SWTOR Upcoming PvP Changes from Bad Feeling Podcast Interview

SWTOR Upcoming PvP Changes from Bad Feeling Podcast. These changes will be coming with patch 3.3.

Podcast link to listen (1hr long):

  • The podcast as more stuff discussed that are not included in the notes so you are highly encourage to listen to it. There are some discussions on how new warzone maps get designed from start to finish for example.

Notes are taken from Emeraldon on reddit as I had some technical issues trying to access the podcast to listen it for myself.


  • Alex Modny (Systems Designer) and Eric Musco are present from Bioware
  • Most of these changes will be coming with Game Update 3.3.
  • No new PvP maps coming anytime soon.
  • GSF is not dead, they might be doing some balance changes in the future but no plans for new game modes or new maps.
  • They are changing AoE in warzones – they can no longer interrupt captures. No more force storms, Death from Above, Death Field etc. AoE CC still work to interrupt captures. This change is subjected to testing on PTS and if players don’t like it they will remove it.

PvP Gearing

  • Reduction in PVP set gear costs:
    • Exhumed reduced by 33%.
    • Dark Reaver reduced by 81%
  • The prices for enhancements/mods are staying the same amount but will cost Warzone Comms instead of Ranked Comms.
    • Currently the Item Rating 168 Mods cost 400 Warzone Comms and the Item Rating 174 Mods cost 800 Ranked and 400 Warzone. In 3.3 the 168 Mods will cost 150 Warzone Comms each. 174 Mods will cost 400 Warzone Comms each.
  • Only 2% of the games population has a full set of Dark Reaver
  • Ranked Warzones comms removed from daily/weekly (and permanently from the game)
  • Ranked Comms will be converted automatically at a 1:1 ratio when 3.3 goes Live. In addition, the Warzone Comm limit is being raised to 200,000. And if some player has more than that then there will be a soft cap where the comms will be added but more can’t be gained until under the cap. For players in this extreme situation they can purchase the new Warzone Comm Legacy Lockboxes detailed below to get under the cap on a certain character if they have no gear, medpacs or vanity items they wish to purchase.
  • XP and Credit rewards have been increased (doubled but not 100% certain, Valor not affected)
  • Adding an official way to transfer comms between characters. You buy a box of 99 comms for 99 comms and send to whatever alt you want

Ranked PvP

  • For solo ranked you now need 2018 expertise (before bolster) to join queue (group ranked have no restrictions). This was done to reduce trolling.
  • There will now be season specific tokens (big amount) at the end of the season based on the tier you get. You will no longer gain ranked comms, you will get season specific tokens throughout the season. At the end of the season, you can buy rewards from all tiers based on your performance
    • The tokens are bound to character.
    • The more matches you play, the more tokens you get. You’ll be able to buy Tier 1 rewards even if you only ever get to Bronze!
    • Mounts might be purchaseable even if you only ever get Bronze, but you’ll have to play A LOT
  • A new ratio/system rewards you with tokens / medals. Winning gives more tokens obviously.
  • Tokens you get in for example season 6 will be usable during season 7, then removed forever by being converted into warzone commendations. You’ll have an entire season to spend LAST SEASONS tokens on the rewards
  • There’s going to be one exclusive reward per tier that you need to get x rating to get. Not the Top 96 rewards, but something new.
  • Top 96 will get everything + exlusive top 96 as usual.They have looked into adding top 96 per server, but will not happen now.

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218 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming PvP Changes from Bad Feeling Podcast Interview”

I was reading everything on the forums and I have to be honest. I literally laughed my ass off.

Bioware just said fuck you to all pvp’ers out there. And I, being the proud PVP hater I am, was very amused. I may even sub after reading that AND this…..(see below)

AoE DAMAGE abilities will no longer interrupt a capture

Apparently your tiny infant brain doesn’t read “this is being tested on the PTS and will be removed if players do not like it.”

Huh. I’m liking these changes… Makes me wonder whether it’s worth it to wait for the price drops for pop gear to finish my Knight.

No News Maps – Check
Aoe no longer interrupts a capture – Check
Ranked comms removed from daily/weekly – Check

I am in heaven…. and these arent even the only changes.

PVP HAS BEEN #NERFED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lmfao. I literally cannot contain myself.

P.S. I do not hate GSF even though it is PVP. The reason? It does NOT affect PVE in anyway.

Ranked comms have been removed entirely from the game, or will be in 3.3, making it easier to get PvP gear.

The changes are really a massive improvement to PvP, making it easier for new players to enter, gear, and compete, and with better rewards for players who participate a lot.

Yeah, I don’t see it as a nerf at all. It’s just going to make it accessible to more players and as a result probably reduce que time

So you’re happy that now baddies have access to pvp gear so they can suck less? LOL I guess im happy about that too.

But the ranked pvp rewards have been nerfed. For example, in season 4, if someone wanted the lightsaber and the blaster for two characters in their legacy, all they needed to do was have one decently geared sorc or op. Now, if they want that lightsaber for their mara (but who would want to have a mara right now anyway?), they will have to do ranked pvp on their mara. Then, if they want the blaster, they will have to do ranked pvp on their merc/gunslinger. The token rewards sound like they are BoP.

It also means a different type of queing. The yolo pvpers will learn quickly how many tokens they need to buy a certain reward. They’ll queue until they get those tokens, then the queing will die.

Only 2% of the games population has a full set of Dark Reaver
This sentence is made specifically by Bioware for all those that continue to believe PVP is a large component of this game LOL

PVP has always been a pretty big community but it is shocking that only 2 percent are full dark reaver.

It’s only 2% because 90% of this game does not give a fuck about pvp. It’s just that simple

It’s 2% because it takes horrible grinding to get one piece of gear. And unless you do ranked very frequently you don’t *need* the ranked gear.

Ranked gear is (was?) hard to get because the costs are usually around 1250-3500 ranked comms (which can take a while to get) as well as a token of corresponding unranked gear. So unless you’re in a very active PvP guild that does ranked a lot, it can take quite a long time to get a full set of ranked gear.

2% of all toons, Most pvpers have 10-20 toons, with only a few in dark reaver. 2% of all toons, means around 20-30% of pvpers

To be honest, I like pvp. I am full dark reaver. I do not do ranked. I get enough headaches from progression raiding. I hate to admit it but this podcast definitely feels like a nerf.

No new maps is a huge turn off. to me, it feels like 50-50 changes to be honest. Half good half bad.

Well, stats can be deceiving in some cases. only 2% may be accurate, but is that from unique accounts or total toons made? Then, is that 2% including all levels, meaning levels 1-59 are all ineligible to even get 1 piece. A stat could show the % of players in full 192 (new SM gear) is only 2%. I wouldn’t then think that PVE is a small component of the game

To me, this stat says many things…all of which are possible….but probable? Only they know

1. Players don’t care too much for pvp, they just do it for the credits and daily

2. Some people farm achievements so they could be just doing it for achievement points. For example the (die 10 times) achievement. If you play right this one is very hard to get lol.

3. very high price for gear

4. conversion rate of 30-10 unranked to ranked.

5. perception that it won’t make that big of a difference since one faction is always dominating the other.

6. other reasons as they come to mind.

Laugh now and wait for the next nerf ;D you’ll be right back to bitching cause that’s all you’re good at.

It won’t make a difference. Making gear easier to obtain is “in the words of James Woods – Family Guy….Ohh piece of candy”

Are you kidding me right now? You are removing ranked comms from daily and weekly WITHOUT changing the 30-10 conversion rate from unranked to ranked comms? Which BTW both subs and F2P have.

You throw a bone by reducing the cost of everything else.

In other words you’re telling everyone to pvp as much as they can now, max out your comms, then get your gear before 3.3 hits.

I’ve always hated the 30-10 conversion rate. That shit should be for cheap hoes like F2P. I pay for my stuff. Subs should be 15-10

I PvP quite a bit (and surprisingly aren’t a giant arse that’s whining about changes) and while I’m apprehensive about AOEs no longer interrupting captures, the reworking of comms and gaining gear sounds pretty good. No new maps is disappointing, but not unexpected. Also is the 200,000 WZ comm limit a typo? Because since they’re reducing the costs of gear, a 200k limit sounds a bit excessive.

Seems cool that you’ll be able to level up a character with only PvP and not waste time buying credit boxes over and over again.

All they need to add is unlimited matches for preferred players and I’ll re-install the game.

And let those preferred equip PvP purples without the authorization, otherwise your gearing will be useless.

if you buy the expansion (SoR) you no longer need AA to equip purples. Artifact auths only work on 1-50 purple gear.

To give stupid people a reason to ask questions, duh.

And if you have a frog fetish you should play Guild Wars 2.

Guys and Girls. I know some of you will disagree with what I am about to say. But I firmly believe that it is the player not the gear. I have pvp’ed in full pve geared and absolutely massacre’d the opposition getting over a million damage, over a million heals, or over a million protection.

Making gear easier to obtain is an incentive by Bioware to try and get more people to pvp but in reality it’s for bad players to suck less now that theyll have the gear.

If your pve gear is 162 less, you’ll bolster 1900+ expertise and that’s very good. The problem is NOT the pve gear, but the relation between tier X bolstering X expertise. If you go into PvP in said 192s (as I see A LOT, sometimes 90% of the group) you’ll melt. If I find you with 50k+ HP inside a WZ and you’re not a tank, ill focus you and farm you, cause it’ll take 6-8 GCDs to do it (balance sage or, really any class in full expertise).

And that is the real problem with PvP in this game: people don’t know how to gear to start Pvping, go into WZs, get globaled, frustrated and begin whining. Of course knowing your class helps a lot but if you bolster wrong, someone in the other side will farm you for sure.

BW NEEDS to clarify and even put an official starter PvP gearing guide in the game. THAT would be a HUGE improvement as QoL for everybody.

It’s not in game, but there are good guides to both gearing and bolster in the PvP forums. I know some people try to avoid the forums like the plague, but it honestly shouldn’t be that huge of a problem to just go look at the stickies and ignore the rest of the threads if they want.

Who hasn’t gotten over a million damage, over a million heals and over a million protection ? Its called Voidstar buddy.

Do it consistently in novare coast and/or huttball in pve gear as I have done. Then we will talk.

If you’re in a mil DMG in Huttball you’re doing that completely wrong, as that requires a lot of shooting and ignoring objectives. That’s a thing to be ashamed of, not bragging about.

A) You shouldn’t be focusing on damage in huttball. B) Novare Coast can go on forever because of the mechanics. Getting a mil isn’t as hard anymore. People have gotten 2+mil heals, dmg, and protection.

Well, first of all, nice changes to gearing. Easier gearing means less people entering PvP in 1000 or less expertise just to be melted and go forums whine (and screw the patience of the ones who are there to get a real competition). And, let’s be honest ranked PvP grinding is really, really boring and frustrating. 7k ranked comms for MH/OH is just idiotic.

* The ranked problem is simple: bring back 8v8, where one’s ability with it’s class counts a lot less to group’s success. I’m sure one of the problems is people don’t wanting to expose themselves in a competition they judge they are not capable of;

* Thanks a lot for bringing comm alt distribution back (yeah that’s VERY GOOD), it accelerates a lot gearing process;

* The AoE thing is nonsense caping is already easy and requires little to no strategy;

* Now they have to work in separating ability effect from PvE to PvP, witch bring a hole new world to class balance and just end the PvE X PvP wars. That would bring a lot of people back to the game (and some classes back to life in PvE).

I believe those are pretty good changes…

I don’t really care about AoE interrupts cuz none of the toons i pvp with has an AoE anyways (Operative / Scoundrel)

Gear is easier to obtain for alts, and yeah the ranked comms grinding was super boring. The cap is excessive but i don’t really care much lol.

I really like the 2018 expertise for solo ranked (finally…)

And the token system seems to be great if your rating is screwed, because many people will continue to queue trying to get those tokens (however this might lead to baddies grinding pvp just for tokens, gotta be careful with that Bioware)

I do agree with a post below that said, that pvp baddies will always be baddies even with gear. And with the token system, you will have this baddies trying to grind on tokens, which can be good or bad (depending if you got a team full of them or you are against them), however i also hate the long queue times so it might lead to a more active pvp community who knows?

I don’t really care about AoE interrupts cuz none of the toons i pvp with has an AoE anyways (Operative / Scoundrel)

There was a time… when these Advanced Classes had a beautyful AoE!

(Btw. you may not know, but you have an AoE, the granade! You have even two: + this useless cone shot.)

yeah well i meant like an actual aoe, like orbital strike before or force storm, something that actually keeps spamming on pylons or doors… granade is still useful cuz i can throw it really far right to the person casting while i roll there 😛

i’m glad you didn’t down play grenade after someone brought it up, it’s extremely useful for crowd stopping caps. it only has a 6 second cooldown. so, you can spam grenade to stop groups capping. *though it can be dicey in Hypergates and Novar Coast*

“this might lead to baddies grinding pvp just for tokens, gotta be careful with that Bioware”… that will be for sure the problem with this system a lot of pve player and bad playes will still play ranked over and over even with a shit score ‘cos this token will provide them the tier 1 anyway…

All changes are really good. Except AoE change. This one is the worst change in game…

They cant add anything awesome without adding something very weird…

MDPS has so much over gunslingers and sniper at the moment. SO much CC break that slinger/sniper slows and roots become useless

Totally agree. The first thing I think when I see a gunslinger/sniper in PVP with my shadow is “Ohhhh! Free kill!”

Basically it’s another Orbital Strike nerf. OS deals no damage anymore. The only use that is has is prevent capturing, because it’s fire and forget.

Put it infront of the terminal and door, and go on fighting, you don’t have to worry for a while about capturing.

This change will make Orbital Strike an emote.

It’s interesting that they’ve increased the expertise you need to play ranked solo – ostensibly to reduce trolling – but seem to have also have made it much easier to get that much expertise??

Really too bad that there’s no new maps coming. If pvp needs anything, it’s more maps.

Yes, i think they want more players able to play ranked, which is not too bad. The expertise requirement is great, no more 0 expertise people in solo ranked queue :3

Seems like – and I don’t think it’s a bad thing either, since pvp has always seemed to trend towards being for the more elite players, which has probably kept a lot of other players away.

It’ll be nice to see more people in the zones, even if we don’t see more zones…

Now if only they would put in a gear requirement for HM flashpoints. I’m tired of waiting for the q to pop only to find that there is someone wearing 168 gear.

I guess I can’t really disagree with this, since it’s really not too hard, or much work, to get 186 or better now once you hit level 60.

All they have to do is run Ziost, BAM 190 gear. I don’t ger why people think it’s so hard to hear up for HM.

“It will be nice for the more average player to get sets of expertise gear without all the drama.”

You could already get a set of PvE gear that would bolster you to near max. Which is honestly better than Recruit gear, which was blue so next to no one augmented it. It boggles my mind that people want(ed) to return to that.

I would be interested in seeing how the comm boxes work. Like would you have to buy a separate basic comm, elite comm, and ult comm box? Probably, seeing as all my 60s are capped on basics…and elites…and a few on ults.

no ranked? lal..
200k cap? bigger lal
gsf is not dead – :DDD
“ranked” gear for non ranked? hihi

I don’t like the AOE change! Need no PTS to know this. Because this gives you less tactical options in Warzones.

For pure brutal DPS fights we already have Arenas. Leave Warzones alone! Warzones have to be more tactical, and setting AOE to prevent caturing is one of these options.

Agree with this Aoe is part of the classes damage and tactical advantages its not good to nerf their abilities even more.

200% increase in xp rewards…. sure, gimp twinks even more… There aren’t enough twinks to worry about. Bolster makes the stat difference negligible, and they are already not around very long with the current state of xp rewards… What a gyp

Aside from that, it’s about fucking time they put in an expertise requirement for ranked. This is something that has been suggested and demanded since Preseason ONE…. Better late than never

LOL “GSF is not dead, they might be doing some balance changes in the future but no plans for new game modes or new maps.” – so what is it if not “dead”? comatose? What’s the point of releasing a game mode if you aren’t even going to support it? I really love this part of the game, one of my favourites, but their approach to it is sooo strange.

Remember when half the components trees did nothing after a patch? And it took a month to fix? Yeah.
GSF is not “dead” it’s kept in a coma and whenever they see it flatline they shoot it with enough adrenaline to keep it going again, no more no less.
They literally just fix whatever is broken (eventually) and move on, they created a cool game mode but forgot to make a decent tutorial for it or brackets so newb on stock ships didn’t fight vets on mastered ships.
They set GSF to fail with that last part…

If I remember correctly a dev said that they actually set brackets, so that newbs shouldn’t be playing against mastered ships, however, if there is not enough ppl in queue, newbs are matched with mastered ships anyway just to make a match and shorten the waiting time.

It’s not really very popular, so they’ll never expand it in any noteworthy way I’m afraid.

Its not popular because when players asked for non-rails space game, they wanted something like the old X-Wing and TIE Fighter games with joystick support. Instead we got PvP only mouse game with terrible mouse controls at that.

Despite it being PvP I’d even play it with a mouse if they fixed how shitty the controls are.

The controls aren’t shitty. You’re just bad at the game. The controls are actually really intuitive and the only way they could have accomplished it. They had very good reasons for not including joystick support that have been discussed on the forums several times.

Controls are really well done concerning it is meant to be played with a keyboard and mouse. The only downside is the lack of mouse sensitivity option for this mode. The general sensitivty doesn’t change much, so players are forced to lower their dpi in the mouse every time they go to play GSF.

Oh I agree completely. Played it once but just knew it wasn’t up to my personal standards and haven’t played since. Honestly prefer the on-rails space system more than GSF.

3 win wz on 3 diffrend chars… credits between 6 and 8 k…. so bioware nerf previous 15,4 k per win in last patch and now they are telling that they will increase money in wz….let me quess to 15k…..

Bioware’s goal is to increase participation in pvp. In other words, we have official confirmation that many dont give a fuck about pvp. They don’t do it. They don’t care to do it. They don’t care for it, period.

This increase participation CAN help pvp, however, the only thing I see coming out of this are BADS with dark reaver gear. Meaning they won’t be fucking terrible. Well maybe they’ll still be terrible. They’ll just do 50k more damage.

The problem with people that pvp is that they think because THEY love it that others MUST love it as well. Fact the facts… PVP is a sideshow. It is literally a last resort for the most bored player in SWTOR.

I wish they were separate but this will never happen for two reasons. 1. Bioware is too lazy to make new skills strictly used for pvp. And 2. Players are too lazy to learn new rotations based on new skills.

People don’t realize that separating them will help the game. By adding different abilities to pvp that are completely separate from PVE, you are ENCOURAGING people to try out pvp, the new abilities, and learn new rotations, and new fun styles of playing.

Instead we get whiners complaining and PVE gets nerfed because a pvp’er thought he got stunned for 40 seconds long.

lol maybe pvp is a sideshow for you. Pvp warzones are the only reason I play this game. I’ve been playing on and off since release and still love the pvp.
Creating different skills for pve and pvp is a fairly dumb idea, that would be like having to balance and manage two entirely different games within one. I realize that is sort of how it is already since pve and pvp are rather different, but that type of change would add twice the work towards balancing classes.
Personally I like these changes. I’ve always felt that success in pvp should be more about skill and teamwork than about time spent grinding for the best gear. I welcome any changes that allow us to either level faster or gear up quicker.

Gearing is a skill too.

Makes the more experienced player different from the new ones.
The more they play the more skilled they get and thats what better gear suppose to show.

And it only ads a 5% more in power completed to the lowest gear level.

Most of all these is true.

Game is alive and kicking though and haven’t seen another better game out there yet so stick around unless you want to waste time trying and quitting a bunch of lesser games.

Your problem is, because you don’t PVP you think PVP is a sideshow.

Actually most PVP player also do all the other content. But PVP is the real deal for them. Why? Because competition!

You can kick a football (soccerball for ‘mericans) against the wall (=PvE) and think it is fun. Or you can play football against other intelligent and skilled people (=PvP).

That’s probably not all that true.

I started doing pvp almost immediately after I began playing. It’s a refreshing change from pve and a great resource for extra bits of experience and comms.

It’s far from the only thing I do, and I’m probably shit at it, but I do pvp regularly.

And I honestly have never really been bothered by any of the changes in game play mechanics – I honestly don’t get the grief others suffer when the devs do alter the way abilities function. It just puzzles me to no end…

People who are scared by pvp won’t start pvping, no matter what you do.

Als those whiners, who don’t get it, wo think Warzones are like open pvp ganking, they will never play pvp.

BioWare can’t fix “bads”, only the community can, but the community rather then piss on people then help them up, and then wonder why no one queues for anything.

Agree but forst they have to remove all that lag from their servers and then pvp will go up. At least in ranked matches there is no lag due to low player number….at least…

I don’t think it’s sad at all. PvP should be about player skill not players willingness to grind for gear. IMO they should just remove all gear from PvP and let bolster do everyones stats based on naked toons so everyone is on an even footing.

That’s not because grinding itself is fun, it’s just a way of extending stale content. The grinding will still be there, it will be grinding for the ranked rewards rather than gear. Much better system.

I’d prefer balance to making gear easier to get. Not sure how i feel about the aoe thing. Spam cap for the win?

What do you mean balance , you want everyone to play the same class lets say ?
Try Counter strike and similar games then.

Making each character unique is what makes games like this better and different.
Otherwise we would all be playing C.O.Duty clones.

They are not.
The problem in on your keyboard and not on someone else.
We can all play the same class there has to be some differences otherwise what we have all these classes for if all play the same ???

12xp season is up, I suggest you use it while you can and raise more alts if you don’t like your current ones.

No, the problem is not on my keyboard. Some classes are far more capable than others, that’s a fact. Veiled insults don’t change a damned thing about that.

Some of the sound good some so n so we have to see them in real game to check out how it will be.
Not bad so far I can say.

I like the changes (in general). They still are not doing what they really need to do (cross server). Also, still no new maps…… (how long has it been?)

Dear PvE-only players, please leave this topic immediatly! Whine and troll elsewhere!
This is about PvP, if you don’t like it, fine, every person is different. But stay away from PvP news.

food for thought, PvE usually gets Nerf based on PvP cryes…i gues they can have so fun on this…

And PvP gets nerfed for PvE imbalances as well. The claim that a lot of recent class changes are due to PvP balance isn’t really based on on anything official. Seriously, when a DPS is doing a lot better then another type of DPS on the Parser you should expect nerfs to happen. Just because mobs don’t cry on the forums doesn’t mean BioWare isn’t watching to make sure classes are meeting their expectations.

no PVE player complains about another class. It’s the whiners in PVP that make the PVE people mad. Nerf this nerf that. I cant win in pvp so i back out making everyone else pissed. That part is pretty funny though.

I’ve heard pve player whine about other classes often enough..
Especially snipers and maras in progression raiding (a while back, but the whining was huge)
But to be fair, pve’ers don’t get to fight the classes (only in parses maybe)
I wonder though.. how does a pve’er go about finding out what ‘always’ happens in pvp?
Because I do pvp all the time (and also hm ops), and I’ve yet to see the amount of whining you’re talking about..

Oh boy… Maras whining was about dot-smash nerf, which mind you came from PvP players. Snipers have been neglected for quite some time, but was never whining about it regarding PvE. In PvP they are still trash, since as soon as your entrench goes down, in ranked you are pretty much dead. In PvE, currently rolling as sniper as progression member, I still have to pull out everything I can to stay on par with other classes. Will I ask for Jugg/Merc nerf for that? Nope. Will you being PvP player ask for nerf when you see Mercs demolishing people in warzones? You sure will, and thats the reson why PvP snipers whine about PvP. When was the last time you saw a sniper in Yolo ranked?

Did you miss this part? “(a while back)”
to summarize it for you: BW thought that snipers/maras should have more dps than other classes, to compensate for not having any offhealing/offtanking. after a lot of pve’ers whining that the offhealing/tanking made little difference BW stopped giving snipers/maras a dps advantage.
in pvp this problem didn’t really exist.
“I still have to pull out everything I can to stay on par with other classes”
this is completely true, they stopped giving snipers/maras more dmg than other classes, and I think overshot it a little (I think most snipers/maras do less dmg now than others)
but still this shows that the statement the other guy made (“no PVE player complains about another class”) is false

“You sure will” you don’t know me at all, so don’t fill in what I’ll do or say. I play every class and spec in pvp, and each of them has their nice points and weak points. will I try to solokill an assassin? nah, but that doesn’t mean that assassins are too OP, just because they’re better in 1v1.. and only skilled mercs can destroy anyone in wzs

I agree that snipers aren’t strong in pvp (defensively), and you need skill to be successful (but it can be done)

Then you pvpers stay out of the forums and stop making ea nerf pve.
Again not that it matters, when star wars battlefield comes out all the 12 year olds will go play that, so pvp in this game will die.

Bitter troll. you should be a little embarrassed, playing “blame the other” and dumping your frustrations on a group of people you know nothing about. Have you heard of this game, Star Wars? There’s war going on in the game? It’s a part of the game. Do you like playing games? I think playing games in teams is fun. playing against others can be fun too!

Realizing of course that he was replying to someone else who was doing the same thing, just to the group that you approve of doing it to.

The intial guy made a good point. Every time pvp comes up, someone has to act as if it were pvp vs pve. That’s not the case, and the developer don’t nerf the game because some embarrassment was QQing on the forums. 8 wouldn’t have had to say anything if certain narrow minded players hadn’t of started this tangent.

And I think the guy I responded to is clearly bitter. Delusional, and bitter. I’m only trying to suggest that “hey, this game. Game fun. Play game.”

If you don’t pvp that’s fine. I play everything you can party for. I love it. stoo trying to look like a smart guy, this isn’t highschool

There is one change they should also do.

Bring back Warzones to Ranked.

So, now I can be a bad Ranked player, but if I grind it enough I can get more of the season rewards?

“””In 3.3 the 168 Mods will cost 150 Warzone Comms each. 174 Mods will cost 400 Warzone Comms each.”””
are they using 168/174 as examples or are they actually saying that there will be no new tier of gear???
because they said new tier would come with season 6, and 3.3 isnt exactly around the corner.

Well this takes away the significance of having dark reaver gear. That took work to get and now just give it away. Only 2% have it cause maybe pvp is boring since its been the same maps for god knows how long and all the other issue pvp has. Just ugh

How does that take away the significance? Most people get it for the stats, that won’t change. The people who get it just for an epeen stroke are gonna be butthurt, but they are usually elitist people with bad attitudes anyway so I’m fine with that.

“Adding an official way to transfer comms between characters. You
buy a box of 99 comms for 99 comms and send to whatever alt you want”


“For solo ranked you now need 2018 expertise (before bolster) to join
queue (group ranked have no restrictions). This was done to reduce
trolling.” Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I’m gonna love 3.3. Even if they nerf sins.

Don’t worry they wont nerf sins… In addition to melee having knockback and 30m interupt with 4 seconds mezz, they will probably add another ranged attack that will negate all defensive cooldowns including saber reflect and deal 8k damage before crit. Working as intended.

Melee has always been disadvantaged in this game, whether it be pvp or pve. I’ve never played in an MMO where bosses do knockbacks and stuns and slows and dots with the frequency they do in SWTOR.

If you are having a problem with your class I suggest that you change it !
Its 12xp anyway people…….

Whining and bitching like a newbillie for more Nerfs is what has fcked this game up so far.
SO either change your class or start getting better at playing it.

Sin’s have been already nerfed a lot of times.
The problem is on your keyboard and not in another class.

I would suggest just getting rid of all pvp content and focusing on the good stuff. Only 2% of the players care about pvp anyways, so why are they wasting their time on pvp at all???

How many people had the Wings of the Architect mount when it was new? 2% of the players. Get rid of pve altogether and focus on the good stuff.


Okay, how many people have downed HM revan? 2-5%? Again, get rid of pve altogether and focus on the good stuff.
GSF being the “good stuff”


I think he’s misquoting. They stated that only about 2% of players have full Dark Reaver. That’s a big difference though from only 2% of players care about PvP. I currently play about 70-80% PvP and I’m only about 9 of 13 pieces in Dark Reaver set. Looking forward to the grind reduction so we can all get on even footing sooner and just play vs gear grind…

I like most of the changes, though they might be overdoing the gear cost reduction a bit
What I don’t like is the aoe no longer breaking cap, especially novara coast, people will just spam cap (it’s hard to stop even with aoe, if the team is decent)

I hoped for a new map though.. even if it uses an old gamemode, I think they’re a bit too perfectionistic atm..

There is no real need for new gear sets as people only use that for Pvp and not pve. so it wont make any difference if a new gear comes out.

The fights are between players that most of them have the same gear anyways not against HM bosses.

There is no ‘real’ need for it in pve either.. but it’s a reward system.
I like the feeling when getting new gear (both pve and pvp), and it makes it worth it to keep queueing for more wzs.
I really liked when, back at lvl 55, you could do sm ops in ranked gear with no problem, and seeing how open world pvp exists (you’ll want pvp gear for that) while pve mobs also exist in the same place: you will either have trouble killing players or mobs (even worse if pve basic gear gets upgraded even higher)
Ow, and only 2% have full ranked gear, so not everyone has the same gearlvl it seems ;p

Its summer time, go play outside and swim a bit and in the winter everything will be fine again.

Finally, I’ll be able to get PVP gear! As someone who has a teaching job and a very demanding family I never manage to spend enough time online to get PVP pops and gather up the coms for gear and I had pretty much given up on trying anymore. But now that gear will be easier to get, I’m looking forward to finally experiencing more of that part of the game.

Where it talks about having an entire season to spend tokens on last season’s rewards, do they mean I can spend tokens like rewards from season 3 or 4?

No during the season you earn tokens that you get to spend on items after the season ends and during the next season.

This is horrible. What is the point of having saved up full ranked comms on 6 60s that are already all full dark reaver. Now every noob in town can be as geared as I am? ….with NO NEW PVP GEAR TIER?!!! This sucks bigtime

Oh boo hoo. Now you can’t spend all your free time beating on people less geared than you. *plays a tiny violin*

No more easy wins for people like you because you happen to spend more time playing ranked than others. =)

Don’t go crazy man its not about the gear but about the skill.,
And pvp needs a lot of new players and freshly leveled alts and they cant play now without gear.

So don’t go nuts and complain see the good side of this, because there is a good side.

“not about the gear but about the skill” this is so true..
I like it when a skilled 192 geared player completely owns a ranked geared player, so fun 😛

You have to be worse than bad to lose to a player in full PvE gear whilst wearing full ranked gear.

I kept “owning” vague on purpose
What I mean (and have actually seen myself) is pve geared players getting higher numbers than pvp geared people (sometimes also taking less dmg and deaths)
In a 1v1 you have little chance, but a skilled player will avoid 1v1 if his gear is bad

Only.. no?
It’s 100% to do with skill. Skilled players with no gear will outperform bads with gear. Bolster literally makes it 100% impossible for a PvE-geared player to come even close to PvP gear.

All you’re saying is you’ve seen a few badly-geared people who know how to numberfarm.

“Bolster literally makes it 100% impossible for a PvE-geared player to come even close to PvP gear.”
ow really? never seen someone get bolstered to 2018 expertise, from full pve gear? I have a few times.. even done it myself on a few toons after the first 12x xp event..
I’ve seen badly-geared people numberfarm indeed, and I’ve also seen badly-geared people use skill to cap objectives, while the elitist players kept farming solo kills 😛
at least we agree that a lot depends on skill, that’s a step at least..
and I know from personal experience, that if you’re a bit careful, you can easily outperform pvp geared players (in objectives, but also in dmg/healing)
the only difference pvp gear makes is in survivability (and a dmg boost), so if you don’t need much healing there is close to no difference at all..

Let me just copy a previous comment I made because I’m lazy.

“I have seen players equipped with a mixture of blue 172s and green 162/168 that get a 2018 bolster expertise.”

Bolster subtracts expertise based on each individual mod equipped. 162 bits have the least impact, a full set will likely leave you with ~2000-2018 expertse. You can’t say that makes it easy to kill max-geared PvPers, bolster does not give you equal stats to what you would have in full augmented 168s. Not even close.

168s? You’ll be left with ~1900 expertise in a full set.

172s. You can be anywhere from ~1600-1800 expertise with a more or less full set of that. You’re losing ~8 expertise per mod you use.

Now, let’s analyse. 172 gear gives you less stats than someone in full 174 gear will have. You can’t argue with that, that’s just a fact, that’s what rating is. And it’s very true that smart, good PvPers can wipe the floor with complete morons in full gear whilst wearing sensibly chosen PvE gear. Bolster is not broken at max level, sorry to break it to you.

By using PvE gear, you do slightly less damage and your survivability is literally cut in half. It’s how I crit for 22-25k ambushes on my sniper, silly 1200-1600 expertise players.
Whilst it’s possible to hit 2018 expertise in PvE gear, it still means your stats are far, FAR less than what you’d get out of PvP gear. There is no way around it, 100% impossible to get better or even slightly close to the stat budget you get with PvP gear whilst remaining at 2018 expertise.

A full 168-geared player will perform far better than someone of the same skill level wearing any kind of PvE gear.

“while the elitist players kept farming solo kills :P”

Guess what, PvP is full of all kinds of people with different priorities. If your server is a server where all the good players don’t give a fuck about winning, well, sucks to be you.

nice long post, don’t disagree with the facts, just with a few details which aren’t facts..
you seem to assume that pvp geared people are smart enough to kill pve geared people on sight, even if they’re hiding away a bit.. that’s sometimes true, but not always
while having strong pve gear does mean that you take more dmg, it’s not actually more than being less skilled can get you (true example: I’ve had 450k dmg taken, while everyone else, except node guard, had over 1M dmg taken, we were all in pvp gear)
if you’re a skilled player, and have a decent class (melee makes it hard for you) you can avoid a LOT of dmg, while you can still do decent dmg yourself.. (I’m not sure if it’s still true that the higher pve gear gives more nonexp stats, if so, you could actually do more dmg/heals, if you survive)

performance difference in gear depends on surviving, pve will give equal or higher performance, but makes it harder (with skill not impossible) to survive;
pvp gear will give equal or higher performance, and makes it less hard to survive
so, if you’re able to survive because you’re skilled, while not sacrificing dmg/healing/objectives doing so, you can (with skill) beat a pvp geared player who just goes facetanking everyone, because yolo.. (1v1 is a different thing, it’s near impossible to avoid enough dmg in 1v1, but a pve vanguard, can kitekill a pvp sent, if he knows what he’s doing)

I never said it’s easy to be as effective when wearing pve gear, or would a pvp geared player, and on equal skill lvl it’s impossible to be better.
but nevertheless, with enough skill, you can beat a better geared player who has less skill

“while the elitist players kept farming solo kills :P”
was jokingly, as some people around here seemed to think that only 1v1 counted as skill, and that was the only important thing
I’d take a skilled pve’er any day over a stupid solo kill farmer (if you cap after the solokill it’s a different story)

“I’d take a skilled pve’er any day over a stupid solo kill farmer (if you cap after the solokill it’s a different story)”

Hey, we can agree on something.

Only thing that pve gear messes up is survivability..
A skilled player (depending on the class) doesn’t needs it, if he positions well
Wasn’t really talking about 1v1, though even that can be possible (though you need the right classes, and skilled vs bad)

If you weren’t talking about 1v1, then that is not skill. Anyone can run around putting up decent damage on people not attacking them.

Not 1v1 and not getting attacked are 2 very different things,,
And I didn’t know only 1v1s have skills needed? So I guess that all other numbers are just a combination of stats + luck? O.o
I dissagree, avoiding dmg, while still doing dmg/healing and objectives is a real skill.. and it makes a big difference (a true example: I sometimes take less than half of anyones dmg taken, 450k vs 1M, that’s pretty big right? Ans I also did double healing than the next guy.. same gear, no 1v1s, so only difference is luck? I have a feeling some of the double difference is skillbased)

Why would anyone go into a warzone with 192 gear? You will drop like a fly with 192 gear, why not wear 162 rating?

How should I know? Ask then yourself ;p
But my guess is they’re just too lazy to get a 2nd gearset

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
Lets all hope it wont come true.

Some of the changes are good others not so good.

I always check dulfy, and in hopes of BW to finally get their head out of their a$$es about PvP. Finally, after two years and a half of game time, the time has come, they’re actually showing some love. I’m actually concidering resubbing, but only one thing hold me back, and that’s the fact they won’t add new warzone maps (any time soon) It’s been two years since we had gotten ACTUAL pvp maps, Quesh huttball doesn’t count. that’s a mini game.

you do understand that this means 3.3 is not this season guys with 2 months left to go ( this season) and another season ( 3 months). we are looking at another 5 months from today with no new gear ….

Seems like 3.3 starts with s6 to me..
But they’re suggesting that 3.3 won’t bring a new gearset, so it still sucks

they are just making more and more changes (good or bad) but nearly no new content, and only reskins in cm. EA should drop more cash for more new devs for more rly new content….

Nobody complained about capturing. So why change it by this AoE change?
It just works fine as it is.

Why don’t they work on other parts of PvP that matter and need to be changed?

Worst dev crew ever!

Well Blancing is the BioWare term for headless chicken changes. Make another Advanced Class OP, nerf randomly another into the ground.

Micro adjustments are needed, but they take a sledge hammer.

still pvp “Noobs” are mostly f2p players but this is only becuz of the weekly cap the cant experience with it and BW would have removed it at update 2.4 already but too less ppl reach the weekly cap… THIS is only Cuz Those New ppl do 1 match get totaly destroyed and say ill never do it again/once i reached max level… But the real f2p PVP’ers get … so hard here this cap should just be removed… yeah bad luck for the subs complaining about this… but they do complain and … to f2p ppl who are new in WZ just Give those ppl Guidance C’mon ppl saying game is about to die this is because of those people!… soo if ur one of those just shut up in the begin when you started the game you were one of them too!
Changes are intresting in MY opinion!

Tbh dear mista Ryolic… I reckon that you’re one of those f2p noobz that just wrote an article aka “This is excuse for my incompetence”… so I tell you this… please, uninstall the game.

You don’t need experience. The instructions for each map are on the load screen but people don’t bother to read them.

I wouldnt say to give f2p unlimited warzones, but extend the amount of matches they can play. The warzone passes are way too expensive.
For prefs, I would make an even higher cap, or even unlimited, with valor and creds reduction applied.
This way, most pvpers wouldnt suck so much due to lack of experience

Game is getting stale. Time for a new mmo.
Latest expansion sucked ass


PvPers may not like this as much, but as a PvE player this is great. It’s very discouraging to do 60 PvP without any gear (because honestly who likes getting melted by someone with a 60% damage buff), but this will make it much easier to get that gear, which I in turn believe will lead to far more people playing PvP matches which means shorter queen pops.

On a side note I think the idea of nerfing the AoEs may be alright; nothing is more frustrating than taking out a bunch of enemies to cap something for a win to have a sorc run in and force storm all your hard work to shambles

But any PVE player can go into warzones with pve gear and bolster will give them full expertise. You just have to wear the correct pve gear. For full bolster you need to be wearing 162 rating mods or lower. You’ll only be a couple thousand short on hp compared to full geared pvpers. And damage might be only a couple hundred short, like 2100 instead of 2300. It’s really not a huge difference from full pve to full pvp.

What level 60 PvE player does that? None. 162 is junk gear compared to the current tiers.
Also, wearing PvE gear defeats the purpose of it.

I just wear 190+ PvE gear in every slot and watch the ‘l33t’ players rage and whine about how I should go and get a set of 162 gear. Can’t have full DR on every toon :’)

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I think AoE with CD’s should be allowed for interuption like the trooper/bounty hunter one but not force storm/earthquake which you can keep spamming unless some kills you, which gives time for the other team to all get there

TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND warzone com cap and IF THE PLAYER HAS MORE there will be a soft cap, how can a player have more with ranks having a 1:1 conversion + normal

I’ve always suggested that you can only have the top tier pvp gear to join rank, some troll will probaly grab his old pvp gear to queue ranked now that you at least need 2018

Hopefully they’ll add old rewards to be purchased by season tokens I really want those furious flaming effect sabers for my watchman sentinel

This would mean that everything would roughly equal:

Warzone Gear
Mainhand/Offhand – 837 comms
Implants/Ear – 536 comms
Wrist/Belt – 402 comms
Relics – 469 comms
Set Piece gear – 670 comms

Ranked Gear
Mainhand/Offhand – 420 comms
Implants/Ear – 168 comms
Wrist/Belt – 171 comms
Relics – 156 comms
Set Piece Gear – 300 comms

This is just by doing the math provided and these prices will most likely be rounded off.

I dont know how you get those nubers but 3500 ranked commes plus the warzone token equals around 12000 comms. Which means.
Main/Off: 2280
Imp/Ear: 950
Wrist: 827
Belt: 927
Relict: 874
Rest: 1615

All the ideas work except the aoe nerf..bloody bad idea, now I know some would say its only fair, I see it this way , pvp is now going to be about about melee smash monkeys it means matches will be over before they start as players look for which team is stacked with melee…if your team isnt drop just drop

The AoE Change will buff again (!) Juggernauts, they can still spam their mass capturing interrupt. And it will nerf again (!) Sniper, Orbital Strike will lose it’s last useful option.

And that’s what BioWare does all the time. Nerf Agents and Smuggler, buff Juggernauts and Assassasins.

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“For solo ranked you now need 2018 expertise (before bolster) to join queue (group ranked have no restrictions).”
So maybe I *will* be getting back into the game. But not for pve, but pvp.

I really missed SWTOR PvP.

Finally,those Changes were necessary …but came a little late (better late than never I guess :P).I can see the Light at the end of the Dark Days of Ungeared Folks in PvP 🙁 can’t wait for 3.3 to go live,should balance Matches a lot (at least -Gear wise).

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