SWTOR Game Update 3.2.1 Final Patch Notes

SWTOR Game Update 3.2.1 Final patch notes after the maintenance on Wednesday May 27 from 1230AM PDT (0730 GMT) – 830AM PDT (1530 GMT)

New additions from the preliminary patch notes

  • Boarding Party: Removed chests that were not intended to be present in the Flashpoint.
  • The set bonuses for all Combat Medic/Bodyguard sets are now working as expected.
  • Many Relics have had their tooltips updated to the correct values in French and German.


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  • Right-clicking selected Utilities before resetting them no longer displays an incorrect number of available Utility Points.
  • Dye Module Tooltips for the Outfit Designer now appear properly in German clients.
  • The typo in the Season 4 Top 96 titles has been corrected.
  • Emergency Fleet Pass and Quick Travel cooldowns for Preferred players now match the Subscriber cooldowns as intended.
  • Modifying a Dye in an Outfit Slot now clears the slot’s Color Unification setting.
  • Clarified Outfit Designer Color Unification by adding error messaging for when a player attempts to use “Unify Colors” without having a chest slot stamp.
  • Schematic names now currently wrap to the next line in the Crafting UI if the name is too long.
  • Achievements earned during the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event that were lost have been restored thanks to a gracious donation from Czerka Corporation. Czerka Corp: Anytime, anywhere…we’re there. This patch note was paid for by People for the Unchallenged Control of Czerka Corp, a subsidiary of the Czerka Corporation.

Cartel Market

  • The “Purchase on Account” button for the “Celebration Mishap” Rest and Recharge can now be used.
  • The Esstran Exports Valor and Intrepidity Lightsabers now have a Hilt slot as expected.
  • Preferred accounts may once again unlock a third Crew Skill via the Cartel Market.
  • Preferred accounts may once again unlock up to six Quick Slot Bars via the Cartel Market.
  • All item names for the Underworld Instigator Armor Set now appear properly in French and German Clients.
  • The Underworld Instigator’s Supplementary Lootbox no longer drops more than two items, and no longer drops a Helmet. Additionally, the Underworld Instigator’s helmet no longer appears in Collections as a piece of the entire set.
  • The Underworld Instigator Armor Set can now be searched on the GTN.
  • Satele Shan’s Dualsaber now has the correct visual effects on both blades.
  • The Expedition Uxibeast Mount Decoration can now be placed on a Medium Stronghold Hook.
  • The Rodian Citizen (Male) Decoration now always plays an animation while standing, and has changed into a belt without pouches since they kept getting in the way of his hands.
  • The Ubrikkian Hunter, Rendili Watchman, and Longspur Recon can now be placed on small hooks within Strongholds.
  • The Vectron WGF Veteran Vehicle now correctly unlocks for use as a Decoration.
  • Fixed clipping issues with the Dark Legionnaire chest piece.
  • Fixed clipping issues on the B-200 Cybernetic Greaves.

Classes + Combat

Resolve System

  • While on full Resolve, players now receive a 50% Slow in place of any effect that would normally Immobilize them. This Slow effect has the same duration and conditions as the Immobilize effect that would occur under normal circumstances. For example, if the Immobilize can break early when damage is taken, then so can the Slow that replaces it. Immobilizing effects still do not generate Resolve, they simply react differently when they encounter a target that has a full Resolve bar. These changes only apply to PvP combat.

Jedi Knight

  • New Masterful Utility: Ardor. Transcendence no longer requires or consumes Centering, but goes on cooldown for 30 seconds when activated.
  • Jedi Promulgator is now a Heroic Utility.
  • Removed the Defensive Forms Utility.
  • New Skillful Utility: Stoic. Stoic increases your damage reduction by 2%, and you build 2 Centering when attacked. This Centering building effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.
  • Defensive Roll now additionally increases internal and elemental damage reduction by 5%.
  • Force Fade now additionally increases your movement speed by 15%.
  • Removed the Force Aegis Utility.
  • Enduring now additionally increases the duration of Guarded by the Force by 2 seconds.


  • Cauterize now deals its elemental damage over 6 seconds (down from 12 seconds) and Force Melt causes targets to burn for elemental damage over 15 seconds (down from 18 seconds).
  • Force Melt now only costs 2 focus (down from 3 focus), and the damage it deals has been slightly reduced.
  • The internal cooldown of Plasma Blades’ focus regeneration has been reduced to 1 second (down from 4 seconds).
  • The internal cooldown of Burning Focus’s focus regeneration has been reduced to 3 seconds (down from 4 seconds).
  • Accelerating Victory now builds up to a maximum of 2 stacks (down from 3).
  • Merciless Zeal has been redesigned: Your Cauterize, Overload Saber, and Force Melt burns heal you for 15% of the damage they deal.
  • Burning Sweep has been redesigned: Reduces the cooldown of Force Sweep by 9 seconds and the focus it consumes by 1. In addition, Force Sweep deals 30% more damage and spreads your Cauterize and Force Melt burns to targets it hits, if it hits a target already affected by those burns.
  • The Weaponsmaster’s/Challenger’s Critical Bonus set bonus can now be additionally triggered by Twin Saber Throw.


  • Updated the French and German tooltips for the Unremitting Utility.

Sith Warrior

  • Relentless is now a Masterful Utility.
  • Cloak of Annihilation is now a Heroic Utility.
  • Relentless has been redesigned: Predation no longer requires or consumes Fury, but will go on cooldown for 30 seconds when activated.
  • Removed the Defensive Forms Utility.
  • New Skillful Utility: Brazen. Brazen increases your damage reduction by 2%, and you build 2 Fury when attacked. This Fury building effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.
  • Defensive Roll now additionally increases internal and elemental damage reduction by 5%.
  • Phantom now additionally increases your movement speed by 15%.
  • Undying now additionally increases the duration of Undying Rage by 2 seconds.


  • Rupture now deals its internal damage over 6 seconds (down from 12 seconds) and Force Rend causes targets to bleed for internal damage over 15 seconds (down from 18 seconds).
  • Force Rend now only costs 2 rage (down from 3 rage), and the damage it deals has been slightly reduced.
  • The internal cooldown of Hemorrhage’s rage regeneration has been reduced to 1 second (down from 4 seconds).
  • The internal cooldown of Bloodlust’s rage regeneration has been reduced to 3 seconds (down from 4 seconds).
  • Swift Demise now builds up to a maximum of 2 stacks (down from 3).
  • Hungering has been redesigned: Your Rupture, Deadly Saber, and Force Rend bleeds heal you for 15% of the damage they deal.
  • Hemorrhaging Smash has been redesigned: Reduces the cooldown of Smash by 9 seconds and the rage it consumes by 1. In addition, Smash deals 30% more damage and spreads your Rupture and Force Rend bleeds to targets it hits, if it hits a target already affected by those bleeds.
  • The Weaponsmaster’s/Challenger’s Critical Bonus set bonus can now be additionally triggered by Dual Saber Throw.


  • Updated the French and German tooltips for the Unstoppable Utility.

Jedi Consular

  • Force Armor now absorbs the same amount of damage as the Sorcerer’s Static Barrier.

Kinetic Combat

  • Cascading Debris can now be channeled on the move.

Sith Inquisitor

  • Static Barrier now absorbs a higher amount of damage.


  • Depredating Volts can now be channeled on the move.


  • Reset Engagement now properly knocks back targets hit by the final shots of Speedshot and Penetrating Rounds.

Imperial Agent

  • Reestablish Range now properly knocks back targets hit by the final shots of Series of Shots and Penetrating Blasts.

Flashpoints + Operations

The Ravagers

  • The consoles in the Torque encounter are no longer valid targets for AOE healing abilities, such as Roaming Mend and Kolto Cloud.
  • The visual effect for Torque’s Floor Vents now lasts the full duration of the ability. Additionally, an indicator has been added to assist in differentiating the Floor Vents from player effects.

Scum and Villainy

  • Reduced the damage done during the Olok the Shadow encounter in all modes.

Colossal Monolith

  • The Colossal Monolith now becomes Rift Charged after completing the channel of “Breaking the Rift,” increasing the damage it deals.
  • The Colossal Monolith now continues to use all of its abilities in addition to “Destruction of All” after completing the channel of “Breaking the Rift.”

Battle of Rishi
Hard Mode

  • Commander Mokan has a chance to drop the ST-7 Command Walker once again.

Boarding Party

  • Removed chests that were not intended to be present in the Flashpoint.

Items + Economy

  • The set bonuses for all Combat Medic/Bodyguard sets are now working as expected.
  • Unlocking a Stronghold Decoration now shows the correct Prestige Point fly text in French and German.
  • Advanced Anodyne Medpacs can no longer be used more than once during an encounter.
  • The People’s Tower Holoterminal Decoration no longer has a Cartel Market rarity, as it is not gained through the Cartel Market.
  • The People’s Tower Holoterminal Decoration now grants the correct Decoration.
  • Baron Deathmark’s Furious Walker from Season 3 now appears properly in the French and German clients.
  • Season 4 Decorations now appear properly in the French and German clients .
  • Many Relics have had their tooltips updated to the correct values in French and German.
  • Baron Deathmark’s Swashbuckling Cutter now has the correct animation when used.
  • Updated the icon for Baron Deathmark’s Swashbuckling Cutter to distinguish it from other Cutter Vehicles.
  • Ranked Warzone Black-Silver Color Crystals are no longer erroneously added to Collections.
  • Planet-based Commendation Vendor prices now match the Fleet prices.
  • The White Acute Module is now Bind on Legacy.

Missions + NPCs

  • It is no longer possible to fall through the world while attempting to reach the Revanite Alter on the Mission “Death and Life.”
  • Lana Beniko no longer uses “Resurgence” on Revan during his encounter on the Mission “The Enemy Within”
  • The Makeb world Missions that previously awarded 3 Basic Commendations now award 12 Basic Commendations.
  • One of the Treasure Piles at the end of the Mission “Trail of Light” has been unburied from the rock wall.
  • Numerous Ziost Missions have been fixed:
    • Players can no longer access the Custom Walkhar Auspice when not on the Mission “On the House.”
    • Players can no longer be granted increased movement speed while not mounted by using the Custom Walkhar Auspice from the Mission “On the House.”
    • Civilians saved during the Mission “Temporary Residence” now consistently give proper credit.
    • It is no longer possible to scan a Defense Turret through a crashed ship on the Mission “Powerless.”
    • Scanned Data credit now shares between all Group members on the Daily Mission “Death of a World.”
  • Me + You

    Finally they posted this!

    #first #Nerfpvp

  • pve dude

    good job bioware will you ever stop screwing our toon for damn pvper or what the hell wants nerf shit getting pretty tired why don’t looser learn their toon in the first place instead of crying the fuck out for nerf or what hell else

    • pvp boob

      You seem to be the only one crying, dude.

    • huh

      Was this written in Angrish?

    • Me + You

      PT nerf = pvp based

      Sorc nerf = pvp based

      Mara nerf = pvp based

      Sin nerf = pvp based.

      And the rest of whatever incoming nerfs we have? Also pvp based. You will never ever hear a pve’er complain that they are OP. The only ones that always whine and cry are these bacteria called pvpers.


      • Alek

        You know devs have lost it when guilds start marking classes as undesirable for progression.

        • Tell me something I dont know

          You are absolutely on the money.

        • Mario

          And all of that because of the damn pvp nerfs.

        • 4armmara

          Soon, they’ll have to nerf Operation bosses cause PVP – OH WAIT!

        • Eldelgas

          I totally agree with your arguments… When sentinels ( or every mdps) where a pain in the ass for healers, something went wrong.

      • (8)

        pve dude is your sockpuppet?

      • bestsentTRE

        Bacteria called pvpers? Well you certainly must have failed in trying out PvP if you got an attitude like that.

        And btw: last time I was around people complained that the Hold the Line/Hydraulics is way too OP in one of the last Ops’es because it made ops groups running almost fully in trooper/bountyhunter combinations. PvE’ers that don’t complain? pls

    • Whines no More !

      Its a madness zone out there, so many cry babies and nerf lover that always ask for nerfs in hope that the Devs will Nerf all other classes except the one they play so the damn newbillie loosers can win a few more wzns.

      Sht have hit the fan with the damn pvp complainers.

      My suggestion to Devs before the game gets destroyed completely is to stop listening all these clueless cry babies anyway.
      If they can play their class properly its their problem.

      No need to fck up the whole game because of a few Pvp whiners.

      • swinekiller

        You done being an elitist swine?
        *Oink Oink*

      • pvp dude

        if PvP wasnt that crazy unbalanced, than pvp’ers wouldn’t complain! You honestly think that all the updates they’ve made are unjust? According to you pvp should all get back to dotspreading sins/shadows?

        Noobs that can’t play are one thing. Though fucking up the game because of some elitest swine telling them they shouldn’t listen?


    • pvp dude

      you know 80% of ppl that cry for class nerf are not pvper but pve players who get farm in warzone using pve stuff with 1k expertise

    • (8)

      It’s loser not looser

      Will they ever learn?

    • pvp dude

      Another pve dude who doesn’t realize that PvP is as much part of the game as PvE is. Are you that foolish that you honestly blame your fellow gamers because bioware fails up into fixing the OP stuff in the game? Or are you that stupid that you don’t realize the previous DoT spreading on consulars/sorcs was OP?

  • reyoli

    Lovely. No the sent on my progression group can’t cry “if i use transcendence ill lose centering”.


    If you have an ability that benefits the group use it.

  • cg_hash

    Almost all the class guides on this website are officially outdated especially after tomorrow’s patch goes live. Most of them were created based off of 3.0 pts. An update for the guides would be appreciated soon. All the people that helped create the guides need to keep them updated.

    • Drool Bear

      I second that.

    • Murder Toys

      tbh your coming off as abit over the top We must have guides. U know most the people that wrote dulfy’s guides sadly quit the game. Am sure someone will set a guide up but honestly just Chill out ^^

    • Which guides are outdated? The 3.2.1 patch is mostly marauder/sentinel changes and I have contacted the authors to see if any needs updating. The pt/vanguard dps are being kept updated to 3.2

      • cg_hash

        Well for one, the sorcerer/sage DPS guides. Author even claimed it needed updating

        • Jha

          Where is your guide? Where is your website full of information? Entitled much “I want my guide before the patch hits”. Thanks for your work Dulfy!

          • 4armmara


      • Havik79

        Well for one, it would be nice to see a guide for Vengeance Jugg, clicking the class guides links shows nothing for it.

        Also once again EA screw us Aussies over, 5:30pm East coast start time for us, so no playing today.

      • Matt Man

        i do enjoy your class guides, but will there ever be ones for pvp? would love to see that

        • TooCool

          The guides are fine, just use your imagination for pvp! Or install that class rotation button by LAZY©

          • Iza

            wait? Class rotation button? the F*ck is that? LoL

      • cg_hash

        Oh ya, also let’s not forget no Vengeance guide

      • FrogTacos

        The Sage DPS guide isn’t very good. The author seems unsure of a lot of things.

        • 4armmara

          Have you ever thought about experimenting, min-maxing, playing around with augs, messing up with rotations to find your own game style? And seriosly, if i’m not mistaken, who wrote that guide was Milas, former Zorz GM and one of the best players in this game. The only thing left unsure is the will of the player base to actually work around its toon and learn its class. Get over it.

      • Kodar

        Wait one second you greedy bastards! Dulfy has worked very hard to put together this website. You would be hard pressed to find a recourse like this anymore. If you have a complaint, take it to Dulfy herself. Don’t be rude and try to say all the stuff is outdated. If you need to throw stone, send ’em my way cuz Dulfy deserves better.

        • cg_hash

          By the way we are taking it to Dulfy, by replying to her… And how is the site suppose to improve without user info/feedback? We’re simply sharing our thoughts on some things that need to be updated, that haven’t been recently

          • pvp dude

            If you’re taking it to Dulfy as feedback, than post/email it on the correct section (see contact stuff in the ‘about’ section on the website) and not here on the wall of a minor update.

          • Kodar

            It is far better to have ppl think you a fool then it is to post something and prove them right.

        • justsaying

          LOL, leave the laces out so we can pull you out when done…
          First of all, if you run a site that is covering 100% of the game, and this one does, and does it pretty good, then you have to make sure that content is up to date. The guy is giving feedback, and if you don’t want feedback, or cant take it, then this site is good as Noxxic…

          • (8)

            Well said, sitting in your chair and doing nothing… raising your fist and shaking it.

            Maybe it takes just a bit of time to update everything, if necessary?

          • Kodar

            My apologies for my inappropriate, over zealous remarks.

      • Ulquiorra Schiffer

        Hey dulfy , do you know when the assassin are going to change? Buff or nerf?

        • Chris’Hadfield

          Not sure what you mean here. My Deception ‘Sin puts out quite decent DPS, and the ability to focus a burst and face roll and add out of existence is pretty nice. They are also very good at at reducing damage incoming.

          While I find Hatred more boring, it does very impressive damage, and the self regeneration really takes a load off healers in fights that have a steady weep of damage.

      • Lumi

        Sorc/Sage Lightning/Tele guide –
        1. FS/FQ nerf removes it from the single target rotation entirely
        2. Old 4p + New 2p > New 6p
        3. 2 Alacrity / 2 Surge Enhancements > 1 Alacrity / 3 Surge
        4. Lightning Flash > Chain Lightning in priority
        5. Power definitely > Willpower since 25% of damage is automatically a crit (TB)

      • Chris

        Did you guys ever make a Fury Marauder or Concentration Sentinel guide?

    • 4armmara

      Really? Can’t you do some research for yourself and up your game? Wanna everything free and ready as people who work for the community may serve everyone else?

      No wonder the quality of the player base has decreased and we can feel it all around. On one side PvP whiners crying for nerfs on the classes they don’t play draging PvE players down just because they dont have a clue what to do in a WZ. On the other, PvE slack mama players who wanna copy rotations on the dummy to brag about a work was not theirs.

      Guides are just there to point a north to begin learning about a class. The rest is your own work and dedication to become a nice player. It’s an MMO not Candy Crush. Get used to it.


      Not much is going to change. You make it sound as if patch 3.2.1 would be a whole revamp patch to something like 4.0. Yes things change, but since you’re so convinced that they are outdated, you obviously know which changes or tweaks should be made, so you make the guides and not complain over other peoples guides. If you ask me, they are fine where they are at this time.

    • bestsentTRE

      If you would like to see all guides updated on every minor patch, why don’t you create and do it yourself? Appreciate the work on this website, it’s all done by people whom ask nothing for it in return. Pessimistic son of a *****.

    • jack and jill

      Learn how to play with the new changes. Parse a shit ton. You’re welcome.

  • Honza Hladík

    8hrs? what?? and i do agree with cg_hash..

  • Travelers

    At last the quick travel cool down are fixed !
    GJ on that.

    • Rick

      About time, it annoyed me everytime I looked at the quicktravel cooldown timer.

  • John Doe

    8 hours maintenance , what a joke that’s how you cut a full day of sub.

    • Mondeo

      OFC, they will never touch it on peak hours for the US servers… And now with this maintenance’s outside of regular days just makes it worse. World of Tanks actually gives back the day of sub for EVERY account regardless of the current subscription plans on EVERY scheduled or unscheduled maintenance… Something Eaware will never do…

  • KShrike

    We’re at the end of May and Nightmare ToS and Ravagers WHERe?
    Has the community really fallen that far behind in PvE?

    • Michael Ring

      there are very few guilds that have cleared HM tos and Ravagers. So why should they put out nightmare content when there isn’t many who have cleared HM? I would rather them create new ops then do nightmare for only a select few people. I’d really be surprised if they even make nightmare for those ops.

      • meru

        Do you know why only few guilds cleared new HM opses? because most of the progression raiders left game after massive fail first 3 months of SoR. Laggy, buggy and class dependant operations. Hardcore raiders either left game or just raiding for fun not to kill revan or cora. You cant expect hardcore raiders stay in game after wiping 2 months because of massive bugs on Coratanni. This game lost it’s best pvp and pve players with SoR. And most probably will lose more since there is no hope for better gameplay new future.

        • Lumi

          Pfff… “class dependant operations”. What you really mean is “Ops that aren’t tank n spank”. A good melee can and will outperform a mediocre ranged all day long. I play several melee classes including Marauder and at no point have I underperformed or felt at a disadvantage, easily holding my own in Hardmode Ops. There is a reason 99% of melee skills are all instant. Just because you or the melee you run with aren’t good at it, doesn’t mean it’s broken.

          And it’s not because the mechanics are bugged, it’s because the content is all-around hard. Sorry you don’t have faceroll Hard Modes to shower you with BiS gear. Oh wait, no I’m not.

          • BS

            Yes, some melee can do well on current content. However, FACT: Melee will take more dmg, thus making you a liability over a ranged of equal skill. If you’re out performing all the ranged in your group, your group is shit.

            • chuch

              Underlurker adds have huge damage for anyone in melee range.

              • Melee For Days

                Melee have AOE damage reduction passives and utilities up to 30%, plus all their numerous damage reduction abilities. Considering that is the only damage they should be taking when doing Devastation Cross properly, most melee take even less damage than ranged. Again, you are a shit melee if you don’t know how to avoid taking damage while still doing damage.

              • bffv

                As someone who played an Operative and switched to Sniper, you’re wrong. Melee get mauled by adds in UL, and it’s even worse in HM UL, because you can’t move at all unless all adds are dead. SO basically you’re stuck working on your own add because if anyone bothers helping you, you just sit there doing almost nothing, since you’re a melee.
                There’s a number of other things too. Sparky? Chase the adds around in HM, because the tank has to kite them to avoid taking too many stacks.
                Bulo? Oh look, carts are coming in, you have to get away now. Oh no, someone dropped a volley in a bad place and the boss jumped into it. Guess you don’t get do to damage.
                Torque? Lol, don’t even get me started on that boss as a melee.
                Malaphar is whatever. Everyone can do well on that fight if they know how to watch their stacks.
                Sword Squadron? Get the grenade you generally have to move away from a walker, unless the tanks accommodate you and let you sit underneath one while. Not bad if you’re the only melee in the group, but if there’s another one, it becomes problematic.
                That’s just covering the bosses I’ve taken down/had a lot of experience with in HM. You have a point in that you can make melee dps work if you are really good at it, but there are still inherit problems you will run into no matter what you do. Powertechs are the only melee that can ignore 90% of the problems that these new ops have, and that is mostly due to them having hydraulics.
                Realistically, ranged dps dominate these new ops. I cannot think of many issues ranged have in these new ops, outside of like Sano shield in commanders. If equal skill is assumed, a sniper should outperform a marauder or operative on a given fight.

            • Melee For Days

              FACT: You’re a shit melee if you don’t know how to avoid taking damage while still doing damage.

              FACT: Melee are parsing just as well as most ranged, and in some cases better. Believe it or not, but there is a reason most melee have had little to no buffs since launch. It isn’t because BW doesn’t care, it’s because the skilled ones don’t need it.

      • KShrike

        Well that’s a shame. But I still don’t want to believe it’s a difficulty problem but a population problem. Well… except for Revan HM.

    • dman

      BW is testing new stuff they can do with their mmo on ziost or in short farting around. the NIM ops are probably #5 on their priority list

  • MasterKast

    “The set bonuses for all Combat Medic/Bodyguard sets are now working as expected.”

    After 6months of work gj bioware. it must be really hard to fix that FUCKIN BUGGG!!!! assholes!

    • Dan

      Eh, shit happens. No reason to call them assholes. You should be glad they fixed your bug instead of insulting them like the douche bag you are.

      • MasterKast

        You should get that bw cock out of your mouth. cause you dont make any sense

        • Dan

          Neither do you, but then again you just like insulting people at random.

          • MasterKast

            says the guy who calls me douchebag.. you should really make up your mind

            • Dan

              Oh… I have. You insist on insulting the people who made this game yet continue to bitch afterward. Get a life pal..The devs are doing their best to make this game better for everyone.

              • bestsentTRE

                In comparison to other games bioware/EA really fails up to fix bugs which are not in their direct benefits. If you don’t get that people are raging because of it you’re immense naive.
                1 out of numerous examples: the exploits last winter with the opses costed them 8 weeks or more to update, of which the devs replied it were holidays as one of the reasons. Yet a week later there was a bug in the cartel market, they turn down the server the next day and fix the stuff.
                You really stick to that argument “the devs are doing their best to make this game better for everyone”? And please note that I mentioned just 1 out of atleast 10 examples I can give

      • John Doe

        Stop defending them dude , there are bugs and things unresolved since early launch. EA employee detected.

  • dman

    its funny, they are fixing ziost when literally no one gives a rats ass about it. i mean, the only incentive to doing it is that one mount and the 4 ulti comms a week which in on itself is a bullshit number of comms considering we make more from doing level 55 ops.

    • Aneax

      Right, who gives a rats ass about a 204 main hand and 198 token gear 😀

      • dman

        that’s from the op. i mean from the dailies. literally no one i know bothers with them.

    • Holyfrog

      How is 4 ultimate comms a bs number, Do you think you should get more for killing 5 droids?

      • dman

        yes. BW should give us all the comms! ALL OF THEM!!!!!

  • Orranynn

    Oh awesome now I have to spend all my credits getting that rancor mount …..well at least I can get some more offhand and mainhand legacy gear.

    • (8)

      Offhand? Only for Marauder and Gunslinger.

      • Greeeeeeeeeeeeeee

        and all the other classes….

        • (8)

          There are no offhands at the Casino Prize Vendor.

          Only the Gree Event Vendor selss them.

    • Kubrickian

      Welcome to last year. No, the needle on your time machine is not skipping.

  • (8)

    Boarding Party: Removed chests that were not intended to be present in the Flashpoint.

    What? There have been chests that shouldn’t be there? When have they been added? And how did this happen? Or do they remove chests that were intended to be there, but now they changed their mind?

    • Murder Toys

      people farming em

  • Dobryi-anapxuct

    Finally broke the balance. on WZ it was not interested, because everyone plays only for meystrim classes(assasin/operative).ability (close and personal) in Poverteh still does not work from patch 3.2, you’d better fix it!

    • Laughs At Whiners Whining

      Who exactly is “you”? This is a fansite, take your QQ to the Swtor forums where it belongs.


      PvPer complaining about “broken balance”? BW has been breaking PVE for god knows how long to appease you PvP whiners. STFU and deal with it

      • Suriaka the Keyboard Warrior

        If it helps, I think you’re all fucking idiots and have no idea what you’re talking about.
        The PvP vs PvE balance argument has been going for way too long already, nobody’s right.

        • Me + You

          PVE is right. Why is PVE is right? Because Bioware is too fucking lazy to separate the two. Give pvp its own abilities that way this nonsense ends forever. As long as PVP and PVE are interrelated through share player skills and abilities than this will never end.

          Besides, pvp is absolute shit anyway.

          • Suriaka the Keyboard Warrior

            See what I mean? Everyone arguing about this subject is genuinely retarded.. your comment is a perfect example. Just waiting for some diehard PvPer to say PvE is the source of all the game’s problems and therefore PvE should be removed from the game.

  • (8)

    Am I the only one who is concerned by the resolve changes?

    This will make the already almost unstoppable Juggernauts (+ Jedi counterpart) in Huttball totaly unstoppable.

    • meru

      game breaking classes for hutball, operatives – roll roll self heal,evasion self heal roll roll score, or just camp goal line and stealth out get pass and score, same aplies assassins and pt (especially tank) hydrolic override and score 🙂 juggs are always good for huttball if you have complete noobs (sadly after good pvpers left this is all we have) waiting near your line to be jumped on.

      • Huttball Has Never Been Broken

        All classes have their uses in huttball. Just because you don’t know how to utilize them, and in return how to counter them, doesn’t mean it’s broken. It just means you need to step up your game. Blaming other players ignorance for problems with class balance is ignorant in and of itself.

        Your “issues” with huttball can easily be resolved by changing your strategy to counter your enemies strategy. Go watch some of the old Ranked Huttball games to see how the pros did it.

        • meru

          Haha, you are funny, i play almost all classes and know all classes and counters. And when i play with my operative or pt tank i can easily score 4 goals alone. Clearly you havent played concealment operative only thing can stop me is if they pull me to acid or fire and stun me there.
          (8) said if their damage dealer is ranged it is fine o it is not with roll you get %200 for ce and tech resisitance so you dodge all rage attacks and you have evasion and shield probe and you have self heals. I can pass in fire with no damage taken with roll and with little damage in acid and i can easily top up myself. On highest platform i can roll to goal line in pit. I can flash bang all melee near me and move any of them breaks flashbanit i can stun him and operative stun can reduced to 30 sec. I can get %15 movement speed in skillful tree and top of that i will get 6 sec %50 increased speed with sneak. And roll is incredibly low cd (10 sec) so no one will be near me after 2 rolls and i will dodge every attack on me will pass fire or acid so tell me this class is not OP in hutball. And if you cant score at least 3 goals either your team is terrble or you suck with operative.
          Note: I dont include lethality or medicine since their roll doesnt have %200 resist on tech and force attacks.

      • (8)

        Operatives are easy to counter, if you don’t lag.

        Just tendon blast/legshot/whatever other classes use instead them and they are dead if some damage dealers are in range.

        Juggernauts just keep on moving and take almost no damge. You need all immobalize skills you can get to gain enough time to put them down. Oh, and don’t forget their second life!

    • Resolve Is Pro

      No, I am sure you are not the only one that misread entirely.

      No snares normally slow opponents down by any more than 50%. This just means that other abilities that would normally stun, knockback, sleep, or mezz will still work on fully Resolved players, applying a snare instead of fizzling.

      • (8)


        While on full Resolve, players now receive a 50% Slow in place of any effect that would normally Immobilize them

        while not on full resolve: legshot -> no movement
        while on full resolve: legshot -> 50% movement speed


        • Resolve Is Pro

          Roots still work as normal, as those do not affect Resolve.

          • (8)

            players now receive a 50% Slow in place of any effect that would normally Immobilize them

            Thats what the patch notes say!

  • da

    Anyone know when Blockade runner will be available again?

  • “Cascading Debris can now be channeled on the move”


  • Moki

    No news on the character transfer it seems. I guess thats why the patch takes that long. They try to figure out the whole cloning characters bug, which they kept quiet, not owning up to their biggest fail up to today.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      Usually it’s best not the emphasize such issues because it will give some people the idea to try it out. Makes sense to me they don’t want to put that in the news.

    • Holyfrog

      What’s wrong with character transfer?

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        They were offline for a while. They already commented on the official forum that they would be brought back with this patch. It’s not something I expect to see in the patch notes themselves. People sometimes think patch notes contain everything that happens in a patch but that’s not the case.

  • (8)

    Of course they failed in restoring the Nightlife achievements. I’ve got a Kingspins’s Rancor but not the achievement.

    I knew they wouldn’t fix it propperly.

    Everything else is restored. But not the Rancor achievement…

    • Mike

      Normal, peoples must spend credits.

  • lkw

    Jedi Consular

    Force Armor now absorbs the same amount of damage as the Sorcerer’s Static Barrier.

    Sith Inquisitor

    Static Barrier now absorbs a higher amount of damage.

    Did they apply these changes in this order, lol

    • ADMARY

      i thinking the same, so, they fix the barrier for sage and they overpower the barrier of the sorc, WTF!!

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        No the sorc barrier used to prevent less damage than the sage one. This inequality has now been fixed.

  • Sindariel

    According to datamining from swtor_potato, they also reduced the radius of Torque’s floor vent from 3m to 2.2m and increased the timer of the Unstable Aberations in the Revan fight to 36 seconds up from 30 seconds.

    • Sindariel

      Saber Reflect also no longer works on the white circles in Monolith fight.

  • Tell Me

    So was the torque fire fixed? What does it look like now? Does it work? Is it smaller? Does it have an indicator?

    • Ruze

      There’s red circles where the fire is at.

  • MasterKast

    lol commando set bonus is still bugged :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) omg awesome job hahaha

  • sentientomega

    Well, penetrating blasts shows visual and audio effects now, so that’s one bit of good news.

    Sentinel slash and Massacre still need work though…

  • dfbirdg

    Sooo… tomorrow the Nighlife event starts… two weeks after they claimed they fixed the achievements (what they of course did not, because the can’t do anything without fail) and two weeks after Tait claimed they will again fix it with some script… of course nothing happend!

    What a horrible bunch of good-for-nothing team.

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