SWTOR New Yavin themed decorations on 3.3 PTS

With the first update of the patch 3.3 PTS, Bioware have added several yavin themed decorations to the decoration merchant for credits.


These decorations are available directly from the Decoration Merchant for credits.

Hanging Moss 500 credits
Hanging Vines 1000 credits
Yavin Flora 500 credits
Yavin Ruins (Corner) 2500 credits
Yavin Ruins (Rubble) 2500 credits

Additionally, with the disappearance of ranked warzone comms with patch 3.3, decorations that were previously available for ranked warzone comms have their prices changed too.

Decoration New Price Old Price
Custom Huttball Stand 2018 WZ Comms 2018 ranked + regular
Flag: Frogdog Banner 1000 WZ Comms 1000 ranked + regular
Flag: Rotworm Banner 1000 WZ Comms 1000 ranked + regular
  • ShenLong

    Noice 😀

  • Lucas

    I probably shouldn’t have bought the Custom Huttball Stand then…

    • Vodorlo

      On the other hand, I had enough comms and am psyched I didn’t yet!

      Still feel bad for you, though

      • Lucas

        I’ll live, thankfully I didn’t spend credits on it at least 😉

        • Kiri

          lmao I sold one this morning for 2mil

  • EleniRPG

    Yay! Finally some plants that don’t have a pot or base. I could understand them not making any for Tatooine, because not much would really grow in that sand after all, but I was hoping they’d add it in for Yavin. I hope we get more.

  • Holyfrog

    I wish they would do this for Tat I would love some Tat themed decos. Wouldn’t it be great to have a centerpiece Sarlacc in the lower courtyard outside of the elevator for your guests to fall in?

    • Sadriel_Fett

      Even more so, if it reaches out and yanks them in.

      • Holyfrog

        Lol that would be epic!!!

  • meyjou

    Not pot! How is this possible?

  • Jonathan Parker

    In case you wanted to take a little piece of Yavin back home with you. I’ll just rip up one of the ancient buildings, I’m sure they won’t mind.

  • Luke Groundpounder

    The ruins are a cool idea. Yavin stronghold looks like something from a Tomb Raider game. They need to add a Lara Croft armor set so Mercs and Slingers can go around dual wielding pistols. In fact, the ones that are coming in the next cartel packs would fit the bill perfectly.

    • Lara

      I’d love Lara as a companion.
      Hope they do this.

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  • LT

    Is there a bar in it somewhere ?
    Need a place to relax after all these fights.

  • Velly Anderson


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