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SWTOR CM weekly sales for June 2 – 9

SWTOR Cartel Market weekly sales for the week of June 2 to June 9.


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This is taken from the Jedi Covenant Guild Summit Meeting that featured Eric Musco…..

PvE Versus PvP Balance: The combat team has weekly data and design review meetings, and they happen on an even footing for both PvE and PvP. PvPers may be more vocal sometimes with regards to class balance, but both are treated equally. As Hayward said, it is highly unlikely they will do separate abilities for PvE versus PvP due to the difficulty in creating and maintaining such a system.

PvPers may be more vocal sometimes with regards to class balance

I’m going to say this again

PvPers may be more vocal sometimes with regards to class balance

And one more time

PvPers may be more vocal sometimes with regards to class balance

There you go. The most contagious and harmful bacteria called pvp’ers have now been confirmed as the biggest loud mouths in the game.


i dont consider myself a pvper, it’s just that i dislike pvers. go to play mario bros you shitty trainning dummy

TL:DR Stop spamming, PvPers are ppl too.

Why do you continue to push your agenda here instead of pursuing it on the actual SWTOR forums? Do you prefer the anonymity here, instead of the real possibility of censure against your account should you post there like you do here?

I concur an element of the PvP community is loud and inappropriate, and that they harm the reputation of the PvP group as a whole, but the same is said of “hardcore” PvE progression guilds that “encourage” recruits to select “approved” character classes.

I appreciate the effort that BW is making to make PvP palatable (this doesn’t mean I’ll play, just as Comm gear won’t encourage me to hunt BiS gear by joining some odius “elite” guild) and your continued spam posts against a group that contains many subscribers and preferred-status players does this community no good.

Sounds like an angry pvp’er to me. Yes he is a troll. But he speaks the truth. Pvp is shit.

Yea I PvP and I think its terrible right now, but the guy is so annoying. EVERY FUCKING THREAD, whether its related to PvP or not.

LOL. I just laugh to be honest. The state of pvp is terrible. And Pvp negatively affects PVE. But he is clearly on a mission. I just wonder why he doesnt post on the forums

I am not sub. And I will not resub until they do something to stop the whiners from creating massive nerfs across the board. I and MANY PVE’ers have had enough of this bullcrap.

It really is horrendous….
Nerfing in principle is ok but they’re nerfing the wrong things that are affecting PVE. There are balance changes they can make to PVP that wont really affect PVE negatively at all. They”re just shit, its EA.

Obvious flamebait, a moderator really should delete this kind of toxic vitriol, if anything on the grounds of being off-topic.

Hey, that’s cool, I actually wanted to get a Cavern Varactyl, and haven’t already paid full price for it. Good timing!

Crime Lord Pack’s *still* up for sale? What, are they retiring it permanently soon or something? I don’t remember ever seeing an embargoed Pack come back for this long before.

There are a lot of popular super-rare items in this pack, like the Mask of Nihilus, the Overlord’s Command Throne mount, the Holostatues of Satele Shan and Darth Malgus as well as the white lightsaber crystals. I myself bought a hypercrate the last time they were on sale and got only one of those items, as an admittedly anecdotal testament to their rarity.

Except the slot machine made it super easy to get max rep and get those items, I got the throne, and both holos just by playing the slot machines.
Mind you I did it before the nerf.

Either way this is another lackluster sale.

Except it is not longer possible to do it after nerf, i got from 0 to max rep and never saw single certificate from machine.

The slot machines AND packs/hyperpacks all feel like scams to me. I’ve only bought 20 or so packs & have been a subscriber since pre-order 1.0 launch. I’ve never bought CCs outright, only gotten them from my subscription and security key. The only things I feel have been worthwhile purchases with CCs are account unlocks of collections items. EVERYTHING else I’ve wanted felt MUCH more worthwhile to purchase with saved up credits.
The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event was a redeemer for me. From foggy memory, I estimate spending < 500k credits & ended up with 2 Vectron Magnuses AND a Kingpin Rancor in addition to all the gear & weapons I wanted. This trumps any mount & items that can only be obtained with coins.

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I wonder if the sales are completely random generated. Or did somebody any thoughts into it, what is on sale…?

So probly nothing new ’till next week with Nightlife kick-off? Save your credits and your CC; it’s gonna get expensive here pretty quick

exactly my thoughts. Was happy they weren’t tempting me right before Nightlife. The slot machines will eat the creds the packs don’t use.

Tomorrow’s CM update (June 9) marks the release of the Mid Rim Explorer’s Pack.

Source: SWTOR’s official Twitter

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