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GW2 Stronghold 24 hr Public Beta on June 2

GW2 is hosting another 24 hr public beta of the upcoming Stronghold PvP map on June 2.

If you can’t wait for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ to get your hands on the new StrongholdPlayer vs. Player game mode, be sure to join us on June 2 at noon Pacific Time (UTC‑7) for the second Stronghold PvP Public Beta! The map will be available live within Guild Wars 2 for 24 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to storm the enemy gates (and to defend your own).

To get started in Stronghold, you’ll need to head to the Heart of the Mists, which can be accessed through the main portal in Lion’s Arch or through the PvP panel icon located at the top of your screen. Once you’re ready, queue for an Unranked Arena match. You’ll see Battle of Champion’s Dusk as the featured map; vote for it, hit “Accept” when your queue pops, and enjoy the battle! Conquest matches can still be played in Ranked Arena.

Want to learn more about how to play Stronghold? Check out Ready Up episode 28, or read all about it on the official Guild Wars 2 site.


As part of the Stronghold beta, tournament organizers ESL, Academy Gaming, and AspectGG will also be hosting the first ever Stronghold tournaments available on live servers. Teams stand to earn gem codes for placing highly in the tournament, and all teams that win a round in the events will be rewarded with a mini llama for participation. Because sign-ups are limited to 16 teams per region, we recommend that you reserve your slot in these tournaments as soon as possible. These tournaments are open to all players with no restriction. If you aren’t competing, you can always catch the tournament broadcast live on Twitch.

Europe: ESL Stronghold 5v5 Cup
North America: Academy Gaming/AspectGG Stronghold Beta Cup


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14 replies on “GW2 Stronghold 24 hr Public Beta on June 2”

Well I have already lost any interest in this map after so many previews, reviews, blog posts, streams, betas etc. It feels like I already have been playing this map for a year. And they still trying to tease with it giving it just for one day like it would be so much hyped and so awesome.

I was excited when I saw it was a beta on my day off, then I saw it was Stronghold, and I was disappointed. But then I remembered it was described as “PVP for people who don’t like PVP,” so I’m gonna give it a chance. I kinda hope I don’t like it, I have little enough free time as it is. XD

but surely you’re still interested and overjoyed about the frogs and bouncy mushrooms, amirite!?!?!!?

Thank you. My wife & I wanted to try that PvP for mini llama, when we signed up, it said to log in with TS so we never did it. We thought maybe it was required for PvP.
We’ve been playing PvE since GW1 was a year old. Tried PvP on GW1 but people were sooooooo nasty!

As far as i know tournament staff do checkups and such over TS to make sure everyone in a team is ready to go.

google “Teamspeak” Its just a voice chat program so you can listen to weird people rant about their life problems while you’re playing GW2.

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