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SWTOR 3.0 Fury Marauder DPS Guide by Artorias

SWTOR 3.0 Fury Marauder DPS guide written by Artorias of Ebon Hawk. Updated for patch 3.2.1.


Intro to Fury Marauder

Introduction: Fury is currently one of the few AOE specs in game, how ever with changes to the spec in update 3.0, the spec is now capable of doing a pure single target rotation to allow for added damage by sacrifcing AOE in the rotation. This allows you to swap between a single target burst and an AOE burst depending on the situation.

Note: This guide was translated from Rage Juggernaut. Rage and Fury have near identical rotations due to Vicious Slash merely replacing Retliation for single target. The rotation for Fury is actually easier than Rage, as such there is a higher insentive to run it.

Utility Selection



Cloak of Carnage: Increases the damage dealt by Cloak of Pain by 15% and increases its duration by 4 seconds.


Defensive Forms: Shii-Cho Form: Further increases Damage Reduction by 2%


Cloak of Rage: While Cloak of Pain is active, it generats 1 rage when ever you’re attacked. This effect cannot Occur more than once every 3 seconds.



Path Carver: Sweeping Slash deals 25% more damage. (For AOE Fights)



Defensive Roll: Reduces damage taken from area effects by 30% and increases Internal and Elemental damage reduction by 5%.

and Select one or more of the following depending on fight.


Cloak of Annihilation: Each use of Assault, Battering Assault and Crippling Slash reduces the cooldown of Cloak of Pain by 3 seconds.


Phantom: Increases the duration of Force Camouflage by 2 seconds and further increases the movement speed bonus of Force Camouflage by 20%


Relentless: Predation no longer requires or consumes Fury, but will go on cooldown for 30 seconds when activated.



Brooding: Reduces the cooldown of Intimidating Roar by 15 seconds. In addition, you build up to 30 Fury over the course of using Channel Hatred. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.

(select one of the three depending on preference or fight requiring cleanses often)


Undying: Increases the duration of Undying Rage by 2 seconds and reduces the cooldown by 30 seconds


Unbound: When Predation is applied or refreshed, it purges movement-impairing effects. Additionally, the movement speed bonus of Predation is increased by 30%


Expunging Camouflage: Force Camouflage removes all cleansable effects when activated.

The above utilities are outlined to make the most of your Raid Utility and PVE environments.


  • Single Target Dps: 7
  • AoE Damage: 9
  • Rotation Difficulty: 4
  • RNG Dependant: No
  • Burst: 8
  • Sub 30% Talent or Ability Buffs: Yes

Gearing & Stats Priority

  • Accuracy: 100% Melee (110% Force). 1% from Companion, 760 Accuracy Rating from Gear.
  • Alacrity: 1 Enhancement
  • Surge: Use for remaining budget
  • 250 to 400 Critical Rating (1% from companion)
  • All other secondary stats in Power
  • Augments: Might (Strength)
  • Relics: Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution
  • Set Bonus: 6 Piece Weaponmaster
  • Form: Shii-Cho

What you need to know

Fury revolves around buffing yourself passively in rotation to allow for a massive hit at the end of each ‘cycle’. These cycles remain the same but if you have no idea of your passives then you won’t know how or why the cycles are there in the first place.



Berserk: While in Shii-Cho, converts 30 stacks of Fury to generate 8 Rage over the next few seconds.


Destruction: While Shii-Cho Form is Active, activating Berserk/damage dealt by Force Crush grants Destruction, increasing the damage dealt by your next Raging Burst and Force Smash by 15% and reducing their cost by 100%.


Dominate: Force Charge and Obliterate make your next Smash or Raging Burst automatically Crit.


Rout: Assault, Battering Assault, Vicious Slash, Sweeping Slash, Force Scream, Vicious Throw and Furious Strike reduce the active cooldowns of Smash, Raging Burst, and Obliterate by 1.


Cascading Power: Increases all damage dealt by 5% for 6 seconds after dealing damage with Smash or Raging Burst. Cannot occur more than once every 8 seconds.


Dark Resonance: Increases the Critical strike damage of all abilities by 15%.


Gravity Manipulation: Force Crush grants Gravity Manipulation, providing immunity to interrupts and controlling effects 6 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.


Battle Cry: Reduces the Cooldown of Obliterate by 3 seconds. When Force Charge or Obliterate is used, your next Force Scream deals 5% more damage and generates 1 rage.


Furious Defense: While Shii-Cho Form is active, Furious Strike grants Furious Defense, increasing your defense chance by 10% for 6 seconds.



Raging Burst: Deals a massive amount of single target Kinetic damage when buffed fully (this should always be the case.) Procs Cascading Power and consumes Shockwave and Dominate.

Costs: 0 Rage


Force Crush: Deals Kinetic damage over time before hitting with a final blow which deals a higher amount of damage. Grants Shockwave and Gravity Vortex.
Costs: 3 Rage


Smash: Deals a massive amount of Kinetic damage when fully buffed, though less than Raging Burst, compensates for this by being AOE. Should never be used on Single Target.

Costs: 0 Rage


Furious Strike: New ability added in 3.0. Deals high amount of weapon damage and autocrits when utilizing the 6-piece Weaponmaster Set Bonus making it one of the hardest hitting abilities in game.

Costs: 5 Rage


Force Scream: Deals moderate Kinetic damage. Has a Range of 10m, this ability isn’t used as much as previous Fury to make use of the 6 piece set bonus.

Generates: 1 Rage


Obliterate: 10m gap closer and one of the most used abilities due to granting Decimate.

Costs: 2 Rage


Dual Saber Throw: Deals less damage than all your single target abilities but is decent in AOE situations. Procs Weaponmaster Critical Set Bonus

clip_image002[60] Ravage: Used in its own respective cycle. Ravage had its damage and CD reduced to 18 seconds in 3.0 allowing you to use it more frequently and within Cascading Power windows, meaning it’s always 5% more powerful. Also procs your Weaponmaster Critical Bonus.

Vicious Throw: Used in place of Vicious Slash in every Ravage Cycle. Your second highest critical ability (when crits does more damage on average than Raging Burst)

Costs: 3 Rage


Vicious Slash: Used in conjunction with Furious Strike to deal moderate weapon damage and reduce active cooldowns.

Costs: 3 Rage


Assault: Never used as it does terrible damage and has zero benefit to you entirely.

Generates: 2 Rage


Force Choke: Never used. Minimal damage and will unsettle your rotation.

Generates: 4 Rage


Force Charge: Simple gap closer that allows you to transition to your target in opener or if you need to swap and get to your new target ASAP.

Generates: 3 Rage

Opener and Rotation

The opener for Fury is rather simple and never deviates regardless of scenario. Berserk frontloads your Destruction and Force Charge grants Dominate, allowing the following Raging Burst to crit. Your Ravage will proc your Weaponmaster Set Bonus allowing the first Furious Strike to Crit.


As I mentioned above, Fury follows ‘Cycles’. One cycle ends and another begins, each cycle ends with a Raging Burst (or Force Smash depending on if you want AOE). Each Cycle subsequently bleeds Rage or lack there of into the next cycle.

There are 2 types of cycles. I like to call them the "Berserk Cycle" and "Ravage Cycle." These cycles follow one another, when an Berserk Cycle ends, the Ravage Cycle begins, so you can keep track of which cycle you’re supposed to be doing on the CD of Force Crush as it’s the first ability used in the Ravage Cycle.


Each Cycle follows another, even into the execute.

You may be asking where you can fit Dual Saber Throw into rotation for AOE? The best place I’d personally put it is in your Berserk Window’s Cascading power following your Smash, this will give near back to back AOE and will buff it with Cascading Power.

The location where Bloodthirst is placed mid-rotation is dependant on two things: Do you have Frenzy? And how much Fury do you have? If you prematurely use Frenzy, you’ll push to 30 stacks and will only have enough Fury to use one activation. So when Frenzy is up and Satiated has fallen off, it should look like this:


This Obliterate is the one at the end of your Berserk Cycle. You’ll consume your 30 stacks of Fury with Berserk, then gain another 30 stacks with Frenzy, then consume those with Bloodthirst, this priority will mean you don’t throw your rotation off and needlessly throw away stacks by popping Frenzy as soon as it comes up.


The execute changes the rotation slightly in favor of damage. The rotation itself doesn’t alter and neither does resource management, the only thing that changes is an ability shift in your Ravage Cycle to gain more damage. By substituting your Vicious Slash for Vicious Throw, you gain the 2nd most powerful critting ability in rotation without any draw back. Pretty good right? Your rotation will look like this:


What to check for?

What was the minimum hit of your Raging Burst/Force Smash? You’ll see a rough deviation of roughly 2000 due to Relic and Adrenal windows. If you land a 10000 Raging burst, your minimum should be the low 8000’s. If you have hit far lower than this 4k deviation, you’ve messed up a Shockwave window at some point or another.

The Number of Obliterates+Force Charge activations = Number of Raging Bursts+Force Smashes.

APM (Actions Per Minute) of at least 39.4

Are you clipping Ravage effectively at the 0.3 second mark? Clipping Ravage with Furious Strike secures it inside the Cascading Power window.

Is your Raging Burst/Force Smash average output higher than 10secs? If so, you’re delaying it or your rotation is too slow.

Video & Parse Analysis

Parse Analysis

  • Raging Burst will make up most of your damage since it’s one of your most used abilities. There are times where it may not be the top damaging if Furious Strike manages to crit very heavily.
  • Furious Strike is one of the strongest abilities you have outside of Raging Burst, even going as far as to out damage it when it crits. Furious Strike is a heavy contributor to your overall damage and always falls into your Cascading Power windows.
  • Master Strike is more so a filler but due to being used near on cooldown with Cascading Power it builds up to a substantial total.
  • Obliterate hits hard, used once a cycle meaning its also used frequently, as such it contributes to the over all damage by being more than a simple gap closer.
  • Vicious Slash being your most used filler and on top of the surge bonus and Cruelty means it’ll crit and deal heavy damage often.
  • Force Crush will come close or even surpass Vicious Slash if the ticks and final hit crit often enough. As it’s not used as often, typically it can fall short.
  • Bladestorm and Zealous Strike being used every second cycle mean that they don’t contribute a lot in total but still do respective damage themselves.
  • Force Flagellation being a passive will add up to a small amount of damage, just barely a head of force leap.


Video of the Fury/Concentration Rotation


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

64 replies on “SWTOR 3.0 Fury Marauder DPS Guide by Artorias”

No lie, Oofalong is so upset at the state of Marauders right now… he’s destroyed his Mara’s… well at least 3 of them. granted what i’m saying is second hand knowledge, but i trust the source.

I hope that that isn’t true. Such a petty reaction would be kinda silly and should be beneath his standards.

Wouldn’t it be better to switch the vicious slash in the ravage cycle with battering assault in the berserk cycle? This way you would have battering assault outside the cascading power window, but another vicious slash insde cascading power.
It seems to be like this because for rage juggs, you have to use retaliation after furious strike, but vicious slash and furious strike aren’t linked to eachother for fury marauder.

Its got to do with Focus/Rage management, though TBH im pretty sure its mostly leftover muscle memory on his part from Focus/Rage Guardian/Jugg’s rotation.

I’d also like to add that this would mean switching battering assault with a vicious slash in the opener as well.

Adje, I’ll run some parses tonight and see how it goes but I appreciate the input and If it works out I’ll throw Dulfy the changes.

If you are going to make a Marauder guide could you at least have the decency to roll one for the video, if nothing else. and yes i know sent is the same thing but the animations are so bright i can barely follow the video.

I have a mara 🙂 Issue is he’s like 58 since I actually don’t run on Imp Side much. I’ll be leveling one to record a video with rather soon. I didn’t want to have a level 58 Mara parse video and have nothing but MISS and RESIST pop up.

Short note on the opener – You can actually forgo force charge in favour of obliterate, and not really have an opener because the rotation just jumps right in.

Ravage does actually generate some fury, even with berserk active, so always want to use frenzy somewhere between berserk and ravage.
Edit: That is exactly what you said, my bad. >.<

you must take it easy on arty, he likes to make guides on non popular specs to get his name out there, it makes him feel important, he likes to self gloss. But kudos to atleast getting something out there, it’s easy to find and not a horrible starting point.

I know this guide is far from what would be the best, I tried my best from my experience of Rage on top of playing Fury/Concentration for a few raids but I will be heavily looking for input on the community and adjusting as such. I want this to be as comfortable and as accepted by the community as it can be because I know that a lot of people were waiting for this and want a decent guide so I’ll be constantly making changes in time so bear with me 🙂

To all the Marauders out there, sentinels too. I want to say that first off, this isn’t going to be breathtakingly amazing. I know there are some little flaws and kinks out there that may cause issues or you may disagree with. I stepped forward since it’d had been the ‘six months’ people had been saying and no one had been making a guide for Fury and honestly it seemed like no one would. So I decided to take what I knew from Rage and try and apply it to Fury while respecting some of the parts of the spec. I will be looking for input from you all and will be making changes as time passes, just don’t go guns blazing and hating me or hunting my social network accounts down! I’ll be checking in every couple of days and I’ll work on getting a Marauder video up so people can relate more easily.

good, now i need the pub side and some comparison between the other disciplines wicht one hit harder??

I’m unsure what Watchman is pulling post change, Combat is pulling decent numbers and Fury in professional hands is about 300 to 400DPS behind? But in Single Target Burst, Combat would outshine Fury.

First off, thanks a ton for the guide. It’s nice to see one finally up for Fury Mara’s

My only question:
I came up with my own rotation which is similar except that I swap the first vicious slash with battering assault.
This way vicious slash (which does more damage) is under the cascading power window, while battering assault (your least damaging ability in the rotation) is outside of it.
Is there something I’m missing/a reason as to why you put battering assault inside the cascading power window instead?


It’s muscle memory from Rage’s Rotation. Rage is very restrictive and it’s habit. People have mentioned better alternatives including yourself which I’ll be testing and making adjustments for, thanks for your input.

Would be a pro-tip if it weren’t wrong – Furious Strike, Force Crush and Ravage all want to end up under Cascading Power as they hit far harder than Obliterate – Looking at his example parse, Obliterate contributes ~50% more damage than Force Crush, but is used twice as often, ravage contributes ~20% more damage than obliterate and is used half as much, and Furious Strike hits about twice as hard as obliterate. And since you need to use a ravage under Berserk or else you’ll be fury starved, you have to combo force crush with ravage, meaning you can’t get Obliterate under cascading power (right after Raging Burst)

Just an idea, but you might be able to fit obliterate, ravage and furious strike in cascading power, this would mean having to use force crush outside your cascading power, on the other hand you would have obliterate in stead of vicious slash in your other cascading power window. No idea if it is worth it, just an idea.

That is what I meant. I use Force Crush in the end of the round and it’s largest hit is inside next Cascading Power.

The buff lasts 9 seconds or so, so you don’t have to use obliterate immediately before the raging burst.

He’ll i’ve even contemplated having a GCD between the obliterate and raging burst, and putting either Force Crush or Zealous Strike in the gap depending on the cycle. Sure you miss 2 ticks of Force crush under Cascading Power, but in exchange you can most likely have a much stronger ability inside instead. Plus you still get the 3rd weak tick and the super strong tick inside Cascading Power, and that’s over 2/3rds of the damage right there.

in all honesty you can create a rotation that has it either before or afterwards and you won’t see a change in DPS.

Obliterate > Force Scream > Vicious Slash, having Obliterate inside of Cascading Power is better than the other two. And as Kwerty described, you can still have last tick of Force Crush inside of Cascading Power if you use it before Raging Burst.

oh, I see now. I should try, and probably change, my rotation then. That makes a lot of sense.
Hilariously I wasn’t having trouble reaching 4k on a dummy parse with my old rotation. I’m excited to see what will happen.

Thank you for this. As a new Marauder Fury, since 3.0 was released, I’ve been looking for a comprehensive treatment of the class, and this is the first one I’ve found. Now if only I could find a PvP version, I’d be very, very happy. I know that there may be some inaccuracies or differences of opinion on individual points, but this, finally, gives the new 3.0 Mara Fury a good starting point. It’s a fun, and under-appreciated class that works better in group combat than 1-on-1, but that is very playable in the right hands.

Hey, you may want to take a look at this doc made by Oofalong (updated recently actually) a long time ago. It is the culmination of a bunch of community testing and has some tweaks to the rotation that IMO are significantly better in terms of fitting harder hitting abilities after Raging Burst. You may want to talk with him and Elethon about their rotations considering for some reason yours has Battering Assault immediately after a Raging Burst, which is an utter waste of damage buff. Just a suggestion though.

One problem with this set up they have moved and renamed several of the suggested utilities.

I have noticed this and have changed it for Concentration and will be updating Fury too. Thanks for the reminder!

Any chance of making a video for the Imp Marauder perspective? Cheers, keep up the good work and I always enjoy your guides.

Speaking purely as a brand new Marauder with no idea about any of these rotations, what would be used in AoE situation? Is it just Smash and Dual Saber Throw on CD and Sweeping Slash spam as necessary? What’s used to build Fury during such a rotation?

The best bet would be to replace Raging Burst with Smash, and Vicious Slash with Sweeping Slash. Other than that, it depends on how many targets you have would depend on what you use – though making sure that Obliterate, Force Crush and Battering Assault always stay in the rotation.

Just open the video of your choice (Mara/Sent) for Rotation Description.. TY

You want Exhaustion after Burst so that the entirety of the DoT falls into the Cascading Power window. It’s a fairly weak DoT overall, so giving it that boost really helps.

hello artorias i have a question for you. because i am little unsure of the right choice for augments. Do you think it would be better for “fury” to take might augments or overkill augments. or does it not matter what i choose from both of them. thx for your answer .

Wait is the execute cycle a separate rotation from the ravage/berserk cycles? And is there a guide for concentration sents?

Any chance of concentration version? Know what the skills names are but it would be handy for many new sentinels

I sent Concentration off to Dulfy about 2 weeks ago. I think she’s been busy but I’ll poke her soon and see what the deal is.

I dont like this rotation much. Battering assault in buff window is not good. In non dummy scenarios furius strike can fall out of the buff window (lag, target moves out of range, all kinds of things), so having it earlier is much much safer. Start with unberserked raging burst after leap. Then go berserk and have force crush in the 2nd window. Force scream will also be at the end of window two so u have 8 abilities (ravage counts as two) fully buffed instead of 5.5 (0.5 is battering assault for lol dmg). Opener is slightly weaker but overall much better sustained.

Hi, I’m new to the game. I’m still trying to understand how everything works. I just started a Fury Marauder character. I know that people have said that rotations don’t matter much in early levels. However, it would really help me if you could tell me the best rotation for single target and another for AOE for early levels to level 30.

Hey Stacy. it’s been about 6 days since you posted, so if you still need leveling rotation advice I could help. My Fury Mara is Uresthri, if you happen to be on Harbinger Server. good luck

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