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SWTOR Mid Rim Explorer’s Pack Preview

SWTOR Mid Rim Explorer’s Pack Preview. This pack was released on June 9, 2015. Updated with high res images and videos.



Freedon Nadd’s Armor Set



Squadron Leader’s Armor Set



Revered Huntmaster’s Armor Set



Primeval Stalker’s Armor Set



Energized Triumvirate Armor Set (should have some animation, not visible in preview)

Both the helm and the chest have electrical sparks on them when you draw your weapons.




B-300 Cybernetic Armor Set



Dynamic Brawler’s Armor Set

The helm glows when you draw your weapons. You only need the helm for this animation to show.





Video of all mounts


Lhosan LC-4


Military Uxibeast


Praxon Legacy


Razalon FC-9


Ridge Hunter Rancor


Roche Widow


Tirsa Capital


Vondell Ruby (Mount Fourish)

Mount flourish command moves the top cover of the speeder, see video above for demo.



The “yellow” bits on each weapon changes color with color crystal and seems to be slightly animated.

GT-27 Plasma Core Assault Cannon


GR-9 Plasma Blaster


VL-10 ST Rifle


PW-15 XT Plasma Core Sniper Rifle


Retribution’s Exposed Lightsaber


Retribution’s Exposed Saberstaff



Albino Bolraida


Scarlet Mouse Horranth



Green Empeth Crystal

Magenta Outline Crystal


Kira Customization 10


Yuun Customization 2


Video of all emotes/regen item




Regen: Supply Pack


Title: Mid Rim Explorer

Title: Galactic Wanderer

Dye Module: Black and Deep Brown


Dye Module: Medium Blue and Medium Purple



Gallery view:

Commemorative Statue of Revan
Flag: Revanite Standard
Revanite Altar
Revanite Battler
Revanite Camp Bed
Revanite Camp Chair
Revanite Camp Fire
Revanite Chandelier
Revanite Planning Tent
Revanite Vindicator
Unfortunate Yavin Explorer (lol)
Yavin Standing Obelisk
Yavin Temple Metal Banner

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186 replies on “SWTOR Mid Rim Explorer’s Pack Preview”

qq some more. Different people like different things. Other than the rancor the cybernetic armor is the only thing in this pack remotely appealing to me.

If many people liked Cybernetic armor, it wouldn’t be 50 credits each on the GTN dude. It’s just trash filler for the packs.

I wish they were 50 credits on the 2 different servers i bought my specs on. A few of them i couldn’t even afford with the characters I had. Go send your straw man to skip with Dorthy.

i never claimed people did or they were immensely popular. Read what I actually wrote… All I was saying was I like them and I’m not alone. Fact of the matter is it’s not like any of there other recent armor sets are price winning either, it’s all crap. At least the idea of making your limbs fully robotic is a unique idea and something that fits up with the lore. Have the driven it into the ground, that’s debatable, but I still support seeing more so I can continue to improve my characters that do where this armor.

Lol, funny I thought you were the one with his head up his ass. Did you not read what he said? He wears it. Just because you don’t wear it doesn’t mean others don’t.

Here, let me help you with your extraction as well – seeing as I’ve got characters who wear some of that armor.

How long after this pack is released are we going to see someone on fleet with the Freedon Nadd chest armor died all white or pink with some sort of fairy name?

Energized and Dynamic armour sets most likely have some sort of animated effect to them, judging by the icon.

The effects on the energized set are electric sparks that arc with eachother on the broken areas. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the set to work a second time so I could record it.

The armor is basically a no go for me…but those mounts…I want those mounts and some of the decos are cool, especially if you’re getting the Yavin SH.

I actually liked a lot of armor in the first explorer pack but before that…you’re right. And the recolors is just getting ridiculous…and I’m usually not one to complain about it.

yeah, I keep wondering why they think we want recolors of armors when we can just put a dye in the items now -_-

Well, if you were planning to go Revanite on your Yavin IV stronghold, you must be drooling now… lol

Let me guess the Freedon Nadd armor will be the ultra rare set? I hate to even try for it as the chances you get a piece of it are so low. I will be hoping I can pick it up for under a few million.

I think my real hope here is that the rancor is not the ultra rare. I think there is a good chance since there is a mount with a flourish. The Vondell Ruby does look good to me kind of like a muscle car. So with that in the pack really hope the Roche Widow and rancor go medium low in price. Though I am surprised they are putting a rancor out with the casino event coming back around the same time.

It seems you can open/close the car top on the Vondell Ruby as its flourish effect. (You can see the top opening when you preview the mount ingame)

This is going to save me some bucks. There isn’t one thing in that pack that I really want. We’ll see if there is anything in the outer rim pack to make me want to buy some CC, but I am actually pretty happy with what I have now on all my characters.

if i’ve said it once, i’ve said it a numerous times… where is the outcry for all these pink color crystals coming from?

The same place that’s also requesting these cybernetic pieces with skin showing……..No idea.

bioware has always had a bizzare thing for pink saber crystals all the way from launch when the original magenta crystal was the “secrect hard to acheive” crystal

I’m betting that it has the same sound as the pistol from the last Explorer pack which was a really weak sound. It’s a shame because it’s a great looking pistol.

I miss the days when each weapon from a series of packs had a different sound instead of the first few and the very last one.

I like those weapons a little more than the last ones, even the cannon. Nothing else is really drawing my interest though. The armor is just becoming too weird.

Same – I am sortof relieved I don’t feel compelled to buy anything from this set. I may pick up the weapons but those are always cheap on the gtn.

1) Why are all th new lightsabers fucking gigantic and look like fucking dildos? Why does BioWare insist on doing stupid shit and changing things that are already fantastic? Don’t fix what ain’t broken!

2) Nice armour, nice mounts, decent deco. That Rancor looks amazing.

3) Glad the Temple Chair will be 1 credit

4) Can’t wait for the Sith version of this pack.

I can’t believe no one else can figure out why they make the sabers so big. If it is small (the size of prequel sabers) you would never see any of the designs they put into them. The OT hilts were pretty big. Just watch the EP 7 trailer and the size of that saber being passed.

The old trilogy lightsabers were not pretty big, what are you talking about lol? They were the same size episode 1-6.

Lol my man… the lightsaber being passed in the trailer is Anakin’s…… which is regular size.

There are no super long lightsabers in ANY of the movies or series. Period.

Sorry you are wrong. The OT sabers where bigger. In the PT they were slimed down. Go look at how Luke grips his sabers then look at Qui-Gonn or Obi-Wan in TPM. Even Vader looked clunky holding his. I never said super long.
My point still stands they want people to see the design of the sabers, that is why they are so big.

You know WHY the lightsaber looks bigger???
Because one hand belongs to an alien midget, and the other to a woman, who’s hand is smaller than a man’s. That’s why.

Is that…. Is that…. FREEDON NADD’S ARMOR?!?! Hold up guys, I can’t tell if my stomach got butterflies or if I just shat myself a little. I’ve been waiting for that set for quite awhile now and I’m beyond glad that it’s here! Now, just give me Lucien Draay’s outfit for my Sage and I’ll never complain about this game again! Thanks BioWare!!!!!

I wish there was another way to get Reputation points for the Explorer Packs, like that other you can get from the slot machine. I’d love to get that Mandalore statue from the vendor, but there hasn’t been anything in these first two Explorer packs that really make me want to purchase them. All the deco’s and blasters I’ve been able to get from the GTN for pretty cheap. Too bad they don’t let you sell the Reputation Items on the GTN, as well. Here’s hoping the next two packs are freakin’ awesome.

The slot machine was a huge disaster. It started out great but they nerfed the crap out of it. That being said it is still a way to get the rep for those packs. They should have continued with their plans to release more slot machines. You still need a way to get the cartel certs though since that was part of the nerf.

And all that because of a few complainers that didn’t like the slots machine drops because they wanted to sell expensive sht at the gtn.

Yeah, it’s either all or nothing. They could have adjusted the drops to halfway between what they were and what they are and it would have been great.

Yes it would be so nice to have more slotmachines for cartel reputation + some certificate drops. I don’t care about the jawa junk at all.

But there was crying on the forum, BioWare got it totally wrong, did some headless changes, and then abandoned it. Like always. Oooooh and they are scared now to release new other slot machines. What a bunch of …

Freedon’s loincloth is part of the cestpiece, right? Those wings could be interesting, but not with this thing on the front.

The brawler set (basically, mostly, the old champion guardian pvp set if I remember right) would be nice if they didn’t put that stupid thing on its back. I’ve got an old battlemaster chest piece that my guardian still wears occasionally – it’s the same except no stupid back thing.

Think of it like Angels/Demons…I have them on a character that’s all white to have an Angelic look to them. In many classic art pieces Demons are giving Black Wings as well. For some great Angels vs Demons scenes check out the artist Albrecht Durer.

I don’t wanna outright disagree with angry ppl in a forum but sometimes there are a lot of hidden gems in these armor sets and recent ones as well. Instead of looking at the entire sets look for individual pieces that work well with other armors and mix and match. That’s how you get the best looks in this game. As a matter of fact I can’t remember one complete set that ever came out that I would be happy with. I hated the cyber sets too but then I started to find pieces that you just won’t find anywhere else in game so it pays to look through them I find. Hope this helps ppl find peace in their search for armor apprearences. If I could ask BW one thing though. Stop using brown as an unchangeable color in armor. That’s killing me the most. Can’t wait for some of these pieces and mounts.

Yes, all unchangable colors, especially brown, are so annoying. Like what is the point of, let’s say white-white dye if it still leaves brown in some places… So many armor pieces look disgusting with most dyes because of that. I understand that they tried to make it look like leather but please, just don’t.

Wonderful blaster rifle and pistol, wonderful rancor and quite good Freedon Nadd set (without thouse ugly and senseless wings it would have been best of all sith warrior themed armor sets in the game).

Energized Triumvirate Armor Set’s animation can been seen in preview if you also equip a weapon!
it’s just some electricity on the chest.

Yeah when you play with 2 lightning sorcs you have to be careful not to cross the streams…….

I’m not big on the pinks but this one will prolly be aesthetically pleasing having accented “black” effect like the early crystals. Hopefully.

The “outlined” crystals are all fugly in my opinion. Any crystal that doesn’t have a white core looks wrong to me.

It’s all personal preference really but I wish some of the black ones were able to be added to collections so I could use them more often. Any saber crystal that has to be removed instead of just getting replaced rarely gets used by me. Not worth the cash seeing as I change my saber crystals like 15 X per Op. Some day…..hopefully.

Freddon Nadd was gay?

It is the first time I see an armor like this for a sith lord. Its quite disturbing.

Wait… What about that screams “gay” to you? I see some kind of corrupted winged creature thing going on. Looks pretty badass.

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Hmmm… Freedon Nadd Boots and gloves + Huntsmaster helmet + Primeval Stalker everything else…

I think my BH is getting a birthday present.

The mount flourish for the Vondell Ruby opens/closes the roof on the speeder. I only opened four packs and got this speeder so I think I was very lucky.

If anyone wants to see the new Revan Statue, Unfortunate Yavin Traveler, Revanite Battler, or the Revanite Planning Tent, I have them out on display in Nodek’s Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace on the Ebon Hawk.

I’ll have to check that out. I have pretty much everything except the Unfortunate Traveler.

So glad they added the vacuum cleaner attachment to the front of the new bounty hunter set. Things can get messy out there, and it will go nicely wih the coffee machine installed on the back.

What’s the armor that looks like a Revan stone? It appears on the top right of the preview picture of the pack.

Pretty sure that’s the Commemorative Statue of Revan, which I think is based off of the Revan Reborn armor set.

because it’s realistically proportioned as opposed nearly every other pistol in the game which is hilariously oversized.
just a guess

Eh… BW still manage to fuck things up…
Animated armor is not working unless its in main armor slots.
“Customized” armor will not show its effects.

I like it better this way. It allows you to use the effects from this armor with any other customized armor

So you can use the animated piece, stamp it with something else and the animation will remain on a different looking chestpiece?

I can confirm that what Mr. Kucher says is correct. Thanks for the idea! Part of me thought you were just a troll to get people to waste their money but you are absolutely right. Just equip the piece as your main item and use the outfit designer to “apply” the effect to any piece of armor you want!

I have every item I like from this pack, by buing 0 packs!
Great job BioWare! Ugly as fkc stuff saves me a lot of CC.

Dude! Don’t be so harsh. The lead designer just had his seeing eye dog die this week, have a heart! That and I hear he found out that he got turned down to be put on the list of cornea transplants so that he can see color again. He’s got enough problems without your baseless rant! 🙂

Wow this packs are getting more and more rubbish, not even any decos I want.
Why do they keep pumping out ugly cyborg armour that no one wants, there are still dozens of whole sets you can get for under 20k.

Just because they don’t have any decorations you want, doesn’t mean it’s rubbish. I actually wanted those decorations so I can have a Revanite Cult for the Yavin IV stronghold.

Is it just me or does it feel like we get less actual stuff (not just filler) from these latest packs?

I seem to recall having to dump over stuff to my bank when opening a full hypercrate, but these last two packs have barely filled up my characters inventory :/

It feels like there’s more filler than there used to be. More stackable items (ie. not armour, weapons, creatures, emotes or mounts).

I agree- you used to usually get at least one armour piece in a pack, nowadays you often get no armor when opening a pack.

Yea. Silly, and useless exp buff items are the most common drop now. I’m seeing just over 40 real items (about 90% junk). I think they are having an EVE moment. Just wait till you see how much that eye-patch is going to cost…

I think that bioware keep missing a trick here.
On the mounts especially ones with closed cockpits when you zoom in to close to eye view you should be able to see out of the mounts front window. Its gives a mean perspective of the world. Sadly all the ones I can think of give an obscured view making it impossible to fly around like this i.e KDY lifter and Corellian Stardrives.

Agreed. After 3 Hypercrates, I got a Vondell and all but the pants and belt of the Freedon Nadd armor. Surprisingly enough, all the weapons *except* the lightsaber.

For however much it may help, out of Four Hypercrates:

Did not get: Commemorative Statue of Revan, Scarlet Mouse Horranth, Indestructible Magenta Outline Crystal, Energized Triumvirate Lower Body Armor, Primeval Stalker Leggings and Bracers, Revered Huntmaster Chestpiece and Leggings.

Oddly enough the helms on the Primeval and Revered seem more common than other pieces from what I got. Squadron Leader stuff is common (especially boots and belt), Freedon Nadd stuff is fairly common (Chestpiece and Leggings were the most rare for me). Dynamic Brawler is common, Energized Triumvirate considerably less so. The Rancor, Uxibeast, and Razalon FC-9 only made one appearance apiece across four packs. Two Vondells, but one was from a “bonus box.” Revanite Altar, Planning Tent and Chandelier were uncommon along with the Yavin Banner. Yavin explorers seemed the most common decoration.

Plasma Blaster and VL-10 Rifle seem to be the rarest weapons.

The Dynamic Brawler and Energized Triumvirate sets are fucking incredible. I LOVE the animation on the sets and the fact that they only activate when you draw your weapon. Fantastic. I really hope they keep doing this to new armor.

Love the look of the blaster pistol. But the sound… gah. If there is such a thing as a laser pea shooter, that’s it.

I have the worst luck with platinum packs. In one I got a Revered Huntmaster Belt and in the other I got a Nadd hat. Which I already had like 3 of from regular packs.

Bargain basement pricing at Shadowlands. These items are going for so little on the GTN. Freedon Nadd’s helmet 80k. Vondell 1.2 mil. Emote Sweep 75k. Magenta outline indestructible crystals 6k! And these are the early posters only the Primeval Stalker and the reskinned rancor apppear to be rare but once the majority posts their unlocked items they’ll probably drop by at least 60%.

I just hit the jackpot hypercrate. Opened the first pack and got a rancor. Went on to get unfortunate Yavin explorer, Revanite alter x2, planing tent, standard, and in the last pack the statue of Revan.

I haven’t noticed them in every pack. It might be RNG, but some packs, I get them decently often, and others never. And we’re talking about hyperpacks, so as non-rare as they are, it would seem that out of 24/48/72 of the same pack, if you get none of any of them, it probably isn’t in it.

I’m glad that we get another Pink crystal. We don’t need any real dark red ones or anything. Pink.. Yup, that was definitely the way to go.


The Dynamic Brawler chest has an animation. The blue light on the center of the chest and on the backpack turns orange when your weapon is drawn.

On your post about applying the animation effects to other armors, I noted how this animation applies differently from the other animated pieces of armor.

It’s a shame they couldn’t leave the sparking glowing effects in place when overlapping different gear or hiding helmets with the appearance tabs. If anything that would only make the items more popular. The brawler headgear looks kind of silly when it’s not doing the glowy eyes thing IMO but I forgot how much I missed having combat-stance contingent aura stuff in City of Heroes.

You realize when you say these things that people actually listen right? People as in, Bioware. You know, the company that will take that information and get rid of the enhancement slot.

One of the most popular SWtOR sights on the internet, fairly certain they have a few people check this daily lol.

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