SWTOR PvP Economy and Ranked Rewards Change for 3.3

Bioware published an official blog post today about the upcoming PvP Economy and Ranked Rewards change for patch 3.3.


PvP Economy and Ranked Rewards Restructure for Game Update 3.3

Hello PvPers! As some of you may have heard on the Bad Feeling Podcast, we are making a few changes to Warzones and Ranked Warzone Arenas. Alex covered several of these changes in the interview but for clarity, and as an official jumping-off point for discussion, we wanted to go over the changes and the reasoning behind them here. Please feel free to join us in the discussion thread linked below. Let’s get started!

PvP Gear Cost

We think that getting a full set of PvP gear is too much of a grind. This is so much the case that only about 2% of PvP players have a full Dark Reaver set. Having at least Exhumed gear is a barrier to entry to being successful in PvP for the majority of players, so we looked to reduce the time and cost of getting there. We have reduced the entry PvP gear costs by roughly a third, and a full set (not min/maxed) will now cost about 4075 Warzone Commendations. For the Dark Reaver/Ranked set we didn’t reduce the price as much, but Ranked Warzone Comms will no longer be used to buy them; pieces will now be purchased with Warzone Comms and the previous tier gear piece. (Ranked Warzone Comms have been removed from the game, but we’ll touch on that more in the Ranked Reward changes found below.) A full Ranked Gear set will now cost about 16,525 Warzone Comms, much less than the current price of around 39,000 Ranked Comms. The exact prices are still being finalized, but this is the spirit and intent of the changes to PvP gear prices that you’ll be seeing. In addition, the character cap for Warzone Comms will be raised to 200,000 and the Daily/Weekly Missions will have increased Credit rewards. These changes will make it easier and faster to gear up and get to a competitive level in PvP. Our hope is that the reduced grind makes for a more enjoyable Warzone experience.

Increased Warzone Rewards

We found that the Warzone Experience and Credit rewards were not keeping up with the rest of the game, so we’ll be giving them both a boost. Players can expect to receive double the XP and double the Credits for a completed match.

Legacy Lockbox

When we fixed the unintended ability to transfer Warzone Comms to other characters within a Legacy, we got lots of feedback from players requesting a legitimate way to make those transfers. After some discussion, we have come up with a solution: Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockboxes. Each PvP Items vendor (on either Fleet), will begin selling a Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockbox that can be purchased for 99 Warzone Comms and will contain 99 Warzone Comms. The Lockbox can be transferred between Legacy characters.

Ranked Reward system

The current Ranked Warzone reward system indirectly promotes players to stop queueing after they have gotten to the tier that they feel they will end up at for the Season, which lowers the amount of people who participate for the duration of the season. To combat this we wanted to give reasons to queue for the entire season without implementing something draconian-esc as rewards for playing each day of the season. We have come up with a system that we feel gives players a reason to play all season long and keep the Ranked population competitive and having fun.

Ranked players will no longer receive specific item rewards at the end of the season for reaching a certain rating in a Ranked Season. Instead, players will be granted a number of Season-specific tokens based on the tier of rating the player achieved. These tokens will be used to purchase the ranked rewards the player wants after the season has ended. For example, if you don’t like the Silver tier title, the Bronze tier title can be purchased instead for less tokens. In addition to receiving a large amount of Season-specific Tokens at the end of the season based on the tier placed (enough to buy the entire tier of rewards), players will now receive these season-specific tokens for every match they play based on match outcome and performance medals. A player that wins the match with max medals gets a larger amount of Comms than a player that gets the minimum number of medals and loses, at roughly a 1:18 ratio. We believe that this system of awarding Comms based on performance of the team and the individual will create a distinction between just playing and playing well.

The intention here is to encourage players to be engaged over the length of the season and continually attempt to improve and compete at a higher skill level. The better you are and the more you play, the more rewards you will be able to purchase. Since highly skilled players can still play the minimum number of games and earn the Gold tier rewards at the end of the Season, we feel this is the best of both worlds of rewarding both skill and time investment.

End of Season Rewards will be available for purchase from a vendor in the Combat Training area of each fleet for the entirety of the following Season. For example, Season 6 rewards will be available during Season 7 and will be removed from the vendor when Season 8 starts. If you have unused Season tokens they will be converted automatically into Warzone Comms when they can no longer be redeemed for Season Rewards. This gives players a large window to purchase the Season-specific rewards and still get something back from leftover, unspent Tokens.

In addition, there is at least one Reward per tier that is exclusive to the tier (cannot be purchased) so you can still show off that you earned the Reward based on skill alone.

As a few examples of the participation level needed for the Gold tier mount, a player who does not place in Bronze or above would need to play more than 60 games per week for the entire season at a 50% win rate, earning max medals each match, while completing every daily and weekly to purchase the mount (but if they lost every game and got the minimum number of medals it would take about 5000 games in a season to accrue the Comms needed). This gets easier for players that place in rating tiers, but a Silver rated player would still need to play more than 18 games a week, winning half their games, achieving max medals each match, completing every daily and weekly for the entire season while not purchasing any other rewards to afford the mount. These numbers are ballpark but we feel that they have a good balance between being physically obtainable so players will feel like they have the ability to achieve them, while still being a significant challenge and investment.

One more note, Top 96 players will be rewarded enough Season-specific Comms to purchase every reward for the season, in addition to their exclusive reward. They are the cream of the crop and have earned it.

Miscellaneous PvP Changes

There will be two other small changes to PvP in Game Update 3.3, one for regular Warzones and the other for Ranked.

In Warzones, capturing an objective (on Alderaan or Voidstar, for example) will no longer be interrupted by AoE effects. This change should reduce the stagnation on objectives and allow for more diverse defensive strategies.

In Ranked Warzones, in order for a character to enter the queue they will need to be wearing gear that gives them max expertise. This will prevent inexperienced players, who may not be ready for Ranked play, from entering the queue until they have the appropriate gear.

We hope you enjoy these PvP changes and look forward to your feedback!

The SWTOR Combat Team


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

123 replies on “SWTOR PvP Economy and Ranked Rewards Change for 3.3”

The cap increase seems like overkill. 200,000 when gear only costs about 20k? Overall…doesn’t really bother me. Ending up in wrz with people wearing nothing but pve gear and dying instantly is really boring.

use the extra space to min max all at once, buy new set immediently when higher level patches or the next tier comes

Sounds amazing doesnt it? Until your team is getting dominated match after match and you realized you’ve only made 700 comms in 8 matches.

As someone who is not a hardcore PvPer (aka am offering as somewhat laymans opinion), the changes seem effective in steering the PvP panorama in the direction intended. However, as they are quite emcompassing, only playtesting them will tell.
There might be unintended consequences I (and the devs, per their blog) can not see and more avid PvP players might.

Awesome! With ranked requiring 2018, we can now freely abuse rankfags in casual warzones who whine about lack of pvp gear.

sounds feasible enough. maybe next they’ll do the same for elite/ultimate comms. or maybe a tab in the legacy bank where you can add and store creds/basic/elite/ultimate comms, like you would with gear, on a numerical scale.

Lmao Bioware is hilarious.

Eric: Guys we’re getting alot of complaints from pvp’ers about classes being OP. What can we do about it?

Pvp Team: Well Eric there’s 2 ways to solve this. The first way is to nerf the hell out of the classes being complained about. The second way is to increase participation in pvp. The latter allows more mouths to complain and more nerfs to take place.

Eric: So, the more mouths and crybaby pvp’ers we have, the more feedback we will receive for nerfs?

Pvp team: precisely Eric.

Eric: Make this happen now.

Pvp Team: You got it. By the way, as an added incentive we will ago ahead and nerf Operatives/Scoundrels once again. No real reason just felt like nerfing them again.

Eric: You shall see a raise this coming quarterly profit

Pvp Team: it’s a good day Eric!

Eric sees the pvp team by the water cooler…..

Eric: Guys I just realized nerfs in pvp affect PVE…How can we stop this?

Pvp Team: Silly Eric, pve’ers don’t matter. All that matters is Cartel Market and Colo Crystals!

Eric: You are so right. I’ve had a headache all day. I cant think straight

Pvp team: that’s alright. We all have off days. Here We will make your day better… about ANOTHER Operative/Sorcerer nerf on the next patch?

Eric: You are amazing.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it really does feel like priority is cartel market while everything else is placed on hold to be fixed for months and months.

The fact that you think Eric makes any decisions is really the only thing that needs to be said about this post.

No, because then nobody would earn any comms ever, so nobody would ever be able to buy PvP armour.

He said rwz, as in ranked warzones. And considering the change they are making that requires players already have max expertise in order to join the queue, then that means they should already have the PvP gear required if they are even playing ranked.

I think it’s a perfectly reasonable suggestion to turn bolster off.

“and allow for more diverse defensive strategies”

Yes. Like don’t stand in stupid AoEs. Oh wait, that’s already the MAIN STRATEGY. smh.

Here’s another defensive strategy: Don’t let sentinels guard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you cap voidstar or alderaan if you have that sniper/ gunslinger fire AoE right on the capping range? That was something that needed a fix…

“They are the cream of the crop and have earned it.”

Sorry Bioware, the only thing pvp’ers have to be proud of is the biggest loud mouths and most toxic community in the game. Even then, it is still not something to brag about

Unfortunately, this is sadly somewhat true. While alot of PVPer’s just play for fun and enjoyment, like myself, too many PVPers ruin it with their childiish insulting attitudes and elitism. If people would learn to take their ego’s out of video games EVERYONE would have much more fun.

Yeah, too many pvp matches are filled with rankfags who complain about lack of PvP gear.
In a ranked match? Yes, you have every right to complain. In a normal warzone? gtfo and go back to being an elitist cunt in ranked matches.

*Shrug* It’s true. Nothing wrong with yelling at people who try and do ranked in sup-par gear, but being abusive for the same reason in a casual warzone is just sad.

Agreed. I got yelled at while gearing my first PVP toon on unranked about how I should Q PVP at all until I have at least 1800 expertise because I was melting too quickly… Elitist Cunts is a perfect description.

Please pvpers get Bioware to nerf my sorc even more… wait, I stopped playing months ago now.

It’s simple. Bioware’s fix to the huge problem that is PVP is to allow more people to pvp which will create even more whining and more nerfs

I’m just a pve’er sick and tired of seeing my buddies quit because imbeciles like you ask for nerfs. Did you honestly think you could whine and cry forever to Bioware without pve players having a say?

I will forever defend and stick up for pve. Pvp is a mini game. Yet something so insignifcant can greatly affect the biggest portion of the game.


pvp (along with many other things) has pushed all the of hardcore pve players away from this game… don’t think so? try to find a hm progression group worth being in… hell, try to find a pug op on fleet… about a year, year and a half, ago fleet chat was endless spam for ops, now you might see two or three recruiting at once during prime time hours. all of these pvp’er complain non-stop on the forums and ruin the game for the pve’er that don’t give a crap about whats on the forums. now that everyone is gone from the game, the pvp’er will start to complain about no one queuing up… oh wait, THEY ALREADY DO!!! I’m just happy to see bioware attempting to “fix” pvp… just means they will royally screw you guys over…. FINALLY!!! enjoy complaining about the new pvp “improvements” 😀

Exactly. Pre-3.0 the outlook of the game was not exactly amazing but in much better shape. Then 3.0 came and because of the virus that is pvp the nerf hammer spread. And in some cases like sorc, classes…..TWICE.

We are seeing more and more “I quit” thread in the forums. The best guild which was featured at the cantina QUIT. It’s gotten so bad that class-stacking has become a thing now because of so many nerfs.

Technically Zorz quit because there wasnt new content (NIM), communication from BW was lacking and the 204 MH thing.

Wasn’t really pvp-based. But I will agree 3.0 nerfs have been rough.

Regardless of PvP they were going to have to do class adjustments because they completely re-worked all the skills for every class to go to their new system. This will eventually die down. Stop being a whiny little bitch and grow up, if not there’s the door.

As someone who plays both PvE and PvP (mostly PvE though, 8:1 PvE to PvP toon ratio), that’s a load of whiny bull.

They make changes to classes. Get over it and move on. I’m constantly disappointed at a lot of changes they make to characters I have. But I get used to them and do better in the end.

If people quit over them, then they probably didn’t have the competence to play properly to begin with.

I love how you say the PvP community is toxic, but you spew shit like this. Way to lower the bar rather than raise it.

Dulfy would you ban this troll already. Every post he/she/it makes is flamebait and provides no constructive conversation at all.

“In addition, there is at least one Reward per tier that is exclusive to the tier (cannot be purchased) so you can still show off that you earned the Reward based on skill alone.”

Now taking bets that this “unique” reward will only be the season placement deco.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck. Find a good or the best pvp guild on your server and apply. If you queue with pugs you will be massacred match after match. There’s no fun in this.

I appreciate it, but I’m really considering starting out doing Lowbie Pvp. I’ve done that before and had the most success with my Merc Healer. I have some guildies who are into it and are itching to get me to group with them. Maybe after I get enough comms I can gear up my Main and try Max lvl PvP. But that’s a long way off, I think.

Steps for a N00b entering PvP.

1. Pick a FoTM class (Currently ranked with Sorc>PT>Sin as of 29/5
2. learn said class rotation & PvP tactics
3. Hope like hell the group finder gods are merciful and you get competent groups

#4. If you see a sentinel guarding the pylon other than the classes mentioned on this list. You are federally fucked.

Also When will we get top % of players per server rewards??

At the moment there are good players on highly competitive servers doing worse off than their unskilled counterparts beating the $*** out of (although WZ comm geared) worthless players who always land themselves in the bottom 20% of the leaderboard.

There are only 2 ways to solve this i can think of.

1. Implement cross server queues (much awaited for)
2. Implement top % players per server token awards (much easier)

lets get all the threads asking for this attention guys & gals. Without it BW won’t even consider it!

This stupid ass game can barely handle one server’s own pvp and u want cross server. lmfao. This is the same game engine that doesnt even recognize where players are during underlurker’s cross.

Pvp has soooo many flaws I can’t even begin to explain to you the troubles cross server queues would cause….here’s a general idea: Why do you think we no longer have 8vs8 ranked warzones?

Did you not comprehend the nature of the mention of cross server? It was meant to be suggested as the less favourable alternative therefore pushing the other options. Like saying I can either

(a), quickly duck left, dodge the claw and take him out with a spinning back kick,
(b), take the claw in the face, roll on the ground and die.

Here B) is the equivalent of the cross server queue, SO option a. is emphasised as the only logical alternative.

Also I’m no fan of the game engine implementation. It is horrible and I do agree cross server would kill the game, because everyone knows they didn’t even try optimising the engine.

That aside top % per server is still a very good idea

Technically speaking we already have top server battles….in terms of pve progression guilds with The Harbinger topping the list with the most guilds clearing HM content.

But that’s more player-made than BW.

Yes but that is PvE, not PvP the issue here is the varying quality of players across servers making it easier for a handful of good players on a bad server (PvP wise anyways) getting top ratings over players who would otherwise wipe the floor with them on a more PvP orientated server

“In Warzones, capturing an objective (on Alderaan or Voidstar, for
example) will no longer be interrupted by AoE effects. This change
should reduce the stagnation on objectives and allow for more diverse
defensive strategies.”

there will be no other strategie than spam cap!!
how dumb are they?

pretty much my entire thought. I could swear this change was proposed and gunned down for this exact reasoning at some point. The only people arguing for it are people who are too lazy to strategize and kill defenders before capping.

Albeit there is an issue in voidstar with trying to cap with Aoe’s but that’s it. Even a good team can overcome that though

I guess what they are trying to stop is that sniper/gunslinger fire that stays for 25/30s and stops everyone from capping

Here are some strategies you can use:

AoE CC’s (sage’s utlity ending bubble causes enemies close to be blinded, guardian’s aoe cc too.)

Dont let sentinels guard anything ever, EVER, alone. They will melt. and very fast.

Stun while cap. Coordinate ur stuns so that 3 people dont use their stuns all at once.

Call for help EARLY. I cannot stress this one enough. If you are calling for help at 30% HP you embarrass yourself and the team.

Dont let sentinel guard…oh wait repeated

Don’t get me wrong. It is a dumb change. But certainly one we can overcome with the right group and the right utilities.

Ah great even more Juggernauts in PvP. That’s what was needed, they are already 70% of the AC you see in PvP.

do you think that random people, without voice communication, will be able to coordinate? this change allow premades to win even easier….. its the most fucked up change ever.

you can so long as people are reading chat, which for the most part I find they do. Whenever I guard I have the call out just sitting in my chatbox, and just send it out when I see something suspicious. Besides how would AOE make much of a difference if you are in a random pug anyhow, just tab target between the multiple people capping and interrupt them that way, they have like eight seconds so you plenty of time to hit them all. And if it is only one person then you shouldn’t really be using aoe in the first place, just single target them.

lets say that you dont have aoe cc, the enemy team is like 5 seconds from cap, other players are also behind with cd on aoe attacks. do you think that in 5s you will be able to write for everyone who will attack who, everyone will read that shit and you will defend your objective?

well you wouldn’t have 5 seconds to react if they are that far in their cap, more like 3. if you try to write something in that time you are gonna be doomed and with only 3 seconds (or even if it was 5 really) there wouldn’t really be enough time to coordinate in a group chat, this is the point where you just try to hit everyone you can and hope for the bet.

really this scenario shouldn’t have happened if the person guarding that point did their job and called out the moment he saw he had incoming. or if people had been ignoring the healer, in which case you deserve to lose that point.

remember also while this scenario is possible for you, it is just as possible for the roles to be reversed and the enemy team scrambling to stop a bunch of you from capping, and I very much doubt you would be complaining then.

I do it daily, it’s not that hard. If you can’t coordinate with people PvP probably isn’t for you anyway… at least not the PvP that’s in Swtor. If they add in one on one PvP you can come back.

read again. HOW CAN YOU COMPARE TEAMWORK OF RANDOM PEOPLE GROUP TO PREMADE GROUP THAT KNOW HOW TO PLAY? Ive played a damn lot in pvp, im player above the avrage, and only one time ive seen random people beating up a good premade team.

Read what you wrote again, because i don’t think you wrote what you intended to write. ‘do you think that random people, without voice communication, will be able to coordinate?’ Full stop, completion of thought. Regardless of your further comments you said that no group of randoms can coordinate, which is wrong and what I commented on. If you instead said “do you think that random people, without voice communication, will be able to coordinate better than a premade?” I would have agreed with that statement. Don’t get made at me because you didn’t communicate effectively….

Also I don’t see how this makes premade any easier. Premade Ranked will still group with other premade ranked so no change there. With more people doing ranked and less grinding to get full ranked gear there will be much less reward for premades doing non-ranked. I’m failing to see how premades would be worse, seems like it would improve it.

It is just for the “guided AOE’s” (flyby,forcequake,mortat volley,sweeping gunfire, etc,)
it doesn not affect AOEs like force sweep, whirling blow etc.

Pvp is bad but the biggest idiots in the game will always be found in Hard Mode Flashpoints. Hell even tacticals I’ve seen some folks struggle.

That’s the real reason I took a leave from the game. I mean, come on, people screw up tactical with the kolto stations? HM is usually no better either.

There’s a reason why the forums still feature a very popular topic called “Weird People you Meet in Group Finder” lol.

Yeah for the life of me I can’t figure out why crappy healers don’t use them and almost let you die.

It is a microsm of the world. There are people that are good at their job and people that can barely make a sandwich. Anything that is “social” is going to reflect that disparity.

“It is a microsm of the world. There are people that are good at their job and people that can barely make a sandwich.”

You can scratch the barely from your post, I’ve been in groups where I suspect they COULD NOT make a sandwich.

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Really like these changes. Now if they could just even the costs on the PVP Vendor items…

Ship Computer: Imperial (Full) = 5 DP Mk-1 + 5

NOOOOOO!!! Not double the XP for warzones!! Seriously, if we do everything as it’s designed to do- class quests, storyline, side quests, flashpoints, PVP, GSF, then endgame content by the time we hit Makeb we’ll be 60 and plowing thru mobs way too easily. Not only that but subs get 2x XP already (and now the 12x Class XP) and guilded players get the guild’s bonus rating too. GRR! Just cut the Flashpoint XP totally out, and double the cash, so that people aren’t way too high levelled. It’s sposed to be a challenge, not a walk in the park. But I’m glad the cost of PVP gear is going to be fixed up cos it was kinda ridiculous if you’re doing it casually to be effective.

I just would let the people play however they want.
Just add an “all xp off” toggle to the xp bar and we are all set 🙂
(yes, i would use it :))

Agreed, they should have added this when they did double XP rather than that stupid white accute thing. Make a toggle on the XP bar where you have 3 options (assuming sub) [ Double XP | Normal XP | No XP ]

Leveling is not meant to be a challenge. The whole point of it is to give you pieces of your character at a time so you learn to play it as you progress. As they add expansions and increase the level cap, this just becomes more tedious…so they find ways to make it easier to level.

If you were a really popular artist and had your own gallery, not everyone would want to have to walk through the entire building at a tourist group’s pace, just to see your new exhibits every time they come out. Likewise, BioWare is trying to make their new stuff more accessible by getting to it faster.

The only time leveling should be a focal point of the game, is when it’s brand spanking new and the development team spent most of their time balancing out the leveling process, leaving little to the endgame. Star Wars now has quite a bit in the way endgame…and they’re adding more to it by making PvP easier to get into as well.

MMO’s aren’t fun if there’s few people on playing them. So anything they do entice more players to get involved, I’m on board with.

I agree with a lot of what your saying, but it’s not the whole story. It’s an mmoRPG. More than that Bioware sold this as being KOTOR 3, 4, & 5. If people want to play it as a solo RPG there shouldn’t be barriers or hoops to jump through to do so and the content should provide a challenge. I have nothing wrong with there being shortcuts around for people who just want to get to the endgame content, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to play it as a solo RPG. To say there is is like saying there’s something wrong with only playing PvP, or only playing Star Fighter, hell even only doing raiding. They are all different play styles that should be viable for people to play if that’s what they like.

So basically give scrubs gear, noobs can get the cool pvp rewards, don’t actually fix anything, and no new maps or armor sets? Sounds like they’re just trying to bribe people to PVP rather than fixing or improving anything.. I’m done. I’ve been around since early access and I’m super sad to go but this is just stupid. I was expecting a much larger PVP announcement after all this time. Not like I’m leaving much though… All my PVP friends already quit lol

Well at least it will stop under geared people queuing. as for the rewards thing sure people who constantly lose can get them, but by the looks of it it will take an ungodly amount of matches to get assuming they can get close to that 8 medal mark, so even more if they don’t. I doubt many people would have the paitences to lose for that long so it isn’t as if they will be likely to get the highest rewards there.

L2R for a noob to get the rewards they would have to basically play the game like a job for the entirety of the season.

What they are doing isn’t bribing players to play PvP, they are taking the ‘You must be this tall to ride’ sign off ranked so people will actually play it! If they can enourage people to actual play PvP in greater numbers then the ROI of making new maps starts to make a hell of lot more sense.

Overall these are fantastic changes. I’m a little weirded out by the AOE change, I’ll see how it plays before I give too much judgement but I’m calling it right now that occasionally there are going to be bugs were certain AOEs prevent caps leading to rages, but such is the nature of bugs…

I dont think anyone that PVP’s really cares. It just means we can gear moor toons in full DR faster. If anything, we are thankful of the implementation of 2018 exp being required for solo ranked

Very good changes for pvp! Finally some <3
Add some new maps and it will be an awesome patch 😉

Last few have been 10-11 weeks between. 11 weeks from 3.2 would be week of 7/12 so that’s my guess.

I just don’t get it. If they want more people to play PVP, which this post clearly indicates, they should just drop the gear barrier to it entirely and just use their bolster system. It’s no fun to freaking swap your gear around anyway.

They’re at least on the right path at making the gear cheaper, but c’mon BW. This is 2015. A pvp “stat” on gear is so old hat now. If the goal is to normalize everyone’s stats and put the focus on player skill and teamwork, then use your existing systems and do it right.

And now, I yield the floor to all the people who will whine/flame about “needing” gear rewards for spending their precious time pvp’ing and call me a stupid carebear. As if the act of playing it isn’t a reward on it’s own. Cause, you know, role playing.

If PVP in this game had any merit or point to it whatsoever in the greater scheme of the lore or universe itself, personal rewards wouldn’t mean shit. You’d be happy to be fighting for your FACTION and actually doing something to make an impact on the goals that your FACTION would be logically working towards in such a setting.

Overall I agree, dropping gear all together would be better, but this is like 75% of the way too that.

My 2p. Make non ranked bolster to 2018 with any armour. Should you have a 2018 set, you will have no advantage over some one just starting in PvP. This way you don’t have to grind comms for another set to be competitive in PvP. Open World is auto bolstered.

Ranked PvP, no bolster but need the 2018 set. But give Ranked all the maps, not just arena thus allowing 8 man ranked teams in huttball etc. 8 man in huttball also helps to reduce the troll / griefer as one person going AWOL is not going to generally fudge the team

This way those who want to dable in PvP can and have the option to move on to ranked if they are serious.

Have fun y’all.

I think that they should just get rid of all the PVP gear, stats, and warzones. If peeps want to pvp, they can get on a pvp server, and have fun with that. If one class ends up better than all the rest, then so be it. All this crazy adjusting everything is a big waist of time.

good suggestions, no aoe interrupts will certainly speed up the game.
Now here’s a suggestion – since there is a fraction of jerks camping out with lvl 55 pvp gear in the 30-59 bracket and spoiling it for the rest of us, either give them their own bracket (55-59) or prevent them from turning off their xp so they eventually will get removed.

When 2.0/Rise of the Hutts dropped they had removed all the expertise from the level 50 pvp gear and relics got reduced expertise ratings really they need to do that again

Awesome. Now, for 3.3.1, which are going to be the classes sniped by the nerf rifle? If you could tell us with some time ahead so we can switch to other classes in time to get used to them before our actual main toons are rendered useless, that would be A+!

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