Patch 3.3 SWTOR

SWTOR PvP Gear Prices Changes for Patch 3.3

SWTOR PvP Gear Prices in Patch 3.3. With Patch 3.3, PvP Gear prices have been reduced and ranked warzone commendations have been removed.

Regular Gear (Price in Warzone Commendations)

Item New Price Old Price % Reduction
31A/B Mods 150 400 62.5
31 X Enhancement 150 400 62.5
Mainhand 400 1250 68
Offhand 400 1250 68
Head 325 1000 67.5
Chest 325 1000 67.5
Gloves 325 1000 67.5
Legs 325 1000 67.5
Boots 325 1000 67.5
Bracer 200 600 66.6
Belt 200 600 66.6
Ear 250 800 68.75
Implant 250 800 68.75
Relic 250 700 64.29
Full set 4075 12500 67.4

Ranked Gear (New price in Warzone Commendation)

Reg = Warzone Commendation, Ranked = Ranked Warzone Commendation.

Item New Price Old Price
33A/B Mods 400 400 reg + 800 ranked
33X Enhancement 800 800 reg + 2000 ranked
Mainhand 2000 3500 ranked
Offhand 2000 3500 ranked
Head 1425 2500 ranked
Chest 1425 2500 ranked
Gloves 1425 2500 ranked
Legs 1425 2500 ranked
Boots 1425 2500 ranked
Bracer 700 1250 ranked
Belt 800 1250 ranked
Ear 800 1400 ranked
Implant 800 1400 ranked
Relic 750 1300 ranked
Full set 16525 28800 ranked

PvP Items

Items not listed here do not have price changes

Item New Price Old Price
Black-Orange Crystal 200k credits + 1500 WZ Comms 200k credits + 1500 ranked WZ Comms
Black-Purple Crystal 250k credits + 3k WZ Comms 250k credits + 3000 ranked WZ Comms
Lawgriffarl 2000 WZ Comms 2000 WZ Comms + 1000 ranked WZ Comms
Lobelisk 2000 WZ Comms 2000 WZ Comms + 1000 ranked WZ Comms
Ubrikkian War-Rider 1000 WZ Comms 1000 ranked WZ Comms

Ranked Daily/Weekly PvP Mission changes


  • Ranked Daily now rewards 10 Ranked Season Tokens, 10 stims & adrenals, and 16242 credits
  • Ranked Weekly now rewards 50 Ranked Season Tokens, 15 stims & adrenals, and 18738 credits

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103 replies on “SWTOR PvP Gear Prices Changes for Patch 3.3”

Love these gear changes, makes it easier to max out on gear.

Now all I have to do is get in a ranked match, oh wait…

I actually suspect these changes will make more people more willing to participate in ranked. Getting gear seems easier, and along with the tokens, it seems more rewarding for non-hardcore pvpers.

They’ve got to start somewhere. Can’t improve everything at once, especially considering how picky pvpers can be..

This is for all the pve whiners, has nothing to do with the pvpers. And if pvper’s don’t like it, it would be understandable. I doubt pve players would like it if they gave all the top pve gear to pvper’s for practically free. One of the things that makes mmo’s fun is the progression and working on getting those new pieces. When they give it away it takes away that feeling of achievement, and makes the game more boring because there is less to strive for.

PVE gear is easy to get in comparison to the current PVP gear. In one run that takes about 40-80min you are able to get one piece. Can you do that in PVP? Exactly. That is why only 1% of pvpers have full ranked gear. The changes are fair. Elitist talk about progression has no place in this discussion since ranked queues were nearly extinct on all servers but pvp. Generally pvp is in decline. So unless you want to feel elitist only among 100 other players that had the patience to get the whole gear for ranked, then those changes are good. Boast of your rating and results. This is where the value is when you want to feel superior, not gear.

PvE and PvP are nothing to do with eachother, quit comparing them. Makes me think the entire game is populated by 9-year-olds. I only have full 174 gear on two characters. I’ve topped the server leaderboard twice in a row. The gear grind made min/maxing and farming pretty pointless. This really is just a lovely change in general, both for casual players and for the veteran playerbase who have too many characters. PLUS it means you can finally level through warzones and buy a full set of PvP gear when you hit 60. Buuut people will always find something to whine about. You want progression? Go play ranked, or roll new characters. You want something to strive for? Go hit the top 10 in ranked.

Also rewarding veteran PvPers too. All some of us have to do in the game is level characters whilst waiting for ranked to pop, I have 22 characters and not even close to the amount of time necessary to put them all in 174s. Even right now, I only have two sets of 174 gear across my entire account. This should make alting much easier, and reduce the need for switching legacy gear between faction mirrors.

Anyone know about the PvP decos? Some required ranked WZ Comms, like the Huttball Stand.

Edit: Oh, I found it on the other recent post about Yavin decos. Thanks.

Where, in my statement, did you hear a complaint?

Wait, is this what PVE-ers are? Between waiting for groupfinder to pop they troll on discussion boards and totally misinterpret everything they can?

I will clarify, “Current exhumed gear costs about 12k, new Dark Reaver is ONLY 4 K MORE, which is a GOoD THING because IT WILL BE EASY to get. So I do really much like and look forward to 3.3”

I’ll give you credits for trying to clarify. Sadly people jump too fast to conclusions and flame you for it without knowing what the fuck you are talking about :b

Yes but you need Exhumed gear first in order to exchange it with the Dark reaver so yes its not bad at all.

Any ideas on what the rewards are like from ranked warzones if you get max commendations from medals?? That way we can calculate how much the mount would be

No, and no. You can’t calculate it because prices for the rewards haven’t been dropped. Just hold on, son.

well, I could actually,

“As a few examples of the participation level needed for the Gold tier mount, a player who does not place in Bronze or above would need to play more than 60 games per week for the entire season at a 50% win rate, earning max medals each match, while completing every daily and weekly to purchase the mount (but if they lost every game and got the minimum number of medals it would take about 5000 games in a season to accrue the Comms needed). This gets easier for players that place in rating tiers, but a Silver rated player would still need to play more than 18 games a week, winning half their games, achieving max medals each match, completing every daily and weekly for the entire season while not purchasing any other rewards to afford the mount.”

Using that info if I knew how much you earned per match and from weekly turn in’s etc I could calculate a rough figure for the mount

I would really like to see some estimates on end of season reward prices, I enjoy pvp JUST enough to get what I want, and not much more than that, it would be lovely to know when I am done.

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Ugh…that means I’ll have to spend some of my warzone comms on expensive stuff. =(

Thanks for the info.

I have 22 toons on my main server, this means that if I stock up, I’ll have ~60k WZ comms, which is like….15 exhumed or 4.8 dr sets.

I’d say hold onto it

Its Ok, just stick to 162 bolster until the prices drop, and stay out of ranked for the time being.

Weapons? Who said anything about weapons.

22 x 2750 = 60500, this is the comms that can be kept under the cap.

FFS I wish people used their brains more

Ah i didn’t think of it like that, i’ve got weapons and its a touch dodgy if they end up reseting.

I recommend stocking up on medpacs, those prices won’t change, and are always useful.

I hope they make those tokens or the rewards BtL. Its such bullshit that one has to make an imperial character on most servers just to do some ranked.

Fantastic! Love these changes. It will probably make more people do ranked and that’s good – elite or not.

It should, but unless they change something about ALL rewards being legacy based, its still going to be just one faction doing it.

Depends, I’m on an RP server and even teamranked is active now. Imps are the most active faction of course but occasionally Repside pops. Once the playerbase increases and more people are willing to try it, there will be more people.

And the sooner it happens, the better. At current, all you need to do is bring your teamranked squad to Repside and queue at the same time, basically guarantees you’ll all be put together against some random solo idiots. Playing teamspeak teamranked in the soloqueue, such fun.

Either way, the highest-rated player on this server’s solo queue was a 2.6k shadow in S2. I think rewards like titles should be bound-to-character, however much it annoys me. Mounts, on the other hand.. I wouldn’t mind a collections unlock on those, especially since I have 22 characters on my main server. But these rewards are meant to be exclusive, after all.

There’s lots of doom mongers around that say ranked is going to die in 3.3.
Well, that’s bullshit.
At current on many servers, the environment is hypercompetitive and toxic as hell. Inexperienced and/or bad players are bullied out of the queue and not even given a chance, though admittedly many of them could learn more from regs than from getting murdered repeatedly in ranked with no explanation as to why.

Either way, participation will be up, more people will be trying it, means you can’t single out players and bully them anymore because they have strenth in numbers. It’ll be great, plus the ELO system will work better with higher participation. Won’t be so much of a lottery like it is now because there’ll be the chance for both teams to get new players, rather than each match being horribly screwed because one team had the misfortune of ending up with the bad players.

That said, people won’t stop taking their rating super srsly. I certainly won’t, when I want to play for fun I play regs.

F2P can’t equip artifact gear and Preferred need the expansion to reach lvl 60, also those numbers are the same for everyone.

Only PvP with bonus rewards for subs is GSF as far as I know.

my bad, f2p people cant reach 60 yet pref can, pvp pieces are more expensive for prefs for example if an unranked chest piece cost 1000 comms for subs, for prefs cost 1250 comms or so

Didn’t I read something about warzone credit/comm/XP rewards being boosted in some incoming patch? Can’t remember.

They never were, they never will. It will still be cheaper than it was in the past. And yet it will not make me reactivate my dormant PvP geared alts … 5 matches a week just are not worth the trouble.

You can play an infinite amount of warzones if you can get a friend to group queue you. Bug’s been in since F2P hit, it’s not going away anytime soon.

Not bad so far as I can see them.

But the clothes don’t make the warrior it only helps him a bit, so you need to master your rotations and skills as you get the gear above.

That is true, but do remember that if you’re doing ranked, and you don’t have ANY PvP gear at all.. Good luck with your skill, but you’ll die. 🙂

I’m fairly confident 162 PVE gear on a competent/experienced player beats ranked gear on a noob. 162 -> tier 1 PVP -> ranked PVP make a difference but they’re not orders of magnitude like having a clue vs. not, is.

My math must be off. They said Dark Reaver was lowered by 81%? Was it 81% off the initial set cost, or in total after you factor in things like converting WZ comms? Because there’s a huge difference.

Maybe they just changed it, I was expecting ranked pieces to cost 725 comms. Factoring in normal comm -> ranked comm conversion would be silly because the dailies and weeklies both grant large amounts of comms.

I want to come back to PVP. I haven’t played since 3.0 release. Black Market gear is the best one to start, right? I sold all gear pieces from Rishi while ago. What about the main hand? Should I use my old 154 with Expertise or somehow get 162 mods for it?

Wait for the 3.3 to hit the decks and start gearing from the beginning meanwhile using your old pvp gear.
Will be easy and fast, so you can start now so you have a good amount of comms already to buy the new gear after 3.3 with the new reduced prices.

I’d say buying level 53 blue 148 mods is the best way to do it, same for offhand. Mainhand/offhand at 156-162+ will completely kill your expertise. Optimal build is a 146 setbonus combined with ~162 mods and 172 enhancements, plus full 146-148 mods for mainhand/offhand. Might subtract 10 expertise or so, but you’ll still be at 2k+ expertise and with the best build possible.

Probably, but when i copyd my character to PTs, my ranked just transformed to those tokens. Still, they can fix it.

more like this they will be transfered to normal comms i guess.. just like pve coms at 2.9 – 3.0 patch

Any news on what pvp gear will be for 3.3? Will it be a new set or still 174. I have a full set of ranked gear on my Sorc and Mercenary. I like to get the Dark Reaver set on my Agent as well for the look.

They should also implement a similar system for elite / ultimate comms. I have 400 elite in my main gunslinger he doesn’t need, and it’s a bit expensive to rip / rip back mods of gear.

I hope they make all the ranked rewards legacy based. I HATE the fact I have to be imperial and on my FOTM to win ranked matches. I’m not transferring servers when I enjoy playing with my friends

sorry.. what I meant to ask was for the Dark Reaver gear.. the step up from Exhumed. You need the headpiece plus comms to get the helm. How do I get the headpiece (or chest or relic etc.)

Oh.. well that makes more sense. Sorry for the silly question :3 Random question Dulfy, what server do you play on the most? I just started to play PVP but I have 8 toons all on a PVE server.. is it worth the switch to a PVP server?

Hmm.. Harbinger, I think that’s Europe? If so I probably won’t ever have the pleasure of being killed by you haha 😛

Well then.. I guess I could swing that.. I play east coast usually. Random questions, if I start on a new server I don’t get to keep my legacy perks I’m assuming.. but do I get to keep my collections?

Easiest way to get around that: transfer a character you don’t use very much from the server you’re on right now, over to The Harbinger. Your Legacy is copied over with it, so you can keep whatever Legacy perks (like Rocket Boost, class buffs, the Presence buff from companion affection, etc.) you already have from your home server. Character transfers are only 90cc right now, so get them while they’re cheap!

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