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SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 3.2.1

A gallery of upcoming items from Patch 3.2.1. Some of these items will be part of the next Explorer pack due to be released in June.


This is likely the shop image for the next Explorer pack. Some of the armor sets can be seen in the previous datamined post. There are also some shop images of upcoming dye/color crystal packs.









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24 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 3.2.1”

Year and half, since the last Lhosan. I didn’t recognize it until you said something. It felt familiar but different and now it’s obvious that it’s a Lhosan without the typical front section.

Off topic here, sorry, but anybody knows if there is an armor set like the ones that have the sixth line jedis npc on ziost ??

Thanks !!!

Reskins and more ugly dyes, Bioware just doesn’t understand the need to good dyes like Guild Wars 2 has.

Huh? Isn’t all that stuff already in the game? All these items are in former packs. Or are they just recorlored so poorly that you barely can see a difference?

Let’s hope it’s not this bad. Maybe these are the worst pieces. But let’s not jump all over the lead designer, he is mourning the death of his seeing eye dog. Go easy. πŸ™‚

that landspeeder.. you won’t be able to see your right, just like other landspeeders in the game.

WHY? πŸ™

Its for the guys that like bulky stuff, not bad though.
Its mostly for the desert and ice landscapes

Han Solo couldn’t see left from the cockpit of the Falcon so it’s not like it’s something new.

Yeah….not a fan. Very few people seem to use them and they go for diddly on the GTN. But I guess these packs need filler.

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