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GW2 Ventari Legend for Revenant Teaser

The GW2 twitter has posted a picture of a Ventari with some lore text. Speculations has it that it is the teaser pic for the Ventari Legend for Revenants.


Life can be painful, but do not fear the trials you will face. Hard ground makes stronger roots.” #GW2HoT

Looks like we will be getting some new info this week even though it might not be a new specialization.


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Revenant? I could have sworn my first thought it has something to do with Druids, perhaps his new elite? But we’ll see i guess.

The first 3 specializations went in the same order as the professions listed on the gw2 main page (not on the picture but after you scroll down) If that holds true, then this is ranger. if this is ranger, since that is not a look available to a charr, then it may mean that druids get a set of transforms which could be really interesting and put their number of skills on par with an engineer or ele. But who knows. I would imagine they would put revenant elite spec as the last thing they reveal.

well there we go lol. Thanks. Still could be that the revenant will actually transform into the legend now instead of just channeling their powers which could be interesting. unless, its just an overly artsy representation an all it means is that its just an extra legend.

I am suspicious of the winky-face. I feel that it IS the Druid Elite Specialization, they’re just being cheeky about it. Guess we’ll find out for certain as the week goes on.

Well, here’s the thing with that theory, every other Elite specialization reveal has been the image with #GW2HoT and nothing else. Each image has also been a playable race, featuring the weapon that profession is getting. This image does not fit the pattern that was established and there is no real reason for them to break that mold. The quote from Ventari, and the fact that it is a centaur, leads me to believe that we may be getting more information on the Revenant, as we’ve only gotten the two Legends, (Jalis, Mallyx) and Ventari was datamined to be a Revenant Legend. It most definitely could have changed since that info was datamined, but that seems unlikely. At some point Anet has to reveal everything else about the Revenant, before we eventually get the Elite spec reveal.

yep. It is more likely to be a regular spec for revenant than an elite spec for anything, but, hey, i can hope for something big. It could also be that this is one of the npcs that sends us off into “chellenging group content”. but we will all find out on thursday anyway.

Ventari died bro… πŸ™ they have found him as one of the channelings for revenant and we know revs are getting a healing tree most likely since the staff is for healing.

He is THE perfect legend for a healing spec too! his peace loving wisdom turned a bunch of dragons minions into the nicest bunch of veggies in tyria!

except that isn’t the gw2 model for him so hold it with a grain of salt. Go look at his model in the sylvari dream. He looks more like the art there. The fact that this art has vines around him and A QUOTE OF HIS would tell you it is him.

Centaur player race? Probably legend with thatshamans findings aswell, tho would be awsome to have a druid centaur…

What skills does one get from the master of peace and goodwill himself? I’m assuming a snare. Besides that tanky and condition themes have already been taken – and Vents not looking to be dps.

Well each class will have 5 base tree lines & a special tree.
Conditions is already taken, so is defense/sustain & CD/swap tree.

So that leaves healing/support & straight up DPS

Given its Ventari my bet is suppport/healing with some possible CC or mobility.

Well if we look at ascended gear stat names Ventari is nomad gear with toughness vit healing so i see a huge support rolls coming from it

I get the feeling that ANet is trying to put too much into this. Seems to be getting more and more cluttered as the weeks go on.

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I’m talking about the whole specializations, why not just open all characters to use all weapons regardless of class or spec. GW2 seems to be going the way of Rift, or Star Wars. A lot of changes to take in at once.

no thnx. they aren’t just equipping weapons. each one is a set of skills. you propose that all profs get every weapon for no good reason that adds around 360+ skills for no good reason. I prefer my classes in games to be unique and make more sense lore wise. For the sake of balancing and less shitty skills i hope Anet never listens to ur shit idea.

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who dafuq is ventari they couldve used master togo or brother mhenlo turrai ossa but noooo lets use something no one remembers from gw1

Speak for yourself. I remember Ventari very well and liked him. Honestly I would have preferred Togo or any number of others over Ventari, but understand why they chose him. He is very important to Sylvari for one. For two, they don’t want to show preference to one race (human) and they already plan on Shiro if datamining is to be believed and he was my #1 pick so I’m happy!

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