GW2 Revenant Ventari Legend Livestream Notes

Notes and images of the GW2 Revenant Ventari Legend skills and abilities from the Point of Interest Livestream.


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Ventari Lore

  • Ventari was a character at end of GW1, he lived in Maguuma Jungle 250 years ago.
  • He was a pacifist character that ended up fleeing Tarnished Coast to escape all the violence.
  • He befriended a human named Ronin and they planted the Pale Tree which is now the Grove for Sylvari
  • Ventari’s tablet is basically where Ventari wrote down his life experiences before he died and placed it at the foot of the Pale Tree.

Revenant Staff Skills



  • Autoattack – Third hit in the staff autoattack chain is the Rejuvenating Assault, which drops healing orbs that you or allies can strafe around the enemy to pick up and heal themselves.
  • Punishing Sweep – If you strike someone with the first hit while they are using an action you get the flip over skill (Debilitating Slam). This flip over skill is an AoE weakness that punishes players trying to attack you.
  • Warding Rift – The third staff skill has a pretty neat spinning animation that blocks projectiles in front of you and throws out blocked projectiles to blind 3 nearby enemies.
  • Renewing Wave – The fourth staff skill is a support skill that heals and removes 2 conditions from up to 5 allies in a 300 radius. It does root you in place while you are using this skill.
  • Surge of the Mists – The last staff skill is basically a combo of small knockbacks. You turn into mists while using this skill. You can use this skill for mobility or separating enemies.

Ventari Tablet Skills (Utilities)


  • The tablet is only available when you switch to the Ventari legend and phrases on the tablet that coincide with the skill being used lights up when used.
  • #6 Project Tranquility – This skill will summon the tablet into the world and allow you to use tablet skills. This skill occupy the heal skill slot and changes to the tablet’s heal skill once the tablet is summoned.
  • #6 Ventari’s Will – A ground targeted skill that move the tablet to the location and healing allies it passes through. It can be used for its heal or to reposition the tablet for other skills.
  • #7 Protective Solace – A protective barrier that can be toggled on/off and moved around. It drains your energy while it is on.
  • #8 Natural Harmony – Delayed heal skill that has a delay of 1.5s. You can trigger the heal and then move the tablet into position before the heal goes off.
  • #9 Purifying Essence – AoE condition cleanse that heals for each condition removed.
  • (Elite) Energy Expulsion – AoE knockback that diintegrate the tablet, leaving behind energy fragments that heal allies. This is one of the ways to return tablet to your character. The other ways to get the tablet back is via swapping legend or by moving a distance away from the tablet.

Revenant Salvation Specialization (Ventari Legend) Traits


Minor Traits

  • Disarming Riposte – Blinds foes if you attack them while they are using a skill. Much like the staff #2 skill it punishes enemies for striking against you while you are whacking them. 20s CD.
  • Hardened Foundation – Gain toughness based on a percentage of your healing power. We really want to promote healing power stacking with the Ventari legend. This will make you tanky while playing a support role.
  • Serene Rejuvenation – Flat 15% increase to healing to allies. Might get toned down a bit.

Adept Traits

  • Nourishing Roots – Grant regeneration to allies near the tablet, another reason to have the tablet positioned correctly.
  • Blinding Truths – Blind foes nearby foes when you use a heal skill. We are thinking of maybe changing the blind to a slow instead.
  • Tranquil Balance – While above the health threshold of 90%, increase your heals by 20%. You will see that each trait line has a healing trait to allow you to spec for max healing.

Master Traits

  • Tranquil Benediction – Trait that cause the staff orbs you drop to also grant swiftness and regeneration.
  • Eluding Nullification – Dodge roll removes a condition from nearby allies (up to 5 allies, with a radius of 240).
  • Invoking Harmony – Healing done to allies increased for 20% for 5s after swapping to a legend.

Grandmaster Traits

  • Selfless Amplification – Conversation trait that give you 1.5% outgoing heal increase for every 100 healing power. Promotes more healing power stacking.
  • Natural Abundance – Create energy fragments around Ventari’s tablet when using a legendary centaur stance skill. Basically make the tablet spew out energy fragments when you use any of the tablet skills. These fragments are like the ones from the elite skill and will heal you/allies.
  • Momentary Pacification – Daze nearby foes when you use an elite skill. This skill probably need a CD since we have low cooldown elites with Mallyx.

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38 replies on “GW2 Revenant Ventari Legend Livestream Notes”

Seems to me like Guardians are more defensive support and revenants are more offensive support. I think Guardians will have a better time tanking and turtle-ing.

Not trying to be rude, but did you read this article? Revenants can borderline spam 5k HP heals on their allies every 2 seconds, remove tons of conditions, and form an indefinitely long barrier. Their restriction is energy, but saying their defensive support is weak compared to guardians is wrong.

That’s true :/ So far the Rev is Necro 2.0 and Guardian 2.0 – They seriously give him too many tools. I mean I like diversity but since they won’t buff cleric guardian with HoT what’s the reason to pick guard over rev? Aegis maybe. Use a hammer and rev can compete even with reflects/blocks…

It’s the WoW release Deathknight syndrome all over again. And since we get mayor updates only half a year prepare to have Rev > Everything for at least 6 months…

I try to stay positive but seeing those planned things… I just can’t :/

Except it’s not. To be blunt, if you truly think this, then you really don’t know Necromancer or Guardian. Condition Revenant is only strong when conditions are on them. Necromancers benefit from that as well, but they have a significantly easier time dealing with them as they have more HP. (remember, conditions by-pass armor and toughness). The Revenant offsets this with Resistance…which the Necromancer could boonstrip. Also, remember the mace for Revenant is only strong when the Revenant is able to properly position mobs. It’s still strong, but it also relies on using off hand axe as a gap closer and CC.

I’ve explained above why Guardian is still going to be better in some places for support and their supports COMPLIMENT one another. Healing support in GW2 will always be strongest in large groups (open world PvE like Silverwastes and WvW zerg). In smaller groups, damage will matter more. (Not including sPvP as I don’t do that and can’t comment on it). In order for a Guardian to provide reflect, they just have to swap a utility, Revenants have to lose a LOT more.

All in all, we’ve yet to see Shiro Tagachi as a legendary or Glint. I highly doubt that they’ll provide the same issues and the former will probably see more of a use. This is nowhere NEAR as bad as DK at launch based on the current stats, which are supposed to change.

This is actually even more powerful as DK at launch. The DK was comparatively balanced.

That is fine though – classes do not have to be super balanced.

Well yeah switching to Hammer is totally giving more up than using an utility… and a virtue… and a weapon… and maybe another utility to even be CLOSE to that rev block uptime…

And the thing with condi rev is that you can combo it with another legend. The shiro sword i.e. has Torment on every autoattack so far. Adding everything up, rev will have a far wider debuff application range and variety as necro and warrior or be tankier as they ever could be. Yes, you can boonstrip his resistance… along with might, protection, stability and what not. Remember that you get a lot of buffs from traits, legends, runes and sigils. Most strips take 2 from that pool so theres a huge chance you’ll miss the resistance if the rev knows how to play – Your only chance here is corrupt boon which can be dodged easily due to its animation/cast time…

There have been calculations already, the rev will be op in it’s current state and that’s even without another 2 legends and maybe even something else as elite. You haven’t seen release DK I guess. The DK also had everything and crowded out warriors/paladins when it came to tanking/damage…

Block is only relevant if you’re constantly under attack. If you’ve got problems dodging, then having more block is not going to help you.

Sword has been changed to having vulnerability rather than torment. (Came with the same change as torment.)

Again, remember the NUMBER ONE RULE ABOUT ALL THESE REVEALS: numbers and things are subject to change. It’s this kind of reaction as to why Anet hasn’t started the open betas. They want feedback.

And I played DK at release. No, this is not as bad as DK. Because it’s not FINISHED. Once the betas start and issues come up, yes, that’s a different story.

I was just replying to your argument.

“In order for a Guardian to provide reflect, they just have to swap a utility, Revenants have to lose a LOT more.”

As you might know there are various bosses which get reflected 24/7 by groups to prevent their high dmg potential. Even more so in HoT I assume because have you seen that Hedgehog mob from the Mesmer reveal? Block uptime is a valid factor here and the Rev DOES have it way easier than the Guard. That was the point.

Also keep in mind that we have 3 legends so far which are sorta top notch already. You think Rev will be balanced when they add even more? That is wishful thinking – Balance takes ages with ArenaNet. Rev WILL crowd out other classes with the release. It just depends on how many – By now he’ll be more welcome than a guard as support, and very well Necro as condi tank/hybrid if it mixes well with a physical legend. He also brings multiple blast finishers which makes Eles and Engies cry. The Rev is the pure definition of overloaded kit simply because they want him to have tools for every playstyle.

Well if you look at League of Legends they have their share of op launches but also quite some balanced or up releases. All in all if the champs a package of story, skills and design that fit I don’t think many people care if it’s too strong/weak. Also they balance almost every week so whatever is too strong can get adjusted asap. With ArenaNet we have 1 balance patch every 6 months which is basically hit or miss – mostly miss though because there are so many values affected by 1 simple change which you can’t always plan ahead for…

What I want to say here… For a game as GW2 releasing an op class is rather unhealthy – I really hope they take feedback into account and keep adjusting things like with the jalis skills etc.

Well, the not op champ at release are very few.
Plus always remember that LoL is a PvP only game …the champ’s skills can’t be changed…do not have traits (mastery are common) and equips are common too.
And it have to balance in a PvP only environment. That’s not a 100% justification for Anet, but they actually have a much harder time doing so… Often they change the whole skill, trait and concept behind a class too… Wich require a bigger work then simply raise or lower some stats (lol rework champs too ofc… But one each time and not so often)
They will balance them for sure with time… Just look at war xD it’s nowhere as op as at launch anymore, but still good and viable. For sure in PvP it will use some major nerf and skill change.

I imagine all the new “elite”classes will be somewhat OP- which will sort of balance the OP Revenant. I plan to give them all a try. Most looking forward to the Chronomancer though, can’t wait to start manipulating time.
Take it with an open mind, the class you like now may not be the class you like in HOT.

I agree, it does seem like the same thing that happened with the DK, which was just plain sic at launch. I miss being able to tank in all three specs, that was crazy.

Well, guardian is a different type of support. It support via boons mainly…while revenant will heal and ele is halfway.
Plus OK you can spam stuff, but you will have dead times due to energy shortage or being forced to legend swap… Even thief can spam skills, but even so it’s never a rewarding type of play… Generally used only by unskilled people against other unskilled people.

Beside we still need to see how this will roll out in pve… If they promote more skilled gameplay and more thus more oneshotting atks… Huge heals will mean little stuff… Probably it’s gonna influence a lot in PvP and wvw, but will get needed for sure with time… Remember that new classes in every game are always op at launch xD they have to sell

Guardians are supposed to encompass all defensive support. Assuming they spec for it, they have great healing, barriers, and boons (especially defensive ones). From what I’ve read from this article though, it kind of seems like revenants are pretty easily capable of surpassing guardians in terms of raw supportive potential.

Don’t put words into my mouth, I’m not condemning anything. I’m just saying that revenants might be surpassing guardians in terms of supportive ability, and also in terms of how selfless they can be with their support, and I think that’s nonsense. The meta for guardians isn’t a support build either, so the class as a whole would be fine anyway, just not support guardians.

As far as I’m aware of, the devs haven’t mentioned anything of the sort.

Okay, so I’ll assume Guardians will not be able to out support a Revenant.

I’m not saying that a ventari revenant is overpowered or anything, I just think they can focus in support much more than a guardian can. Guardians have other strengths (like being capable of being tankier than a ventari revenant), but I still believe they should be able to focus in support (at the cost of being tankiness/damage/whatever) as much as ventari revenants can.

By support, you mean healing. Some of these things are nice…well really the extra reflect is nice. As is the AE condition cleanse. However in high end PvE, this is going to be pointless as boon support has a much higher advantage than healing support. Especially in higher level fractals where damage is needed more than pure healing. The only fights that really benefit from this are Mai Trin and Legendary Grawl Shaman. And making those fights easier on higher level is a WELCOMED change.

Keep in mind that in order to get this level of support, a Revenant will have to give up their weapon AND a legend. Now in open world PvE, this is going to be amazing and compliment boon support. This is where healing will shine because it’s expected for players to take constant damage, but not fatal. (Even in glassy builds). However, offensive boon support, which revenant is incapable of with this weapon, legend and specialization will still be relevant.

So, yes, you’re probably one of the few annoyed by this because Revenant is filling the role of a full healing support which guardian was never meant to do. Ever. And don’t forget that Guardian is getting the new AE heal signet.

No actually, by support I mean support. The ridiculous amount of outgoing healing they can stack is nice though. They have spammable cleansing, spammable healing that’s really powerful on allies (ie. purely supportive), and a spammable barrier. With Jallis(sp?) they encompass literally every kind of defensive support, and from the looks of things, they do it better than a guardian.

So what? If guardians want to support, they have to give up a lot too. In fact, perhaps they give up a bit too much for the amount of support they receive, considering that the meta for guardians right now is a selfish meditation build.

Guardians can definitely fulfill the role of a healing support, and I’ll bring out all the math I need to prove it, assuming I have to argue it.

There are multiple types of support. Clumping them all together is illogical. Do you clump condition damage and power damage together as just damage? No, they have different functions and different rules.

Apparently, you missed where they LOSE the tablet and all of its benefits when swapping legends. Which will have a cooldown. And also lose energy. If you didn’t notice in the video, the devs used a command prompt to keep energy at max. They did so in order to show off the skills constantly rather than how they appear in-game.

If you’d like math, here’s some math on the revenant. When swapping to Ventari, they start at 50 energy. Summoning the tablet takes 10 energy (now down to 40). Now if they want to do the ventari cleanse or delayed heal they’ll be down to around 15~20 energy (counting the energy regen). At this point, they’re extremely limited in even using their weapon skills as they won’t have energy to do anything else after that.

Again, the revenant is balanced against energy and that NEEDS to be taken into consideration. These numbers are NOT final as well. But really, if you swap into this legend, you’ll be able to use a couple abilities. You can’t even spam moving the tablet as that costs energy as well. Revenant CAN spam abilities, but if they spam utilities, they won’t be able to do anything besides auto-attack. The devs want to constantly show off skills, animations, and effects during the PoI. Even in their current form, it’s not indicative of the playstyle

I never clumped them together though, so yeah. There’s offensive and defensive support in boons, more defensive support in healing and cleansing, and supportive control abilities (barriers).

Normal professions “lose the benefits” of their weapons when swapping, and I’d honestly compare legends to weapons. I’ve played a revenant, and from what I saw, energy recharges pretty fast. It’s still a limiting factor, but I don’t believe it’s crippling or anything.

I couldn’t care less about the math on Ventari revenants, even though I know from playing a revenant that a 25 energy skill can be spammed fairly frequently. My point was don’t state what classes are intended to be like you’re ANet.

I am taking energy into account, and I still think Ventari revenants offer as much support as guardians, if not more (especially with Jalis’s elite and stability spam). Yes I realize that revenants give up things to gain this support (just like every other class), and yes I know that energy is a limiting factor just as cooldowns are a limiting factor for normal professions, but the fact that guardians cannot be as selfless and focused in their support is ridiculous to me.


Hey thanks for the info, there’s a typo. It’s Ronan, not Ronin, that planted the Pale Tree with Ventari.

I wouldn’t say this trumps the guardian. This is the support weapons coupled with the support legend and the support trait line. With all of that it’s still only got good healing (mind the person in the video has about 1200 healing power, you can tell by the 18% outgoing healing on selfless amplification), projectile blocking, a bit of condition removal and damage mitigation while the guardian has all of that plus hella-better condition removal, offensive boons and active defence. Guardians also have support infused into all of their weapons where the Revenant so far has one weapon dedicated to each role. The revenant is going to kind of be an ele that can only choose one Attunement. If you take main hand mace and off hand axe, you’ll likely be taking Mallyx and Corruption to compliment it. Since every weapon, legend and trait line for the Rev seems to focus on one role alone, Revs will only really have one and a half out of a pool of 4 roles at a time. Due to each Revenant being just a little more than a one trick pony I’ll say there’s good reason for them to be so good at whatever role they choose.

Think after the expansion what will happen in pvp wvw and pve a organize team witch will chose a guardian with crappy traps and slow LB or a ”super support,, rev that can easily change from support/defense to dps. I’m pretty sure they will survive better that a guardian in wvw pvp pve (i bet the guardian will become like the warr personal support, because the revenant will take that team support from them)

Dragonhunter is a DPS specialization. If you wanted to go for group support you wouldn’t be taking that stuff anyways. Revenants can’t change roles that easily. With their weapons, legends and trait lines they’ll be good at one thing mostly and a secondary thing slightly. They only have access to two legends at any time and you’ll likely want to stay in whatever legend compliments your weapon. Revenants and Guardians have their own uses and I don’t think that the Guardian won’t be used as support anymore. The guardian actually -has- access to defensive and offensive boons, damage mitigation, healing, projectile defence (blocking or reflecting), and condition removal across all of its weapons while the Revenant has this one weapon that just makes them very good at healing and damage mitigation.

Don’t just go one about what Guardians “have”. Sure guardian and engi or elem have heals, condition removals for party too. Instead talk about the quality of those in relation with what the Rev have. Rev are better with heals and condition removal because of less downtime that’s for sure, greater heals with much better up time, whereas Guard’s party heal got a minute cool down or that clunky staff. Battle presence is ok, though it takes a GM slot. The dome is pretty neat, unlike guard’s shield 5 or shield of avenger which can be unpredictable Rev can do back-to-back so long as he got energy to pay for, pretty good for duration of a fight. The only thing guard can do better support wide is probably the ability to provide reliably stability, protection and maybe might.

Maybe we shouldn’t consider the guardian as the full support role. Out of all the proffesions , though, it’s definitely got the most support. Think about my point about how everything the guardian does has some support mixed in it. You can take the Greatsword and you’ll still have access to blinds, retaliation and a multi-target pull while still doing decent damage. All guardians have an aoe heal and aoe aegis too although they’re on long cool-downs. The staff/Ventari/salvation combo is only really good at healing and damage mitigation and remember it does have energy costs. Even if you aren’t using any other skills protective solace will only be out for around 12 seconds, which is huge, but unlike sanctuary/wall of reflection/shield of absorption it’s just there to block. The guardian is soooo much more versatile in their support than the revenant. The guardian wasn’t deigned to be full support but this weapon/legend/spec combo is, and it still lacks on the buffing front. So what if the revenant is better at certain aspects of support? Why can’t we have a proffesion that can surpass the guardian in healing? I think we can allow someone else to be good at it.

i have decided to make a Norn Revenant as my main… this is because I can call on the spirits of everything. 😀 lol that and.. Norn T3 Best armorzzZZ!

just wanted to add that Rubi is very hard to watch. she sounds very reluctant all the time.

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