SWTOR Voss Shrine Sculpture to be available in 3.3

The decoration Voss Shrine Sculpture that has been missing since the release of strongholds will be available in patch 3.3 from the reputation vendor.

“Voss Shrine Sculpture” is it in game? | 06.05.2015, 03:23 PM

Originally Posted by Ulytau

This item is seen on decors list as an achievement reward so i searched all achievements i can see in the game but i was able to see this particular piece as a reward for any of them. Will there be an hint on how to get it?

Hey Ulytau,

I got some information on this from the team, and here are the details… The Voss Shrine Sculpture is incorrectly listed as coming from an achievement currently in the game. Here is the plan on where you can find it and how to get it:

  • The Voss Shrine Sculpture will be available on the Voss Reputation vendor.
  • The Sculpture will require Champion status to purchase.
  • It will cost two Universal Prefabs to purchase.
  • This is likely to go into the game in Game Update 3.3 (I can confirm when we get closer).

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


By Dulfy

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Giving new abilities just for pvp would be this game’s complete revival. Players that have left because of boredom and lack of content now have to learn new rotations, and new fun styles of playing. All of which do NOT affect PVE in anyway.

As an added and possibly unintended result….pve players will try out pvp just to see the new abilities.

This is the BIGGEST INCENTIVE to increase participation in pvp.

One can only dream…..And that’s what it is. A dream. It will never happen.

Keep in mind there’s been a nerf for a class every month since 3.0. And it won’t stop anytime soon. Players will continue to leave. game will continue to die. It’s a shame. I actually enjoy it.

Everything. I’m trying to save the game by bringing awareness that pvp in its current state is killing it. What are YOU doing to save SWTOR?!

lol cool joke, but lets be serious the true revival of this game would to bring the original intention and promises back, CLASS MISSION MATE! pvp isn’t the heart of this game

Tell that last sentence to a pvp’er. To them there’s nothing else “worth doing in swtor”

in there lies the problem, i play all aspect of the game. if you join a game only for one part in the long run content will be lacking, always will, regardless of the thousands of promises a developer makes of countless new content coming in a wave after wave. it will never be true. if it is, it is a rare case then.

if you play a game only for one aspect of the game, you will find your self being bored of doing the same thing over and over and over again.
And like i said pvp isn’t the heart of this game. The main reason people came to play star wars besides the fact that its star wars and part of the old republic franchise, was the class story. that was the biggest pull of all the players that came.

People left soon after and when RoTCH hit, more left since it did not include class stories. The story is the heart of the game in any mmorpg hence the name Role playing game.
Ofc there is more to the story as pvp is a part of it, but people always intend to be naive thinking that only one aspect matters, i love the pve part, i love pvp, i tend to lean more to pvp over the couple of years, lack of people abilities to read properly and communicate as a team player. Always thinking its only about killing other players.

pvp is a part of this game i acknowledge that, i dont agree with the pve players screaming be rid of pvp no one needs that, believe me game without pvp doesn’t tend to keep a large player base(If im wrong, anyone can correct me on this), but a game that constantly nerfs and buffs pvp part and let pve suffers isnt the right way to go either.

Both aspect are important to an mmo. it keeps a game balance, but history has shown more than half the changes that half been made on class skills have been in favor of pvp aspect. And yet people tend to complain over and over.

You can only add so many game modes to pvp game, game modes that half been the same in any game whether its fps, or mmo its the same.
Constantly seeing people complaining they need new game modes but never have i seen them throw in an idea of kind of game mode they would love to see, they keep begging for new maps, (as if that really would satisfy them) Huttball, when the new map was introduce, i saw a lot of complaints.

Not saying that the same doesn’t go for pve, but when it comes to pve, a raid is always tied to a story, which makes it a lot more fun to go through it the first few times. maybe a few more.
Pvp is fun, killing people, being tactical, planning and communicating but like i said, that seems to happen a lot less.

maybe it changed, havent pvp’d in a while but adding more skills wont make pvp more fun or less fun, it will make things only complicated, exhibit A: the constant nerf and buff. Why add more skills if the current ones cant even be properly balance.

The only way to trully seperate pvp from pve is when skills work differently pvp combat and in pve. but it doesnt so when pvp players dont like something it gets nerfed or buff making pve unstable, then more tweaking and tuning has to be done, or bosses have to be adjusted.

there is always more then one side of the story, and being naive and thinning only one part matters cause thats the only part they like will only topple the game down upon it self if a company would cater to such demands.

I agree. Did he write this as some kind of dissertation? It goes on forever!

Just focus on the statue guys one subject at a time.
There will be more future post that will need pvp comments and more blshts so lets take a break and comment to each post for what it is.

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look man, no joke…i think you need to get help. Your obsession with PvP (not even being a PvP player) is bordering on some form of psychosis. Let it go man; you’ll be a lot happier.

I’ll tell you the same thing. What are YOU doing to save swtor? All you guys whine and cry all the time but you provide zero constructive feedback.

All you do is try to come up with ideas that benefit one class (your class) or something within the game that YOU like to do.

In other words you want BW to tailor the game to YOUR liking. I bring awareness to something MANY want. a complete separation of pvp and pve. That way the biggest loud mouths and most toxic community in the game can have their own world of crap and leave pve untouched forever.

That’s bliss. Thats a prosperous game. Not a “nerf this nerf that, PT too strong, cc too long” crybaby pvp bullshit

I’d believe you, except for one thing.

When you look at the server volume on login, it’s ALWAYS the PVP servers on “Light” whereas the RP and PVE servers sit at “Standard”. If people REALLY want to PVP so much, then the open PVP servers should be the busiest ones out there. But they’re not.

PvP servers are of course PvP-focused. Most players stick to PvE or enjoy both, so they go to a PvE server. It literally is as simple as that, activity of PvP servers means nothing. The population of PvPers there is far more active than what can be found on any other server.

Let’s not forget the fact that 95% of the non-casual PvP playerbase have been driven to quit thanks to horrifyingly incompetent decisions from the developers.. like letting the ranked fiasco last for five entire seasons when they should’ve fixed it after the first one.

Uck, who cares its super ugly, just give us some new decos for the slot machines event next week.

so that decoration that was missing since the start of stronghold, finally being put in the game and it has such ludicrous requirement fuck that

Ludicrous requirement? This is nothing compared to the Tython-Korriban decors and what they cost.

I’m assuming you’re referring to the reputation. Run the heroics on a 50-60 character a few times between now and the end of July and you’ll have the reputation. A decently geared 55+ shouldn’t have trouble running them solo. It’s really not that hard.

Thats the price you have to pay Robin.
Just run a few dailies there and you will be fine will get the credits too.
So no need to complain,

With the shorter quick travel time, anyone 55+ with any amount of gear can probably do the weekly in 30-45 min, so its a nice incentive to start doing the Voss weekly again

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