SWTOR Juvenile Rancor pets from Cartel Coin cards

Seven new Juvenile Rancor pets and the old PvP rancor reward in the front right

With Cartel Coin cards, you can get Cartel Coins outside of SWTOR.com and receive an exclusive pet along with it. Starting May 28th 2015, the cards have changed to give out new pets, the Juvenile Rancors, and this guide will tell you all you need to know to get them.

Note: All of the information in this article was based on player reports. Please let us know in the comments if you spot an error or have new information. Currently, six of the nine pets are available (Amazon.com, Target, BestBuy and Origin). Six pets became available on May 28th, 2015, with the seventh being released on October 17th for Knights of the Fallen Empire. The other two pets will hopefully become available soon as well.

How to enter a code

In-game mail with a Rancor pet attached

In-game mail with a Rancor pet attached

To get a Cartel Coin card, you need to do two things: Get a code, then redeem it on SWTOR.com. Once you have redeemed the code, the Cartel Coins are added to your account and all of your characters, on all servers, will receive an in-game mail with the pet attached to it. If you are logged in to the game while redeeming the code, you may have to restart the game before receiving the pet in the mail. And whenever you create a new character in the future, that character will also have the pet in the mail.

Getting ahold of a code

Getting a code is the most difficult part since some codes are only available in the US. For physical cards, you need to scratch off the silver on the back of the card to get the code. For digital codes, the code is usually printed on the receipt or sent via email.

Some of the codes can be bought online, which means you can buy them from anywhere in the world without having to physically visit a store. Nevertheless, they sometimes require a credit card with a US billing address, which makes it impossible for a non-US player to buy it.

When a code is available in-store, you can buy it even if you are not a US citizen but you have to actually visit a store that carries the codes.

Cartel Coin cards sold on eBay

Cartel Coin cards sold on eBay

Keep in mind that the codes themselves are not connected to a SWTOR account. As long as the code has not been entered, it can be passed onto someone else, which is why they make a great gift. This means that if you are not from the US, other players can buy the code for you and send you the code so you can redeem it yourself. Also, you can get most of the codes on sites like eBay but keep in mind that they will be much more expensive than if you buy them directly and make sure to check out the seller’s profile to ensure he is legitimate.

Redeeming the code

Redeeming a code on swtor.com

Redeeming a code on swtor.com

Once you have a code, you need to enter it on www.swtor.com/redeem-code which can also prove to be a challenge. There are two different types of codes:

A1BC-DEF2-3GHI-JK45 (16 digits, letters and numbers)
The 16-digit codes are the regular EA codes; you may know them from the 60-day game time cards and the cantina tour pets. Those codes are the easiest, you enter them in your account and they just work, no matter where in the world you are.

Powered by FastCard ®

123 456 7890 (10 digits, numbers only)
We also have 10-digit codes which are used for the physical FastCards, a product by InComm. Whenever you see the FastCard logo on the card, it means the code will look like 123 456 7890 and consists of numbers only. Unlike the 16-digit codes, the FastCard codes will check that you are from the US, so you need to have an American IP address while you enter the code on SWTOR.com. If you are not a US citizen, there are multiple ways to do that:

  • While you are on vacation in the U.S., you can just connect to your hotel’s Wi-Fi or any other Free Wi-Fi, login to your account and enter the code. This is the safest way but also the most expensive.
  • You can give a friend from the U.S. your account name, password and the code and have him enter it. Only do this if you really trust that person, I’d not recommend it.
  • Finally, you can use a VPN or proxy, which makes it look as if you are browsing from the US. There are various programs that do this and most offer a free trial; I recommend Hotspot Shield.

Once you have unlocked the code, you no longer need a US IP address and all your characters, including those on the European servers, will receive the pet.

About the Juvenile Rancors

If you’ve played Rated PvP during Season 1, you may remember the Juvenile Rancor. It was given out as a reward to all players with at least 1,150 rating and for a long time was the only way to own a rancor pet. With the new Cartel Coin cards, rancor pets are finally available to every player. The new Juvenile Rancors are recolors of the PvP pet and are named to fit into the theme of the current Explorer Packs. Each rancor represents a climate of a planet in the Star Wars galaxy and is colored accordingly.

Click on a Rancor image below to skip to the section with more information on how to get this pet.

Juvenile Canyon Rancor (Target) – available

Location: in-store, US only
Card: Physical, 10-digit code
Cost: $19.99 (incl. 2,400 CC)
DPCI: 207-08-0265
Fastcard from Target

Fastcard from Target

The Target pet can only bought at a Target store in the US. You will get a physical Fastcard with a 10-digit code which requires a U.S. IP address for it to work. If you want to check availability online, you can use the Target Inventory Checker courtesy of BrickSeek.com. Just enter you ZIP code, hit search and it will show you a list of Targets and how many cards they have in stock.

Now that you’ve found a Target, drive there. To be really prepared, find one of the price scanners. Press the buttons on the right side to enter the DPCI 207-08-0265, hit Enter and the screen will show you which aisle you can find it in. If it shows “N/A”, the card may not be available in this store but try finding it anyway in case the system is not up to date.

Price scanner at Target with keypad on the right

Price scanner at Target with keypad on the right

Go to the Electronics department and find the game cards next to the PC games. Take the card to the register and once you are home, enter the 10-digit code (you need a U.S. IP address) and you are good to go.

Juvenile Nocturnal Rancor (Best Buy) – available

Location: in-store or online, US only
Card: Fastcard (10) or digital (16)
Cost: $19.99 (incl. 2,400 CC)
SKU: 2308029
Fastcard from Best Buy

Fastcard from Best Buy

The digital code can currently not be bought on BestBuy.com but try getting the physical card.

For Best Buy, you can get the pet either in-store or online, and can choose between a physical card or a digital code. In-store, you can either get a physical card from FastCard or a digital code from the Pre-Order Kiosk. The Fastcard can be found along with the other cards next to the PC games and has the SKU 2308029. To be on the safe side, you can also check for availability online, more on that later. You will receive a 10-digit code that requires a US IP address. However, it appears that the physical Fastcard codes do not grant the Rancor pet yet, but if you contact SWTOR’s Customer Support, they will manually unlock the Nocturnal Rancor for you.

If your store does not carry the Fastcard cards, you can also get a code from the Pre-Order Kiosk. This kiosk can be found in the Electronics department; ask an employee if you can’t find it. Even though the name is misleading since you are not looking for a preorder, you will be able to find the Cartel Coin card on there. I searched for “old republic” and received two results, one with SKU 2308029, the other with SKU 8919082. As far as I can tell, it does not matter which one you buy, they should both be identical. Once you selected an article, press “Print your purchase ticket” and take the ticket to the register. Should the kiosk be broken, you can also go directly to the register and they will be able to look it up in the computer and pull it up without a purchase ticket. The cashier will ask you for an e-mail address so that they can send you the 16-digit code but it will also be printed on the receipt. Make sure to not buy more than one code at a time, otherwise only the first code is printed on the receipt and the second one may get cut off.

Pre-Order Kiosk at Best Buy, note the two Cartel Coin results in the top row Pre-Order Kiosk at Best Buy, with the button to print a purchase ticket The printed Purchase Ticket you can take to the register

Alternatively, you can get the card online. There are two pages on BestBuy.com. The first page is for the physical card. You can have it shipped home, have it ready for in-store pickup or just check availability. The second page allows you to buy a digital code so that you get a code directly without having to pay shipping and wait for it to arrive. However, I do not recommend this method as many players have reported problems with Best Buy’s Digital Library. To be on the safe side, buy the code from the first link or directly in the store.

Juvenile Tyrant Rancor (GameStop) – not available

Location: in-store or online, US only
Card: Digital, 16-digit code
Cost: $19.99 (incl. 2,400 CC)
SKU: 608001

The GameStop pet is currently not available. They are in-process of switching out the pet and will have it back in the first half of 2016.

The GameStop pet is only available in the US; even though GameStop has stores in many countries, it won’t work if you go to a non-American store. It is a digital code so you can buy it in any US GameStop store. Don’t bother to look in the shelves, go directly to the register and tell the clerk that you want to purchase a digital code that he can find in the computer. The easiest way to find it is by the SKU, 608001. Otherwise, he can search by name; it is called “Star Wars TOR 2400 Cartel Coins” in the computer, so if he searches for SWTOR, he won’t find anything. The 16-digit code will be printed on the receipt so make sure to not lose the receipt!

Alternatively, you can buy it online at GameStop.com without having to go to a store. However, you will still need a credit card with a US billing address for this to work.

Cartel Coins at GameStop When buying in-store, the 16-digit code is printed on the bottom of the receipt Online, the 16-digit code is shown below "Your Download Code" on the Order Confirmation

Juvenile Bull Rancor (Walmart) – not available

Location: in-store, US only
Card: Physical, 10-digit code
Cost: $19.96 (incl. 2,400 CC)
UPC: 79936615316

The Juvenile Bull Rancor is not yet available. Walmart currently only sells cards with the Model M-7 Razorwire. If you are interested in getting that pet before it is retired, continue reading. I’ll update this section as soon as the Bull Rancor becomes available.

Fastcard from Walmart

Fastcard from Walmart

To get the Model M-7 Razorwire, you need to visit a US Walmart store and buy a physical Fastcard for $19.96, which means you will get a 10-digit code that requires a U.S. IP address to enter.

If you want to know which Walmart has the card available, you cannot look this up online. Instead, you need to call your Walmart store and ask them if they have the product with the UPC 79936615316 available. Of course, it is always possible that some cards get stolen and the store has less cards than are in the system or vice versa, so don’t rely on that alone.

Once you are at a Walmart, go to the Electronics department and find the PC games section. Next to the PC games, you will find various game cards and among them should be the one for SWTOR. Check that the front specifically has the pet you want on it, otherwise you may be buying an old card, and that the silver strip on the back is undamaged.

If you can’t find it, go to the counter in the Electronics department, they have a handheld scanner and can look up any article. This is also a register so you may have to wait in line, and sometimes the scanner gets taken by another department, so definitely bring time for this. Once you find an employee with the scanner, tell him the UPC and he can check the availability. Also, he is able to check the inventory of nearby stores and can give you the address of a store that has the cards available.

When you have a card, go to the register and pay for it like you usually would (cash, credit card, gift card etc.). If they ask if you want to buy a protection plan for it, say “no”. The code on the card gets automatically activated at the register. Once you get home, scratch off the silver, make sure you have a U.S. IP address and enter your code on SWTOR.com!

Juvenile War Rancor (Amazon.com, 2,400 coins) – available

Location: online
Card: Digital, 16-digit code
Cost: varies (incl. 2,400 CC)
2,400 Cartel Coins from Amazon

There are four Amazon websites that sell 2,400 Cartel Coins and for a time, only Amazon.com included the Juvenile War Rancor while the European Amazons granted the Model S-13 Sting. However, they have since updated the European Amazons and you can now get the Rancor pets everywhere.

On Amazon, you have to click “Buy and get code” on the right side. Once you have entered ayment information and your billing address, the 16-digit code will be shown on your screen. In addition, it is also sent to your Amazon e-mail address and you can always look it up in the Games Library on Amazon. So no chance for the code getting lost!

Juvenile War Rancor:

  • Buy on Amazon.com ($19.99, requires US billing address)
  • Buy on Amazon.co.uk (£14.99, requires UK invoice address)
  • Buy on Amazon.de (19.99 €, requires German or Austrian billing address)
  • Buy on Amazon.fr (19.99 €, requires French billing address)

Alternatively, you can purchase the Knights of the Fallen Empire Starter Pack, also known as Amazon Bundle. For a cost of $39.99, it comes 90 days of subscription and 2,400 Cartel Coins and includes the Juvenile War Rancor you’d get when purchasing the Cartel Coins separately. While it is a great deal, keep in mind that it can only be used once – do not purchase it multiple times because you will only be able to redeem it once per SWTOR account.

Article description on Amazon.com Purchase screen Code displayed after purchase

Juvenile Mountain Rancor (Amazon.com, 5,500 coins) – available

Location: online
Card: Digital, 16-digit code
Cost: varies (incl. 5,500 CC)
5,500 Cartel Coins from Amazon

There are four Amazon websites that sell 2,400 Cartel Coins and for a time, only Amazon.com included the Juvenile Mountain Rancor while the European Amazons granted the Model S-12 Blackbolt. However, they have since updated the European Amazons and you can now get the Rancor pets everywhere.

On Amazon, you have to click “Buy and get code” on the right side. Once you have entered ayment information and your billing address, the 16-digit code will be shown on your screen. In addition, it is also sent to your Amazon e-mail address and you can always look it up in the Games Library on Amazon. So no chance for the code getting lost!

Juvenile Mountain Rancor:

  • Buy on Amazon.com ($39.99, requires US billing address)
  • Buy on Amazon.co.uk (£39.99, requires UK invoice address)
  • Buy on Amazon.de (39.99 €, requires German or Austrian billing address)
  • Buy on Amazon.fr (39.99 €, requires French billing address)

Juvenile Irradiated Rancor (Amazon.com, 14,500 coins) – available

Location: online
Card: Digital, 16-digit code
Cost: varies (incl. 14,500 CC)
14,500 Cartel Coins from Amazon

There are four Amazon websites that sell 2,400 Cartel Coins and for a time, only Amazon.com included the Juvenile Irradiated Rancor while the European Amazons granted the Zonian Monkey-Lizard. However, they have since updated the European Amazons and you can now get the Rancor pets everywhere.

On Amazon, you have to click “Buy and get code” on the right side. Once you have entered ayment information and your billing address, the 16-digit code will be shown on your screen. In addition, it is also sent to your Amazon e-mail address and you can always look it up in the Games Library on Amazon. So no chance for the code getting lost!

Juvenile Irradiated Rancor:

  • Buy on Amazon.com ($99.99, requires US billing address)
  • Buy on Amazon.co.uk (£84.99, requires UK invoice address)
  • Buy on Amazon.de (99.99 €, requires German or Austrian billing address)
  • Buy on Amazon.fr (99.99 €, requires French billing address)

Juvenile Savannah Rancor (Origin) – available

Location: online
Card: Digital, 20-digit code
Cost: $29.99, 29.99 € (incl. 60 days
of subscription and 1050 CC)
Outlander Pack from Origin

Just in time for the release of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, the online store for EA games, Origin, is selling a new Outlander pack. It comes with 60 days of subscription, 1,050 Cartel Coins and an exclusive pet, the Juvenile Savannah Rancor. Please keep in mind that this pack can only be redeemed once per SWTOR account.

Since your SWTOR account is connected with Origin, you can just use your SWTOR e-mail address and password to login at Origin and purchase it. You can find it under STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Fallen Empire Origin Outlander Pack and it can be purchased from any country, even if you are not from the US; it costs either $29.99 or 29.99 €.

After purchasing it, you may have to wait 24-48 hours for your order to be processed. You’ll then receive an Order Confirmation via e-mail that includes a 20-digit code in the form XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX that you can enter on SWTOR.com; upon redemption it will show up as “Knights of the Fallen Empire Promotional Bundle – Origin”.

Shopping Cart on Origin Order Summary Order Confirmation with Serial Code

Juvenile Marsh Rancor (EU retailers) – not available

European Cartel Coin card with the Forest Nekarr Cat

Not yet available. Currently, the European codes still give the Forest Nekarr Cat and since the pet is printed on the card, they likely have to produce new cards for the Rancor pets. I’ll update this section as soon as I have more information on the European phyiscal cards. If you want to get the Forest Nekarr Cat before it is retired, read on.

Unlike the American physical cards, the European physical card is not produced by Fastcard. It has a 16-digit code which is written on a slip inside a sealed DVD case. Many retailers in various European countries sell the cards in their stores for 16.99 €. You can find it via its EAN 5035224111541.

If you can’t travel to a European store, you can also buy the cards online. Amazon.de is selling them, even to international customers, but keep in mind that this is a physical card that will get mailed to you and you may have to pay S&H for it. They sell two different versions, one for Germany and one for Austria but the codes and prices are identical:

Aside from that, there are certain game code shops that buy the cards in bulk and scan the codes. That way, you can receive the code via e-mail and don’t have to pay shipping. Keep in mind that there have been cases in the past where those shops have been using stolen codes that can get your account banned if you enter a flagged code. Therefore, I only recommend buying from an official source even if it is more expensive.

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    • Hmm check the SKU code etc to verify?

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    Anyone else have this problem?

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      same, got bestbuy card and no pet. Ticket is still pending

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        Hopefully, you’ll have better luck then I did. After the ticket, two emails, a phone call (Never call in the afternoon, the CS reps suck) and another pending ticket, I am at the point right now where I may just send a message to Musco and see if he can help get this figured out.

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          Took a while, but they granted me the pet. All I included in my ticket was the code I used.

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          Best Buy was having some problems initially but I was hoping that those were all fixed. I hope that CS was able to help you out. If you really want to get the pet, you can try one of the other options (since Best Buy has both digital and physical codes), one of them should work eventually.

          • Alex G

            It took a while, but I FINALLY got it. I ended up having to get a second card from Best Buy, and updated the ticket with the new number, so CS gave me the pet, but on only one character (The agent said he couldn’t send it to all my characters…. (So, one of my alt characters that I won’t be playing for a while has it! Haha, but that is my fault. Now, if they can fix the bug in collections so I can unlock it across my legacy, I’ll be fine!)

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    Juvenile Savannah Rancor can be obtained by purchasing the Outlander Pack through Origin. Confirmed, I received the pet through in-game mail. Here is a link – https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/buy/star-wars-the-old-republic/pc-download/bundle/deluxe-pack

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      I immediately received the 1050 CC when I bought the pack, whereas the monthly grants are usually given out for each month separate. In addition, I received a 525 monthly CC grant but I’m not entirely sure if it came from my previous subscription or from the Origin Pack.

      But I still think you will get the monthly grants in addition to the 1050 CC because in one of the marketing mails they sent out, they mentioned how the Outlander Pack is a 25% discount and that would only make sense if you receive CC on top of the subscription; otherwise it would be the same price as one the website.

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      Oh, and Origin’s pack should still work of course.

      • AbsolutGrndZer0

        Nope. Best Buy and Target and Wal-Mart and all of them (at least in my area) hasn’t had physical cards for anything other than World of Warcraft and all those Zynga/Facebook games for years. Then now they don’t even sell them digitally now, or at least GameStop doesn’t.

  • Ashli Dobbs

    My target currently carries them, according to that target inventory checker. My Walmart still has the old cards, the ship and the freaking bird, lol.

  • Madoka

    Just FYI, I live in the east coast around one of the big city. I just online ordered a 2400 coin card (physical one) from Best Buy clicking the link above, but the pet I got is still not the Rancor pet yet (it stated above too that I guess I have to contact the customer service).

  • Alex G

    So, it seems that the new Cartel Coin Cards for Wal-Mart are available. Unlike the previous two cards, the new card does not have a sticker saying what pet the card grants. However, while entering the code grants you Cartel Coins, it still doesn’t grant the pet. So, you will need to contact CS for this, and unlike my last attempt with the Best Buy card, I managed to get this pet unlocked on my account! (And the agent even unlocked the Juvenile Nocturnal Rancor for my account as well!)

    *Also, if Dulfy or anyone else reads this, I’ve also included a photo of the new card.*


  • Darth Twinge

    The Best Buy rancor is now available. I got it today, 1/15/17 through the digital download link. No fuss no muss.


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