SWTOR Bioware wants your feedback on Strike Fighters

Following the recent interview on PvP, Bioware developers are seeking your feedback on Galactic Strikefighter beginning with the Strike Fighter class.

Let’s talk about Strike Fighters | 05.28.2015, 08:36 PM

Howdy Flygirls and Flyboys!
I’ll be blunt. Strike Fighters need lots of love. The original design is that they are the Jack-of-All and Master-of-None but they have filled out this role too well and because of it are rarely a compelling option. We want to talk about how Strike Fighters can be made into a good option to bring in any match, by any skill level. We have some ideas of what we want to do with them but because this community is always very impressive with communication and feedback we want to get your thoughts on what you think is the best course of action. We know there are some fantastic threads and posts aplenty that already covered this information but we want to consolidate and create a focused discussion.

We want to set expectations though. This is just about gathering feedback and creating a focused discussion on which to possibly make changes based off of. Just a heads up and Musco made me say it

So! What are your pet peeves about Strike Fighters? If you could only pick one section to buff would you choose to improve their Maneuverability, Secondary Weapons, Primary Weapons or Defense? Or something different? What would make them more effective in both game modes?

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!

You can contribute to the discussion here on the official forums:

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148 replies on “SWTOR Bioware wants your feedback on Strike Fighters”

Bombers are easily countered by Scouts and Gunships. Strikefighters are at the bottom of the barrel.

Not in my experience, Strike fighter perform incredibly well if played correctly while unless you use either rocket pods or dedicate Gunships to take out a bomber (even this is often futile) then an enemy team with more than one bomber usually prevails as it usually requires a majority of a team to take one down without incurring massive losses

Strikes are by far the weakest ships. Yes, I can perform at a very high level on them, but why would I want to when they are the weakest ship and the least fun to play?

Well, for starters, what is least fun for you happens to be the most fun for me. Your opinion doesn’t mean that it’s true–it just means that it’s your opinion. The genius of GSF is learning which ship to put into any given situation. Strike fighters are the infantry-class fighters of GSF. They are very versatile and deadly in the hands of a skilled pilot. It also pays to know how to read a match and decide which ship is best for the job. A strike fighter kitted out correctly can easily tackle a bomber or gunship just fine.

The problem with Strike Fighters is that they aren’t BAD persay, it’s just that every other ship can do things better. And as the other guy said-a Scout can do everything a strike fighter can…just better.

Good point, which is why I think the answer to the dev’s question might be to leave strike fighters as they are and maybe figure out how to balance out the more notorious ships: Gunships and T2 scouts. I fly everything, but I have to say that burst cannons could probably be toned down a notch or two. I think a fair compromise would be to increase the power draw on burst laser cannons a bit more. Making those guns deplete faster would go a long way to balance things out, I think. Another option would be to make burst cannons available to strike fighters or to do away with them entirely, but I know that would never happen.

Yeah…I think the best change would be to massively increase the speed of scouts, but make them have almost no armour. Kind of like in Rouge Squadron where a TIE Interceptor could fly rings around any other fighter and could go at three times the speed, but 2 direct hits and….boom.

If you think Strike Fighters are at the bottom of the barrel you clearly haven’t been on the receiving end of a strike’s proton torpedo.

That’s because most people haven’t been on the receiving end of a protorp very often. That’s the whole problem. When they can hit things, they do just fine. The trouble is they lack the engine power/endurance they need to keep up with their targets. Add to that the fact that missiles that aren’t clusters are actually pretty bad… and, well, you’ve got a really weak ship class.

Are you kidding? Proton torpedoes rock against bombers and gunships and, if you can time it just right, against the occasional slippery scout. I get lots of satisfaction when I fire a proton at a T2 scout after they’ve exhausted their missile breaks or being able to evict a bomber from a sat or a nest from 10k away without having to deal with their tangle of drones.

If they’d started doing this a year ago, they might not have lost me to another, happily lag-free MMO that actually does give the pretense of caring for its players.

Buh-bye. Not sure why you still troll the website of a game you obviously despise. A lot of free time I imagine.

Know what u mean 🙂 Eaware mostly cares only for their precious Pve storytelling that theyäre so proud of. Y they’ve been good at it i’ve seen and felt it, but with Swtor as of being Mmo “Or single Player Rpg adventure with other players on it some say” they could start caring from each area in the game. Giving us love for GSF & at least couple new ground Pvp Arena’s and then own Que also for Normal Arena’s and Cross Server Que so that ppl would stop seeing same faces all over again each year.

Not sure what rock you’ve been hiding under. GSF has a loyal following. It is brilliantly designed, rich in complexity and customization and is one of the funnest and most unique mini games SWtOR has to offer.

That’s hilarious. ‘rich in complexity and customization’? Evidently never played a real space sim :’)

There’s a reason they don’t bother doing anything with GSF and that’s because not enough people play it to justify the time it’d take to work on it.

Clearly they are ignoring GSF. I mean, asking for feedback to make it better yea, they really don’t want anything to do with it.

It’s called throwing a bone. If they gave a shit about GSF they’d have paid some sort of attention to it. Sure, they might even do some minor tweaking in the future, but GSF is a drop in the ocean and it’s pretty far down BW’s list of things they need to work on.

Big part for lack of pilots is cause Eaware made it half baked cake and didn’t listen any of the suggestions that were actively posted right after launch. Then they’re wondering that hmm why missing so many pilots.. It’s lacking many important features that for example many X-Wing & Tie Fighter fans wanted / want. :/

Dude, this game is run by Texans at the Austin Bioware studios. You can’t possibly have high expectations. I’d port this game to Android tablets if I were them.

Indeed. They do struggle to take in feedback. It’s only after SoR that they’ve ‘discovered’ that people actually want more class story content, despite that being pretty high on the list of shit most folks want since the game launched.

Perhaps it just takes them a few years to process the feedback and actually act on it :’)

GSF is indeed rich in complexity and customization considering this is a MINI GAME within SWtOR. Considering how many times I hear rookies fret over how hard the learning curve is I think there is more than enough complexity their to learn how to manage loadouts, crew selections, co-pilot abilities, aesthetic options like paint jobs, engine and blaster colors. Yes. I think that all qualifies as being very rich and complex for a space combat MINI GAME. GSF does a superb job in capturing that fast paced Star Wars thrill of space combat.
“Evidently never played a real space sim…” Jeeezus Christ. What? Does that mean learning how to pilot a fuckng space shuttle?

Waaah waaaah waaaaaah, Bioware doesn’t care about GSF. Waaaaah! Oh wait…you heard me and now you are trying to do something about it? Well ….well….waaaaaaah waaaah waaaah.

Of course they don’t! They’re just posting this to get the GSF players to shut up for a bit while they go back to destroying classes.

dunno. it’s not like the first time they made us hope for something and gave us utter complete crap. Sentinel/marauders? took them this long to fix’em and I still have no idea how they turned out because i left the game for good about 4 months ago. Let’s just hope they got their stuff right this time…
but still not seeing anything that will grab me back into the game…

Very kind of them to solicit feedback but my problem with GSF is with the detached targeting reticle. If they would add in the option to make it fixed I would be willing to give GSF another try.

It actually make sense an is used in most space shooters, guns are not tied to the direction you are facing they have a small to big rotating firing axe.

So making them fixed would technically nerf your ship, keep in mind these are not WWII planes with fixed MSGs and cannons that shoot in a straight parallel to each other, thy are space ships with laser weapons with targeting computers that allow convergence of the lasers on a target.

The GSF community has been hungry for new content for a long time now. This may not be much but at least it’s a tiny indication that GSF hasn’t been completely abandoned. The only way to get their attention is by players communicating that there is legitimate demand for more GSF content. If you are not a fan of GSF, be respectful to those players who are and understand that there is something for everybody who plays SWtOR.

Is the Quell a Strike Fighter ? I loved my Quell until I figured out Scouts are the only ship you should play once you get good at GSF.

amen to that. scout class ships are actually capable of some sick dogfights if you can manage to keep up and control it. I’ve been playing nothing but scout class ships since the launch of GSF. Their firepower is pretty good. the only problem with the scout class is that they go down after a hit or two and that’s what’s kept people from trying out scout class. But hey, that’s what the class was intended to be. They are fun unless you are against team full of bombers and gunships..

Cool thing to try if you’re pro on a scout is to get a gunship buddy and cover her butt against enemy scouts and strike fighters. My noob friend racked up ~30 kills a match just cause I was running defence on a scout.

My take on things: Strikes actually hit pretty hard as a class. What they need is access to good missile breaks. Old style barrel roll or power dive on all strikes would go a long way toward fixing the problem. Add in some decent engine efficiency or regen (they should be slower than scouts but maybe able to burn for longer) and you’ve got a ship class that can actually keep up with its targets. Those two changes alone would go a long way toward making them balanced. I don’t feel like much needs to change with missiles except maybe cooldown or travel times. Missiles you launch should not be a sure thing, as timing your missile break correctly is part of the game as it stands.

Burst Lasers for Fighters.

Burst lasers are why I take the Flashfire/Sting into combat and habitually defeat all fighters I encounter in a few secs.

Screw strike fighters. They are fine. If they want to make GSF fun again, they need to just remove any and all railgun type weapons and abilities.

I played the hell out of GSF when it came out and for a while after. It was loads of fun.

Now, everyone just picks gunship and turns the match into a boring sniper-war. All you do is sit behind cover for 20minutes. And if you try to rush, you get ripped apart by 5 enemy gunships simultaneously.

I mean, bar the (pretty good) reasoning that railguns suck the fun out of the gamemode, they also just don’t make any sense in Star Wars to begin with. On top of that, the entire design of the gunship class itself is completely borked and contradictory. It should be a long-range artillery. A bunker buster. Not a sniper.

I only encounter “gunship wars” like 1 in 10 games (TRE). And even then it depends. If I’m lucky, I can sneak to those bastards and take few of them out (finally maxed burst on my scout). If they happen to cover each other assess, then I just stay on our side of trench and wait for opportunities. It’s no fun, but bearable.

Also depends on map, Makeb Mesas is more packed with less open spaces and more cover.

IF only with so small % made of GS battle’s or most Gunships and rest Bombers healing them then u’ve been a unique or at least would’ve been on Progenitor EU server. Maybe that team made of those ships would have also couple SF’s with Torpedo’s to make sure that enemies won’t escape after 110% pimped Gunship made shot(s).

Sniper, long-range artillery. In this situation they are the same thing. Drop a bomb on your target and they are killed, shot them with your high powered rail gun, they are killed. Where is the difference? It’s the same thing. It may be a different weapon but it does the same thing.

There is a big difference. Snipers are pinpoint accurate at a distance. Artillery are large AoE from a distance.

Gunships should be the sort of ships that have a large arsenal of (limited) ordnance. Laying down suppression or forcing targets out of cover. They should be the absolute least accurate ship of all classes. So much so that you shouldn’t expect to get many kills playing as this class, since it would mainly be a support ship. But they should have the highest amount of pure damage output.

One ability that comes to mind when thinking about the GS the way I mentioned would be a missile barrage. It would work practically the same as a railgun. The longer you charge it, the more missiles you load and the larger the attack becomes. You’d basically charge and then when you let go, you’d release a swarm of missiles onto a targeted 3 dimensional airspace.

Indeed… That thread with all those suggestions should be sent for the team that was interviewed about GSF.. Just unfkingbelievable that they dare to make this announcement after all those post’s about GSF 😮 I’ve posted some GSF stuff and one person who made amazing post with lots of good idea’s linked his post to mine.

Finally! Love GSF! So glad about that they ask! Thx! Bring ranked GSF, rewards like in other pvp. Flashfire is nice, the other SF… hmm… quite nice.

First before that proper matchmaking based on FR gathered or with other way(s) and Cross-Server que at least for GSF. After that bigger team battles like 12vs12 🙂

They want feedback??
Is this a joke?
Bioware famous for theyre communication and the way they listen to the community..yeah we wish

They ignore everything and just hit people with changes that no one asked for and pretend that we all love it.
Going through all the class forums its a epic saga of people pulling hair out due to theyre specs being messed with and left broken.

To all GSF players..what ever good ideas you come up with , they will go with something that no one suggested and will pretty much ruin the next 6 months of that part of the game.

Can GSF get worse? So it’s better they try anything than leave as it is, there’s no downhill anymore.

Hmmm hope your right..but when you start thinking no way they can fuq it up more…bioware think ‘challenge accepted’

What I’d LIKE to see if I have the option of creating a whole new suggested aspect to the strike fighter genre, would be this.

Core Transformation

In Star Wars Lore, what made the X-wing the most famous of the ships? Iconic at least is that it could change its wings into different formations for different actions. I suggest all strike fighters be given a type of passive that can be specced into that gives buffs to the different speeds at which you accelerate or deaccelerate.

At 0 speed the Strike fighter would get a stance that makes it turn faster graduallly the longer it is going no where.

At the middle speed it’s stance would revert to the default turn speed and provide an Accuracy buff to its laser cannons.The longer this stance is held, the faster you regain weapon regen. At fastest acceleration, accuracy reverts to normal and a ship speed buff begins to grow. This will gradually make it the fastest moving ship class outside of actually boosting the ship, which still makes scouts fastest for getting places but makes the Strike fighter still worthwhile. Players will be able to only strengthen one of those three stances with buying into the tree but a fully upgraded stance will obviously yield greater advantages over the default. This will make strike fighters act like a jack of all trades but give concentrated potential to one avenue they really enjoy the most.

I’ll provide samples of what those trees could be but still allow you developers to make it your own.

Accelerant Core passive: You can choose Turning, Accuracy or Speed cores:

Turning Core: Gradually increases turn rate by 1% every 5 seconds at 0 acceleration until capped

at 10% buff.

Tier 1: 1000 ship req

Turn rate increases immediately at 0 acceleration by 5%

Tier 2: 2500 ship req

Maximum Turn speed cap increased to 15%

Tier 3: 10000 ship req

Option1: Ion Contingency:

After reaching max turn cap, if your ship has been affected by ion weaponry

the slow is removed. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds

Option 2: Plasma Contingency:

After reaching max turn cap, your ship gains Plasma charged Laser bleeds.

25% of the laser damage is added as a 5% bleed that can stack 2 times.

Accuracy Core: Passively gain 15% weapon accuracy instantly. gradually increases weapon pool regen

by 1% every 5 seconds at 50% acceleration until capped at 10%.

Tier 1: 1000 ship req

Weapon pool recovers 15 energy immediately at 50 acceleration

Tier 2: 2500 ship req

Weapon accuracy gains 1% accuracy every 5 seconds until cap of 10% buff on top of passive.

Tier 3: 10000 ship req

Option1: Critical Contingency:

After reaching max weaponry cap: When you recover to full Weapon pool, your critical hit chance increases by 5% passively until the stance ends.

Option 2: Targeting Contingency:

After reaching max weaponry cap: Your lock-on targeting time is reduced by 75% on your next secondary

weapon use that has lock-on mechanics. This effect can only be used once every 15 seconds.

Speed Core: Passively gains 1% Ship movement speed every second when you hit 100% acceleration until cap at 10% buff.

Tier 1: 1000 ship req

Ship speed increases immediately at 100 acceleration by 5%

Tier 2: 2500 ship req

Ship speed cap increases to 15%

Tier 3: 10000 ship req

Option1: Pursuit Contingency:

After reaching max speed cap: Your ship movement speed is doubled for 15 seconds

but you begin to lose Engine pool by 5 every second. This effect only initiates when you reach max speed buff cap and is activated only when you have full Engine pool and does not stack.

Option2: Escape Contingency:

After reaching max speed cap: Your hull integrity is increased by 25% and you repair 15 hull every 5 seconds while you are at 100% acceleration. This effect only activates when your shields drop to 0% and does not stack.

Im very happy the GSF community is getting some love. I have a message for you bacteria called pvp’ers. GSF is PVP. But because it is COMPLETELY separated from PVE in every way shape and form I like it. I like it because in no way, shape, or form does GSF affect ANY OTHER part of the game.

Your piece of shit warzones are killing this game. Here’s an idea, roll stealth and quit crying because obviously whatever class you’re playing and whatever it is that you do in pvp matches is useless.

There is more pve in GSF than in warzones. Defense turrets, capital ship turrets, repair drones, sentry drones, mines… that is pve stuff… warzones have none of these things, you fight players only… and if you aren’t a complete noob, you can be viable with a non-stealth class.

In my opinion, the whole Galactic Starfighters thing is insanely crap, Tie fighter is vastly better then this.

Wait, you mean an entire game based around starship combat is better than an MMO gamemode based around starship combat? Whaa?

In my opinion, GSF haters like you are absolute crap. GSF is super fun to play and is rich in complexity and customization. Comparing GSF to a space combat simulator from the 90’s really puts a searing spotlight on your stupidity. Nobody is stopping you from playing TIE Fighter. If you’re a fan of GSF then provide construct feedback so the devs actually have something to work with. Otherwise, shut up and go play TIE Figher.

Strike Fighter Baby !!!

Show some love to the fighters out there, GSF is the way.

I was always a space pilot by the way.

No. They have said multiple times why there’s no joystick support for GSF. The controls are not that hard to learn and master.

Yes it would be nice. Even personally i’m satisfied with using Rat+Keyb and after reconfigured big portion of default controls for flying and ofc giving boom boom time on space =) Many ppl left GSF cause devs said that they won’t give either of them and well to look GSF closely the Joystick would not really fit into it. Reconfigure the ctrls and i’m sure u will find the settings that u like and then it’s boom boom time 🙂 Enjoy o/

There is no change of engine-that’s just people being hopeful, not understanding that the game would have to be rebuilt from scratch.

I’m sorry Bioware, but there is only one completely excellent fighter simulation game for Star Wars, and it’s called “Star Wars: TIE fighter.” An older game, indeed, however the playability, the particular missions, and the entire story altogether equal and surpass what you have done with SWTOR. But I am referring to GSF in particular; I do not mean this as an antagonistic summation.
A few years ago, a computer magazine (don’t remember the name, wish I could now while writing this) put out the 10 greatest star wars games made of all time. “TIE Fighter” was number one. And this was at the time of Star Wars: Galaxies.
If you have the ability or time to look at this game, and if there’s anything you can mimic from it without infringing on copyright laws, then you should base GSF on that.
If in any way this could be implemented, and expanded upon with your engine using what “TIE fighter” did, you should do that. Your GSF population would explode, because, yes, it’s really that goddamn good.

The problem with that is that TIE Fighter was a) Single player, and b) Ran on a completely different engine and that c), no matter how much people cry, or how loudly they shout, most of the games population couldn’t give a damn about pvp in any shape or form. PvE content will ALWAYS take priority.

(Even though GSF is really cool, it’s still PvP. Plus they have the long-running bug where the sound always cuts out for 20% of the players, which they’ve said they aren’t going to fix.)

I am primarily a PVE player who happens to really love Galactic Starfighter. It is a form of PvP that is completely unique, extremely well designed and an absolute thrill to play. Please don’t make ignorant assumptions by including PVE folks like me to try to get your point across. You’re only stating an opinion, not fact.

…You’re an idiot. You completely misunderstood my point. It doesn’t matter how many PvPers, PvEers, or GSF-only players play it…It’s still a minority, and it’s not where the money is.

Think about it-what’s going to make them more money-a new expansion and more cartel packs, or a minor tweak to a mini-fame containing a sound bug that affects 20% of the playerbase, and that compared to PvE (and even normal PvP) almost nobody plays.

Nice choice of words, Suck-and-dumb. I understood your point and I simply disagree with it. As a PVE-er, GSF was the first and only form of PvP I find to actually be enjoyable. As a subscriber I would gladly pay cartel coin purchases toward new GSF content AS WELL as pay for new PVE content. Your notion that the minority community doesn’t matter is only applicable to other people who share your belief. I’m saying that there is profit to be made even in the minority/niche PvP/GSF communities and I would imagine that producing profitable new content for GSF is probably much easier and less expensive than hiring a writing staff, recording new voice overdubs, designing new worlds, dailies, Ops, Flashpoints, gear, etc.

Good luck on your sound bug issue.

Sound works fine for me-but go to the forums and see the complaints about it.
I’m not denying it won’t be profitable, it just won’t be AS profitable.

Look at it this way-you have (say) 2000 players who play GSF. Of those, 1000 (assuming GSF players are dedicated) will pay money/cartel coins for new stuff.

You then have 20000 PvEers. Of those, 5000 will pay for new stuff. Even if a greater percentage of GSF players buy stuff, there are simply more PvEers.

That’s funny. PvP is one of the only constant things that keeps a healthy population in that game. Surprisingly, despite it being unbalance as hell, it’s still better than most other MMOs. Go look at Twitch streams. The amount of people who PvP are much higher than those that run Ops and there’s a reason for that. It’s the only thing that keeps a good portion of the audience around.

Also, how about you stop attacking people personally. It makes you look like a fool.

And using twitch streams as an example is silly-it’s much more interesting to watch a pvp match than it is to watch a pve raid.

That’s odd. When I boot up the old WoW streams I only see raiding and PvE with the top viewers. So I suppose that sort of flies in the face of what you think is more interesting to viewers.

Also, I said there are more PvPers than those that run Operations. So PvPers may be in the minority, but Op runners are likely an even smaller minority.

Not according to bioware-you need to consider that the VAST majority of raiders won’t stream, and are more like casual raiders-I mean, who wants to see a PUG team endlessly wipe on story mode?

That sound bug only exists in Windows XP. Even Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP. Why should Bioware?

Even the company that released it does not support it. Bioware shouldn’t either, and those users should upgrade and move into this decade already.

Well, yes, it is correct that SWTOR and TIE were different games. And they ran on different engines (LMAO could you imagine STWOR looking like THAT? That is almost funny to me x.x)
A previous replier to me wrote shedding some light to me about the basic intricacies of GSF and actually it made it sound. But this actually bring to my mind another question: what is they made GSF OPs? Huge, fleet-based missions with multiple objectives that mirrored their gorund PvE counterparts?
That would be (remotely) like TIE (but, yes TIE was single-player, I am referring to the scale and complexity of both the particular missions and the tours of duty). I think that would be really cool..

GSF doesnt want to be a space combat simulation – moreover if GSF was at a level the X-Wing/Tie-Fighter series was, the GSF population would suddenly not explode but vanish completely. Your comment is out of place. And wrong. Well – apart from praising an excellent game – off topic at all.

X-Wing/Tie Fighter series is a simulation and therefor has a high learning curve and needs a lot of focus on this particular engine; it’s not casual friendly nor does it work as a proper MMO game, it’s whole intention and every battle scenario is completely asymmetric.

Galactic Starfighter in Swtor is a casual arcade like space shooter and was never intended to be more than that. If it was more complicated, asymmetric or simply more “realistic” (regarding a space combat simulation) most people wouldn’t be able to enjoy playing it. How many MMO players who enjoy GSF right now or in the past own at least a cheap joystick – if that was necessary to play GSF? 5%? Even less. Apart from some old school space freaks (like me) and maybe a couple of intriqued players, the playerbase WILL decease.

The basic gameplay mechanic of GSF as it is right could work very well for a niche game in a MMO. It only lacks features, balancing and imho the impression of being a real dynamic space combat game. It could be more attractive to more people this way.

It also could be even more easier for beginners to jump into a fight and actually have the chance to win. Spacecraft or Pilot Tiers could be a method to prevent the constant roflpwn of beginners … but that’s another topic.

Easy is good. As long as it’s fun and attracts enough people to play with

I worship TIE Fighter, and it is clear you have never even spawned once in GSF–otherwise you would know that GSF borrows HEAVILY from the X-wing series of games.

Every ship has laser/shield/engine power banks, between which you can shift focus–a mechanic you MUST master to be competitive.

Many ships have a “Directional Shield” component that allows you to angle shields forward, aft, or balanced.

The HUD for shields and power management are outright STOLEN from X-wing.

I praise you for recognizing that TIE Fighter is one of the best games ever made, but I then subsequently call you ignorant and arrogant for speaking do brazenly and wrongly about something you clearly haven’t even tried.

GSF is the closest thing we will ever get to a sequel to the X-wing series. I run a GSF/RP guild, and my character is fricking based on the Secret Order of the Empire guy who gives you the secondary missions and arm tattoo. Just look at the website banner:

Does our logo look familiar? Trust me, you are not the only huge TIE Fighter fan. There are tons of us, and many of us are using those childhood-learned skills to DOMINATE in GSF.

Did we have to swallow our pride and give the controls a chance? Yes. But once we did, all of those 3D spatial reasoning talents, and power management expertise, and targeting priority sense–all of them.combine to let us run circles around the competition.

If you really love TIE Fighter, then you have no excuse but your own hateful laziness to not love GSF.

I have to admit that you are right to assume my ignorance. I truly have never played GSF. To be perfectly honest, it has never come up in my guild. If what you have just said is true, then GSF truly does borrow things form the X-Wing series. The shield and energy distribution options, the HUD, etc.
If that is so then perhaps I have been too condescending to something I didn’t know, simply because TIE was so great and I didn’t figure another company would come close. Perhaps I am wrong. I’m man enough to realize if I’ve been wrong.
And yes I recognize the tattoo from the Secret Order of the Emperor 🙂 I was in the highest circle (or inner circle or whatever the title was….the tattoo that has the most design) I do have one question, though: I was adept at TIE fighter with a joystick. Does SWTOR allow for one (I’ve never considered it)?
PS – There was an expansion for TIE fighter that included two new tours of duty. Did you ever play that? I didn’t even know of that until like 2004-2005 when I happened to see a CD-ROM version of the game at a CompuServe (my original, as perhaps yours was, was on floppy). TIE fighter was so badass.

Oh and PPS – “ignorant and arrogant?” “hateful laziness?” “nostalgic obsession?” Superlative and unnecessary vindictiveness here. I chose to ignore it in my original reply because to challenge it would put me on your level, which is ultimately unproductive. And, it is very easy in internet conversations to automatically assume the bitterest of emotional undertones when seeing someone’s responses. I would surmise that you have done this with me, at least to a degree. I shall not do so with you.
TIE rox.

Apart from a few balancing aspects I’d really like if the actual enviroment would be more space combat like. Sure … there are battleships and frigates en mass put in the maps – but they have no function. Give us some more stragetic points you have to destroy, like Turbo Laser Batteries, Shield Generatores of static ships; give them some defensive abillities like the strategic point turrets. This could also have some impact on gunship swarm teams.

Lol. Paraphrased: “We know nobody uses them because they suck; our bad. What would you want changed to make them not suck? We’re only asking because we already know you’re all gonna bitch and moan anyway, so we thought we’d act like we give a crap what you say. Let’s be clear… this is just to make you feel involved, not to let you actually BE involved, with our plans to probably accidentally change them into an OP FOTM uberflyingfortress. We already know what we’re going to do, we’re just asking for your ‘feedback’ so we can have polite stfu answers ready for when you bitch about it after it goes live. Thanks for playing, suckers.”

I had lot of fun with GSF, but to me they completely killed it with the gunships. The whole dog fighting aspect of the game was really tossed out the window when they put in ships that can instantly stop from high speeds and be snipers. It didn’t feel star wars like, and it really didn’t feel like any other star wars flight game we’ve ever had. Bombers just made things worse when combined with gunships and any organized team. Frankly GSF would be so much better if they had just never put in gunships, or had redesigned them to not simply be snipers in space. Sniper in any FPS can be annoying and overplayed, so why did they try to shove it into a space combat game?

As for making Strike fighters more useful? Simply buff their damage output. They are supposed to be main combat fighter, but scouts are more effective, and at long ranges again Gunships reign supreme. They can’t increase their maneuverability/speed since that takes away from scouts. If anything, just make them more powerful in their damage dealing, make them something scary to have on you. Even a weak scout with a strike on them can take a ton of hits and simply out maneuver you to then pound on your strike.

Gunships and Bombers are there for people who might not be huge fans of chaotic flying around.
Also, in my experience as Gunship pilot, it is extremely easy for scouts to sneak up on gunship or avoid its fire long enough and pound with deadly force that gunship cannot escape.

I stopped playing in part because lethality is excessive for fully maxed out ships vs non, the audience being small enough that some nights you’ll just get crushed by premade teams repeatedly after waiting a really long time for queues, and because I got tired of so much of the game being built around not getting sniped. Yes, there’s balance there but it’s unfun. LOSing as a critical mechanic sure, but I didn’t want a hiding-behind-space-debris simulator. I’ve tried gunships. I get that they’re not invulnerable but they have way too much of an impact on how the game has to be played and that way is not at all the space combat experience a lot of people wanted.

Gear makes no difference at all. How do I know this?

I did that in a stock ship. Stock. I had no upgrades at all. Yes, it was a gunship, but gunships are actually very easy to counter. What you’re complaining about is very much a “learn to play” issue, not a problem with the game itself.

That’s a good score, considering. You’re obviously skilled. But try it in a pug, solo, with no friends in a scout or a strike. Next pretend you’re a noob with a clue but didn’t even know to pick a wingman with an accuracy buff. A few tier 1 upgrades make a big difference but you might as well be throwing rocks before then.

I didn’t rage quit with no time invested in the game. I tried everything and managed to enjoy it for months in spite of things I consider game design flaws, gunships being a big one. They’re not outrageously OP, although they are way too close to strikes without the sniping. They just change the game too much. I want a dogfight where situational awareness still matters but not to the point that I have to stop at every patch of open space and weigh the risks/rewards before crossing it.

That said I could learn to live with it if not also for the queue times, the conquest participation awards bringing not just noobs but noobs who don’t give a damn in to the mix, and the fact that until now, it seriously looked like they had no intention of making any more updates to GSF.

That WAS a PUG. I was solo queued, and I’ve had other good games in low req ships. I’ve also had to carry in a low req ship. Gunships prevent endless turn battles. In my experience, people who wish or more “dogfighting” just don’t understand the game very well. If you’re in a turn battle, you’re doing something wrong unless you know an allied gunship is going to put an end to it.

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Well, let’s face it. GSF has little reward from participating in it. Exp and credits you gain for your character are so-so, your starfighters–despite all the customization and upgrades you make–will only appear in GSF and not somewhere where you can show off your fighter in your guild’s flagship or your own stronghold (which to me, is a major bummer. I see no reason why we can display our hard earned starfighters in our strongholds), there’s no commendations or reputation points for GSF (NOT referring to the Kuat Yards flashpoint), and there’s no vendor that sells anything we can exchange for the nonexistent commendations.

GSF would get a better and loyal playerbase if BioWare added more rewards or features to establish a solid incentive for us to play it more often. I like GSF, but the queues are long and there’s little reward form playing it. Even regular PvP has more going for it than GSF in terms of rewards. HECK! That Starship Railing MINI GAME offers more rewards from playing it than GSF! That’s how messed up GSF currently is.

Oh, we all well know what here no “customizing” after you learn best configuration for any craft you use really. 😉

If they made GSF work controller supported I’d play more, I’m not skilled at a keyboard and mouse control

This. Bioware has said before that they’d have to massively overhaul the current GSF system to allow joystick support, which isn’t going to happen. The controls are not impossible, and they make sense when you learn them

I don’t have a source on that, but I’m sure Verain would find it.

that’s just another person’s opinion, just like it is my opinion to want them in, they’re complaining that one person could have some expensive joystick (just like how someone can have an expensive mouse and keyboard)

When I say controllers I mean a standard gamepad with 2 right triggers, 2 left triggers, 4 buttons, 4/8 directional d pad, 2 sticks, start/select buttons. How can they not support it when microsoft make 360 controllers for the windows pc.

If that thread was written by BioWare/EA it would have credibility but it isn’t it’s written by another player just like you and me, except I’m studying game design and I know I could easily use a third party app to use controller support but I wouldnt be able to use the thumbsticks the way camera control would work with the mouse.

Excellent. Go design your game the way you think it should be and take your turn getting ripped apart from an army of high-strung, bratty, egotistical complainers who will crucify and condemn everything you do.

I agree with Konoha. Lack of flight controller support is an EPIC FAIL. It’s not that god damn hard to code for input devices. Check out the Kickstarter for Starfighters, Inc. or the upcoming Star Citizen game.

this game is already dying you just don’t realize it do you ?
BW morons have no idea of future of this game. Most of creative people left this sinking Bioware boat. Can’t you see there is no real content being released ? Just stupid 15 minutes dailies areas ?

Please, give us new, fine maps and interesting objective scenarios in both GSF and Warzones…please! Can you devs think outside of 3-objective schematic ???

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A player who thinks a mini game in an MMO needs flight controller support = EPIC IGNORANCE !

GSF is designed incredibly well and the mouse interface works perfectly. While having the option of a flight stick would be fun, it would absolutely cripple your performance with the way the game is set up.

One of the reasons I left: they often ask for feedback and pretend to give a crap, but they do whatever they want anyways and act like it was best for the community. Instances like this are just false hope that things will get better.

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Fighter combat like battle front 2. Kill static ship deffence points to destroy the ship. ie sheilds communications, turbo lasers, hanger bay, each one with a buff that the deffending team looses when they get destroyed. basically we want better more realistic star fighter options. There is no point for us to take those current nodes. They really don’t help in the long run for any real purpose. If I am playing a star fighter simulator a simple king of the hill style fight is not what I am looking for. I want to feel like i am doing something useful. Take the rail star ship missions add our star fighters to the scene and we now have an interesting battle ground. Defend this station from the waves of enemy fighters(those fighters being the opposing team). Kill that opposing fleet before they jump to hyperspace and escape. maybe involve guild ships vs starfighters or even make a battle front mode where you board guild ships and take them over for the match. honestly it took me 5 minutes to come up with a few ways to make star fighter more engaging and interesting. Bioware I know your a great company but you really need to take our feedback and what we all know you want to see in the game as well to heart and tell EA it needs to happen. For this game to survive we need new exciting content and I for one do not want to loose my beloved Star Wars The Old Republic.

The Revas Colonial Alliance
Begeren Colony West Coast RP server

The main problem of strikers are gunships and bombers… Remove stationary snipers and people who actually loves to fly will do it for more than 30 secs.
At this moment GSF is just a 30 secs hide and run game and not a dogfight.

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The biggest problem I’ve found with the SF class is that it’s gotten hard to find a scenario where it truly excels.
It’s too slow to be a counter for gunships. It doesn’t have the weapons range to be a truly effective guard.
Just about the only the thing the class is good for is a chaser. Meaning you pick up targets on the run and pound on them. Whether it’s a gunship that’s been fleshed out or a scout making a pass at a base.
I think one thing that could help out is a reduced cool down on the secondary weapons (missles, torpedos, etc…). This would let the strike fighter be more of a clean up class, clearing out the mess that bombers tend to make.

I have noticed a large number of players reiterating the notion that strike fighters aren’t good enough to compete. As an avid strike fighter pilot who has been enjoying and playing GSF regularly and frequently since launch I would like to say this:

If you believe that a strike fighter cannot counter a gunship, neutralize a bomber, or contend with a scout, you have more to learn on how to fly a strike fighter.
Contrary to popular (and what I see as arrogant) opinion from many self-entitled “aces”, the strike fighter class offers impressive versatility for load-outs. The Starguard/Rycer can be a surprisingly efficient dogfither, the Clarion/Imperium is a dependable support ship and the Pike/Quell can be devastating as an assault ship, but weapon systems and engine components alone will not do the job for you. Your skill as a star fighter pilot is ultimately what determines how good you are in whatever ship you choose to fly. Learning the crucial aspects of power management, crew passive abilities and co-pilot abilities will go along way in improving your game.
Fleet Admiral
Begeren Colony

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