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GW2 Thieves will get F2 to use stolen items

Thieves in GW2 will get the F2 key to use stolen items instead of F1 with the specializations update.

Hey all,

A heads up: we’re adding an F2 button for the items that you (thieves) steal from enemies.

With the way that stolen items exist, it’s not always the best option to use your stolen item instantly, but often you have to dump it in order to gain access to Steal again. As a quality-of-life change, you’ll now steal from an enemy and see the stolen item in the F2 slot, while F1 will show Steal and its current cooldown. If you steal again without using the stolen item, it will be replaced/overwritten by the new one.

We weren’t able to show this on the core specialization livestream, but wanted to pass the message on so that it’s not just a bomb drop when the core specialization changes happen (when they’re ready).



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30 replies on “GW2 Thieves will get F2 to use stolen items”

When will the new information about warrior come out?
I want to know what is the new weapon ….

should be pretty late. the order might probably be: Mesmer, Guardian, Necro, Ranger, Ele, Warrior, Thief and Engineer. If they dont delay it again, it should be sown in 3 weeks

would love that. really hate how minions just do what they want, ruining any possibility to go MM in dungeons

well, there is already a way to kick retarded people, just press alt+F4

srsly why would MM necro be such a bad decision. yeh the DPS would be the best, but thats exactly the thing. im getting sick of those run-fullzerk-and-stack “mechanics” .

It’s not whether or not MM necro has good or bad dps, it’s the fact that you can’t control the minions AI well effectively ruining any sort of battle plan the group may have due to random pulls by the minions.

then you completly missed the point. i said that i’d lov e using the F2 – F4 keys to actually command them, so the MM build GETS a choice for dungeons. in that case it wouldnt be a retarded build

You should take your own advice and use altF4 more often, how about every time you enter a dungeon with an MM or a staff on your useless Necro. If only I had a gold for every pug necro that fucked up a dungeon run with a staff5 or their golem…

is my english that bad or are you just to lazy to read. ofc MM necro sucks right now, since those minions just do what they want to. and thats the point. a way to control them would change things completly and make them a possible choice for dungeons

Good. Its annoying when I would be mashing F1 as it cools down, only to not just steal something from someone, but then immediately use it (and considering I like to steal, then withdraw heal under stealth to a safe distance, it would usually mean I’d end up breaking stealth before I roll away, and empty-handed).

Even worse when things get laggy and youre not sure if the games registered you pressing steal…

The fact that stealing again overwrites the existing item means it’s almost no different from just tapping F1 twice. It would only be an advantage to separate out these keys if you could preserve the first item stolen until you wanted to use it.

Purging a stolen item is not always the best option. Lets say that the new stolen items contain a heal with a cast time on it. To heal when at full health just wastes the heal.

With the current way if you suddenly get a small window to attack you have to first purge the item and THEN steal. But with a F2 you will always have instant access to steal and will still be able to carry that heal around just in case you can actually use it properly.

Don’t you love when you throw away the useless engi gunk, go stealth and then an enemy steps on it, revealing you?

Or at least let us stow it away until we log off. I’d manage alright if this became a problem with getting booted from the server since that doesn’t happen all too often.

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this is a nice touch. nothing major, but convenient. it lets us know when the cooldown is almost up and whether to save or use a stolen item in the heat of battle.

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