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SWTOR Togruta and Yavin Stronghold Livestream Notes

Notes and images from the SWTOR Togruta and Yavin Stronghold Livestream from 5-6 pm EDT. Updated with room unlock costs.




  • Togruta is the most requested species, Yavin was not as highly requested for stronghold
  • 3.3 will be live on PTS tomorrow but Togruta and Yavin Stronghold will not be on it.
  • 3.3 will be arriving on live servers on July 21.
  • There are some technical issues with trying to get combat dummies into stronghold but we are working on it.
  • Pay attention on June 15, something “exciting” will be announced that day


  • Togruta is the most often mispelled and mispronounced species.
  • Togruta is actively being worked as we speak, the female is ready to be shown but they are actively working on the male currently.
  • We are trying to get Togruta into patch 3.3, but it could be delayed. Yavin 4 and PvP changes are definitely coming with patch 3.3.
  • Pricing will be similar to other species in the game. Still working on specific numbers.
  • Character slot limit will not be increased beyond 22 with Togruta update.

Yavin Stronghold

swtor-yavin-stronghold-layout-2 swtor-yavin-stronghold-layout-3

  • Costs will be similar to Tatooine/Nar Shaddaa Strongholds.
  • The limit of 4 strongholds will be still be in place so you will need to deactivate one of the your current strongholds to get the Yavin 4 Stronghold if you currently have the max number of strongholds.
  • Daytime environment, lots of ambient sound.
  • As large as the Tatooine stronghold if not larger.
  • Big open spaces with lots of hooks, including the roof.
  • 16 centerpiece hooks in this stronghold, 2 starship hooks.
  • Main room is unlocked automatically with purchase, there are side rooms on either side.
  • The right side room has a centerpiece hook and a balcony looking over Yavin.
  • The left side room has a waterfall.
  • There are two staircases at the back of the room, one leading down to a basement room and the other leading to another balcony looking over the main room (mezzanine is the fancy term for it)
  • The basement room has another balcony looking over the bigger waterfall outside the stronghold.
  • The mezzanine leads to an unlockable bridge leading away from the stronghold and crossing over that bigger waterfall.
  • The bridge leads to a temple ground area with two more smaller temples you can decorate (contains more centerpiece hooks) and a big square area with more centerpiece hooks
  • You can also climb on top of the stronghold and decorate on exterior, even the very top!
  • To get to the top of the strongholds, you can use ancient stone hooks which will rocket boost you up top.
  • There might be a “secret” cave behind one of the waterfalls.
  • The stronghold has a lot of hooks but the item limit will be similar to other strongholds. There are 9 rooms and a 750 hook limit (June 26 update)
  • New decorations (courtesy of Theho)
    • Chirping Noise Machine – Utility: Music // Wall Small, Wall Medium
    • Hanging Vines – Environmental: Plants // Vendor: Decoration Merchant (Credits) // Ceiling Larg
    • Hanging Moss – Environmental: Plants // Vendor: Decoration Merchant (Credits) // Wall Large

Personal Stronghold Costs (Datamined)

Purchase 2.5 mil
Temple Room 1 825k
Temple Room 2 975k
Upper Stairwell 450k
Lower Starwell 450k
Temple Basement 1.5 mil
Temple Balcony 1.2 mil
Temple Grounds 2.6 mil
Sanctuary 1 1.25 mil
Sanctuary 2 1.25 mil
Total 13.03 mil

Guild Stronghold Costs

Purchase 15 mil
Temple Room 1 2 mil
Temple Room 2 2.4 mil
Upper Stairwell 900k
Lower Starwell 900k
Temple Basement 3.75 mil
Temple Balcony 3 mil
Temple Grounds 7.8 mil
Sanctuary 1 3.125 mil
Sanctuary 2 3.125 mil
Total 42 mil

Pictorial Narration of Yavin Stronghold

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

336 replies on “SWTOR Togruta and Yavin Stronghold Livestream Notes”

So what time so livestream start in uk. Starting to wonder if it’s gonna start before I go to bed lol

Togruta is the most often mispelled and mispronounced species? Going to call BS on that one :’)

Was going to agree, but then again, I rarely see people type species in chat. Mostly it’s been people asking about the Togruta release and many times it is misspelled (‘Togrut’, ‘Torguta’ and the like, not to mention the wonderfully typo prone ‘Ahsoka Tano species’ when they don’t know the species name).
So yeah, Togruta is still an often mispelled species, but mainly because people rarely talk about species in chat.

It’s the ‘most’ aspect that I don’t agree with. Togruta really is a case of being spelt how it sounds 😛

Why does it take so much dev time to add a new species into the game? They said they’re STILL working on it and can’t even show male Togrutas because they’re still being worked on. Did they wait until yesterday to start working on them? Wasn’t Togruta leaked nearly a year ago?

I sure as hell hope there is some SERIOUS actual content being worked on that took priority over this coming out soon.

Lots of things – animation, armor need to be tweaked for it to work. I recall they said it is one of the most time consuming tasks so that is why new races are not being released as often.

Any species with head tails is going to have significant clipping issues with a lot of gear. They’re probably trying to figure out how to minimize that as much as possible. Better that they wait and do it right than release it early and have to listen to the enraged shrieking of the entitlement crew because of all the clipping.

Tbh clipping is gonna be an issue regardless of how long the spend on it.

Why they don’t just add new helms like what twi-leks like headbands I have no idea would be much better.

They will never solve the clipping issues imo

Togruta, for me, will be the only piece of serious content we’ve had in a good long while.

I genuinely hope you get months of new playability out of the new species. For me, it’s a simple cosmetic addition like a new mount. I get excited for a couple of minutes while I ride it the first time, then for a couple of seconds when I remount it later…but really it’s just a new cosmetic item while I’m doing what I’m normally doing in game.

This parade of fanfare for it is just way over the top, particularly when they had an entire stream for it and didn’t even show customizations/half of the new species.

There’ll be ops later in the year I imagine, and other endgame stuff. Not like they add species often at any rate. I suspect it’ll be a good long while before they add a third, which means other stuff will be focused on in the time between.

Every Ops made so far has been just blindly go forward straight forward boom boom and profit. Shame :/ Y the rate Eaware is giving Operations is wayy too slow and espesially now when endgame token receiving was simplified to top since 3.0.. Y it’s just ridiculous fast :/

Your new mount feelings same for me. After spending 7m on rancour mount other week u was so exited I finally had one now it’s like dam 7m and no more enjoyment of having it

Models that existed in the game can’t be used for the character customization. It’s a different type of model. The same situation happened when they were working on Cathars. A player Cathar is different than the models you see in the game. I wonder if Ashara get an updated look just like Aric did when Cathars were released.

I wouldn’t be at surprised if they tweak Ashara’s default look a little bit to be more consistent with the togruta player characters, but I’m not expecting an overhaul as massive as Aric post-playable cathar integration, although that would be nice. (I joined the game after the cathar were added, so whenever I see Aric’s original appearance I cringe a little, lmao)

Did the devs discuss this at some point? I’m wondering because Ashara already exists in game as a Togruta companion and her armor can be changed ad infinitum. Granted, her body type can’t be changed and there’s limited customization but she IS a working Togruta that’s been there since pre-launch.

Yavin sounds good !

And its Togruta Baby, Togruta is the new trend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want a Togruta ……………!

Yavin 4 stronghold, the best and biggest SH by default..(IMO) lots of hooks added, lots of room, loving the detail, could really make this go any direction really. Cant wait

Also if you want to deactivate one of your strongholds, you will pay some price if you bought it by credits, if by CC you shouldn’t pay for deactivation.

You only pay if you REactivate a previously deactivated stronghold and you used credits for it. No cost to reactivate if you unlocked with CC.

Wish Yavin was at least set at night. It’ll be like living in the daily area.

And why have they given us a big stronghold if they’re not going to fix the item cap? I still can’t even complete half my Tat stronghold, unless I settle for a ghost town 🙁

Yeah I totally agree about the liner cap. I keep haveing to remove things from my DK SH. There are so many possibilities with this place but I know I’m not going to able to do all the stuff I’m thinking of already 🙁 If nothing else give us a way to unlock more hooks.

It’s so that Conquest bonuses are pretty much the same regardless of what stronghold you have and how many decos you stick in it.

Gonna be a heckuva lot of new decorations added to the credits decorations vendor (Felusia Stato). I saw moss and vines and stuff that said it came from her.

Really upset that the stronghold limit isn’t being raised. I like my strongholds, and I want more. I already spent a lot on the ones I have, but now I can’t use them? How does that make any sense?

They tried to increase the limit, but apparently, it caused some major server-side issues. Retooling conquest modifier would be easy.

I’m really disappointed that they’re keeping the current stronghold limit to 4. It’s a bitter pill to swallow for those of us who already spent millions in credits, thousands in cartel coins and countless hours meticulously decorating, scrutinizing and arranging, finding ways to work around frustrating hook layouts, etc. I really look forward to the new Yavin locale, but the thought of having to dismantle an existing stronghold in order to make room for this new one makes me pretty furious.

Couldn’t there be a way to save the settings of an existing stronghold so all that time and thought doesn’t just get flushed down the toilet?

They DID say that more strongholds would be added and the limit of 4 would be kept when they got released….

People were speculating that they might add a way to increase the limit via CM.
This would have been a great opportunity for Bioware to make some cash, but the devs have zero foresight again.

Yes, they should have put greed first, and do not care that they would not be able to replace server hamsters fast enough…

It’s not greed. It’s called capitalism. It’s what make the world go round. Look how well the USSR did without it it Cuba I bet the people that live in Cuba really rage when the power is turned off in the middle of an Op.

Capitalism IS greed. That’s why it works and communism doesn’t, because communism relies on an ideal rather than a reality. Reality is, humans are self-serving and greedy when it comes down to it.

They said that today, in the past their said they would re-evaluate the limit as they added more strongholds. Naturally some of us are disappointed that the re-evaluation showed they couldn’t up the limit.

My question is this: If you “deactivate” a Stronghold do you keep the expansions you opened for it if you “reactivate” it later? Or is all that stuff you opened lost? Because if it’s the latter, then FU Bioware, guess I won’t be getting the Yavin Temple, as pretty as it looks.

If it’s the former, then I’ll probably drop Nar Shaddaa (It’s just filled with clutter/junk to get it to 100 percent) and work on Yavin, and hope that they give us the option of more Strongholds in time. Or maybe just keeping the Coruscant Stronghold purely Republic-alt and Dromuund Kaas strictly Empire (thus “freeing” a slot on both sides).

“Yavin was not as highly requested for stronghold”
Then why the heck did you make it? Rishi would have been better. Or Manaan.

“Pay attention on June 15, something “exciting” will be announced that day”
Oh, please let it be that you’re canceling Togruta and going with something actually cool instead of cute. Weequay maybe. Or Kaleesh. Or Devaronian. Or Nikto. Or… actually I could go on for a while.

Don’t be a hypocrite maybe? Togurta was the most requested-as for why they did Yavin, maybe they were already working on it for a new stronghold in the future, and they brought it forward. *Shrug*

You need to look up the definition of “hypocrite”. It has nothing to do with anything written here.

Actually it is hypocritical to have a go at bw for picking a lesser requested stronghold and then having a go at them for picking the most demanded playable species

I know what they will annouce ^^ … They will annouce that you Account and everything on it will be reset to Lv 1 and 0 (0 Comms, 0 Credits, 0 PvP-Marks, etc.) =) ..!

The irony of you being upset they picked Yavin over more requested choices, while also being upset they picked the Togruta, the most requested choice instead of a less requested choice, is rather delicious.

The June 15th announcement is likely to continue the story of the Emperor. I’m guessing they’ll announce something that that’s leading up to whatever operations will be in the end of the game where you get to take Vitate down once and for all.

Probably means we’ll get some new planet in the coming months…or maybe they’ll just announce that the Emperor operation will be available by the end of the year or something.

I think the announcement will have something to do with expansion possibly about that teaser image about the fallen empire perhaps

they made it on Yavin because they liked Yavin’s art assets. It certainly looks very pretty.

Also, Togrutas were probably the most wanted species

Indeed why the heck they made it.. 😮 😀 :/ Manyyy wanted Manaan with underwater view or Hoth or Taris Stronghold a.k.a SW Home. Rishi would’ve been 100x better location than Yavin 4. and more understandable. Me and manyyy others wrote about new possible Stronghold idea’s to suggestion box forum several times in past many months and before Yavin 4 Stronghold was announced. Eaware really doesn’t want to hear supporters and eventually makes the things they want no matter if supporters asked other stuff related to that update. Unless it’s about dumping down the gameplay / progression or about some silly xp boost. So yeah really boot licking dev team, but not with all requesting..

Almost exactly what you see in those pictures is what I saw in the stream. Not much was done in terms of showing off Togruta.

They should have called this a Yavin Stronghold Live Stream. And showed us the Togruta as a surprise…

I was expecting much more!

I’m thinking that the plan was to show more but they are behind on it. Im not expecting to see Togurta in 3.3. You really have to read between the lines.

This could be the reason there is no end date announced for the 12x XP. They may be trying to get it done so that people can use the boost to lvl up their Togrutas. Just saying in the fall is a big window, up to 3 months.

I was hoping pics would be incoming and that this page would be ‘complete’ in the morning. Still no Togruta stuff now though.


Exactly. Mostly lame stream. I guess Eaware has reduced the amount of stream’s in past many months cause of no real progression done for content and ppl would be loud in chat room about the proper changes. Also ofc there would be ppl crying for even more simplified gaming, but yeah i don’t wanna think of them or get headache.

Pretty much what u see is all they showed they did say at start there might be another livestream at some point showcasing togruta properly but I doubt they will. I just hope they are able to get it into patch 3.3 like they said there aiming for

The rough layout of the stronghold is missing the basement for the big temple and the far right side is much larger/wider than is shown in the image. FYI

I’m sure they’ll raise the SH cap at some point and just keep it to only needing 4 SH’s at 100% completion for the Conquest bonuses. I imagine there’s going to be a lot of people who simply won’t get this because they already have 4 SH’s maxed out and don’t want to get rid of one after putting the time and effort to set it all up. Once it shows that on their sales, they’ll raise the cap.

I’m thinking that it’s some kind of space issue on the servers. This is the reason I haven’t put that much effort into my Coruscant SH.

I Hope they won’t raise the cap. Would just be simply silly… There’s no need for dozens of Home’s been laying around the Galaxy. Keeping cap at 4-5 is good when we have also Manaan,Taris,Hoth.. Rishi would’ve been 100x better location than Yavin 4. Many who requested new possible Stronghold in past many months in suggestion box forum didn’t ask Rishi among Hoth,Manaan,Taris, but it would’ve been way better than Yavin 4. Buggers that Yavin 4 not coming with Evening or Night-Time view..

Anyone else think that the screenshot with the description: “A giant square area at the end with more centerpiece hooks” should have been another starship/massive hook?

Yes that would be awesome. I hope they change this hook to be a massive structure/starship hook.

I am actually disappointed with how this stronghold looks… but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about that, as it is … a temple. Not what I was expecting. I was actually looking forward to an actual stronghold looking type of place. 🙁 Oh well, I will check someone else’s out before I make a purchase.

Yeah for me it’s as ‘meh’ as NS. That said with the artificial decoration limit we have atm I wasn’t going to pick this up anyway, but now at least I don’t feel like I’m missing something good 😛

Can you convert 1 of the starship hooks into 5 centerpiece hooks for a total of 21 centerpiece hooks, or are they both locked?

Can you convert current starship hooks in that way? If so, then you probably can do it on Tavin as well.

Actually it would be a total of 26 centerpieces. They convert to 1 in the center and 1 on each side of the first like a “+” among other set ups, but that is the one tha yields the most centerpieces hooks.

not all ship hooks can be converted, one of the tat ship hooks (on the outside platform) is locked. this is why he asked the question. fact is we do not know if the yavin ship hooks are locked as the tat platform ship hook is locked.

so yes, in theory if both ship hooks are convertable its 26 centerpices but theres no confirmation yet if both of them can be

Lore wise Mannan would never happen, nor would Voss. Both of those planets are pretty xenophobic and don’t really want outsiders. I don’t expect to ever see a SH or those planets.

Rishi might have been cool. It would have opened a QT to the planet. And maybe got some traffic there.

Many manyyy wanted Manaan with underwater view or Hoth or Taris and wrote about them to suggestion box forum several times in past many months and before Yavin 4 Stronghold was announced. Eaware really doesn’t want to hear supporters wishes and eventually makes the things they want even if supporters wished other things. Unless it’s about dumping down the gameplay / progression or about some silly xp boost. So yeah really boot licking dev team, but not with all requesting..

They sounded really stoked about it and it is to my understanding that EA is holding a pressconference on that very day aswell? Hopefully some sort of announcement of an engine revamp and a reinvestment into the game. One can dream tho.

If Poor heroengine really is thrown to carbage like rumors have been flying around then i doubt it would happen in 2015, but yeah one can only dream.. Knowing the dev team size it would’ve been needed to be under work for quite some time already. New devs that replaced the founding devs r mostly incapable baboonies and easy lazy mode fast bling bling gamer’s boot lickers.

EA is holding their E3 Conference, so it is very likely that they will have SWTOR representative there giving a short presentation as to what is coming in the future, probably to use the hype generated by upcoming Episode 7 movie.
One can assume a new expansion or major content patch slated for December/January

It will be announcement of ether expansion or major update along with movie release date im pretty sure. It will be on decemeber 18.

There is no way they would release it on the same day as EP 7. Maybe a week before or after but not the same day because people will be going to the movie not playing the game.

It us probably related to that teaser image released a month or 2 ago. The one about the fallen empire

This looks absolutely stunning. I was hoping to get a load of hooks in the grass as well, would look nice with all the critters we have, but I’m still pretty stoked about this stronghold.

Finally i’ll have my own Sith Academy. That stronghold of mine on DK looks more like a palace than Academy.

Yep so damn late, but no matter as i wanted Manaan with underwater view or Hoth or Taris and wrote about them to suggestion box forum with many others several times in past many months and before Yavin 4 Stronghold was announced. Eaware really doesn’t want to hear supporters and eventually makes the things they want no matter if supporters wanted it or not. Unless it’s about dumping down the gameplay / progression or about some silly xp boost. So yeah really boot licking dev team, but not with all requesting..

There’s this image in my mind… A busy supermarket checkout line… Exasperated mother… A small child. Red I’m the face crumpled on the ground with a chocolate bar, screaming and crying..

Yea, that’s you. You didn’t get what you wanted. Aw. Everyone is looking at you. They’re knitting there eyebrows, and feeling sorry for your mum.

Yep. Thanks for ur enlightening comment even i care about it as much as Fly’s crap on the wall. I’m really not the only one who’s laughing for this Eaware’s way of handling things and hearing community a.k.a supporters. Carry on wish u good gaming and growing up times and no i don’t even move my eyebrow for whatever u might say next. Be well take care.

Isn’t that just sad? Pre-3.0 the crappiest computer could run SWTOR perfectly. But 3.0 is a lag/latency nightmare. Even the devs were having terrible lag issues.

If you had bothered to watch it you would have known that it was the stream not the game. They stated it during the stream. Why are there so many haters posting about this game I don’t get why they bother. Just leave.

Who said anything about being a hater? I just prefer to use reputable sources like the actual game developer not some user talking out of his ass

The devs were NOT having lag issues. They said it on the live stream. It was the streaming. Like I said if you had bothered to watch it you would have known. Your statement was nothing but hate.

Oh I thought you were talking about quality of life improvements. I apologize. But I will stand by 3.0 being a lag/latency nightmare.

I guess you need to pay attention to what the topic is and quit talking out of your ass.

Yep. Thus the apology jackass. But brainless imbeciles like you don’t take that well. So here i’ll speak your a language you clearly understand.

You were the first to insinuate I had my head up my ass. So I was just returning the favor.

3.0 was laggy at release, but 99% of that was fixed within weeks; I haven’t had any lag issues in months since the major fixes to the expansion were done

“The limit of 4 strongholds will be still be in place so you will need to deactivate one of the your current strongholds to get the Yavin 4 Stronghold if you currently have the max number of strongholds.”

well then, I guess I wont be buying this stronghold…….

It’s totally understandable that cap not raised and it’s good that way. Would be silly to have dozen or more of them around the galaxy. Would not make any sense.

makes as much sense as any rich person who has houses all over the world on Earth. for a rich space faring person why not have them all over the galaxy?

my bounty hunter needs strongholds on every planet to show off her power and prestige

“Togruta is the most often misspelled species” Miraluka (which they even wrote wrong in the game as “miralukan”) say Hi.

(Unless there’s something lore wise that makes them called “Miralukan” then please enlighten me!)

Many many had written other Stronghold location requests into suggestions box forum for months and wayyyy before silly Yavin 4 Stronghold was announced. Yavin 4 hasn’t been part of them. Many of dem suggestion posts included Hoth,Taris and Manaan with Underwater view. Even underwater view might be hard to make poor HeroEngine, but anyways it’s been requested a lot. Devs have been saying for a long time that they follow the suggestions forum actively and take consideration. Haha hihi trololz yeah sure.. :/ They sure seem to react on them, but only when they r about dumping down content making progression more effortless and wanting lazy mode char lvl progression which includes silly xp boosting. Really one of the “if not worst” most deceiving Mmo company devs there are :/ Started heavily with 3.0 patch and slow start began since 1.5’ish if recall.

I’ve been a sub since launch and after transition to f2p model i’ve been also supporting with sometimes buying cc packs and it’s often 2.4k pack which costs 17e. I regret past 1 – 1,5y of dat time cause Swtor has been going to worse way when it comes to dumping down and simplifying the gameplay / progression. Maybe time to finally stop supporting this uberly simplified product soon. Wish good gaming and weekend for all o/

– Appendix –

The simplification is happening as more and more of the people that play games these days have over simplified brains and cant handle anything else.

So it’s a global trend, you don’t have to blame Bware for this but the chemtrails and other sht they put in everyone’s foods

“but the chemtrails and other sht they put in everyone’s foods”

Lol, back to infowars you go, nutcase.

It’s funny how the guy complaining about “dumping down content” and “simplifying the gameplay/progression” can barely write a coherent sentence.

Somehow, I’m also having doubts about where you stand with your hard mode clears.

I guess you don’t get that his first language isn’t English. You just assume he’s an idiot.

So Togruta will not be on the PTS for 3.3, does that also mean it won’t drop with the 3.3 patch?

Yavin Stronghold and Togruta are not part of 3.3 PTS, but they are supposed to be part of 3.3 Live. However, Togruta might not make it.

Do you have a pay~pal.. in case if you have you can create an extra 1400 week after week in your profit just working on the laptop for a couple of hours per day, see this —> —> —> —>

Togruta is still ‘Work in Progress’ – which is why it’s not on PTS.
Yavin Stronghold is probably so that people don’t spoiler the “special” things about it. At least that’s what i think.

To add to Aiko’s comment, they’ve finished the female and are working on the male now.
Musco said it might be in there for 3.3, might not.

So many days to work on it and still might not make to it. Hehe hihi i guess them Eaware devs keep many coffee / tea and snack breaks. I do wish them good working days.

Ok. Like other species… Togruta will come with 2 Lekku variants and 3 skin colors at the beginning and thats it. Additional custumization options will take BioWare about 2-5 years, or will never happen, like some new lousy textures for Ratataki tatoos, a child could do on one weekend,

To pricey for me for little benefits other than just to say I have another SH. I don’t need the extra travel point since there is a shuttle to Yavin already. To just build another SH I can’t see paying that much. Oh well.

Is this the latest substitute for new game content? More vanity/appearance garbage? How about some new operations or flashpoints? God forbid they come out with some new warzone maps….Where are our cross server queues? How about a betrayal quest-line and neutral faction?

And how would you know that Wookiees are the most requested species? Do you have access to data?

And besides, Wookiees wouldn’t work with SWTOR armor, besides, I’ve heard Zeltrons being requested numerous times, and its easy to make as they’re initially just pink humans.

they wouldn’t work in swtor because of how dialoge heavy wookies are. The growling would get annoying.

Its not the most requested race we know this the most requested is Nautolaon

well speak for yourself b/c i would love to play a wookie anyday over this cookie cutter garbage they have. Its so boring and lame. Why i play the emu they have wookies there and its just fine. Like i said though they can do just like the video and have a protocol droid be the companion. It can be done and people would play them their just bieng lazy. Rodians and others to “non human” cookie cutter toons

do you know what cookie cutter means? Cuz in SWG your race is purely cosmetic it has no baring on your character at all.

YOu should take your own advice and speak for yourself. If you want to play SWG then go play SWG. This is a SWTOR blog not a SWG blog.

However the majority of gamers intrested in a Star Wars MMO are playing SWTOR. IF they wanted to play SWG they would play it. Clearly the majority have spoken.

I dont think you understand cookie cutter at all lmao. In swg the races werent humans with different color paint like tor is. You had actual wookies rodians trandoshians(completely non human character models). If you had played swg at all you would know that what race you chose had a baring on your outcome. For instance trandoshians couldnt have gloves/boots leaving them open for certain attacks etc.

The majority have said swtor is a miseral failure and its why it went f2p. As ive said here before ill discuss swg if i want to discuss swg. Whats it to you if swg is so shitty and all this why bother raging about it? Its still here and around why would people spend money on bringing back a shitty mmo? If you cant take people haveing a different opinion then you need to leave i aint going anywhere i been through this carebear shit before on here.

the SWTOR races aren’t different color humans at all. There are Twi’leks Cathar and coming soon Togruta. Where are the Iconic Chiss in SWG?

So… for you not wearing gloves and boots is revolutionary to you.. and in reality not that the developers didn’t know how to code extra slot items.

If the majority said that how come SWTOR did better and is doing better then SWG? The majority have spoken and said SWG is a complete failure.

I have to ask you though if SWTOR is so shitty then why do you talk about it? So people have constnatly told you how bad SWG is and you get mad at them?

SWG was a shitty game. That is why the servers were shut down. There are no official updates or support for it. Why are you playing SWTOR if it is such a miserable failure?

“That is why the servers were shut down.”

The lost of the license for the franchise has more to do with it then anything else.

And SWG was crap, then so is SW:TOR as it died because of it becoming more like a themepark MMO like SW:TOR is.

You forgot one SIMPLE THING. SWG was a pretty crap SANDBOX,
While TOR was positioned as STORYLINE MMORPG.
I hope you know what is the difference between SANDBOX MMORPG and STORYLINE MMORPG?

“Cuz in SWG your race is purely cosmetic it has no baring on your character at all.”


Yea that is why my friend, as a Zabrak had much higher survivability thanks to his race’s bonuses and abilities?

And yea, Shawn owned you about what SWG had for races. Clearly you know nothing about SWG beyond that it existed.

You are stubborn DUmb***….
Jakarro is the most anoying character in the whole game, and I know at least 2,5 thousand people who agree with me on that.
And NO you can’t just stick a droid to the chest of each wookie, For Jakarro there was logical explanation of such occurence.
And as people said countless times already to you. THOUSANDS of people DON’T want to hear that brain tearing cacophony each time that overgrown version of Cousin IT open his traphole…

Because when 2 tentacles isn’t alien enough for you, the next inevitable progression is all of the tentacles. Nautolan and Togruta being added to the game would be fine I guess, but it would certainly be a lot cooler to add something that isn’t a jacked up rehash of Twi’leks. Weequay? Nikto? Rodian? If its too lorebreaking to see these races speaking English….who the hell cares? Not the people making the stupid clone war stuff.

I would cry if the nautolan species got in… Also like a glee anselm SH, may sound like a weirdo but damn that would be great!

No I don’t, and neither do you. Before you go around accusing the devs of lying about the most requested species, maybe you should have some proof.

Hutts are the most requested species. See I can make shit up too.

first off musco is not a dev. Secondly wheres your proof? Ive met the devs at comic con in person have you? Thier arogant underqaulified tools tor is the best example of their work.

Where’s my proof of what? Nothing I’ve said requires proof. I’m not claiming that the Musco is lying by saying “Togruta is the most requested species”. You keep saying Wookiees are the most requested yet you have no proof.

Wookies… You really didn’t think that through. Can you imagine sitting through a flashpoint listening to a Wookie? Would they have to record hours of male and female Wookie-speak (which basically is hearing a sea lion being raped in slow motion) to cover all of the cut scenes? If they didn’t, would Wookies speaking basic make any sense.?
… And, no.

/sigh you. Dork.

The question is have you? I have here it is. All they have to do is make the wookie have a protocol droid companion. Tor lost a HUGE playerbase at launch b/c of their lazyness. This is why swg will always be the prefered and better star wars mmo. Very stupid on tors part /smh It can be done but i dont think they have the competency to do it though. Their to busy trying to convince fanbois that cookie cutter pink skinned humans are all the rage

Yeah have the Wookie have a protocol droid so you have to listen to the sea lion being raped, and then listen to the translation. Hmmm I guess someone really didn’t think before they replied.

Togruta also looks different))) And Wookies look just like overgrown version of Cousin IT

Actually yes))) Chewie was played by a man in a furbalg costume, lol

And EVEN MORE HUGE amount of players DON’T want to hear that constant brain tearing cacophony.
And BTW Cathars are awesome perfect race for Smugglers/Bounty Hunters)))

Star Wars Galaxies is such a better game. I’m going to go play that… Ohh wait, I can’t because it was scrapped

Ugh hello you can play swg emu its still around and yes you can go play it right now if you wanted.

It’s EMU, in full words emulation of crap which got sacked.
Its not a full flegged SWG. It’s just an attempt to return to life what is dead long ago.

hold on you say swtor lost a huge player base? SWG lost an even higher percent at launch and it didn’t even have as many players as Swtor did.

Talk about lazy SWG didn’t even have jedis at launch

If SWG is always prefered how come Swtor has more subscribers and overall players then SWG?

They lost a huge playerbase of people that played wookies,rodians and other “non human” species that swtor was lazy and stupid on thier part to not develop or put it.How do you know how many subscribers tor has? 90% of tor is most likely f2p not subbed.

no they didnt’ thats just a lie.

90% of 1 milllion is 100k. Thats still more players then SWG had for most of its life.

Swtor is also putting out content faster then SWG ever has.

I know for a fact thats true that thier is a HUGE playerbase that would play tor if they could play wookies/rodians/non human species. If you think gambling packs is content then lol at that come on seriously?

then where are they? Are they playing SWG? Cause that game doesn’t have a huge player base.

“I know for a fact that’s true that their is a HUGE player base…..” Show us. Give us proof. You keep throwing out all these “facts” with NOTHING to back it up. Like I said before I can make up stuff too.

I know for a FACT that there would be 2 mil new players if they made Jawas a playable race.

“90% of tor is most likely f2p not subbed.”
LOLWUT? Can you prove this or is this just another of your fantasies? Honestly from my experience of what I saw the comparison between subs and free players would be about 70 % subs and other free people.

“Talk about lazy SWG didn’t even have jedis at launch”

For a reason, the Jedi in that game were the clear alpha class. Until the Jedi village and onwards that is.

You also do not understand what a Sandbox MMO was, SWG didn’t have to release anyone near the content that SWTOR has too release to remain fun.

Doesn’t surprise me, your first MMO was most likely WoW, or even SW:TOR.

I think the only thing we can take away from this is that you have a Wookie fetish. Which is fine.. I just don’t see why you project your Wookie enthusiasm to everyone else.

It’s not really a common thing for Wookies to have protocol droids attached to them, for starters. But then there’s the thing I brought up about voice acting. . . Would the protocol droid, poses the voices of the main class actors? It’s pretty silly if you think about it.

As far as pinked skinned… The overwhelming favorite is Togruta, and then probably nautilans which I think are the dreadlock tentacle heads? Which are great, and exotic enough while still being humanoid enough for gear.

And there’s the other thing about Wookie characters: developing Wookie friendly gear, or more probable they would have to develop a whole market of Wookie skins, or otherwise add a large variety of Wookie cosmetic features in character design, to satisfy the customization level players would find acceptable,

I think it’s just really clear it would be a headache and a half to implement Wookie toons, and due to that, they probably never will. But, it’s kinda cute you’re so obsessed.

its a headache that would have netted them a good chunk of playerbase they never got in the first place. Wookies/rodians/transdoshians are all races that they lost on as a playerbase, Togrutas are nothing more then humans with pink skin and tentacles on head just like the cat people are humans with fur lmao. Thanks for proving my point about how lazy the devs are you couldnt have made that case any better ill give you that. All that money they could have made off the wookie/rodians and others cosmetics they lost good point.

I think its kinda funny how your fanboism has blinded you and how your settling for rehashed humans sold as other races lol

what playerbase is this? Where they SWG players? Because that barely had any players. That isn’t a good chunk of players.

The only one who has fanboiism here is you for SWG which is sad. I mean you could at least pick a good MMO. Not one that is known for failing so hard.

Didn’t they try remaking the entire game when it was a year in becuase it was such a big failure?

No, they fucked it up by dumbing it down because lazy people and little kids couldn’t figure it out, as oppposed to this retardedly simple game. Your comments demonstrate your total lack of knowledge about the subject. The first year that it was out SWG was massively crowded, more than i’ve ever seen TOR. It wasn’t until they dumbed it down that the players started leaving. You’d think the devs of this game would learn from SWG what happens when you constantly keep fucking withthe gameplay… but they obviously don’t.

On the other subject, wookiee is totally ass as a playble species. If you make equipped armor visible they look ludicrous and the 3 people playing them cry, if you make it not visible they cry again… or you have to waste a million dev hours making wookiee only armor. It’s lose-lose and they are a gay choice fora species anyway.

i know of at least 10k maybe more of people who would play wookies rodians trandoshians and more. Not cookie cutter carebear rehashed pink humans sold as “new” species lol

And I know at least twice of that amount, Who DON’T want to have to play with those anoying Furbalg who sound like a mixture between broken car horn,bent trumpet, and squeky Chair, and who look like overgrown version of Cousin IT. Jagarro is anoying as fucking hell, Bowdaar is more or less ok at least for me, though I know a lot of players who would like to throw him out of airlock.
The only more or less viable suggestion you made is Rodians, BUT considering Bioware’s Strict rules on what races CAN and What races CAN’T be implemented I really doubt Rodians will be implemented as PC race.
And the rules are simple
1) must speak basic

2) must be able to be romanced

3) must work for all classes and work with all companions

4) must work with all existing armor
And personally I agree with those rules.
Btw Wookie Sith Warrior or Wookie Sith Inquisitor or Wookie Imp Agent? Are you FUCKING kidding me? I could partially understand Wookie being a BH, BUT other roles…. I really doubt cause Empire were you almost can say exterminating them so that leads us to result that for Wookies at least 3 classes are banned from using. BTW , I also doubt there are Force Sensitive Wookies…Could be wrong, but Never heard of ANY Force sensitive Wookie.
So the only fanboy here is you.

Lowbacca, good sir. Lowbacca is the Force-Sensitive Wookiee you’re looking for…

More than that, mane… there are other canon Wookiee Jedi from the Rise of the Empire era.

Well ok))What I am really trying to say here is that general Wookie mentaity imho isn’t really suited for Jedi, or for Sith for that matter. Like look at Chewie, Jakarro, and Bowdaar, they would more gladly bash someone with a large stick instead of going through years of rigorous mental,physical and phylosophical training.Imho Wookie lack patience most of times to become trained force user))But it;s just my imho))

Honestly, its Star Wars. a genre known for bizarre looking aliens. Its not Fanboi’ing to want some of that. I’d have made a sexy Trandoshan, just saying. Be fighting off those ERP trolls with a stick.

That’s not really the issue. This guy is just making stuff up that everyone wants Wookies. He’s in his own world. Having more races would be just peachy. Whatever.

He’s just got a hard on for Wookies

/sigh /smh there are dozens of swg emus running. Im not the fanboi i dont go nuts when people say swg like the real carebears here. How dare he say swg!

i did some looking there isn’t dozens of SWG emu. There are like 5, the biggest one has a capacity of 3k but rarely gets that many. So no there are not 10k swg emu players and not all of them want wookies.

ok list them then. Also put how many people play each one. Otherwise you are full of bs You are a fanboy you are talking about SWG on a forum where no one said anything about it. It seems you say SWG every chance you can.

Like i said when i saw swg the tor fanbois come out the woodworks ^ thanks for proving my point very much lol

Really. You must be a furry, or something. You don’t makes my sense. What is a trandoshan? It’s a man with a lizard head. Get over it. Yeah, it would be nice if they had those available. It’d be nice to have more than 10 faces for the entire game. It would be nice to have less extreme body-types. It would be nice for the 11 or 12 creepy furries out there like yourself to have everything they want. So it is really funny to suggest thst there are throngs of Wookie and Rodin and trandoshan enthusiasts who are wringing their hands over the situation. Again, it would be cool to have a bunch of new races. It would be cool, to have more class story, too.

Overwhelmingly, players wanted the attractive Togruta over the giant fur ball whose language sounds like a sea lion being raped in slow mo. Another very popular alien race the players would like to use are the Voss, they’re shiney. Nobody wants to be a Stuck with a Wookie in a flashpoint, whether or not he comes equipped with a grating protocol droid sidekick.

this is your arguement im a furry? LOL. Thank you for showcasing why swtor is the failure it is. You know what would be really cool? Competent devs and players that arent naive fanbois who eat shit on plates and rage at anyone that tells them hey why are you eating shit? that would be cooler

how is SWTOR a failure? its got like triple the amount of players and a ton more subscribers then SWG ever had.

If thats a failure what does that make SWG?

This was very constructive and well put!
>”But, it’s kinda cute you’re so obsessed.”

Probably on the way.

As for the cross server sht so many are asking is totally useless and unnecessary.

Its the quality of players we miss not the quantity.

In the discussion, they suggest you tune in June the 15th for more info about story content. They started some #FallenEmpire post which we’re getting more info about, then.

So. Chill.

I agree, god forbid they do anything at all more for the PvP bitches that are driving all the changes that are fucking up my gameplay.

As much as I would like to buy the Yavin 4 stronghold, I can’t due to the 4 stronghold limitation. Unfortunately I spent a lot of time and effort decorating them and can’t myself dropping any of them 🙁

They should, but they said it was a performance issue. I’ll take 4 strongholds rather then constant crashing any day.

Performance issue my ass, it’s not like all 4 or 5 are open at the same time. Just another example of the retards in charge of this game thinking they know what the people that actually play it will think is fun… this again proves they’re totally fucking clueless

Already am, in fact I left shortly after I posted that… and in the game I play now I have 3 persistent houses full of decorations with storage chests and no fucking hook system, I can place my deco wherever I want. And guess what else? So does everybody else in the game, plus active farms full of growing plants and animals 24/7… no instances… and NO PERFORMANCE ISSUES. You get what BW gives you because they don’t give a fuck about you… stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

I’m thinking it would be nice to hear calls for ToS while you’re chilling in your pad. I like that. Tired of hearing calls for “Face Merchants” in my current establishment.

Strongy looks good peaceful and calm, one of the best views so far for strongholds.

Its more like a Zen thing to relax and meditate there.
SO maybe you wont like it if you are not the Zen type but its pretty nice.

Just need them to increase the strogholds limit, cant shut down one of my old ones my companions are using them.

shut down either corsc or dk, whichever faction you dont play on as often. you get all the deco back and youll have 4 sh viewable when you are on your main faction instead of only 3

If SH was a money sink before, this place is a black hole. It looks great, though I’m not a huge fan of habitating in dank and crumbly ruins. Im wondering how large it is compared to the others, as it looks like it must be much larger than most available strongholds combined.

Getting that place to 100% completion will be insane, and 2, getting it to 100% might not be enough to fill it out the way you wish you could. In a perfect world, they’d remove the deco limit. Just cap the benefit towards conquest or prestige if you must.

The only thing in this that is of any interest is the Togruta Species, the stronghold is just dull and boring…..hell you don’t even need a stronghold….but thats my opinion.

I didn’t care Strongholds when they have been announced. But now I kinda like decorationg them. But I’m sick of caves and ruins and ancient this and ancient that stuff in SWTOR. Makes me feel like I amplaying some stupid fantasy game like World of Warcraft. Caves and ruins are for me a tiny part of Star Wars, so tiny that it has nothing to do with the Star Wars Universe for me. Yes there may be some caves and ruins, yes, but this stupid game is 99% caves and ruins. Thats why I dislike the Yavin Stronghold. It’s the Devs building some game that isn’t really Star Wars. I play this game, instead of WoW, for a reason – STAR WARS – why can’t they make this game like the Star Wars Universe we know. Not Caves and Ruins, like Dungeons and Dragons.

Star Wars is about galactic exploration. There are about 3-4 worlds, not including some of the ones in FP’S, that are entirely metropolitan, rather than jungle. Most of them are a mix of city and wilderness. So I disagree with your statement that caves and ruins are not Star Wars, they totally are. Additionally, Star Wars is a Space fantasy, not so much science fiction, so it has more in common with WoW than it does with STO.

Yavin is such a terrible place with its jungles and temples. That was never in a Star Wars movie……

Did you ever actually SEE Star Wars (ANH)???? You obviously never played any other Star Wars games or read any of the books.

personally I’d like to see the options for starships expanded and then allow customizing those via decorations and hooks

Togruta was the most requested species?
How the hell you gonna fit those horns in a helmet?
Are we just gonna forget physical reality like we do with Twi’lek’s.

If someone wants to play Togruta or Twi’lek why would that person want to hide their heads and lose the uniqueness of their race? If people want to have non-human species they should stop complaining about the head clipping since it will never be fixed. It hasn’t been addressed in three years and nothing will change in that matter. Those complains only discourage Bioware from working on such playable species…

tl;dr yes, we gonna forget physical reality and enjoy cool species nonetheless.

agree after spending 1 to 2 hours making my person perfect why would I hide his fabulous face 😀

Physical reality still is a drain though. I wouldn’t mind putting a helmet on rusk or ashara some time

helmets are not visible on togruta, they just turn off (as they already do for the togruta companion)

I just want 2 more server slots. Don’t care about more strongholds unless it’s Hoth. They want to sell these Togruta species on cartel market they better make more server slots available. I see plenty of people wanting more cause the 12x xp they are leveling toons in like 2 days and can’t make more. Don’t go on and say make toons on other servers. The best guilds I’ve been in are the ones where the people are on one server and in one guild.

1 of every advanced class is 16 slots; you can currently have 22. How many duplicate classes do you need?

Personally I did 8 males and 8 females, 2 of each base class they each get a different advanced class and I had half of them go light and half go dark so I could see as much variety in the storylines and romances from each that I could

I have 19 out of the 22 slots unlocked and I cant even think of what I want to bother making into a Togruta, it would be a duplicate class of something I’ve already seen

Out of the areas they showed us, I counted 12 out of 16 Centerpiece hooks. Since they said that the small temples have Centerpiece Hooks, then each one must have one or two. They don’t look too big. I hope that there’s more than just a single Centerpiece Hook on the floor in each one. Maybe two of these hooks are in some of the other unexplored areas? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

1. its not even behind the waterfall, its next to it and very obvious
2. theres 1 centerpiece hook in there and just a handful of other hooks with none in the VERY long cave walkways to get there

that secret cave was a huge let down, it needs way more hooks and they really need to change the worldbreaker to fit on a centerpiece not just a ship hook. if i could stick him in there id have a use for the cave, otherwise im not likely to even put anything in there, its too far out of the way for only a few little hooks

one of the small temples has 1 centerpiece in a very tiny room that should never have a centerpiece in it and the other has no centerpiece just a bunch of larges

That’s a matter of opinion. Yavin IV is iconic, because the Rebel Alliance was based there in the “New Hope” and Luke Skywalker started the New Jedi Order there as well.

Wtf 42mil total for the guild stronghold version?! Total BS, I was going to move our guild stronghold from DK to Yavin but now that I see the price is just another exorbitant credit sink. BW can shove it up they’re A$$!

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you. Tatooine is around that much for a guild stronghold as well. Yavin IV is WAY bigger than the Coruscant and Droumund Kaas Strongholds combined.

It’ll probably be a little more, seeing as Yavin IV is taking 1st place for the most expensive stronghold..

lol u kidding lawl 4 k credits is nothing dude cost be around 10 k CC so 88 euro,s wil be apointed to unlock fully

I’m with you. If the guild version were appreciably better/grander/larger. But 3 times the cost just because it’s a guild is a scam

Now I’d say that’s about right. Even the personal one is dumb, because I only have 23.9 million on my sage. That’s basically it. Wish I had got in on all those credit exploits before they were removed. Otherwise I don’t know how they expect you to fork out credits like this.

Beautiful alpine landscape, waterfalls, forests, soaring thrantas… seems like the perfect place for a secluded mountaintop retreat.

hmm personally I would avoid alderaan,the real estate market is going 2 crash and going 2 go out with a bang 😀

You’ll have 2700 years for your heirs to enjoy the stronghold and invest in asteroid mining futures.

I wouldn’t have any issue with a coastal stronghold on Rishi. Or Rakata Prime, for that matter. What a waste of a habitable world!

seeing how the cost are said to be similar to tat’s costs, I willing to say CC costs to yavin4 are going 2 be around 13K cartel coins

I’m holding out for a Korriban stronghold. That would be awesome! For our Sith toons, their own personal tomb to decorate. Also, really hoping the Togutra are released with 3.3. Haven’t seen any news lately either way.

ah be nice,ive got plans on a juggernaut togruta with vette and then sorc with ashara. My only fear is when the companions realized I romanced lana they will be pissed come October. Until then WOOT

I haven’t gotten anywhere close to Yavin, but you can romance Lana?! Nice. Or will that be in KotFE?

well without spoilers u can some what romance. But from the posts about KotFE seems like your companion wil know if u did romance either theron or lana, and to expect something 2 come up about it.

Sounds absolutely stupid. They waited 5 years to confront you about it? That is not how relationships work. Not even going to mention how bizarre it is for super bros to kidnap you and freeze you in carbonite. :/ KotFE is Bantha Poodoo

yavin pretty much feels like half tomb half temple, probably the best youre gonna get in that style for a while. the stronghold next year will probably be something fancy and upscale not another rugged one.

strongholds are cool, but at the end are very silent, we need some nice events along with them…treasure hunting, investigation, etc… fix ur servers, more people per instanse, be able to bring cool events.

Yavin’s a wonderful stronghold. It’s going to be fun to explore.
If I was to say what I was hoping for, stronghold wise… Well it would have to be an Asteroid hideout, located in an asteroid belt for us smugglers and bounty hunters to escape to wowhahaha! 🙂

11,000 cartel coins to fully unlock
2,500 to buy and than 400 to 2,000 per room after that

Cartel coin page summary:


Purchase: 14500 Cartel Coins ($99.99)

+14500 CC
-1000 -1000 -2000 -1000 -400 -700 -800-1200 -400

tattooine was changed to 900 hooks and now has the most hooks even beyond yavin. yavin has more centerpiece hooks but less total overall. yavin has more open walking with nothing in it (distance from landing to building, length of caverns with nothing in them, etc)

overall it feels slightly larger than tat but in any one room you feel more confined and alot of its empty space outdoors

i have 225,000 prestige, own multiples of every deco in the game and have decorated all 5 strongholds and a guild ship at this point. overall nar shadda is still my favorite in style, tat is the most versatile with the most hooks and yavin is neat but just feels like a place to store left over junk to me. its a coriscant replacement (for me) and not much more mainly because im rarely on pub side so few people ever got to see my corsc. at least yavin will be public viewable all the time like my others

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