surely, this can’t be that hard to see as being a far superior solution, and actually far more likely to happen.

Clearly you haven’t played enough video games. When gamers get bent out of shape is because they know the game has potential to be great. When anything comes along that could harm that potential (in this case PVP WHINING) then gamers get bent out of shape.

I post in every thread to raise awareness that this virus called pvp is causing nerfs that affect PVE. If they were separate I couldnt care less what happened. But I love PVE. I love end game. And i hate to see players quit because they can no longer find a particular class fun.

I am sick and tired of you guys opening your big mouths and now that pve’ers are fighting back you get defensive. Spare me the bullshit please.


I have played more games than I care to admit. I just actually stop to think a problem through. You don’t “raise awareness” to a whining problem by whining, just makes you look like a hypocrite, and equally serves as a virus for the community.

I had never stated that I enjoy reading whining from anyone, either, and wish people calling for PvP adjustments would be more intelligent too. Then again, expecting people to act intelligent seems to be the biggest pipe dream lately..

There are, as I continue to point out, much better solutions to keeping both “sides” happy. You would think, so supposedly you care about this community, that youd be pushing for people to agree and work together on a change that makes the game more enjoyable for both aspects and all players involved. Instead, you spew venom at every turn and call it “justice” and “awareness”.

So how about you stop spewing forth hatred, if you truly don’t want to see players quit (Yet want to remove an entire functionality of the game that SOME people ONLY player, thus causing them to leave the game.. mind you, a lot of them are not whiny, adolescent asshats, either.) and start pushing the Dev’s to make intelligent changes to this game.

Really, how hard would it have been to code in that Force Storm now does 25% less damage vs players ONLY instead of the massive game wide nerf it received…? (Number is an example. Please do not read into it.) THAT would’ve been the smart thing to do.

And as a side note; no matter what approach is taken, there will be a toxic, whiny and very vocal portion of the community that remains. It isn’t just PvP’rs. I see people crying every day about not getting the free content they want, or this reason or that reason. Unfortunately, they will almost always be the more vocal part of the community, and yet still a minority.

I was kind of hoping for an Alderaan or Voss stronghold. Yavin seems like an odd choice. I still wouldn’t mind if they added more to the max number of hooks on existing SH’s.

…Wut…Yavin is a perfect choice, while Alderaan and Voss are some of the most loathed planets.

How can you say Yavin is ugly? That view from the starting taxi is iconic, it’s right out of ANH! Look up once in a while while you are doing dailies, it’s awesome. Voss is nice if you want to look at dying leaves all year round.

It’s all jungle though. Not my thing. Voss I would like, because it looks like Autumn all the time; like the Appalachians in the Fall. Alderaan is just gorgeous, with the snow-capped mountains; reminds me of the Rockies.

I agree. I want a tech Stronghold. I’m not Yoda living in the swamps.

Tatooin was ugly. Now Yavin will also be ugly. I’ll never get a 4th Stronghold I like to buy, I’m stuck with the three I’ve got.

Well this is something that everyone has a different opinion on, so sure, I’ll join in. Voss is really pretty, but story-wise it makes very little sense as a stronghold location. I like the mountains of Alderaan, and was actually expecting that to be the next stronghold, but I think Yavin may be more architecturally interesting and different than what I would imagine an Alderaan stronghold would be.

My top choices would have been Manaan (also complicated story-wise, but I think they could have gotten around it better than on Voss) and Rishi (this one does make sense story-wise, so I was kind of rooting for this one). But as long as I get a waterfall on Yavin, I’ll be happy. The weather may be unbearably humid, but from the comfort of my desk I don’t really mind 🙂

I was hoping for an underwater Manaan Stronghold. I love the architecture there! I was disappointed to see only a small area explorable, solely for the Flashpoint!

That would be awesome, having fish swim outside and light through water effects. It would make me spend real money to unlock the whole Stronghold. I certainly hope they expand the Manaan theme someday. Having that “out of order” subway station is maddening. Can you imagine zipping through an underwater rail system similar to Corellia?

I’m still holding out for Tython and Korriban, even if they’re boring reskins like Coruscant and Dromund Kaas!

Togruta Baby, Yyyyyyeeessssss !!!!!!!!
Gone level all colors of them as long as the 12 xp lasts

It’s only a livestream with them in it. Unless they give a date don’t assume there coming anytime soon lol

It’ll be nice to have a new race to play, but I really wish they’d do more with the races they have now, too? More tattoos and jewelry and make-up and maybe even some new faces – especially the Cathar and the Mirialan.

And nobody will ever understand why cyborgs were made a ‘race’ and not an aesthetic option…

Cyborgs were there to bulk out the species options, imho, to make it seem like they had more choices than they did.

I’d put in my vote for more appearance options on existing races, but I doubt they want to do that. The new hairstyles they added through the cartel market are – for the most part – horribly low-res and just ugly. I don’t understand why they can’t add more tattoos and makeup options. Ideally they’d separate out all the stuff that is boxed up in “complexion”. All I want is for my guy to have five-o-clock shadow. I don’t want him to have tan lines around his sunglasses, too.

A new race will always be considered real content whether you like it or not.

Because for everyone that wanted togruta, it’s definately content.

Your definition of content is not the deciding defnition.

How does a new race add new game play…All it adds is a new cosmetic option at character creation, it isn’t going to add any new story or any real playable content.

See, your definition of “new content” = new game play.
That’s not how it works.

For someone who has wanted this race for a long time, this will add a completely new reason to play through the game again.
Thus, tons of new content for them.

But for you, not so much.

You could compare that to a new warzone or a new op.
I don’t play PvP and I don’t do Ops.

So those wouldn’t be “new content” for me either.

Your point if view is so flawed… Being a togruta won’t give you extra content in fact the only thing that will change is that instead of looking from behind to any of the existing races you still start looking at a togruta, thus being purely cosmetic. It’s only one more “option” the same way you can change your interface and those are not new content. Plus, SWTOR is an MMO meaning you need “stuff” to do with people, whether it be warzones, flashpoints or operations. All those decoration, houses, mounts, armors and cartel market stuff aren’t for MMO’s… Even if you look at the house stuff WOW made it better, the house actually participates in the story, is somewhat important for crafting, and has other features that gives a point to having a house… in SWTOR it serves no purpose apart from being a credit sink. But since this game became a fiasco long ago the only way to minimize the loss is to make people spend real money in CC so that they can have purely cosmetic stuff. If they were serious people they would at least assume the game has become focused on this type of players (those interested only in cosmetic stuff) and let the people who wants operations and pvp know that so that they could move on to something better…

You’re free to think what you like.
But Togruta certainly is new content to those who wanted a togruta.

“New Content” just means something new that wasn’t there before in the original product. The new stronghold and race were not in the original content of SWTOR. Therefore, it’s new content, regardless of your idea of what “New Content” should be. It is what it is. If that pisses you off, then play another game.

Again bunch of whiny bullshit..whining how SWTOR is dying and comparing to a WOW.
FOR FUCK Sakes yes. SWTOR is MMO. BUT it is ALSO an RPG, SO ” All those decoration, houses, mounts, armors and cartel market stuff” ARE NEW CONTENT.And YES. New Race is NEW content. Like personally I was holding out to play a Sorc because I wanted to play it as a Togruta. So releasing of that race gives me chance to play concept of char which I have wanted to play for a loooong time. Sp quit you whining and enjoy the game, or if you hate game so much then go to other games which you like more

Playing a s a Togruta is new content and new gameplay for me and a bunch of other people I know because we RP and we’ve wanted to roll Togruta toon for quite some time.

There wont be actual content since actual raiders and pvpers are already left game there are a few remained in game they are here since they like to raid with their long time in game friends, they log in raid times and log out after raid. Rest of the players are stronghold decorators and players who can barely do sm opses. Since stronghold decorators already filled all strongholds they slowed buying packs so there is a new stronghold and with 12x xp there will be a lot of togruta sales on cartel market. And sadly this is the future of this game. No nim opses and there wont be operations before autums maybe winter or never (more likely) there will be some instance bosses like ziost new story content which wont last more than 30 mins to finish and you wont do it again. Bıt there will be a lot decorations and recloured armor and mounts.

The post says they will be showing “some” of the new, upcoming content over the course of a 1 hour livestream. The post does not say that the stronghold is the only thing. Also, didn’t they just add the Ziost content within the last 30 days? Everything added to this game doesn’t need to be just new ops and dailies (which people will grind through repeatedly and get bored of within 1-2 weeks anyway)…some people are interested in other features of this game such as the strongholds and new playable species for running alts.

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Well, today’s the day the stream will be aired. God, I hope the Stronghold isn’t over 14 million credits. Not referring to the guild version of the stronghold. Just the normal one. Already been saving up for months. Decorations all set and everything.

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