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GW2 Stronghold Map changes for June 2 Beta

GW2 Stronghold sPvP map changes for the June 2 beta.

Hi all,

Our next Stronghold public beta begins in about an hour, and I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what has changed in the map since the last time you played.

As a reminder, Stronghold will be available in Unranked Arenas beginning today at 12pm Pacific time (one hour from this post, or 19:00 UTC) and will run for 24 hours (tomorrow at 12pm Pacific, 19:00 UTC). We’ll also be broadcasting tournaments for both NA and EU today, beginning at 12:30pm Pacific (19:30 UTC) at

We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the map! The ArenaNet team will be at work late tonight playing Stronghold – so jump into Unranked Arena and there’s a chance we might face each other on the battlefield!

  • Map Changes
    • A number of crates/boxes have been added inside the strongholds around the lord gate to provide opportunities for line-of-sighting.
    • Made a number of terrain changes.
    • Realigned the trebuchets to be able to hit the “Mist Essence” summoning areas.
  • Lord Updates
    • You can no longer resurrect the lord after the match ends.
    • You can no longer kill the enemy lord after the match ends.
    • When an opposing team’s lord is defeated, the winning team’s lord will now celebrate the victory with a cheer.
    • New skill: The lord will now execute an attack that pulls nearby enemies in, knocks them down, and then does a devastating 360 degree spin. Don’t let it hit you.
  • Lord Room Defending NPCs
    • The locations for the defending NPCs in each stronghold are now identical.
    • The defending NPCs in each stronghold have had their health increased by 10%.
  • Stronghold Guards
    • One set of guards (between the inner and outer gate) have been removed for a total of 4 guards.
  • Mist Essence
    • Mist Champions now spawn at the following minute marks: 12:00, 9:00, 6:00, and 3:00.
    • The 12:00 Mist Essence will now spawn nearest to the side that is behind on score.
  • General
    • Defending Npc names have been simplified from archer, soldier, ect. to all be called “Guards”
    • NPCs that cannot be resurrected lose their icon on the map after being defeated
    • The objective icons appear on the mini map upon entering the map, rather than when the match begins.
    • Trebuchets has been adjusted to make hitting important objectives easier
    • Red-side doorbreakers can no longer be summoned before dropping down from spawn.
    • Players holding max (2) supply can no longer pick up player dropped supply.
    • Players will drop any supply they were carrying when they are defeated
      • This means that if you have 2 supply and die you will drop 2 supply!

We’ll see you in the Mists,

Hugh Norfolk
PvP Game Designer

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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